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Erotic Portrait 02


Erotic Portrait 2 – Seduction of the twins

(Preface: This is the second story that loosely follows the same theme as its predecessor. You won't lose much in understanding of this story if you don't read the first one. Some of the people commenting on the first story failed to pick up on the fact that the housewife had lost a lot of her inhibitions after being given something to drink. Maybe the housewife's demeanor had more to do with what she had to drink than just being a consenting slut.)

Jill and Jean were a set of identical twins. While they each strove to have their individual identities, they still found themselves wearing their hair and dressing alike quite a bit of the time. This lead to frequent confusion as to who was who. While most identical twins have at least some identifying difference to them, Jill and Jean were as close to having absolutely identical features as you could possibly get. They had long medium brown hair that flowed down their back, almost to their ass. Both girls worked to maintain a nice 36-24-36 shape, with very firm 36D breasts. Each had seductively, soft brown eyes and small pert nose. At 5'6", and those features, you could almost envision both of them carved as a statue on a pedestal in some ancient Greek temple.

The girls were in their 3 rd year of college at Cal Tech. As is usual at most colleges, the girls had been required to live in the dorm the first year. However, they found living in the dorm to be too distractive sometimes for studying. From some friends, they found it could be less expensive if they shared a small apartment and split expenses. The first year in college, their parents were able to foot the bill for all their college expenses but by the second year, the girls found them selves strapped for cash. Their parents had died due to a car crash that left the estate with huge medical bills and not much left over to fund the girls stay at college. They had no other close relatives they could tap for financial assistance. This meant it was an absolute necessity to share a small apartment, and find odd jobs as well to help pay for college and living expenses.

One option to pick up extra cash presented itself in the form of being a tutor. Both girls were smart enough and far along enough in college that they could act as tutors for underclassmen. The weekly college 'rag' had a number of ads from underclassmen looking for someone to help tutor them through some of their first year classes. While there were plenty of ones to choose from, the girls found it didn't really pay enough to do that exclusively. Occasionally there would be an ad for some kind of 'temp' help that paid a little better, but those kinds of opportunities were few and far between, until they ran across and intriguing one.

Michael's portraits were well known among some of the wealthier clients. Michael's specialty was 'old world masters' style paintings. His favorite subject was either nude or semi-nude female subjects in a Greek goddess, Egyptian royalty, or Middle Eastern harem style. On occasion, he would find a model that fit a classical European look or a 1500's Polynesian. Most of Michael's clients bought his works to be hung in the client's more private parts of their expensive mansions.

Most of the time, a client would commission Michael to paint someone related to the client or someone the client had picked. In between commissions, Michael would find his own models to paint, for a 'stock' portrait that could be sold to a client who needed a painting to hang but had no one in mind of who should be in the painting. In these cases, Michael would sometimes put an ad in the local college 'rag' for portrait models. Michael's normal commission work paid well enough to offer the college students a generous cash payment and that meant he had a wealth of applicants to choose from.

It was just such and ad that Jill and Jean responded to. They were really getting down on money for next month's rent, utilities, and food. The job of modeling seemed like an easy way to make some quick cash to meet the urgent bills and maybe have something left over.

The ad instructed them to fill out a short questionnaire and attach a snapshot of the applicant. The questionnaire asked the usual mundane things, but also had some questions about current living status, clothing sizes and if the model had any close relatives and whether they had model for the studio before. Each of the girls dutifully filled out all the information, set their digital camera on a table, set for time delay, to get a picture of the two of them together. They mailed the questionnaires and picture to the address in the ad and waited to see if there would be a response.

Almost a week had passed and the girls had not heard anything. Rent would be due in a week and the money situation was getting tighter and tighter. There seemed to be a shortage of work opportunities in the past couple of weeks and the girls found themselves really counting on the modeling job for the cash they needed.

It was 7 days after they had submitted their application that they got an evening call from Michael wanting to know if they could come in for an interview right after dinner on Friday. The girls were ecstatic that they had made it to the interview process. The normal rule of thumb was that if you made it this far, there was an 80% chance you would be chosen for whoever you wanted to work for. With Michael, that was even more true. With certain model applications, he did extensive background checks before granting an interview.

With this being Thursday, the girls could hardly sleep, thinking that there was a good chance they would be chosen and that they would soon have the money for next month's rent.

The next day, they found themselves seated in the front office of Michael's studio. Michael, being the perfect host, offered the girls some tea to drink. Both girls remarked that the tea Michael had set before them was the best they had ever tasted. Not only was it unlike anything they had ever had before, it had a very soothing, relaxing quality about it.

As Michael began to explain what he was looking for, he was also judging the girls reactions to the drink and how they reacted to each other. From the results of the background check on the girls, he was almost entirely sure they would be the ones he would pick. He had only needed to see what they looked like in person.

At the end of 20 minutes, he announced that the modeling job was theirs. He told them how much they would be paid and what kind of time commitment to expect. As a good faith gesture he gave them a small cash payment but they would receive enough to not have to worry about rent or food for a long time after the painting was done.

