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Error in Judgement


Prim and proper, that's the best description of the woman I married. Pretty, dark hair and eyes, and tiny, just the way I like them.

Perfect for me. We met on a blind date of all things, Bobby Smith, my buddy from high school had the hots for a gal named Becky. Becky's mom took one look at Bobby and knew how his mind worked so no way in hell was Becky going to go anywhere alone with him. So it was double date or no date, like that did any good at all.

Of course if Becky's mom had known the truth she would have kept Becky locked up in the basement. Becky was one of those gals that the second she was out of her mom's sight her blouse came unbuttoned and her skirt somehow got shorter.

Becky was friends with Sherry, Bobby was friends with me, so it was a natural thing for Bobby to call me.

"Hey, Dan. I know these two gals, I need you to come along. There are both loose as a goose!" He lied, since he had no idea about Sherry. But I had seen Becky just once up until then, and I figured she would put out so any friend of hers was probably the same.

Bobby had set me up once before way back, a gal named Shannon. After that experience I developed a natural suspicion over anything Bobby had to say when it came to the ladies. So I asked him a bunch of questions, he said this Sherry gal was cute and had a nice set of knockers on her.

But that was what the little shit said about the other gal, too. Shannon had a pockmarked face, nose the size of Kansas and she wore some kind of cheap perfume that it took me a week of leaving the windows open on my car to get rid of. That and one of those green pine tree things that hang from the mirror. I took the entire wrapper off of it, too.

Plus at the drivein I quickly realized there was no hope at all of rubbing her oversize titties. In fact, there was no hope at all of touching her oversize anything, her butt was half again bigger than mine. If she scooted any farther away from me her seatbelt would have cut her in half.

Of course Bobby was in the back seat with a gal named Paula, I glanced back once and he was sucking on one of her bare boobs, the other one hanging out in space. She saw me looking and just smiled. I still have no idea how Bobby does that, but without fail he wades in and women just seem to let him do whatever he wants.

Shannon sat there and stared straight ahead at the movie, making it very clear there was not going to be any fun.

I decided to beat Bobby up the first chance I got.

I would have sold the damned car since it stunk so bad but I built it from the ground up, a 1964 Impala SS with white bucket seats and Palomar Red exterior. Some guy had bought it for his wife, she put just over 20,000 miles on it before smacking a Deer broadside, then ran off the road and bent the hell out of the A Frame. I bought it, found another one in a wrecking yard and got the hood, grill, front fender and some other pieces. I used my torch to straighten out the A arms.

There was no engine in it, they had sold that to another guy for his boat.

Same dang color on the body parts, all I had to do was bolt the stuff on. The big 396 I took out of my Dad's pickup truck made her nice and fast, too. I used the truck 4 speed, I liked the way the thing jumped straight in the air in first gear.

A huge Cam and dual 4 barrel intake helped, too. Plus I found a pair of the 435 H/P 427 heads in a wrecking yard, got them for sixty bucks. I had the guy at the local saw shop do the valves and clean them up for me. That busted my budget for a month, but like I said.

Nice and fast.

Dad had been falling some trees and a gust of wind combined with a cut just a tad too far put the tree right across the back of the cab.

Let's just say I got a deal on the engine. Nobody ever accused my Dad of being real smart. He was 5'6" and 160 pounds, my Mom was 5'6" and 160 pounds too. I grew up to 6'1" and 220 pounds, I always suspected I was related to the mailman or somebody.

Anyway, after some protests that had no affect at all on him, Bobby and I were spiffed up and headed down the coast, the big dual exhaust rumbling. I was taking it easy coming off the bridge, a guy named Glenn who was now a State cop hung out there. I was sure he was always waiting for me. Glenn and I went to high school together, one day we had a minor conflict and he took a swing at me so I broke his nose.

The fucker had already written me three tickets, I couldn't afford any more. I had considered breaking his nose again when he wrote me the last one but thought better of it.

I saw him sitting over there as we went by, the needle right on 40 MPH. A mile farther on down the road we were rolling just over 100, Bobby was hollering out the window. We were just crazy kids.

Bobby was sitting in the back seat with Becky, already feeling her up when we pulled up to Sherry's house. I pulled forward far enough that the bushes out front hid them in case anybody looked out, Bobby wasn't about to stop investigating Becky's blouse, that I was sure of.

