tagHumor & SatireEscapades of a Girl Gone Wild

Escapades of a Girl Gone Wild


Disclaimer: This story is NOT based on the Girl’s Gone Wild videos. I do not own the material from popular commercials that I have used in this story. This story is not related to those companies. I do not own the song Windy sung by Association.

Note: This is my first attempt at humor. This story is kind of silly and is not meant to be taken seriously. Just have fun reading it. It’s funnier as the story develops.

Wendy was fed up with her life. It was too prim and proper. Her father always enforced good behavior. It almost felt like it would be a crime to have any fun. One day she decided enough was enough. She went to the mall and bought 2 very expensive items in secret. The next day she wore those items to the breakfast table.

Wendy’s long blond hair and pretty baby blue eyes were attractive, but so was her outfit. All she was wearing was a designer black leather overcoat with matching black leather boots. She had nothing on underneath. She sat down across from her father in that outfit casually watching TV and eating cereal. Jason, her father, was wide-eyed in disbelief. She continued eating and watching TV as if nothing was amiss. Her younger brother, Brian, held his spoon in mid-air looking at the scene. Finally her father said something.

“What the hell do you think you’re wearing?” He demanded.

“Oh this?” She asked. “I got it at the mall yesterday. Stylish, don’t you think?” She smiled.

“You wasted your money on it because I’m not letting you out of this house dressed like that. You aren’t even fully dressed.” Jason said.

“I am, and I will.” Wendy said.

Jason’s face turned red. He was so angry he didn’t know what to say. Wendy finished eating her Lucky Charms, and got up from the table. As Wendy headed for the door her father stood up. Brian just kept sitting as still as a statue.

“You are not leaving the house like that young lady!” He said.

“Watch me, old man!” She said as she hurried out the door for her ride.

A new side of Wendy was emerging. She had never acted this way before. She never would have worn such an outfit to breakfast and then call her father “Old man.” She was beginning to feel something new, happiness and a sense of independence.

Wendy spotted the black Corvette convertible of her friend Christy. Christy and Wendy differed in appearance. Christy stood taller at 5’9” compared to Wendy at 5’2”. They both had C cups. Christy was well tanned with dark hair and dark eyes. Wendy’s tone was peach. They were both certainly beautiful.

“Wendy! Wow! You look bold and amazing!” Christy said. “This is a real change for you.”

“Change can be good.” Wendy said. “Let’s go.”

They both speed away as Wendy’s father ran out to stop her. He was standing outside his house feeling powerless. It wasn’t the first time that day he’d feel that way.

As Wendy and Christy headed for their school, Christy kept glancing over at Wendy. “Are you curious about something?” Wendy smiled.

“What are you wearing under that overcoat Wendy?” She asked.

“Just this!” Wendy said as she flung open her overcoat.

“Oh my God! You aren’t wearing anything under there!” Christy said.

“That’s not true,” Wendy smirked, “I’m wearing my birthday suit!” They both giggled.

They were now passing their school. Just as Christy was going to dare Wendy to flash everybody Wendy was already standing up and doing just that. People hooted, whistled, and laughed. Christy was laughing too, and decided to drive by instead of stopping. She drove to an old empty parking lot about a mile from their school.

“I can’t believe you did that!” Christy said.

“You won’t believe this either!” Wendy said. She reached for Christy, and pulled her face to hers. Wendy saw the shock in Christy’s eyes as their lips met. Christy had never really thought about kissing another girl before, but as she felt the contrast of Wendy’s hot lips in the cold February morning air she embraced the kiss and embraced Wendy. The kiss became more passionate and their lips parted for their tongues to pass. This was a first for Wendy too. She had only kissed one person before in her life. It was her old boyfriend, and it hadn’t been a French kiss. But this day was about being wild and a little crazy.

