Erotic Witness


Stephen carried his bottle of bourbon and mixers into the party, entering through the front door while cheering to his mates that he had arrived. It wasn't a large party by any means but Stephen enjoyed that as he felt more comfortable with smaller groups and people he knew. In all there were twelve people, seven guys and five girls including him. He had known them all since high school.

Stephen was relaxed and excited as he had been looking forward to this for a few days. Just a good old fashioned catch up with his mates. Being nineteen, he and the rest of them had entered either the work force or university. He himself was currently studying business and it was good to have a break.

The others had already arrived and were sitting around the lounges with various discussions going on amongst them, drinks in hand. Stephen entered the kitchen and poured himself a bourbon and dry and put his ginger ale into the fridge. He took a swig and winced slightly as he realised he had made himself a strong drink.

He exited the kitchen and joined in the fray saying hello to everyone as pleasantries were exchanged. Hugs and kisses for the girls and handshakes for the guys which was the norm for their little group of friends. Then his heart skipped a beat. It always did when he saw her.

Kimberley was wearing a white top, stylish but at the same time a little sexy as it allowed her cleavage to show. Her black skirt went down to just above her knees. She had her hair out, just the way he liked it. She was a little curvy, not a Hollywood size 8. But he liked that. She was not the most physically attractive girl of the bunch but she was by no means ugly.

No what attracted Stephen to her was her zest for life. Her enthusiasm. Her energy. Her willingness. She was the one person you could always count on to say yes. If he called her up in the middle of the night and asked if she wanted to go on a road trip the next day, she'd say yes. Her smile was infectious and she never smiled with just her mouth. It always seemed to him that she smiled with her whole body. She never had anything negative to say about anything. She was a positive force and he loved that. Though, Stephen did like her breasts. At 36dd's who wouldn't.

She was sitting down on a couch and rose to greet him. "Hi Stephen," she said as she kissed him on the cheek, hugging him. Feeling her breasts pressed against his chest made Stephen hold her close, possible longer than what would have been normal as he said "Hi Kim, good to see you."

"Yeah it is. I've missed you," Kimberley said as they parted, looking into his eyes. Her smile spread wide across her face. At hearing those words Stephen almost buckled. She missed me he thought. This could be a very interesting night. He took another swig.

Hours later they were all fairly inebriated and having a great time. Stephen's bottle of bourbon was three quarters gone and he was feeling quite happy. Some music was playing in the background and somehow the conversation had turned to sex.

"So Stephen," one of the girls asked, "when was the last time you got laid?" Stephen smiled as he took a sip of his drink. "Oh, last night." Mouths dropped open and one of the girls playfully threw a cushion at him. "Oh do tell stud, who was she."

Stephen laughed as he lent forward, his elbows on his knees. "Well, to be honest I don't remember her name. Miss Palmer or something like that."

Everyone started to laugh except one of the girls, Alice, who just looked around at the others and said, "I don't get it." This made the others laugh harder, the drink making everything funnier. Alice, looking bewildered, started laughing as well knowing that she was missing something raising her hands palm up and trying to talk without laughing. "What, who is Miss Palmer?"

One of the girls turned to Alice and said "there is no Miss Palmer, he was jerking off." Alice's eyes went wide and her mouth opened in sudden understanding. Turning towards Stephen and looking at him smiling at her. Alice bit her bottom lip and looked at the others who were recovering from their bouts of laughter.

One of the guys, Ben saw Alice's slightly confused face and asked, "What's the matter Alice?" She looked at him half smiling as her face blushed. Everyone suddenly got interested and mistook her blushing for something it wasn't.

"Oh Alice has a thing for Stephen," Ben said.

"No, no, nothing like that," Alice retorted.

"Then what?" one of them asked.

Alice fidgeted a bit before answering. "Well, it's just that, I've never seen a guy jerk off before."

No laughter came but some of the girls looked to Alice with a bit of a surprise. "Really?"

"Yes. I mean I've been with boys but that's never happened."

Kimberley looked at Alice and smiled. "You do know that guys jerk off quite a lot don't you?" she said looking towards Stephen for confirmation.

Alice followed Kimberley's gaze to Stephen who just laughed and nodded. "Yep it's true, we jerk off a lot."