I knocked on the door and it opened, Sherry stood there. She was looking at about the 2nd button up from my belt buckle. I looked down at her as she looked up at me. She was about 4'8" tall, my 6'1" was way up there to her. I saw her eyes get as big as silver dollars, so I smiled my very best innocent smile.

"Hi, are you Sherry?" I asked.

"Yes, hello. You are Dan?" I nodded, she asked me in to meet her folks. Her Mom was a good 200 pounds and 5 feet tall, her dad was just over 5 feet tall and a skinny little guy. He grinned at me and shook my hand like I was a long lost friend or something.

Probably thinking if Sherry and I hooked up it would get her out of the house.

We got the usual be carefuls and be home by midnight stuff and mercifully got out of there.

We were no more than parked at the drivein, I was setting a speaker in the window and rolling it up when I glanced back and Bobby had Becky down on her back.

Talk about a one fucking track mind, that was Bobby. Sherry and I just sat and talked, she had found the seat belt I installed and put it on. I was suspecting she planned on leaving it on, too.

But she didn't need to worry, my Impala had bucket seats and a big hurst gear shift lever sticking up out of the floorboards. So to do anything we would need to get in the back seat and Bobby had all the room back there filled up.

Sherry got a funny look on her face when it became obvious that Becky was letting Bobby fuck her, no way in hell could either of us miss the sounds and the smell.

I was mostly worried about my white seats back there.

But that was it for our date, I took Sherry home, right on time, too. I leaned down to give her a light kiss, she lifted up on tiptoe and let me.

I kinda liked her, I decided. We dropped off Becky who now looked pretty prim and proper, after she made us stop at the local park so she could use the bathroom. She came out looking conservative and unblemished, I managed to not laugh at that. Then we drove back up the coast, I dropped Bobby off at his place and went home to my ratty 8 foot by 42 foot trailor house.

The house wasn't much but it worked, of course all my money went to the car anyway.

Sherry and I dated a lot after that, in short order things progressed to where I got my hands on her bare titties. They were fine, too. Big and firm, she was blessed in that department. We even went on a couple more double dates with Bobby, he ended up fucking Becky in my back seat every time.

I used some bleach and water to wipe the damn seat down, though.

Just in case.

A couple of times I even got my hands inside Sherry's panties, where I found a huge mass of hair. Sherry always got sopping wet, most of the time she put up resistance but one night we were necking in the park and she put her hand on my cock outside of my pants. That seemed to set her off and in short order she had my pants open and was holding it with both hands. The moon was full and shining in the window, Sherry seemed fascinated by my erection. That night I got my fingers clear inside of her and I know she orgasmed.

My first feel of nookie except for once with Paula, a girl that Bobby had dated early on. She lived off a gravel road not far from my trailor, I ran into her on my way to the fishing hole and one thing led to another, I didn't get to catch any fish. She tugged me by the hand off into a clearing between some big Fir trees, then told me that if she could "look at mine, then I could look at hers."

Hey, that worked for me.

"Wow, yours is way bigger than Bobby's." She told me, which made me feel kinda good. Then she pulled up her dress and there wasn't anything under there. She showed me how to rub it and where, I did the best I could to follow instructions. Then she told me to stick my thing in there but to pull it out before I got done.

That part I didn't manage to do and she got all pissed off at me. I hung around near her house several times after that but she avoided me.

I asked Sherry to marry me just a week after she let me finger fuck her and she hopped into my arms and said yes. I bet her mom and dad did handsprings after we stopped by and told them.

We married just a few months later, then we arrived at my little trailor. Our honeymoon had been spent with me pretty much stuck inside of her all day and all night, to the point where I got so sore I just couldn't for awhile. Since we didn't have any money we just screwed ourselves senseless.

We settled in to a life together, perfectly normal. I went to work at the mill, Sherry kept house, we made love every single night for the first month or so. Then we settled in to a couple of times each week. She was actually on the enthusiastic side when it came to sex, too.