He explained the reason he paid at the end was that sometimes it would take multiple sessions to finish the painting and that sometimes the model would not show up for the final session. After verbally agreeing to the preliminary terms, Michael brought pulled out a contract for them to sign. He explained that it was his standard contract, they could read it if they wanted, but the sooner they signed, the sooner they could get started. The girls were in such a giddy mood about having got the job and in such a hurry to get started, they skipped reading and just went straight to the signature line.

Michael filed the papers in his desk drawer and said he would need them to start right away posing for preliminary sketches. The girls couldn't believe their ears. They could start right away, which meant they could probably get paid a day or two sooner than they had anticipated.

Michael explained to the girls he had intended the painting would be in the style of ancient Greece. The girls would wear a thin white dress, typical of the period for the initial sketches. He also explained that, in order for the dresses to flow smoothly across the girl's bodies, they would have to remove all their other clothes, including bras and panties. Normally this would have been a red flag to the girls to 'take flight' as fast as possible. However, the girl's dire need for cash and the relaxing effect of what they had just drunk, had clouded their judgment and relaxed a lot of their inhibitions.

As the girls headed for the dressing room, Michael marveled at their twin asses swaying back and forth in perfect synchronization. As soon as the dressing room door closed, Michael switched on the TV on the stand in the corner of the room. As the screen lit up and quickly settled down, Michael could make out two perfect beauties checking out a large dressing room. There were a couple of chairs, a couple of small tables, and a large, full length mirror on the wall. To the side was an open closet with different costumes. Prominently set out, were two Grecian style white dresses; the type normally worn by affluent women of the time.

As Michael watched, Jill and Jean started to remove their matching sweaters. As their hands lifted the sweater up and over their heads, each girl's firm 36D breasts came into view, held up by conservative lacy pink bras. The girls had come dressed in sweaters and knee length full skirts with thigh high dark hose and 2" heels. They knew the heels would give their breasts and ass just the right amount accent without being obvious as to the intent. The girls folded their sweaters and placed them on a small shelf.

The skirts were next to come off. As the skirt's side zippers bottomed out, the skirts themselves soon followed to the floor, in a puddle around their ankles. Bending down, the girls collected their skirts and folded them and placed them on top of their sweaters. As each girl had bent down, Michael watched intently, a bulge starting to grow in his pants. The girl's shoes and hose were quickly removed and placed with the other clothes.

The girls, now only dressed in high-rise pink lacy panties and matching bras, looked stunning. Stopping to admire their figures in the mirror on the wall, the girls confided in themselves that they were confident the artist's main reason for choosing them was because of how perfect their bodies looked and because they were a matched pair.

"I don't know why we have to remove everything", remarked Jill a little nervously.

"It's because we are being painted in period costumes of ancient Greece and they didn't have bras and panties back then", Jean piped up. "I know it will feel a little strange to have nothing on under these thin dresses, but I'm sure everything will be just fine. The artist is a professional and there shouldn't be anything to worry about."

With a reluctant shrug of her shoulders, Jill reached around behind her back and unfastened her bra and slid it off her body, releasing her firm breasts. Jean was quick to follow suit with her bra. The girls next hooked their thumbs into the waistband of their panties and pulled them down and off. Their undergarments were pilled on top of the rest of the clothes.

The bulge in Michael's pants was quite evident with his hard cock straining to be free, as he leered at the now naked girls. He had never seen such beautifully proportioned bodies and he knew they would be perfect for what a particular client he had in mind wanted.

The long white dresses Michael had chosen for the girls, had a very low neckline, accenting the girl's firm breasts. The material draped across the breast just barely above the nipple. From just below the waist, the material was slit all the way down to the bottom but came together enough to not show anything in a standing position. A thin cord tied around the waist to complete the costume. The girls had no trouble getting into the dresses. Looking at the result in the mirror, it almost seemed like the dresses had been made specifically for them. A pair of delicate sandals for each girl, was the finishing touch.

When the girls came out of the dressing room, Michael directed them to stand against a canvas background, painted to look like the entrance to a Greek temple. The bulge in Michael's pants had not gone down but was hidden by the painter's smock he had put on. Michael's instructions to look directly at his face, kept their eyes off his crotch.

Michael positioned Jill and Jean to be standing next to each other, turned slightly towards each other. The effect of this was to emphasize the girl's asses and breasts. It was obvious through the thin material of their dresses that their nipples had stiffened. The texture of the material had been chosen specifically to heighten the sensitivity each time it brushed across them, keeping them hard.

A digital camera was set up with some basic lighting next to his artist easel. He told the girls the would be taking some photos along with the preliminary sketches so that if he didn't get the preliminary sketch filled in good enough before it got too late in the evening, he would have the pictures to work from.

The girls stood exactly as Michael had placed them as he clicked off a number of shots. With their eyes facing toward the camera all the time, what they didn't see was that every time the flash fired, the dresses they were wearing would almost turn translucent, revealing their perfect body.

After 10-15 shots, Michael moved the camera and lights off to the side and sat down on a stool in front of his easel. Michael quickly went to work with a soft lead pencil, tracing the girls soft curves. As the girls held their pose, Michael began filling his sketch pad with multiple drawings; some of just their heads, some of just hands, and some of their whole bodies.

