tagBDSMErotic Society Ch. 03

Erotic Society Ch. 03


Chapter 03: Exploring Erotic Experiences-- Grant Holden's First Scene at the Society

....The four men took hold of each of her listless appendages and lifted her from the padded bench, being careful to keep her ass and pussy tilted up so the slop of cum that had been spewed into her...

The Invitation

The invitation finally arrived. Grant Holden waited for three weeks to receive the invitation to his first scene with the Society's members. He'd almost thought they had reviewed his answers to the questions he'd given the Society's intake counselor and rejected him. But there it was, brought to him by his secretary with the morning mail. She'd stood there by the desk, oddly watching him as if she expected him to open it in front of her. "That will be all for now, Becky." He told her in a dismissive tone. He watched as she turned and walked out of his office. She was a bright and competent aide, a bit homely looking with her auburn hair bundled up in a bun snuggly bunched at the back of her head. Grant mused Becky would be a good candidate for that TV show about not what to wear. Her clothing didn't accentuate her body and kind of had that second-hand look to it. Her attitude in the office was often described by others as a home-body. Not much into public social life or bar scene and often was found chatting in the lunch room about her two golden retrievers that seemed to be the focus of her life. Grant turned his attention back to the invitation and didn't give Becky a second thought once he touched the invitation.

He held the gilded gold edged invitation to attend a Society meeting on the 21st, just three days away, on Saturday night. All he had to do was call in with his RSVP and follow the directions contained in the invitation.

The thought of the scene briefly described in the directions sent his cock ridged in a flash. The real question was if he could really go through it. Even though he'd found past encounters with others over the years to be rewarding and a little edgy, like his first bi experience with James and Linda, where he had been positioned doggie style with Linda's head beneath his crotch and helping with her hands to guide James's firm cock into his anus, all the while he licked at Linda's freshly fucked pussy. But this experience would be something far different. A make or break encounter that would forever change him. There would be no going back once he took this step.

Grant re-read the instructions once again. He was to arrive in business casual at the address printed below at exactly 6:15 pm. The only preparation physically was to eat light the day before and only high energy/protein liquids the day of the event, all other preparations would be made in the staging room at the site. He was to follow the instructions given at the site upon arrival. The scene was described without much detail as a Society group party of 40 to 50 participants where he would be the primary event for the evening with a second prospective member undergoing a third stage initiation. It was the primary event aspect that set his cock rising in his pants. He'd forgotten the Society required three successive stages of initiation before being accepted as a first caste member, which he'd been told was to test his overall acceptance by the Society and he of them. It usually took a year for a first caste member to make it to full membership. He hoped there would be more than just three encounters, but assumed that was the minimum requirement. Thinking back over the hoops he'd already jumped through, including the anal fucking he'd received from the Society's medical examiner, he believed it was now or never to find out if he really had it in him to be a bi service slut. He reached for the phone and dialed the number and keyed in the invitation acceptance code.

The Preparation

It was just dusk at 6:12 when he arrived at the address. He'd driven by it once before Saturday, just to make sure he knew where it was as he didn't want to foul up his first event by being late from getting lost. It was kind of a non-descript place, one of those strip warehouses located in the old industrial part of town where 8 or 9 sets of stairs led to individual doors along the shared loading dock of about a block long. He parked his car between Lexis and a BMW along with 20 or so other high end cars. At least it appeared the Society had executive class members and his Volvo didn't seem out of place.

Grant found the appropriate door with a cyber lock and keyed in the code, turned the handle and pushed it open, expecting to find a crowd of party people, but instead found himself in a small white painted room with a doorway open to a small bath, wall locker in one corner, a gurney like bed and another doorway that was shut. A large note was affixed to the locker, it read: Mr. Holden please disrobe and place all your clothing and valuables into the wall locker. Then lie down on the preparation bed, place the mask over your eyes and face down with your face into the padded foam head rest. Your attendant for the evening will be in shortly to prepare you for your debut scene. He did as instructed and waited, wondering what was to happen next.

He heard the door open with accompanying loud laughter and rock music blaring into the room, but quickly was silenced as the door was pulled shut.