Then one day I came out of the bedroom and she was bent over the stove. Our stove was a gas one, she was trying to light it. The pilot light was way down low under this little cover, we had to be careful with that or we could end up outside instead of inside. I happened to look up and the guy that delivered the tanks was right there, looking in the front windows. I looked back at Sherry, the way she was bent over the back of her T-shirt had ridden up and her bare behind was peeking out. The guy saw me and flushed, then looked away.

"You just gave the gas man a nice beaver shot!" I told her. She looked up at me, then looked out the window.

"Oh, my God!" She said, tugging at the bottom of her T-shirt. I laughed, it was funny as hell. But I also realized it got me a little bit turned on.

I led her back to our bedroom and we had one of those neat extra morning sessions. Sherry was way wetter than normal and she opened her legs completely, mashing herself against me.

"What got into you?" I asked her afterwards.

"I don't know."

"Getting caught like that got you hot, didn't it?"

"No. Besides, he didn't see anything, just the back of my legs."

"No, he saw it all, the whole thing." I told her.

"Oh, he did not." She protested.

"Did too! The whole thing, all spread out and nasty looking." I teased, flicking her clit upwards with my index finger.

"He did not." She said, but her lips pursed slightly at the thought. Then she went into the tiny kitchen and put her pan of dinner rolls in, the oven was nicely preheated by then.

I didn't really think about that much, but one day at the gas station I noticed the attendent was scrubbing the window furiously and kept looking at Sherry's legs. I wondered how much he could see, she was sitting there with her legs together but the skirt was very short.

"Did you flash that guy?" I asked as we pulled out.

"What guy?"

"The gas pump guy."

"No, what do you mean?"

"He could look right up your skirt."

"No he couldn't."

"Sure he could, look where he was standing!" I pointed at the corner of the window for emphasis.

"Oh, he couldn't see anything, just my legs."

"Hell, you should open them up a little, next time." I grinned at her.

"What? Why? I couldn't do...that." Her lips did that little pucker up bit again.

"Sure, you can, it would make his day." I grinned.

Sherry didn't answer, just looked out the window. Her legs were crossed now and the one leg was pumping back and forth.

It was two weeks later, we were getting ready to head to town to get my check and shop, I got paid every two weeks. Sharon came out of the bedroom wearing a sweater and jeans.

"Hey, why don't you wear that dress?" I asked her.

"What dress? Why? What's wrong with this?"

"Nothing, but it's going to be warm today, and I really like the way you look in that little sun dress."

"You mean the yellow one? I can't even wear a bra with that, and it's too short."

"You don't even need a bra, and it's not too short."

"But I show right through it, I only got it for around the house."

"I like it, it's...sexy."

"All right." She sighed and went in and changed.

She came back out, her big dark nipples showed clearly through the yellow cloth. The two straps over her shoulders were thin, what I didn't tell her was her white panties also showed too.

"Wow, you look great!" I told her. She lifted up on tiptoe and gave me a kiss, we headed off to town.

I noticed in the store that Sherry was getting lots of looks, she noticed, too. She kept her purse in front of her, the strap over her shoulders. There was one older man that did everything but stand on his head to check her out, everywhere we went he was right there.

"I think you have a fan." I whispered to her. She just giggled. I headed down the row to get some soup, they had it on sale 10 for a buck. I looked back and she had placed her purse in the shopping cart. The older man was standing there not a dozen feet away, staring at her. She was pretending to not notice. I walked back and managed to dump the cans of soup in the basket without dropping any. I told her about the deal, she suggested I get another 10 of the Cream of Mushroom so she could make some chicken and rice which she knew I really liked.

So I went back down and got 10 more cans. She was facing me when I turned back, that is when I realized just how well the outfit could be seen through from a distance. Her big dark nipples were plain as day, she might as well have been bare breasted.

"Man, that dress really is see through." I whispered to her as I put the next 10 cans of soup in the basket.

"I told you so, but nothing I can do about it now." She said with a grin.

We were loading the groceries into the car, I shut the trunk and told her we needed to go get gas.

"Why? We have over half a tank."

"We might as well since we are here." I told her. We got in the car, I started the engine.

"Hey, why don't you take off the panties?" I told her.

"What? Why? I can't do that."

"Sure, go ahead. It will be a kick, I want to see how the guy acts."

Sherry looked at me oddly but lifted up her hips and stripped the panties down and off.

