tagSci-Fi & FantasyEsa's Story Ch. 02

Esa's Story Ch. 02


In the days following his amourous meeting with the witch of the barrow. Aaron found that he could be more useful to Xia the witch then just another piece of meat between her legs. The witch sent him on many journeys out into the wildness. Many times it was just to gather food and supplies from the forest, but on occasion her tasks required less honorable skills then woodcraft.

In the employ of Xia, Aaron stole from prince and pauper alike. He was sent into dark tombs for ancient artifacts. He climbed high castle walls to loot the treasure rooms of great kings. He stole the milk of a two headed cow from the village of lepers. He even nabbed the seed of the Minotaur from the great labyrinth of Crete but the method and matter of that adventure is best left for another time.

On the five hundredth day of his service to Xia, Aaron returned from the latest adventure to the little hut on the abandoned barrow. As he placed his feet at the threshold of the hut, the bundled planks of the front door opened to reveal the matron of the humble dwelling. Xia stood before him in the same black furs he had first met her in. The stitched black furs of dozens of animals, many of whom were not black in their nature, hung about her shoulders. The furs trailed down her shoulders covering her supple yet strong shoulders. From there the garment travelled down over large breasts and flat stomach, stopping to only just cover the wondrous space between her legs. The fur was a thing of magic. It could change itself from this black shawl covering to a hooded cloak that scraped the floor. Aaron tore his gaze from the long, smooth and strong legs escaping from the bottom of the furs to the face of his witch.

Xia was smiling. It was a rare gift. In the days since his arrival she was mostly dour of face when they weren't coupling in the cramped space of the hut. Now though, her face was warm with gratitude. It lit her dark features in a way that made him want to smile as well. It pushed back her midnight widow's peak, and widened her eyes so they sparkled in the failing light of the day. Those forest green eyes always made him smile, even when they were filled with wrath. Today though it was summer morning on the face of the witch. No storm clouds today. He was back. Back at the one place in the world he thought he could call home. Back with the one woman who not only held his affection but his respect as well. Xia had shown him so much in the many months since he'd found this place. Secrets of stealth and guile. Mysterious lines of ancient poetry. Obscure rites to improve the body, mind and soul. She was a witch with ancient power, but at her heart she was a disciple of nature. Power and grace in splendid flesh that captivated his every thought.

"I know that you have just returned my rogue, but I must send you off again."

All the joy he had been feeling from his homecoming fell away in disbelief, "No. Xia please. I have been off for almost two weeks. I've missed you." Standing on the incline of the barrow she nearly towered over him. His head was placed nicely at her midsection, giving him an excellent view of the swelling of her chest beneath the fur. He reached out and let his fingertips trail along the smooth skin of her thighs.

"I'm afraid so Aaron. And I am also afraid that this will be the last night you will spend under my roof."

He was stunned to silence and disbelief. How could this woman, who was the only living connection he had in this world, abandon him to the wilderness? She stepped down the incline to stand beside him. She trailed a single fingertip up from the joining of his collar bones up to the tip of his chin. Holding him there she smiled into his eyes and the doubt he had been feeling was covered by deep desire for his witch woman. She kissed him. The feeling of her warmth mingling with his saturated his brain with heat. He felt as if he had drunk a keg of wine and was drifting to sleep in a bed of desire. The kiss deepened and her tongue touched his. They danced without moving. Their tongues rolling together, starting a joining that could only complete when he was cock deep inside her. She breaks their kiss and turns back to the entryway of the hut. He couldn't seem to remember how to move his feet, but luckily she had taken his hand and dragged his stunned body inside.

Once inside she pulled him to the warmth of the fire pit at the center of the hut and began to peel his travelware from his body. As she found a place for his pack she pulled loose his latest acquisition. A stone bowl, small and non-descript with only a single symbol on the bottom. The symbol was ancient Lemurian for "Melding". Taking the bowl, she wandered around the hut pulling items from the shelves and piles that lined the walls. Though his conscious mind was occupied with his lust, the subconscious rogue recognized that she was pulling a piece or whole of all the items he had ever acquired for her. When her circuit of the hut was completed she moved to the fire pit and placed the cup and other items into a boiling cook pot hanging above the fire. She looked up at him from the opposite side of the fire pit and touched the collar of the fur shawl. The fur fell away revealing her splendid form. As smoke began to rise from the cook pot, obscuring her body, her musical laugh filled the hut.

