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Erotic Seduction


Note from Author: This is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction. Any and all feedback is welcomed.

I gaze upon you, my eyes taking in your sensual beauty. Your knee high boots glide up your leg trying to connect with your black skirt, but they cannot quite reach, leaving a small gap, where a glimpse of your soft silky skin teases me with a lingering thought of wild imagination.

A dark blouse clings tightly to your body. The top button purposely left undone, leaving just enough of a hint of what lies underneath. Your dark hair, caressed by the light of the moon flows down past your shoulders.

I gaze into your eyes, and see the passion, and your desire hiding behind a twinkle of wild mischievousness. I watch as you walk away from me, stopping briefly under the light from a lamp post. You are a dark angel, lit up, as you turn and smile innocently at me, but the underlying untamed wildness cannot be hidden.

I want to chase you, give in to you, to my desire for you, but I hold back, controlling myself. I cannot give up, cannot lose control, at least not yet.

We walk together further down the dimly lit road, close to each other, but not touching. I can feel the heat, the current of electricity flowing between us. I suddenly push you against a brick wall. You look at me with feigned shock, your body pushing against me, as you pretend to try and escape.

My hands pin your arms, my lips slowly move towards you, all the while, gazing deeply into your eyes. You lift your head, and nip at me, trying to catch my lips with your teeth. I move away just in time, and holding you back, my lips brush against your soft cheek. I blow softly in your ear, my warm breath teases your cool skin. I feel you shudder ever so slightly, as I whisper in your ear, "Patience".

I slowly release you from my grasp, allowing you to move away. For a moment, you lean back against the wall, gazing back at me with your untamed eyes and that mischievous, teasing smile still on your face.

You turn away from me, and wander back into the street. I follow you slowly, watching your every move. A young man walks toward you, oblivious to our presence,and our little game.

I wonder if you will let him pass unnoticed. My anticipation does not last long as you look back at me with a wink as you let your lighter fall to the ground in front of him. He smiles at yo, as if noticing you for the first time. He stoops to pick it up, slowly gazing at your body only inches away from him.

Can he smell your passion, can he sense your arousal. His eyes take in all your beauty, inch by inch. I cannot see fully in the dark night, but in my mind, I see you smile seductively at him. In the shadows where I stand, I see you adjust your body just enough to allow him a small glimpse of your skin beneath your blouse. You move even closer to him, brushing against him softly, allowing him to feel the heat of your body. You whisper something in his ear, but what you say to him, will remain between the two of you.

I know his mind is racing and his heart must be beating so hard, so fast, almost to the point of bursting. You step away and put a cigarette to your mouth offering your lips to him. I watch as his eyes never wander from you, openly admiring you. He struggles with the lighter, but finally manages to ignite the flame.

A pillow of smoke escapes from your dark colored lips, as you smile at this stranger and slowly walk away from him, leaving him with tortured, yet erotic and beautiful thoughts of you. His poor girlfriend will be sore tomorrow as he takes her tonight, releasing his passion, his desires, yet all he will see is your face, your body as he takes her, but yearns for you.

My darling, you are a seductress, a wild one, untamed.

I catch up to you, and without a word grab your arm tightly. You look at me, surprised by the boldness and tightness of my grip. In my eyes, you see my desire hiding behind a mask of sternness and strength.

Taking control, I guide you to over to a waiting car and push you against it. Holding my lips close to yours, I tease you, like you tease me, so close yet so far away. You push up, trying to touch my lips. A dance we have been playing all night.

I smile at you and very gently, I brush my lips against yours. You want more, pushing harder against me, and with all possible self control and restraint, I release you, leaving you wanting, needing more. I open the door for you, you slide in gracefully, opening your legs ever so slightly, teasing me, seducing me with your soft skin disappearing under your short skirt.

I shut the door, and pause for a moment, trying to clear my head. As I slide into the drivers seat, I glance over at you. Your seat belt lies across your chest, pulling your blouse tighter against your body, accentuating the outline of your firm breasts. You look straight ahead, ignoring me, your hands folded in your lap. My foot touches the gas, and we disappear off into the night.

The silence of our drive, only broken by the air escaping our lips, is almost unbearable, as the desire and passion continue to build within us. We arrive at our destination, and I assist you out of the car, your straight faced look, gives way to the teasing twinkle in your eyes. I smile at you and lead you by your hand inside.

Once we enter, I pull you tightly against me, this time allowing our lips to connect in a more passionate embrace. You push back against me, as our lips continue to electrify our bodies and souls.

Our dance heating up, racing toward the crescendo Unable to control ourselves any longer, I push you up against the wall, and rip off the buttons of your blouse, too impatient to wait any longer.

Your head tilts back, your chest pushes towards me, as I push your lace bra aside and take your hard erect nipple into my mouth. My tongue and lips circle around your breasts moving between them, licking them, biting gently, causing you to groan loudly. Your hand reaches down and unbuttons my pants releasing me from the constraints that hold the evidence of my ultimate desire for you.

I moan into your breast, as your hand caresses me, slowly moving up and down, preparing me for you. My pants fall to my ankles as you pull me closer, tighter against you. Your short skirt seems to hike up on its own, granting my hands access to you.

I softly rub between your legs, feeling the moisture of your arousal through your panties.

Oh my darling you are wet and moist.

Our hands are squished between us, as I touch you, and you stroke me. Needing to be inside you, to feel you fully, I push your panties aside and thrust against you. You are so wet, and your hand guides me inside you with ease.

You let go, and grab me from behind, pulling me deep inside you. I thrust hard, matching the rhythm of your body, your hands guiding my motions. You moan louder with each thrust, your eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure building within you.

I know we won't last long, but try to hold on as long as I can. With each thrust, your wetness, your warmth, engulfs me, my body, my soul.

We are one, intertwined bodies and souls.

I thrust again and again, going deeper and deeper inside you. You tighten against me, gripping me tightly, not letting me escape from you. I cannot move, nor do I want to. I hold you tightly, as I feel your pleasure overtake you.

You moan louder than I have ever heard before as you explode, soaking me with your wet juices, your orgasm taking over every inch of you.

I cannot take it any longer and pull away just enough, so I can thrust back into you one last time, releasing the pressure, releasing my body, my soul inside you, as my orgasm comes crashing down, and I explode deep inside you.

Our ultimate pleasure, and ultimate release takes us over, sends us into a trance. We both slowly fall to the floor, holding each other tightly, not wanting this to end, not wanting to let go.

My darling, tonight we became one, we are one.

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