Louise Sherman had been teaching English language and literature for about 5 years at St Edmunds Boys School. She was well aware that several of the boys had schoolboy crushes on her. She knew only too well what young boys were like, but she could not help but feel very flattered. She liked to dress 'well' and feeling that she was harmlessly encouraging schoolboy fantasies made her feel good. The older boys, the ones who were soon moving on out of the school were of most interest to her. Already 18, young men, but still for just a bit longer schoolboys. Boys of this age were trying to pick her up in bars. Here she was trying to teach students English Literature, while boys of the same age were trying to fuck her.

Louise knew the way the world worked.

She was, however, still a little shocked and surprised to find among the exercise books collected one morning with the homework from a class of those 18 year old boys, a separate piece of paper, apparently torn from an exercise book, with a short story on it. Short story is probably an exaggeration: it was only about 3 or four paragraphs long, the paragraphs themselves being not that clearly defined. But this was of little importance to Louise. What was of most interest to her was the content. It was not to be ignored. She read the paper several times. It was a young schoolboy fantasy about her. It was crude, childish even, but the fact of it's very existence was a thrill to her.

It was difficult to work out exactly what she should do and, that night, she considered the possibilities as she tried to get to sleep. She could, of course, always do nothing. Louise, however, was not the sort of person to do nothing. That was the easy way out and she liked to tackle life head on.

She still had not decided the following day. The English Literature class would be the last, so she would have time to think some more about it. It was not until the class had already begun that a plan started to form. It had elements that appealed to her. It was risky, but the actual risk was small. It was naughty, but she maintained her authority. It would work.

Final bell.

'Class dismissed. Thomas, can you stay behind for a few minutes please.'

The other boys left. Thomas approached the desk. Louise took the sheet of paper out of her desk and placed it face up on top. When he saw it, Thomas went suddenly very pale. Louise was worried he might faint. He didn't though. His pale complexion suddenly went to the other extreme and his face reddened and he started to look very guilty.

'You probably wondered why I asked you to stay.' She said. 'but I guess you have a better idea now.'

Thomas shuffled nervously and mumbled 'yes, miss!'

'Speak up , Thomas'

'Yes, Miss.'

'Of course,' she said 'I could understand some confusion on your part. It seems to me that you have an entirely different reason for why I might want to keep you after class.' Don't you, Thomas?'

Thomas didn't answer this time, but he went even redder.

'Perhaps I can help you. It seems the reason that you would think I would keep you after class is so that I could ask you if you would let me suck your cock. Is that right?'

Thomas was looking down at the floor now. He nodded glumly. He was not too sure of exactly what kind of trouble he was in, but he was sure he was in it and about as deep as he could get.

'I don't really think you would be stupid enough to hand this in with your homework, but I have no doubt that this is your handwriting. May I ask what purpose this little essay might have?'

'nothing', Thomas mumbled.

'Do you masturbate, Thomas?'

Another glum nod.

'Do these little fantasies help you to masturbate?'

Thomas found his voice. 'Yes, Miss. I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by it.' Then, presumably believing that showing some honesty might make things easier for him he added 'I think of you when I jerk off.'

Louise looked at him. Thomas was surprised that she did not seem particularly shocked. In fact, Thomas reflected, the person shocked the most was him.

'I must confess, Thomas' said Louise, 'I really have no idea what I should do.'

For several seconds there was a silence between them. Then Louise spoke again.

'I guess I should report this, but I don't think I will. Firstly, I think it will count against you and as a student you show great promise. Secondly, I believe that you are not responsible for placing this amongst the homework and someone else has caused this trouble for you – that seems unfair to me. I think one of your 'friends' has done this and, but for that, I would have been none the wiser and your fantasies would have remained private. Thirdly, as the subject of your literary work, I cannot see how I could benefit from this coming to light. I suspect that in some way, even though an innocent party, my reputation would suffer and I would not wish to risk that. At the very least it could not help but cause me some embarrassment, were I to report it.'

'It won't happen again, Miss.'

'I'm not annoyed, Thomas.'


'You still have a lot to learn, Thomas. I am well aware of the sorts of thoughts that boys of your age have and most of them are about sex. Are they not?'

'Yes, Miss.' Thomas was unsure where this conversation was going, but agreeing seemed to be the best way to minimise any adverse consequences.

Do you think, I'm pretty, Thomas?'

'Yes, Miss. You're very pretty.'

'Thank you, Thomas. That's always nice to hear. You don't say that in this little essay, though. Do you?'

'No, Miss. Sorry, Miss.'

'In fact you don't say much at all. I ask you to stay behind, tell you I want to suck your cock, you get it out, I suck it … and then suddenly you're fucking me over the desk. I imagine this is all you managed to write between bouts of masturbation. Is that it?'

'Yes, Miss.'

'Well, it's not good enough, Thomas. I want to see more dialogue, more description and a far more plausible role for myself. I think you can do better.'

'I don't understand, Miss.'

'Take your cock out, Thomas.'

'No, Miss.'

'This is a taste of reality, Thomas. I have the upper hand here and this piece of paper gives it to me. I don't wish to use it, but I could. Get your cock out, Thomas.'