Alice laughed, the mood in the room staying jovial. "Well I guess one day I'll see it if you boys can't keep your hands off your dongers." All Stephen could do was smile as a thought penetrated his drunken mind. He imagined Alice watching him jerk off. Nothing else, just her watching him pump his cock with his hand and it slightly aroused him. And then he thought of Kimberley watching him instead and his heart beat faster. The thought of Alice watching him was one thing, but Kimberley watching him would be out of this world.

Ben chirped up, "why wait Alice?" he laughed.

"Well I need a guy to watch don't I Ben or are you going to jerk off for me?" she said rolling her eyes at him as she smiled and giggled with the other girls.

Ben nodded towards Stephen, "not me, him. He's the expert."

Laughing Stephen playfully rolled his eyes back to Alice, his previous thoughts foremost on his mind. "Sure Alice, I'll jerk off for you," he said only half-jokingly. The other girls joined in the playful mocking.

"Oh Alice he wants to do it."

"Do it. Do it. Do it," became the chant.

Looking over at Kimberley, Stephen wasn't quite sure how to respond to the chants. Alice herself was looking a little lost as well. Jenny, Alice's best friend, boldly grabbed Alice by the hand and said, "come on, I'll join you for support. We wouldn't want Stephen taking advantage of you Alice." Picking her up, Jenny pushed Alice down the hall who only half-heartedly tried to stop.

Jenny marched Alice into the master bedroom. "Sit," she commanded and Alice sat on the bed unable to control her laughter at what was happening. Jenny walked back to the lounge room and looked at Stephen with a questioning gaze. "Well?"

Looking around the room at everyone, Stephen was suddenly quite nervous at the turn of events. "Woah, woah, woah," he said holding up his hands. "I thought we were all only joking?" He looked at Kimberley desperate to know her thoughts.

Looking into his gaze, Kimberley stood up, turned to the other girls and said, "Well girls, let's go keep Alice company during this as we wouldn't want her to faint." She turned back to face him, a sly smile on her face before her and the other girls walked down the hall to the room. Only Jenny and the other guys remained.

The guys were not making a sound, all quite shocked at what was going on and one of them nudged Stephen. "Go on mate, don't keep 'em waiting."

Jenny held out her hand to Stephen, smiling, staring straight at him. Stephen stared, blinking as he took Jenny's hand and she led him down the hall. His mind raced, thinking of what Kimberley had done. Was he seriously going to go through with this, jerk off in front of five girls? In front of Kimberley. He had sometimes fantasised about Kimberley and now he was seriously contemplating going through with this. In his drunken state he was excited and nervous at the same time which was beginning to be an interesting combination.

He decided that there were only two things he could do. He could decide not to do it and go back and suffer the mocking calls from his friends. Or he could go into the room, assess that the girls really did want him to do it and weren't joking around and just do it. At that he smiled and thought that if he did go through with it that at the very least it would be one hell of a story. His mind was made up.

His heart was thumping as he entered the room. He saw the girls were all sitting on the bed facing the end wall. They watched him enter the room, all smiles and laughter. They mockingly made faces at him, licking their lips in laughter. He watched them all and decided that he would use what they were giving him to help him through it. They wouldn't know they were helping him but they would be.

He glanced down the top of one of the girls as she bent forward, eyeing off her cleavage. His eyes roamed over their legs as he built up the courage to do what they were asking him to do.

Jenny walked Stephen into the room at the foot of the bed, standing him in front of everyone. Instructively she said, "Here you go. Now whenever you're ready, pull it out and show us all Miss Palmer." She went to the bed sitting on the side next to Alice.

Standing there in front of all the girls he looked from one to one. They were giggling and smiling as they stared at him. They're all here for a joke he thought. They expected him to pull his cock out and jerk off in front of them and they're all laughing now, but he wondered if they'd be laughing by the end of it. They were all friends and no one was being mean about any of it. It was all light hearted fun.

He smiled and took off his shirt. The girls wolf whistled and cheered. He almost felt foolish but he went with it. Stephen wasn't overly muscular but he was lean. He had some chest hair but wasn't covered in it. Right then, with five pairs of eyes staring at him and cheering him, he felt like the sexiest man alive.

