tagBDSMErotic Society Ch. 01

Erotic Society Ch. 01


Grant Holden had done some pretty far out things in his life. Accepting an invitation to a group scene in a deserted downtown office building was just the start of an off the scale adventure that forever changed his life.

A Titillating Invitation

Grant Holden exited the shower room of the Golden Triangle Sports Club his skin glistening from the water sheeting off his tanned and well toned body. He was 43, married, and still sported a full head of jet black hair that made all his friends at work jealous. Life was good. He had a terrific job that gave him opportunities to travel and a middle six figure income keeping him and his wife in a life style that was comfortable. He drove a late model Volvo and lived in the up-scale neighborhood near the country club and golf course. Why then was he bored with the pace of life?

It was the sex. His libido pegged out at max while the wife was limping along like a dead battery in a dildo. Sex was too much the same, kind of like eating a ham sandwich for every meal. He needed something a little more erotic, something to be excited about and get his juices hot. He'd received an e-mail advertising an erotic sex club and had been toying with submitting an application ever since he'd visited their web site. He decided right then and there to do it. No more ham sandwiches.

* * *

The brown envelop arrived via his inter-office mail about three days later. Grant had nearly forgotten about the application, but quickly recalled the questions he'd endured as he opened the envelop. Seeing the contents he pressed a button on his phone and asked his secretary to hold his calls until he finished reviewing his mail. He began to read the note, "Dear Mr. Holden, This is a confidential invitation for you to appear at the on of our society's events on the enclosed card to this letter of instruction. For security sake, you are not to divulge this letter to anyone. Doing so will regrettable requires your immediate termination of membership." Grant turned the page to read the rest of the letter.

"If after reading this letter, you will have two choices. One, being the immediate shredding of the letter and forgetting you ever applied for membership in our society. No further action will be required by you. You will find the web portal you used to apply and initially contact us is no longer available and finding us to reapply will be difficult. Even if you should locate us, we will not accept your second application." This last part was in bold and in a red font.

"The second option is to call the number listed on the card. It is a restricted voice mail. You will enter the code printed on the card when you hear the beep and then simply hang up. This confirms your continued interest and desire to be a participant in our society. Printed on the last sheet of this letter is a set of participant instructions that must be completed in order for your membership to be finalized and your participation in a future event be allowed. Please follow them explicitly and in a timely manner." The Society's letter ended with the usual 'have a nice day, sincerely', and so forth.

Grant then turned his attention to the participant instructions. Quickly reading them they seemed simple enough. He was to have an STD exam at a society sponsored clinic. Engage in a series of exercises designed to prepare him for his first event. And abstain from any sexual intercourse, oral or otherwise from the time he submitted to the STD exam to the event. The instructions included a clip off form he was to sign and submit with the exam results to the society for further processing. As he read the instructions he felt his cock become excited and those old pangs of deep seated lust course through his body. And while for just a few moments he hesitated, his imagination took hold and he saw in his minds eye the event he would participate in. With out hardly pausing he reached for the phone dialed the number on the card. When he heard the beep he punched in the 6 digit number and hung up.

The Exam

"Mr. Holden, right this way." The nurse coached and led him down a carpted narrow hallway. He dutifully followed her, and was pleasantly rewarded with a hind sight view of her tight ass. She opened the exam room, "Doctor will be in to visit with you in a few moments. Please remove all your clothing and put on the hospital gown laying there on the exam table." She shut the door behind her, leaving him alone in the cool room.

He removed his clothing and slipped his arms though the gown so that the back was open to the top, where he tied off the two strings around his neck. He felt so exposed and could sense goose bumps forming on his legs and arms. He noticed an interesting magazine left on the counter. It was called BDSM Lifestyles. What in the world have I got my self into he thought? I don't have a clue about this doctor and who knows what kind of quack he is to be hooked up with the Society. He turned the pages of the magazine and found himself becoming aroused at the pictures of men and women in various poses of extreme bondage. For a few moments he let his lust run its course and he was hardly aware of when the doctor and nurse waltzed in to find Grant holding the magazine in one hand and his erect cock in the other.