Thomas looked behind him. The classroom door was open. The classroom was isolated at the end of a corridor, but someone could still come suddenly.

'Someone might come', he said.

Louise looked at the piece of paper, 'You don't mention anything about that either.' she said. 'If anyone comes along the corridor, I will hear them and warn you. I don't really want you to be caught any more than you want to.'

'Of course,' she added, 'if someone did come and find yourself exposing yourself to me, this little piece of paper will help me to come up with a story in which anyone would see me as the innocent party. You do really need to be very careful the kind of stuff you commit to paper, you know.'

Thomas was really worried now. It was clear to him that he was really in a very bad situation. What made it worse was the similarity to his masturbatory fantasy. His cock, completely oblivious to the more sinister aspects, was reacting to the charged sexual content. It was schoolboy hard and expecting his hand to stroke it – that was what usually happened.

Although embarrassed to display his full erection to Miss Sherman and also fearful of this giving her yet more power over him, he reluctantly undid his trousers and pants allowing his cock to spring out stiffly in front of his schoolmistress. He felt it was betraying him in some way. Having it standing out so stiffly like that did excite him though. He had never shown his cock to a woman before and he wondered how Miss Sherman felt looking at the erection she had given him.

'Hmm.' said Miss Sherman. 'This is the kind of situation you like to fantasise about. Now let's see you masturbate.'

Thomas was shocked, looked shock, but the erotically charged situation made the relief of masturbation almost essential. His hand moved to the shaft of his cock and he started to wank.

'Now, what I would like,' she said as she watched him, 'is a story which I would like to read. If you want to do things to me, I want to know why. If you think I'm pretty or sexy, say what makes me that way. Tell me how you feel when you look at me. Think of situations that you could plausibly develop along sexual lines. What do you think might turn me on, Thomas?'

Thomas was unsure if an answer was expected. He was also unsure of exactly why Miss Sherman was getting him to masturbate like this in front of her. He wondered if that was the kind of thing that turned her on.

'No, Thomas.' she said, apparently reading his thoughts. 'Watching you jerk off, does not do it for me, although I do like the fact that I was able to make you do that. I like the fact that I got it stiff too. You can think of this as something between a punishment and a reward. It must feel strange and wicked to be doing that in front of me, like that.'

It certainly did. Thomas started to stroke faster, feeling that he was being encouraged. He was thinking how great it would be to cum suddenly, splattering his schoolmistress with goo.

'Now, Thomas. What I am giving you is the chance to share your fantasies, with me. I know you will use them to jerk off at night and I don't mind that. I rather like the idea, but I want to know all about it. I want you to use that to get me turned on, get me hot. Do you like the idea of getting me hot, Thomas?'

'Yes, Miss.'

'Do you want to fuck me, Thomas?' Louise continued without pausing for Thomas to answer. 'Well that's not going to happen. Certainly not while you are a pupil in a school where I teach. I am not going to risk my job just to make you feel good about yourself.'

'But you won't always be at this school, Thomas. Will you? Keep stroking, Thomas.'

'No, Miss.'

'You think about that, Thomas. Let's see if you can somehow learn to press the right buttons for me. Do you want to try to do that, Thomas?'

'Yes, Miss. I'd like to try.'

'Are you close to coming yet, Thomas?'

'Uh, Mmm!' Thomas was jerking harder, finding it difficult to speak. Miss Sherman asking so casually about whether he was going to cum looked like being the trigger that brought it about.'

In control and organised, Louise pulled out a pretty lace handkerchief and held it over the purple bell end of Thomas's cock. It felt soft and the sight of his schoolmistress's hand so close to his cock, holding her lace hanky ready for him to cum in, pushed him over the top and he started to spurt almost immediately.

'There's a good boy!', she said catching his creamy cum in the thin cloth. It was not really adequate and Thomas was unable to stop himself coming into her hand and someway up her wrist. Louise had not planned that and she was shocked it had happened. She had never intended for him to come over her, not on any part of her – that, to her, seemed to be crossing a boundary that she did not wish to cross.

'I'm sorry, Miss.', said Thomas, who was not sorry at all.

'It's ok, Thomas. It's my fault, I should have realised.'

Louise had some paper tissues in her drawer. She wiped up the sticky white semen. Thomas had come far more than she had expected. It was quite messy.

Thomas watched, his penis not as stiff now, but still sticky with his cum.

Louise got up and walked to the door to look along the corridor. It was empty. She returned to her desk where Thomas was standing with his cock still hanging out. She dipped down in front of him, taking his sticky cock into her mouth tasting the remnants of his semen and sucking it, making it clean. She rose again.

'That, Thomas, never happened.'

Thomas, surprised, just nodded.

'This, Thomas,' she said, handing him the hanky soaked with his cum, 'is for you.'

'Needless to say, should you use this as any kind of proof that anything might have happened, I shall say you stole it. People will think it excited you to masturbate into something of mine.' She picked up the paper, again. 'We already know about your fantasies.' she said.

'And next time,' she said, 'I expect a better story. Something that will get me hot and wet. But, please, don't hand it in with the other homework assignments. I am sure you would not want it to get into the wrong hands.'

'And make it good. I like to masturbate too, Thomas!'

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