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Erotic Writing Process


Erotic Writing Process For Harrad Redux


It all started on a popular Website with one of those bulletins that Friends send out to their network.

U+ME+MY ROOM =????


That message was sent by one of my Web Friends, Pierced, a young woman just turned 19. I knew her from another Website Forum Board and followed her profile link to the popular site where I asked her to join my Friends Network.

I knew she was Scorpio, I knew she was into Goth, I knew she was a daring young woman who at least spoke with a sexual maturity. So, I responded to her query - with disclaimers that it might disgust her to have a 60-something-year-old man have his way with her nubile young bod.

From experience with my teen daughter I knew some of the ideations a young woman could have about age. My daughter was perusing a Nude Male mag at 18 and she commented on what I thought was a very nice looking young man. The model was in his early 30's but my daughter said, "He's so old." When you think of it, that was double her age. So how about a 40-year age spread or triple her age?

I answered Pierced query honestly and with candor. I told her exactly how I would seduce her in those 24 hours, how I would give her a massage that would get very intimate, with my hands exploring her crotch. I stopped at that, not going into more detail because I seriously didn't want to freak the girl out and have her delete me from her Friends. But, I did invite her to respond and she did.

Pierced e-mailed me that I am not that much older than her parents. She also told me that I never finished telling her what I would do if I had her in the room for 24 hours and that I had piqued her interest.

I wrote her back that 24 hours is a long time and I was on the verge of writing one of my erotic stories when I stopped. I invited her to look up Shale on Literotica.com where I had over 20 pieces of erotica or sexual essays posted, many of them written before she was yet born.

So, I continued writing of the massage and my seduction of a young woman, the kind of fantasy that is quite appealing to me actually. (It helps that I have seen pix of Pierced and she is quite an attractive young woman). However, I wanted it to be real and asked for her input as a 19-year-old woman being seduced by a much older man.

Here is the unfolding story with Shale's questions and Pierced replies:

First, since there are 24 hours I would talk with you, perhaps with some wine, but not too much. I would eventually talk to you about how attractive you are and so begins the seduction.

I would offer you a full-body massage. It is a way to get experience of your body. The massage would feel good - very good - I am good with my hands. You would relax in the dimly, candle lit room and forget the great age difference and just feel my hands, pushing into the muscles of your back.

After you have relaxed by my touch on your back and shoulders, I would move to your legs and feet. My hands would feel so good on your calves, thighs and feet that you would barely notice that I was licking between your toes. If you did I would tell you that I wish to experience your young body - to smell and taste all your secret parts.

Q- SHALE: "At this point would you object? What would be your thoughts?"

A-PIERCED: "Hmm. I don't think I'd be objecting. I'd most likely be holding judgment in reserve, just waiting."

My hands would push over the back of your legs in long smooth strokes, deep into the muscles relaxing you to the point that you didn't notice them pushing under the towel, into your butt. It would be so relaxing that you would relish the occasional gentle stroke across your labia as my hands kneaded the back your upper thighs.

Q- SHALE: "Of course by now you know that I am seducing you, would you object to this, feel repulsed, or curious?"

A- PIERCED: "Curious, I believe. It would be a novel experience."

I would ask you to turn over, towel still draped from you breasts to upper thighs. As I worked on the upper legs, with long effleurage strokes that go over the hip, I can see the pubes peeking from the edge of the towel. After both legs have been massaged, I would pause, hand on the inner thigh, near your pubes.

Q- SHALE: "What is your reaction to this pause?"

A- PIERCED: "Anticipation...that's the best word I can come up with."

My hand would move from your inner thigh, over your hip and onto your abdomen. I would glide it upward, stopping right below your breasts, then slide it back down again, slowly, gently, exploring the contour of your abs, dipping a finger into your navel, stopping just above your pubes.

Q- SHALE: "This is full-scale prelude to sexual intimacy - what is your take at this point?"

A- PIERCED: "Heightened sense of anticipation."

Q- SHALE: "Remember my age - is it still a factor? You don't have to get kinky by thinking of daddy - but go ahead if you want, it makes an even more lurid story"

A- PIERCED: "Maybe, maybe not. Sex is sex and is a natural human act, regardless of factors like gender of both partners, race, and age."

My fingers slide into your upper pubes, just on the mound and I start twirling the coarse, curly hairs in my fingers, giving an occasional tug, bunching them between thumb and forefinger.

Q- SHALE: "OMG - You don't shave do you?"

A- PIERCED: "Yes I do, allows for a better view of my hood piercing that Dad would flip out about if he knew."

Then I flatten my whole palm on your mound, twisting my hand I slide it between your legs, pushing down with my middle finger to just crease the cleft of your vulva. You raise your hips to meet my touch and I push my finger lower, slipping between your lips, feeling the moisture that has been collecting there.

SHALE: "OK, I'll take it from here. Jump in anywhere you want with a comment."

I pull the towel aside and kiss you on the navel, licking at the jewel pierced there.

(PIERCED: " I don't have a navel piercing; I refuse to get any surface piercings because of the high rate of rejection and outwards migration. They also tend to leave some nasty scars if they do manage to migrate out.")

