tagBDSMErotic Society Ch. 02

Erotic Society Ch. 02


Chapter 2. Grant Holden takes the next step in become a member of the Society.

"Well I mostly imagine myself being utilized for pleasure by people. Usually I see my head being pushed down into a dirty pussy and made to clean it while someone begins preparing my ass for a fucking." There he'd blurted it out and realized his cock was rock hard...

The Instructions

The brown envelope lay on his desk, placed there by his secretary earlier in the day. Grant Holden was embarrassed by her question as to what it was all about and he had mumbled something about it being associated with a research report he'd requested from the company's Huntsville division. He detected in her response a bit of disbelief, but she didn't press him further.

He closed his office door behind him and sank down into his brown leather desk chair. Staring at the embossed ivory colored envelop in his hands, he again paused to consider the implications and possible consequences to opening the letter. By following though with the first part of his quest to join the Society, he'd experienced his first "taking" by a set of complete strangers. The doctor doing the exam had fucked him completely and the nurse had milked his cock until it had spewed out a load of semen. Both actions had left him drained and feeling somewhat guilty about the act.

Yet, as he thought about the encounter, his cock swelled in his pants and could almost feel the lewd sensation of deprived lust flow from his loins. He'd never been fucked by a man and he found it perversely enjoyable. There he was ass up, his exposed anus filled by a complete stranger who was using his body for pleasure. Adding to the humiliation was the actions and attitude of the assisting nurse. She apparently relished the aspect of jerking his cock roughly and savagely, toying with its response until he could no longer restrain himself and let loose with a torrent of semen. Then, as a result of his release of cum, he had to endure the continued fucking of the doctor until the man had blown off his load inside him.

But maybe worst of all was experiencing the nurse's effort at cleaning him up. She had taken a dry paper towel and began wiping his dripping anus roughly. Then she told him to remain bent over while she fixed it so all the doctor's cum wouldn't leak out onto his clothing. From his position, he saw her pull out a box labeled "TAMPONS-LARGE" and then felt his ass firmly invaded by a cold plastic tube and the paper tampon injected into his anal cavity. Then she withdrew the plastic tube and as a last act of humiliation, gave the string a tug, instructing him to keep it in for at least six hours. All in all it had been very humiliating experience, yet deeply erotic.

Grant opened the brown envelop and began to read:

"Dear Mr. Holden. We are please to inform you that you have successfully completed the physical exam. From the physician's report it appears you are a very excellent candidate for the Society. As instructed before you now have two choices: 1) Immediately shred this letter and never again contact our Society; or 2) Follow the instructions as given below. Please note should you choose option 2 you will be given ample opportunity to discontinue the process of membership initiation at every step. The Society's desire is to recruit members and participants who are fully aware of the expectations and willing to comply with the rules.

Grant realized he couldn't shred the letter as he was so lustfully intrigued with the prospect of new sexual adventures. It was risky for sure. If his wife found out she'd surely divorce him. If his employer found out they'd fire his ass in a heartbeat. If his church found out he'd be kicked out. If the country club discovered his membership, he'd be booted out. He'd be ruined, broke, and totally without support. But he couldn't make himself take option 1. His taste for the erotic side had been wetted and he wanted more. He read on:

"It appears from the initial sexual personality survey you took and the comments by the physician you are more inclined to be submissive as opposed to dominate. It is important for both the member and Society to understand what role the potential member fits into. To further clarify and determine what scene you might best fit into for your first encounter you are required to call the number printed at the bottom of this letter. You will speak with a Society counselor who will ask you additional questions to ascertain more completely your sexual preferences and identity. Please answer the questions completely and with all honesty. Rest assured, as with all personal information, your responses will remain confidential and secure within the Society."

The letter then concluded, "Upon completion of the interview the counselor will determine the best fit for a scene and schedule your participation upon your consent. Full instructions will be sent 24 hours prior to the event and your complete obedience is expected. Thank you again for your application, the Society members look forward with great anticipation to your first encounter."

The Interview

Grant then reached for the phone and dialed the number given for the Society counselor. The phone rang three times and Grant figured he'd get shunted to an answering machine resulting in a flurry of phone tag messages for two days. But just when he was about to hang up a silky female voice came on the line.