"Well Mr Holden. Looks like I can check off the "able to obtain erection" on our physical checklist." Grant turned beet red and quickly tried to cover up his erect penis. He glanced over at the nurse who had cracked a smile at the doctor's comment. "I'm Doctor Clayton and this is my Society nurse, Ms. Jane. Mr. Holden the Society requires a very detailed physical and check up to ensure both the safety of its members and of your self." The doctor moved over to the exam table, taking his stethoscope in his right hand, "Let's start with some of the easy items and work our way down the list. First I want to do the standard physical checks. Check your heart, lungs, and abdomen." He pressed the cold stethoscope against Grant's left nipple area and paused to listen then moved the instrument around the breast area pausing at each new location.

"Well you have a solid sounding heart. Let's hear it from those lungs." The doctor moved the stethoscope around to Grant's back and asked him to breath deeply through his nose. "Yep, you've got a pair of healthy sounding lungs. Ever smoke?" the doctor asked.

"No doctor. I may have some other vices but haven't ever smoked." Grant noticed the nurse working at opening some kind of white metal case that was affixed to the wall over a stainless steel table. He couldn't quite see what she was doing when the doctor ordered him to lay back on the table.

The doctor began probing along both sides of Grant's abdomen, "Any of this give you pain when I press down?"

"Not a bit Doc, just a little ticklish."

"Hummm…make a note of that Jane." The nurse stopped what she was doing and wrote on Grant's chart then turned back to the table. "Now Mr. Holden we're going to do two additional tests for the first phase of the physical. One is to check for a hernia and the other is the old prostate check. Spread you legs a little and turn your head to the left and cough when I tell you to." Grant spread out his legs. His penis had now shrunk back to its normal non-erect size of about five inches. The doctor positioned his hand over Grant's groin and pressed a finger in to the small opening into Grant's scrotum. The finger pushed firmly up into him and gave Grant an uncomfortable feeling that the Doctor was enjoying his work. "Cough." The doctor ordered and Grant complied. The Doctor moved his hand to the other side of Grant's scrotum and repeated the process.

"No hernia. Ever have any pulling or pain in that area?"

"No, doctor, I've been pretty healthy most of my life. Only sprained my ankle playing football my senior year in college."

"You're a lucky man. Now we'll check your prostate. Please roll over on to your side and pull up your upper leg towards your chest." As Grant moved into position he heard the doctor slip on pair of rubber gloves. "I'm going to put some lube on you and it will be a bit cool then I'll probe your anus and see if there you have an enlarged prostate."

With out another moments hesitation the doctor inserted his gloved finger deep in to Grant's anal canal and moved it around until he'd located the prostate. He felt it a few moments and then rubbed it with increasing pressure. Grant let out a small moan. "Jane, note that Mr. Holden's prostate appears normal and is responsive to manipulation." He withdrew his finger and pulled the glove off. "Mr. Holden please roll over onto your stomach and scoot down the table so that your feet will touch the floor." After getting into position, Grant found himself basically bent over the end of the exam table with his buttocks exposed and his penis dangling down between his legs.

"Mr. Holden it appears you are in good physical shape and from the results of your blood/urine tests all systems seem to be functioning well. You do have an elevated HDL, but nothing to worry about. Also I note no presence of STDs and HIV negative which is most excellent. That makes you an A+ candidate for the Society." He turned to the nurse and checked the table contents. "Jane, are we ready to start the additional exam items?"

"Yes Doctor. I've arranged the equipment as you like. How would you like to proceed with Mr. Holden?"

"I think I'll handle the anus measurements while you determine the penile responses." Jane frowned for a moment as she liked to do the anus measurements on the men but then brightened at the thought of seeing this man's penis respond as the doctor did his measurements.

"Mr. Holden as you have no doubt over heard we're going to do some unusual measurements as part of the Society's special physical. None of them will be painful but are designed to determine basic limits. Again I'm going to apply a special lube to your anus and anal canal that will enable more accurate measurements as well as test your tolerance to the lube. We don't want you to have any kind of allergic reaction to the lube as it does contain special herbs to make things more pleasant. Is this okay?"

"Yeah…sure..." Grant mumbled. He felt a thick tube like object penetrate his anus and a cool substance flow into him. As the Doctor applied the lube Jane had come along side of Grant and fondled his cock and balls for a few moments.

"Doctor there is no response at this time. He has a flaccid penis and is as limp as a string of wet pasta."

"Give the lube a moment to work Jane."

"Yes Doctor." She reached again under Grant and fondled his penis and nuts. "There is a little stirring sir." She reported. "It does feel flush and hot and is getting more erect."