After a few hours work, Michael laid down the pencil and declared that he was done for the evening. It had been a long day and he needed to review the sketches for the next day's actual painting.

The girls were relieved that they didn't have to hold that pose any longer, but also looking forward to coming back the next day for the main painting to be worked on.

Because they needed the money so bad, they pleased that tomorrow would be the main event and their immediate financial worries would be over by the end of tomorrow. Michael reminded them to be back at the studio at 1:00pm sharp the next day. With that, they changed quickly back to their street clothes and left.

After the girls got back to the apartment, they were surprised that they didn't have sore muscles from having to stand in the same position for so long. Actually, they seemed to feel quite relaxed and were looking forward to the next day. "It must have been the tea we drank", remarked Jean. "Michael said that it would help keep us relaxed and our muscles from being sore from holding a pose for so long." It didn't take long for the girls to drift off to sleep.

After the girls left the studio, Michael began reviewing the pictures he had shot. He picked the best 2 shots of the girls and included them in an email to some of his clients he thought would be interested. He then made a few preparations for tomorrow and went to bed himself.


The girls awoke late but feeling well rested and no soreness from the previous day's posing. They both showered and made sure to shave their legs smooth, and do some trimming on their already closely trimmed pussy hair. Even though they had no steady boyfriends to please by shaving their pussy, they were more comfortable with how it looked closely trimmed. Also, they didn't want unwanted hair to show between a fold in the costume they would be modeling in.

By late morning, Michael had already received a response to his emails. Making his choice from half a dozen respondents, he acknowledged his acceptance of the offer and what time for the client to be at the studio to pick up the merchandise. For the rest of the emails, he sent a reply thanking them for their interest but that he was declining their offer. He closed each email with a reminder that there would be other offers in the future and to keep in touch.

At 1:00pm sharp, the girls arrived at the studio dressed very casual. Michael had given them strict instructions before they left last night about wearing loose clothing, no hose, no heels, and no bras. He did not want any clothing marks to show on their body when he painted them.

As before, Michael offered them his relaxing tea. The girls noticed it seemed stronger than the day before and gave a quizzical nod. Michael explained that it was to help offset the possible muscle cramps the poses they would be in for a longer period of time than that afternoon than the evening before. Knowing how it had helped so much last night, the girls quickly drank it down and went to the dressing room to change.

In the dressing room, the girls located the white dresses they were to wear and put them on, having removed all their other clothes. They put on the matching sandals and did a quick check in the mirror before coming out into the main part of the studio.

As before, Michael had been watching and taping the entire show in the dressing room. As with the night before, there was a noticeably large bulge in his pants that he felt thankful to be concealed by his painter's smock. He did not want the girls to be distracted by how aroused his own body was becoming.

As the girls emerged from the dressing room, Michael ushered them to a settee style couch in front of a backdrop that was painted to look like an elegant Athens style bed chamber. Michael instructed Jill to lay down on the settee so that her head was high on the curved head piece, one leg was stretched straight down the length of the settee and the other hanging off the side.

He then placed Jean in a legs-half-underneath-her sitting position to where her head rested on Jill's upper thigh. The effect Michael was looking for was a situation where two Athenian girls had fallen asleep on a hot afternoon, one resting her head on the other's thigh. To the girls, it seemed like a natural pose. They had seen something similar in a large art museum.

As Michael went to work painting, the tea went to work on the girl's minds and bodies. The tea itself was something straight off the local store shelf. The 'added ingredient' is what made it so relaxing. Michael had run across it when he traveled to South America for some artistic inspiration. Along with its relaxing quality, it also proved to be a powerful sexual stimulant that also left the person open to accepting commands or suggestions. He had seen a demonstration of it in South America and knew it had a lot of potential for something he'd been thinking of doing for quite a while.

After painting for a while, and giving the 'drink' time to work, Michael got up from his painter's stool and walked over to Jill to whisper in her ear.

"I want you to feel Jean's warm breath on your pussy and let your body become aroused. You will keep your eyes closed but the more you feel her breath, the more you aroused you will become."

With that, Michael used his hands to re-adjust the bottom half of Jill's dress so that it opened up enough for Jill's pussy to be revealed and feel Jean's warm breath.

As Michael went back to his easel, he noticed a slight change in Jill's facial expression. Her eyes were still closed but you could tell her body was reacting to what Jean was doing.

After 10 more minutes, Michael got up and adjusted the top of Jill's dress so that her firm breasts were exposed. The part of the dress that had come up over her shoulders, was now slid partially down her arms. The part of the neckline that had been just above Jill's nipples, was now below her breast, exposing them and the obviously hard nipples.

After making the adjustments to Jill's dress, Michael leaned over to whisper in Jean's ear. "Keep your eyes closed and move your head further up your sister's thigh. Breath in the scent of your sister's arousal. Let it bring out your desire to please her. You will begin to feel your sister's arousal in your body too. You can almost taste the nectar that flows from her pussy."

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