(SHALE: "Going to take the piercing out of the navel - I didn't much care for it myself - looks interesting but I prefer licking navels without bumping into things.")

My tongue follows the fine line of hairs that disappear into your dark brown bush. (Note from Shale: Bush taken out) I take a deep breath, inhaling your fragrance of moistened hair and soft skin. My finger pushes deeper within you as my mouth retreats up your abs to your firm breasts. I find a stiffened nipple and pass my tongue over it, enjoying the turgor as it springs back, awaiting my next lick. And suck. My lips pull gently at your nipple before I put my mouth over your breast, rolling your nipple with my tongue. One hand is playing with your other breast, gently squeezing as my thumb and forefinger roll a nipple back and forth.

My other hand is well within you, slippery and wet it probes your depth as my thumb slides slowly over your clit. You give a moan and slight upward thrust of your hips. Now there are two fingers in you and my thumb still teasing your clit.

I remove my head from your succulent breasts and lift your leg, ducking my head under. My face pushed into your hair, I inhale your fragrance and rub it onto my beard. My tongue darts over your clit, as I slide the hood back, and I press my nose there to savor the slight scent of smegma as my tongue, now inside you tastes the slight bitterness of your urethra as I lick from there to your clit.

As I lick you, my fingers are sliding in and out. My palm is up and my fingers curve up, tracing the contour of your vagina, pressing under your pubic mound. You start to lift your hip and I hear a moan. As I suck on your clit, sliding my fingers in and out, you give a shudder and squeeze my head between your thighs. I slow, but don't stop as I ride with you this wave coursing thru you.

That is what I would do to you. I think I have a few more hours. Still want to stick my nose inside you and lick your anus. But I need a break now.


Thus ended the initial erotica concerning the original question of what I would do if I could have my way with an attractive young woman for 24 hours locked in her room. The last comment about needing a break was no lie.

I get turned on when writing erotica. I have always had a very active pre-cum gland and sometimes, with erotic thoughts, start leaking without even being hard. In this case Shale was pushing at the confines of his shorts and dripping, so yeah, he needed a break. (Isn't that why we read JO porn?) When I did my erotic writing in the '80s and '90s my wife had to do Research & Development with me. I would write stuff and say, will that really work that way? - then go molest her to try it out. She rather liked it I think.

In a subsequent e-mail to Pierced, I wrote that I found an angle to make an erotic story out of that posed question. I would continue on an equally absurd premise from the '60s era, "The Harrad Experiment."

When the story was put together I e-mailed it to Pierced and asked for more input. Fact is, I was at a loss on one point where I lack experience:

Q-SHALE: "Altho I've seen lots of pierced clit hoods and labia, I don't know what sensation it does in sex. Does it give a different sensation than without? Pulls a certain way? I know guys with Prince Albert's say it enhances the sexual experience (compensation for spraying urine and having to sit down to pee). I have actually encountered shaved pussy before - in Turkey. The pros shaved and I think it was to keep crabs away."

A- PIERCED: "The purpose of a hood piercing is to help stimulate the clit during sex. I read somewhere that during vaginal sex, the clitoris receives almost no stimulation (which is why most women like foreplay) and a hood piercing helps stimulate during sex itself. It also increases the number of times a woman climaxes, from about 1 or 2 to 3 or more during one session. Men also receive some stimulation from it as well, but it's true purpose is to stimulate women."

Q- SHALE: I've never done oral on a girl with hood jewelry. Was just playing it by imagination. Ever since Peggy taught me to "Suck it Rob, suck it," in 1967, I have been doing that with clits. I don't know if the piercing would interfere with that, which is why I was vague here. I'm into smells and like to slide the hood back and press a nostril to the clit (Yeah, women have smegma). Don't know if a piercing would interfere with that either.

A- PIERCED: "The bar of the hood piercing rests right on the clit itself, and in my experience, guys like to play with it with both their hands and mouth."

Pierced has several screen names, and the one originally picked for this story, Nemesis, did seem awkward. I asked her if it would be alright to post this on a Website where she was known by her screen name because, altho it is anonymous, it is actually revealing.

A- PIERCED: "I have to say, I rather enjoyed it myself. Either Pierced or Nemesis, either one. I'm favoring Pierced, just because I am, but both work for me."

Q- SHALE: "Yeah, I think Pierced works better (now that we know the secret meaning)

Do you mind if I post it on the other Website Adult Forum? It is just a story, but both characters are known there. (my rep there can be sullied no more!) I would actually like to do a behind-the-scenes essay on how the story came about. That could also be posted on Literotica. I've got a couple of essays there as well as the porn stuff."

A- PIERCED: "I don't have a problem with you putting on the Adult Forum. I was wondering if anyone on that site was going to ask me about the "Pierced" in my name there. This will save them the trouble of wondering. The behind the scenes essay on the story sounds like a great idea."

SHALE: "Thanks for the input - it was fun. If I smoked I'd probably be leaning back in my chair enjoying a cig right now."

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