"Good evening Mr. Holden." A voice he immediately recognized as the Society's counselor he'd revealed his deepest sexual secrets too and began to actually blush and his formerly thickened cock began to shrink between his legs.

"Uh..uh..hello." He managed to croak out, speaking to the floor.

"Mr. Holden, my name is Ms. Shawna. I'm going to prepare you for this evening's adventure. Are you ready?" she coolly asked.

"Yes, ready as I'll ever be."

"Excellent. I think you'll really enjoy this evening as it has been especially planed around your desires and our requirements. She took a square plastic container from the top of the locker, opened it and took out the shaving equipment she would need to prepare him. Squirting some shaving cream on her hand she smeared it over his buttocks and into the crack leading to his anus.

The cool shaving cream on his ass caused him to shiver a little, "I cleaned down there very well." He said.

"Thank you. I appreciate that." She deftly began to make long strokes with the razor down his buttocks. She shaved back the thin blond hair about 3 inches on either side of the crack. Then with one hand she spread his cheeks and scraped the razor along each side, making is slick and smooth right to his anus. She shaved around the bottom area between his cock and anus so it too was smooth. "Mr. Holden, please turn over and keep the mask on."

Grant did as requested. He was very aware of the air gently blowing over his cock and it shrank back from the coolness. "Why Mr. Holden, you have a shy little cock I see." She picked it up and smeared more shaving cream on it and his ball sack and gently began to shave the hair from it as well. Then she turned her attention to his hairy chest. "I'm going to shave around your nipples. Makes them stand out so much more and easier for us to use them." She first gave each a little pull and twist and noticed his grimace. She shaved all around his nipples and in larger circles around what would be his breasts. "That makes your nipples stand out so nicely Mr. Holden." She laughed.

She put away the shaving gear and went into the bathroom to begin running water in the shower. "I'm going to help you to the shower where you will receive your enema and rinse off." She took his hand and guided him into the bathroom. "Bend over." She stuck the end of the enema up into his anus, little lube on the tube and turned the knob to let the fluid flow into his rectum.

Grant felt the warm water fill him and then press hard against his bladder and push back against his anal muscles. He groaned a little and she smacked his ass with her rubber gloved hand causing him to flinch and tighten his muscles. Finally she turned the knob off.

"Hold it. Hold it. I'm not going to let you release your shit until I'm good and ready." Her tone surprised him as it went from playful while shaving him, to having a hard edge now that she had real power over him. She tickled his balls and cock with her fingers, "Spread your legs wide." He did so slowly, fearing that at any moment he'd release a torrent of watery crap and urine. She slapped at his inner thighs and drooping penis. "Keep holding it, Mr. Holden. Don't let one drop drip from your ass or we'll do it all over again."

Grant turned his mind to the things that awaited him on the other side of the door to take away the urgent need to release his waste. He figured this was the least of his humiliations tonight so he'd better get ready for more of it. After five minutes she roughly jerked the tube out from his anus and ordered him to release his waste into the stool. Obediently and gratefully he did so with a loud whoosh and plops of his stools splashing the vile water back up on his exposed buttocks.

"Get into the shower and rinse that crap off of you." She ordered. The water was cold and came out like a million little stinging rays that struck his nipples and penis with a piercing force. She turned off the water and handed him a towel. "Dry yourself off. " She heard her open a drawer in the sink cabinet, rummage around then pushed it shut. She took his hand and led him back out into the main room and faced him toward the bed. "Bend over and spread your legs and spread your ass cheeks with both hands.

Grant did as ordered and felt a long tube swiftly pushed into his rectum just past the muscle and a warm fluid flow into him. Then she jerked the tube out and roughly smeared a greasy substance around his anus and into him just up to the knuckle of her index finger.

"Mr. Holden I've injected a rare Chinese aphrodisiac into your rectum. In about ten minutes you will be seized with a most unbearable lust for sex you've ever experienced and you will want to do anything to satisfy the deep carnal cravings. The salve smeared on your anus is a topical muscle relaxant so your ass hole can accommodate toys and cocks that will began to be penetrated into you. I will insert the first butt plug you will receive this evening and then guide you out on to the floor where the party will begin." She placed the tip of the plug at the entrance to his anus and push with one motion a large plug up into his rectum where it held fast to the small indented end of the plug. She pulled him up and led him to the door. "Last chance, Mr. Holden. Do you want to back out now?"