"There! Happy now?" She giggled. Then she tucked the hem of the dress snugly between her legs.

"Not like that, he won't be able to see anything."

"You want him to see me?"

"Sure, go ahead and do it."

Her lips pursed again, but she reached down and tugged on each side of the skirt.

"A little higher." I told her. She tugged it up a bit.

"A bit more." She looked at me again, her face flushing now but she tugged it even higher. From where I sat I could almost see her pubic hair, I knew looking through the windshield the gas jockey would be able to. I put the car in gear and we drove the two blocks down to the gas station. I pulled up to the inside pump and stopped.

"Fill her up with premium." I told the guy when he came to the window. He went back and started the pump, I saw him reach for the squirt bottle and some towels.

"Here we go." I told Sherry. She just sat there, not moving. I had almost expected her to tug the hem back down but she didn't.

The young man washed my side first, I noticed he kept glancing over at Sherry's legs. Then he went around to her side. He leaned way out, I was watching him out of the corner of my eye. He started to rub at the windshield, I glanced down at Sherry's legs, realized she had moved her right knee over a few inches. She was looking straight ahead, like nothing was going on.

The guy rubbed the window dry, then he squirted the window again and started over.

"I think he likes you." I whispered to her, grinning. She turned and looked at me, her eyes bright. I recognized that look.

Then she moved her right knee all the way over against the door. This caused her skirt to slide up even farther, I looked down and she was spread open wide. For a moment I thought the guy was going to rub a hole in my windshield. I heard the pump click off but he kept right on rubbing, Sherry just sat there, everything on display.

It was a full minute before someone on the other island blew their horn in impatience. Reluctantly the guy went and finished up, Sherry had moved her leg back by now. He was still leaning down so he could look past me as I handed him the $4.50 for 10 gallons.

"How was that?" She asked me as we pulled out.

"Wow!" Was all I could say as I banged through the gears, headed to our house. I had my pants dropped and had her down on our living room carpet in seconds, we didn't even get the door closed.

Later, we lay there exhausted just holding each other for a long time. Finally I got up and went to bring in our purchases.

"God, you showed him everything!" I told her as we were packing the cupboards.

"That's what you wanted, wasn't it?" She giggled at me. I just grinned at her, it was fun.

We did quite a few things like that, Sherry got so she almost never wore panties. I liked that, I was always running my hand up there to feel her butt. She got so used to it that she didn't even jump any more.

Plus we were back to fucking every single day again. One time Sherry even got down and let me stick my cock in her mouth. Only about two inches of it would fit in there but lord did she try. I blasted off, she stayed there until I stopped spewing out my seed, but then jumped up and ran for the sink to spit it out.

Once I woke up in the middle of the night with my face buried in her pussy, I have no idea where the idea even came from, a dream I guess.

I decided I liked that, now Sherry was always flipping her skirt at me trying to get me going.

A few months went by, one Saturday afternoon Bobby showed up. He had a case of beer, a rare thing for him. Usually he showed up and just drank mine but I had griped at him a couple of times. The three of us sat around and got soused.

It didn't take Sherry much usually, one beer got her drunk and two got her sick, then asleep. She was doing her best to keep up but before she finished the second one she was off to the bathroom. She curled up on the couch and was out like a light. Bobby and I were playing cards, the phone rang and it was Becky looking for Bobby. He invited her over before I could say anything, I figured that as soon as she showed up Bobby would be fucking her and I was enjoying having some brews.

Becky came driving up, she had this ugly piece of shit Dodge with a bad rocker arm, it clacked so loud she couldn't sneak up on a freight train. Bobby got up to let her in, she looked nasty as always when she was out of sight of her mom.

She grabbed a beer and sat down, her blouse gapping open so far that one more inch and her nipple would have been out. I swear that broad knew exactly how to sit or move, her tit was always just almost out. The only time I ever saw the whole thing was when Bobby was fucking her in my back seat, once he got started with that she didn't care who saw what any more.

It only took a couple of hours of that and I had had enough, I was about to conk out myself. Bobby was leaning back in one of my chairs, muttering to himself, Becky was on the couch and looked done in too so I wandered off to bed. Sharon was curled up on one end of the couch asleep and I was in no mood to try and carry her so I left her right there.

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