"Hello. This is Ms Shawna with the Society. How may I help you?"

"Yes... This is Grant Holden." he responded stiffly.

"Oh...Mr. Holden I was expecting your call. Thank you for calling. Can you hold for just a second while I pull your file from the pile?"

"Yeah sure..." his voice trailed off. She sounded pretty happy to be talking with him. Very engaging he thought and wondered what she might look like or if she was an active member of the Society. A few moments passed by waiting for her to return back to the phone.

"Whew..." she sounded breathless, "I had to run down the hall real quick to retrieve your file from the VP of membership. I forgot the VP and I met this morning about your application." He could hear papers being moved or turned figuring she was looking back over his application. "Okay... To let you know I am not a real counselor, but more of an intake examiner who plugs your answers into our sexual determination model and then uses that result to assign you to a membership encounter. Do you understand?"

"Yes I guess so. I'm not sure why it is so important to go though all this?" Grant questioned.

"Oh believe me Mr. Holden it is very important to walk though each of the steps for membership. It is for your protection, pleasure, and assurance of a quality experience for all involved. Other groups are out there like ours but don't do the in-depth" here he detected a subtle hidden message, "review and assessment resulting in hurt people as well as creating potentially dangerous responses."

"I see. Then I guess we should get on with the interview as I am anxious to move forward with my membership."

"Good. This won't take too long and is pretty painless." She laughed, "I guess over the phone it couldn't be painful at all." Grant chuckled too. "Now some of the questions require very personal responses and might be somewhat embarrassing, but please Mr. Holden answer them straight out and completely. And don't worry about embarrassing me, as I've just about heard it all."

"Okay Ms. Shawna, shoot your first one."

"Mr. Holden, How often do you masturbate?" She asked matter-of-factly.

"I do it at least once a day, sometimes two or three if I'm particularly horny."

"Thank you. Now where do you most frequently masturbate?"

"Usually I do it while I'm taking a shower."

"Okay. Shower. What is your favorite thought when masturbating in the shower?"

Grant thought for a moment. He was about to tell a stranger on the phone what his most intimate and private thoughts were while jerking his penis. His wife didn't even know those fantasies, he thought. He began to make up something, and then remembered what Ms. Shawna had indicated about getting the right encounter for pleasure and safety. "Well I mostly imagine my self being utilized for pleasure by people. Usually I see my head being pushed down into a dirty pussy and made to clean it while someone begins preparing my ass for a fucking." There he'd blurted it out and realized his cock was rock hard. The next question he wasn't quite prepared for.

"That's very hot Mr. Holden. You said someone was preparing your ass to be fucked. Who would that someone be and what are they doing to prepare you?" Ms. Shawna's voice dropped slightly with a silky tone.

"It varies." Grant stalled for time. Did he really want to admit his true self to a total stranger?

"Go on." She encouraged.

"Well it usually is the lady's husband or partner. Sometimes it is another woman."

"I see. Now what are they doing?"

"They are depositing a big glob of lube on my anus and beginning to stretch my anal opening by inserting their fingers or sometimes I'm thinking they are using a dildo."

"So in your fantasy are you ever penetrated by a man's penis?"

"Yes. Most often it leads to that. He begins to fuck me with his cock and little by little it penetrates fully into me. Sometimes the woman has a strap on and she does the fucking."

"Yes, I see. So how does this make you feel?

"I feel very slutty and resigned to being used."

"And what else?" Ms. Shawna prompted. "For example, what else might be happening around you or what kind of setting is it that this is transpiring?"

"The scene kind of varies. Sometimes they are in a big warehouse or stock room kind of place. Surrounded by rough types hanging out together to drink beer. Other times it's in opulent country club setting where people are standing around in formal attire, almost as if they are watching a form of entertainment while in the back ground non-sexual things are going on."

"Oh, that sounds most erotic, Mr. Holden." She purred into the phone. "Now tell me do you know the people who you are copulating with?" She put a harsh snap to the work copulating.