Aaron stepped around the fire, filled with the need to ravish his woman. She was gazing down into the smoking pot, smiling with a dark glee. Aaron disrobed as he walked around behind her. He joined her in nakedness as he wrapped his arms around her with the right around her stomach and the left above her breasts.

"Xia please. Don't discard me. I need you." He pressed his cock between the flesh of ass and used his right hand to press her back into him. In response, she put her arm parallel to the arm around her stomach and leaned her head back to speak in his ear.

"My rogue.....all things end. They must so that new things may begin. I will not, however, send you out into the cold. There is fire in your future, Aaron. Fire you cannot be given. Fire you must take."

He thought to ask more questions of this strange prophecy but before word could follow intention she turned around and grasped his cock, sliding her hands down to hold his seed. She let her long fingernails trail along the sensitive skin sending shivers along his entire body.

"Mmmm, it seems you've some fire of your own already. Is this for me?"

"Aye. All for you. Always."

There was no more talking. He wrapped his arms around her and did his best to crush her into him. He locked his mouth on to hers and attempted to dominate her. It was a rare move on his part, but if this was to be their last....anything, then Aaron would make it memorable at least. She tried to push him away from within his arms but instead he merely shifted his hold. He pulled her up into his arms so that her legs were forced to wrap around his waist and her ample chest was put in the range of his mouth. He pulled at her nipples with his teeth and shook his head to jiggle the flesh of her breast. She put her hands on his head and pressed it deeper into her breast. His cock had reached its apex and sat like a fulcrum beneath her ass. She pressed herself up on his shoulders while still trying to keep his mouth situated on her nipple. With a little maneuvering she found the tip of his cock with her moist opening. Easing herself down, she felt the tip move past her lips. The sensation of penetrating her made Aaron move his mouth from her breast and smile up at her. Thief quick he forced her down, jamming himself fully inside her. She cried out in a mixture of surprise and supreme pleasure, feeling the fullness and stiffness of her man.

"Xia. Take me. Take all of me."

He falls with her onto her discarded furs, which have expanded to create a thick and warm bedding. Their impact presses him even deeper and he feels himself graze some deep inner barrier of her body. She cries out again, and before her screams leave the echo of the space around them he is pistoning himself in and out of her with a vitality that belied his exhaustion from recent travels. He draws himself up into the cooler air only to ram himself deep into her welcoming heat.

Xia continues to scream her pleasures into the failing day. She eventually finds the sense of self to wrap her legs around him and adds her own force to his inward thrust. Never has she felt such forceful desire from Aaron. Never has she desired him, or any man, as much as she does in this moment of pure masculine force. Aaron is a man, and so even in this moment of control he must serve his own body. Though he wishes that he could continue this glorious moment for hours, he feels his seed begin to pull up to him readying itself for release. He pulls Xia's head up so that he can stare into her fierce forest eyes. They are both breathing hard as the fury of his thrusting lessons to increase his speed. In the moment before his release he feels her tighten and contract around him. He pulls back one last time, and presses into the tightening folds with a bestial roar of power. He touches that inner barrier once more and unloads himself inside her. His whole body tenses and releases over and over again, spraying himself into the deepest parts of her.

In the aftermath, they breathe deeply the smoke of the boiling mixture behind them, feeling new life surging into their bodies. Still they are spent for the moment. Aaron relaxes onto her, and she rolls him to the side. Still he is inside her, and though he is spent, his softening is slight, and with some pressure he remains inside her.

"I never want this to end. I lov..." She presses a finger to his mouth.

"You may feel however you like. I do love you Aaron, but you must go."