The aphrodisiac was starting to warm up in his bowels and his eyes were shining with raw sexual lust, "No. I need to serve someone's sex now."

She opened the door and the party was on.

First Encounter-Act I

The room was filled with bodies gyrating to the deep thrum of the bass blaring from the speakers coming from around the room. This urged his lust on as the beat was the rhythm of sexual copulation and as he was guided up on to a stage, he occasionally felt with his hands individual's sex organs and bare skin. Not a few hands landed on him either.

"Ladies and Gentleman let me have your full attention. " The music was dialed back while the announcer went on. "Folks our sex slut we've all been reading about in the newsletter has arrived. He's here tonight in his first appearance with the Society and it looks like he's all prepared to be the focus of the party."

He felt two hands press him down to his knees. The announcer spoke again, "Does everybody have their ticket?" The music died down almost to a whisper, "Laura Lee will draw the ticket for the first four lucky members to enjoy the privilege to welcoming our new member to the Society. The first number is 56473, again, 56473." A squeal of delight came from the back of the room and he felt the person run up the steps onto the stage.

"Congratulations Judith." The announcer said "Is this your first time at winning?"

A sweet honeyed voice spoke into the microphone,"Oh yes and I'm so excited."

"I can tell. You're pretty hot and looks like you've already have done a little partying tonight, eh?"

"Well to be honest George, yes I've had a few connections and now I'm ready for plenty of clean-up."

"All right, hear that folks? Judith is hot and ready." The crowd gave a roar of approval. "Go sit in the chair Judith while we call up the other four winners." George instructed. The naked blonde, Laura Lee stood on her tip toes to reach into the basket of tickets. Her taught nipples perked out nicely and her buttocks contracted in firm creamy muscles and handed George the ticket. "Winner number two, 87239. 87239."

A tall, hairy chested man held up his hand with the ticket. As he stepped up the steps of the stage, his manhood began to rise in anticipation. "Haven't had any good blow jobs in weeks. I'm ready to blast off a huge gob of jizz in him." The audience howled with delight. He pointed down to his massive cock, still rising to full attention. "See if he can take this baby, eh?"

"If he can take your cock, John then he can take anyone's." A voice from near the edge of the party players called out.

George called out the third winner as John went and stood on a preselected spot where he could watch the action and jump in when it was his turn. "Our number three winner is 44098. 44098."

"That'd be me." a tall thin man called out. He walked up on stage. His cock was dangling down between his legs almost too mid thigh. Long and thin it was starting to rise with.

"Bob isn't this your third time at being selected?" George asked. "Maybe we'd better check to see if you have more than one ticket." He kidded. "So what do you have in mind for our new member?"

"Well if Judith and John wouldn't mind I'd like to fuck our new slut while she's being cleaned out. Get him well reamed out and ready for the rest of the evening." George looked over at Judith and John. Both gave a smile and nod of agreement. "Okay folks. We're going to be really working our service slut pretty hard right out of the gate. Now for our last and fourth winner, number 77653. 77653."

A fortyish woman with long black hair and just a few extra pounds that gave her a pleasingly plump look took to the stage smiling broadly. George asked, "Why Mary do you have such a big grin on the pretty face?"

"Well I'm like Judith in that I'm horny as hell for some good cunt licking service from a man slut who's been advertised as taking on anything placed in front of him. And I've got just the thing to test his claim." She looked coyly at the crowd, opened her legs and sported a little white string hanging from between her shaven pussy lips. The crowd erupted in to wild hoots and hollers.

Grant wondered what that was all about but figured he'd learn soon enough. He was still on his knees, hands down to his side. His cock has come to life a little more with each winner announcing what was desired. By now the aphrodisiac was kicking in and he so lust full that it almost scared him at the wicked thoughts that ran though his mind.