"No not really. Mostly they would be strangers. Sometimes I fantasize it might be someone I admire at work or a neighbor. But usually it is anonymous sex with who ever needed the pleasure I can offer them."

"Are you being fucked safely or bareback?"

"If you mean is a condom is being used, mostly. Some times I'm so horny that I see it happening in such passion that all inhibitions are discarded and I'm simply fucked at will by any and all."

"Whoa. That is so hot. It's making me horny too Mr. Holden.

"It is isn't it?" He pulled out his cock to begin stroking it. "That is why I selected the Society as I understand by the rules everyone is tested for STDs so as to allow for the greatest degree of sensual freedom."

"Yes Mr. Holden that is true of the Society. But we'll cover those aspects later. Just a few more questions and then we'll be done."

"That's fine. Take all the time you want. And you can call me Grant."

"Thank you; however my job requires me to address prospective Society members formally during the interview and Society contacts. In the interview I you're your last name. At a Society function I would use your first name or another name you wish to be identified by. Only myself and the VP of Membership knows your full name and contact information. Also you must address all Society members formally during your first year of membership. This is used to establish a form of respect and civility between new members and upper caste members. Many of us still carry over the manner into our society lives as it continues to acknowledge one another from a purely sexual nature."

"I understand Ms. Shawna." He replied still wishing though he could get to know here personally.

"Thank you, Mr. Holden. Now for the last series of questions you have to answer. On your questionnaire you indicated a number of activities you desired to try. What things would you like to experience most at your first event?"

Grant had to think for a moment what he wanted to get from the event. He wanted a positive experience that would garner him further invitations and expanded participation in the Society. Yet he didn't want to be too eager and fail in the scene and get a reputation as a poor performer. "I suppose I most want to orally service members, publicly perform sexual acts for others to be entertained, and to be placed in such a way that I am required to please anyone as they desire. That seems kind of vague, but that would result in a pleasing out come for me I think."

"That's fine Mr. Holden. Some first timers don't know what to say or know what they really want. I'm sure we can develop something that will be very fitting for you." There was silence for a few moments while Grant heard her tapping on a computer. Then she spoke up again. "Mr. Holden, I need to again go over a few rules to make sure you fully understand the conditions of participation. They will be reviewed again when you arrive at our meeting site where you will again sign a statement indicating your understanding of the rules."

"Okay. I guess everybody has to have their paperwork."

"Yes indeed. Our attorney gets very upset when we fail to get the paperwork right. So here are the rules. They are simple and easy to understand. First, you must not engage in any extra-martial or non-Societal sexual activates as long as you are a member of the Society. We assume that since you came back clean of STDs your wife is also free of STDs. Second, a week prior to each event you will be tested for STDs. If you are clean then you play. If not, then your membership is terminated. If you fake a clean result and it is discovered, and you will be discovered, you will be terminated. Third, you will not divulge to anyone outside of the Society any aspect of the Society's activities without express, written, permission by the Society's board of directors. We do a lot of internal recruiting, but only as directed by the board. If you violate this rule you will be terminated. Fourthly, as a Society member at the first order rank, you may not initiate contact with other Society members for non-Society sponsored events. Other higher ranked members may contact you and you are obligated to participate without question. And finally, you will honor every Society member's escape word immediately and seek to reassure them of your concern for their safety and well being. Should you violate this rule you will also be terminated." She paused for a moment to catch her breath then concluded, "Mr. Holden do you understand and agree to these terms and conditions of membership participation?"

"Yes and I must say it gives me a lot of security to know they are in place for all of our protection."

"Good. I will proceed with the final evaluation and conduct a scene search to match up members with your desires." She paused for a moment then asked, "Do you have any final questions?"

"Err...No. I don't think so. Can I call back if I have any between now and my first scene?

"Why certainly. Mr. Holden. We want to assure you of your security and well being at every phase of your membership. We'll be in touch soon. Very nice to talk with you and look forward to having you in the Society. Good bye."

"Okay...Me too...Good bye." He pressed the off button of his phone and leaned back to finish stroking his hard cock to fulfillment thinking of the pleasure he would soon be providing to members like Ms. Shawna.

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