She rolls again to be on top of him and uses her own weight to press down keeping him inside her. Then her body begins to undulate around him, drawing whatever unspent seed remained in his thick shaft. She sighs in contentment, and raises her upper body off of him, straddling his body as she pivots. The movement of her breasts, from hanging low near his body, to resting in their natural state on hers is enough to stiffen Aaron again.

Xia begins a slow rolling of her hips. The flesh that shifted around Aaron's cock seemed to roll in the opposite direction. Aaron was losing his ability for rational thought. The sensation of being inside this woman was all he really wanted in this world. The idea that he might never again feel the tensing, pulsing, rolling movements of her loins again filled him with despair. Luckily his hardening cock was lessoning that feeling.

Xia leaned forward and ran her long fingers through his thick chest hair. The rolling became a fast up and down movement. The friction between him and her shifted front to back as her slick flesh flew up and down his cock. Her lips returned to his as their struggled for dominance. Eventually Aaron succumbed to her ministrations and with an arching back he thrust into her, spilling his seed deep inside her. The strange smoke was now filling all of the hut, and its rich smoky flavor was in his nose and mouth. The flavor went quickly from sensation to feeling as it worked its way past his senses and settled into this bones. Xia moved faster and faster. She leaned back and the light of the fire formed an aura around her body with the smoke in the room giving her the visage of some glorious demon of lust. Her hips moved at lightning speed while her upper body slowly undulated to some unseen music. Aaron was barely hanging to consciousness through the haze of ecstasy that clouded his mine. He moved his hands to rest on the sides of her slim stomach and felt the vibration of her hips carry up into his arms. The sound of their flesh trying to merge filled her ears, but over that, Xia slowly began to moan. In that moan was all the sadness of Aaron's eminent departure and the loss of a future they both had dared to dream together. Aaron came alive again at the sound; at the resonance to his own sadness. He started to meet her thrusting and added his own sound to hers. The constricting vibrating wet flesh of her pussy was slammed down around Aaron as Xia fell onto him. Their mouths met again and in the aftermath of Xia's orgasm they shared their last kiss.

Xia slid off to his side and Aaron's still hard cock popped free of her. She ran her hands around his chest and licked his ear until she got a sigh from him. Then she started whispering in his ear as she stroked his thick cock.

"Between here and the sea lies the great mountain of fire. At the base of that mountain flows a river which runs into a dark cave."

Her stroking increased and she gripped him harder.

"Within that cave lies the doorway to the burning lands where the King of Fire and Stone holds court."

He was thrusting up into her hand. Her own wetness coated his cock and allowed her to easily slide from firm shaft to sensitive head sending waves of pleasure up his spine.

"There in the court of the burning Lord you will find...your...destiny." He released into the air over and over and he felt the spatter of his seed fall all around and on him.

Xia stood and looked down at Aaron. She licked the excess seed from her fingers. She bent down and gathered her fur from the ground. The fur covered her completely from shoulder to foot. She moved to pull the hood up but stopped in the midst of the motion.

"Thank you Aaron." She turned and walked to fire. She pulled the cup from the boiling liquid without a sound and drank whatever came up with it. A hand pressed to her stomach she turned to look at Aaron again.

"Goodbye, Aaron." The hand on her stomach retreated into the furs while the other pulled the hood up and obscured her face. She turned and walked out of the hut. Aaron was stunned for a second but quickly recovered and raced from the hut. The door opened into the forest. He was a few steps into the trees when he stopped, turned and saw only more forest. The hut, the barrow, and the whole clearing was lost. Gone. Like it never existed.

Aaron looked down at his naked body and found a set of black clothing at his feet. He clothed himself in a suit of midnight. Black silk making up the pants and shirt. An onyx cloak, furred along the edges, wrapped around his shoulders. It smelled of Xia. A wind rose and caressed his cheek. A voice trailed on that wind.

"Between here and the sea lies the great mountain of fire."

Aaron thought for a moment and then spoke to the empty forest. As he did a sly grin grew on his face.

"Why not?"

Author Note: Looks like I lied. 3 parts it is. Sorry but I just couldn't let Aaron get away from Xia without saying goodbye. For those that care, I think Xia might make an appearance in the Smithson series. I like her. 

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