He began unzipping his pants as Jenny playfully spoke to Alice, "now sweetie don't worry it's supposed to be fun. We're all here for your first time watching a guy jerk off so it'll all be ok." Alice could do nothing but laugh.

Pulling his pants off he stood up slowly eyeing off everyone. Kimberley was dead centre, and their eyes met. Stephen's heart skipped a beat. Without taking his eyes off Kimberley he slowly took his jocks off to stand completely naked in front of them all. His semi hard larger than average cock bounced in the air as he smiled at the girls oohing and ahhing.

"Holy shit Stephen," Jenny exclaimed making everyone burst out laughing.

He reached down and slowly rubbed his hand over his cock and balls, gently massaging himself as the girls laughter seeming died down a little. Alice's eyes were wide, staring straight at his cock as he played with himself.

Stephen slowly gripped himself and gently tugged, feeling his cock harden to its full 9 inches in his hand. He heard an exhale of breath from one of the girls but he didn't know which. He began a steady rhythm of jerking up and down with his hand, slowly at first and building. Every now and then he would use his forefinger to rub the tip of his cock.

Without realising it, he was pinching his nipple with his other hand, not even knowing he was doing so. His eyes closed as he stood there, pumping his cock with his hand he thought about Kimberley. In his current state, he wasn't thinking of her in a gentlemanly way. He was thinking about her tits crushed against his chest earlier on in the evening.

He realised suddenly that she was also in the room watching him and he had his damn eyes shut. He instantly opened them and saw all five girls staring at him. Some had their mouths opened as they watched, fixated. Kimberley was not staring at his cock in his hand. She was staring at his face. When he opened his eyes her mouth gave a little twitch. Not a smile, but something else.

Half arching his back as he pumped his cock he stared straight back at Kimberley. In some weird way he was connecting with her like he had never connected with her before. It was an erotic connection as he took the sight of her in. Her lips as she bit her bottom lip. Her hands on her thighs as she slowly moved her legs.

He began to thrust his hips back and forth as he fucked his hand. He noticed Kimberley reach up with one hand to brush some of her hair aside and as she brought it down again she ruffled her top, which allowed Stephen to see down her cleavage much more easily.

He let out a sigh and a little moan pumping his cock harder and faster, feeling his orgasm approaching. He suddenly realised he had nowhere to cum and wondered if it mattered. Jerking his cock and fucking his hand the way he was he wasn't about to stop to find out.

Feeling that he was almost going to explode Kimberley asked seductively, "Are you going to cum Stephen?"

At hearing that he was almost unable to help himself but he managed to get out a single word, "where?"

Kimberley did smile then. "Why, wherever you like."

That did it. It tipped him over the edge and he didn't have any time to do anything let along aim. He moaned as he came, his cum spurting out of his cock going some distance before it landed over Kimberley's thighs. The second and subsequent spurts not having the distance to make it that far landed on the floor between them. The entire time he stared straight into Kimberley's eyes and she stared right back. She didn't even flinch when his cum landed on her.

No one moved. Nobody said a word. Finishing himself off, Stephen let go of his cock, still staring into Kimberley's eyes.

Jenny spoke up at that point, "well there you go Alice, your first witness to a guy jerking off."

Alice could only blush as she laughed waving her hand at her face like a fan. "Holy shit," she said as everyone else laughed.

Jenny dashed off into the ensuite and came back with some toilet paper. She handed some to Stephen and then to Kimberley. "I guess that's the danger of sitting front row Kim," she said.

Kim only smiled. "It's alright," she said as she cleaned herself up.

Stephen wiped himself clean and got dressed as the girls left all in a bit of a lather. Kimberley was the last one at the door, watching him pull his shirt on. Fully dressed he stood looking at her as she smiled looking at him.

He smiled self-consciously. "That was pretty hot," he said.

Leaning against the door frame she took a while before saying anything. "It's true you know. What I said."

A little perplexed he asked, "What did you say?"

With a self-satisfied smirk she said, "That you could cum wherever you like."

Stephens' mouth dropped open and Kimberley gave him a wink. With a flourish she turned and walked out of the room.

Now it was Stephen's turn to say it. Under his breath he said, "Holy shit."

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