"Okay let the games begin. Judith and Bob take your places and let's see what this service slut can deliver."

Judith, sitting in the chair, reclined slightly back just enough for relaxation and still enable her to reach down between her legs to open her cunt. The audience gave an approving sound, seeing the entrance of her sex oozing with white globs of freshly deposited semen. Bob came up behind Grant and positioned himself so as to be ready when Grant was moved into Judith's waiting cunt. He reached around Grant and took his nipples between his thumb and index finger, roughly pinched and twisted them hard.

Grant felt the fingers grab on to his nipples and knew what was coming next and sure enough a searing pain shot through him and his nipples were cruelly abused. He felt being pulled forward by the man's hands and could feel the man's cock pressing against the back of his head, urging him forward. Then two smaller hands grasped his head and guided him down to the sweet smelling pussy. Now on all fours, his head was pressed firmer into her cunt. He could taste the salty cum pussy juice mixture and his lust erupted in full force. He began licking and sucking her drenched pussy with wild abandoned, plunging his tongue in as deep as he could and rapidly swirling around her clit.

"Oh god...god...keep it up man. Lick me slut. Suck me harder." Judith started moaning nearly incoherently. "Fuck my cunt with your tongue. Do me deeper. More." She commanded. Grant felt his head pushed even more into her gaping cunt and it didn't seem possible to him, but she began to press out even more man jizz into his mouth. It was then he felt his nipples let go and behind him he felt Bob pull out the butt plug that had been put into him earlier. It came out with a plop and just as quickly, felt Bob's penis penetrate his anal hole, smoothly gliding into him.

"So you like to take cock in your fuckhole slut?" Bob shouted at Grant. Grant could only grunt as his mouth was full of pussy. "Then take this." And Grant his rectum filled completely up with Bobs cock. Bob started a slow rhythm of thrusts and counter thrusts, each push drove Grant's face even deeper into Judith's cunt. Bob would pull almost completely out of Grant then slide it back in to him. Grant was moaning and lifting his ass to meet Bob's thrusts. As Bob picked up speed in his thrusting the crowd began to chant to the cadence of the thrusts, "Fuck him. Fuck him. Fuck him."

The sensations of utter sexual abandon was surging though Grant. He'd never felt so lust filled before. His desire was to entirely please these two people who were gyrating against him in their own lust filled ecstasy. He kept licking, sucking the pussy in front of him. Judith would press his head firmly against his lips, urging him on. She was babbling about her cunt needing it and to lick harder. Mean while he began clinching his anal muscles to the rhythm of Bob's thrusts, tightening them alternatively to squeeze more feeling into his fuckhole. He felt Bob stiffen and let out a cry of ecstasy as his cock exploded, pumping and throbbing jizz in to his man cunt. Bob reached down around Grant and again took Grant's nipples to twist them and pull on them, pulling him back away from the thrashing Judith, who let out a loud satisfied moan.

Grant felt so used and the crowed enjoyed the spectacle of his face being cum soaked, globs of creamy white sperm around his mouth and nose. When Bob finally pulled his cock from Grant, cum oozed out his fuck hole and down his balls and legs. Judith was helped up by George who took her over to one side of the stage where two men escorted her to an elevated stool and bent her over it and proceeded to begin fucking her again.

John took Judith's place in the chair, smiled down at his new slut. "Are you ready for some good man meat to eat?" Grant just looked at him and nodded, lowering his head on to the massive penis before him. "Then eat it good and bring it off completely." He leaned back to enjoy the sensations of Grant's lips and tongue lick and suck at the thick head.

Grant could taste the pre-cum on John's penis, slightly salty and musky. As he worked his mouth over John's cock again he felt hands on him but not those of Bob's. They were softer and had sharp nails. "Keep it up slut. Keep sucking him hard." The female voice spoke. Grant remembered there would be a fourth, Mary, to his initiation on the stage. She reached for his nipples and like Bob, twisted them firmly pulling and pinching them hard then letting go so the blood rushing back into them were like a thousand little needles pricking him at once. He winced, but the pain was good and only served to drive him on, again the lust rising in his loins.

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