Grant could feel his ass began to warm and become flush with an almost primitive urge to press out against the tube penetrating him. And his cock was indeed swelling full and his balls felt as if they were hanging heavier, even expanding as the warmth traveled down into his loins. He felt the tube with drawn and hoped the feeling would last a while longer.

"Jane, note I'm placing the number 1 gauge into Mr. Holden." The doctor took a conical shaped rubber object and began to penetrate Grant's anus. It easily slipped in to Grant fully and to its complete diameter. "Jane, as expected number 1 met no resistance and penetrated completely to max diameter."

Grant felt pleasantly full and as the doctor pushed it in he felt himself involuntarily push back to receive the instrument. Then the doctor quickly removed the item and Grant could feel a second one only larger begin to penetrate him.

"Jane what was his response now?"

"Doctor he feels fully erect and his ball sack is bulging full. Shall I begin the semen check?"

"Not just yet. Let's move up the scale a bit first on the anal exam. I've got Number 2 in him now."

Grant again was pleasantly surprised at the desire raging in his anus to receive the instrument. He felt loose and slutty realizing these two strangers were subjecting him to their exam and manipulations. When the second instrument was withdrawn he immediately desired another. "Doctor, please put the next one in."

"Oh! Mr. Holden is an eager one. Okay, let's try a Number 3." The doctor slid the object in to Grant's ass and this time as it neared the maximum diameter he felt a twinge of pain, but also so desired the filling that he bore through it.

"I sensed a little resistance to that one, Jane." The doctor looked over at Jane who was continuing to fondle Grant's now engorged cock. The blood draining to the head made it look like a purple bulb.

As the doctor withdrew he let it linger a moment and then thrust back in and out. Grant let out another moan. "Oh...My…Oh…ohhh…"

The doctor then pushed in the last instrument a Number 4. This was the largest and normally most candidates couldn't handle the object much past one forth the length. He suspected Mr. Holden might do a little better than average and pressed it more firmly.

"Oh..Oh…Yes push it in there Doc." The instrument was about three quarters of the way to max before Grant protested, "Ohhh that hurts. Please stop...please…" Grant appealed.

The doctor withdrew the instrument. "Please note Jane that Number 4 only penetrated to 75%. You now may begin the semen exam."

Jane filled her hand with the same anal lube and rubbed it all over Grant's penis and balls then began to stroke his hardened cock with a sure expert firmness. The friction and herbal lube had its effect on Grant as he began to be filled with a passion and sense of lust in his loins.

"Oh my ...Oh my god...Oh...oh…" Grant cried out.

"Mr. Holden I'm going to penetrate you with one other object and basically fuck you with it while Jane completes her task." The doctor had dropped his pants and positioned his erect cock directly in line with Grant's anal opening. He pressed his cock head into the Grant and let it rest there a moment to gauge the response. As expected the anus relaxed and he could press a little more into to Grant. He could feel Grant's anal muscles twitch and throb with each of Jane's downward strokes on the man's penis. The Doctor pulled his cock back out then pressed it back in. He enjoyed the aspect of being the first one in the Society to take new candidates. He began to rock back and forth, inserting and then withdrawing his penis head from Grant's anus and each time he did so He could feel the anus become more pliable and desirous of accepting the cock.

"I'm cumming..I'm cumming…" Grant cried out. Jane stopped her stroking just as the Doctor began to earnestly fuck Grant's anus. "Oh...Oh...Fuck me…fuck me Doc…Fuck my ass good."

Jane positioned the container just under Grant's cock head and stroked him again, firmly and with precision. She felt his cock swell and jets of hot semen spewed into the container. The doctor continued to pump his cock into Grant and feeling the man's ejaculation also let go with his own stream of cum deep inside Grant's loose anus. Grant slumped a little against the exam table as the doctor dismounted and withdrew his cock.

"Well Mr. Holden it would seem you have passed the Society's exam and can be recommended for participation in an up coming event." The doctor, stuffing his shirt back into his pants, "Jane assist Mr. Holden get cleaned up, send his semen to the lab, and then come back to my office to complete his record." She met his command with a smile in a knowing way that there would be more than just work on Mr. Holden's record.

The doctor shook Grant's hand, "Thanks for the physical doc. May need one next year."

"If you participate in the Society you'll have a physical from me fairly frequently." The Doctor smiled and left the room.

* * *

A second brown envelope arrived four days later.

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