Wendy’s fingers went to tweak her nipples. Christy broke the kiss long enough to say, “Here, let me help you with that.” Christy worked on Wendy’s left nipple as Wendy worked on the other. Wendy’s nipples began to harden as they kissed again. Christy grew braver as the heat within her grew hotter. She reached down with her other hand, her fingers brushing by Wendy’s trimmed bush and found her steaming sex. Her pussy lips were slick and sticky with arousal. Wendy let out a soft moan and cupped one of Christy’s breasts in her hand. Christy’s virgin hands touched and massaged her girlfriend’s body. She focused the attention of her fingers around, and then on her clit. Her other fingers pinched and pulled Wendy’s nipple. Christy then inserted her a couple fingers inside Wendy. Again, Wendy moaned, but deeper this time. They continued kissing as Christy finger-fucked Wendy, her fingers dripping with her juices. Wendy rocked back and forth on Christy’s hand. Their pace quickened and their hearts raced. With a loud moan that echoed through the empty parking lot Wendy’s orgasm took her and she threw her head back in ecstasy. She drenched her friend’s hand with cum as she came, and sat writhing against her fingers for a few moments. Wendy took hold of Christy’s hand and wiped it across Christy’s mouth. Then Wendy licked off her own cum, and they kissed once more.

With eyes closed Christy sighed, “Amazing! I never dreamed I’d do anything like that, let alone with you.”

“This is the new Wendy! Do you like?” Wendy asked.

“Yes! I like.” Christy said.

They embraced for several more minutes before they left. “I can’t wait to see what you’re like in school today Wendy!” Christy said.

“I’m not going to school today.” Wendy replied.

“What! You’re not going? Where … where ARE you going then?”

“Well there’s this pizzeria that’s nice. I’ve only been there once, but I’d like to pay them another visit.” Wendy said.

“Ok, but I’ve got to go to school. My parents helped pay for this car because of my good grades you know.” Christy said.

“You won’t be very good hanging out with me today!” Wendy remarked.

“That’s for sure girl!” Christy laughed.

Christy dropped Wendy off at the pizzeria, kissing her once more before leaving. Wendy walked on in. It was a dimly lit place with tiles on the wall and a navy blue rugged floor. Jazz played on the radio in the background. She waited in line and ordered a slice of pepperoni pizza and a Root Beer. She sat down and enjoyed the pizza, and the view. There was a young man at a table near hers that had caught her eye. He was with what was obviously his girlfriend. As she ate she flirted with the guy, winking and smiling at him. His girlfriend didn’t notice. She was busy talking up a storm about something her man wasn’t paying any attention to. The woman excused herself, leaving for the restroom. Wendy got up and walked over to the man.

“Yes?” The man inquired.

“Hello. My name is Kitty.” Wendy said.

“What does Kitty want?” He asked after a brief pause.

“Kitty wants to play.” She smiled.

“Maybe you shouldn’t play with your food.” He said.

Wendy leaned near him. “Oh? Won’t you help make Kitty purr?” She cooed.

“I … Um, well …” He stammered.

The man’s girlfriend came back at that moment. “What’s going on here?” She demanded. The man didn’t know what to say and was obviously very uncomfortable.

“That’s alright.” Wendy said. “I was just leaving.”

As Wendy turned to leave the woman remarked, “Dumb Blond!”

Wendy spun around to face her. “I’m not dumb, just a little crazy.” She said with a smile. “And I’m not a true blond either.” As she said this she undid her overcoat and flashed the woman showing her dark bush. “Be you. Be unforgettable.” She winked and blew a kiss. With that she left the restaurant.

Once outside a very attractive tall man with short dark hair rushed out to meet her. “You were really something in there!” He said. “Do you need a lift?”

Wendy grinned and said, “Sure.”

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Oh, doesn’t really matter. How about the park?”

“Ok. Have you ever been on a motorcycle before?”

“Nope. But there’s a first time for everything.” She said. “Where is it?”

The man pointed to a red Ducati 999R parked a few cars over from where they were. “Nice bike!” She said excitedly. “Will you promise to ride really fast?”

“Ok, but you have to wear my extra helmet.” He said.

“Agreed!” She said.

They went to the bike and put on their helmets and got on. The man started the engine and they rushed out of the parking lot. Some of Wendy’s blond hair that was not covered by the helmet flew in the wind. They weaved in-between and around cars that were going to slow. Actually they were speeding by 15 m.p.h. The vibrations from the powerful engine were adding to Wendy’s excitement. She held the strange man with one arm and used her other hand to feel him up. She could feel his large form growing in size in the prison of his tight jeans. After a few more minutes they arrived at the park.

The park where they were was fairly big and not crowded this time of day. As soon as they took off their helmets they shared a passionate French kiss. They went further into the park and came to a lake. There was an old man who resembled Popeye fishing there. There was also a small snack stand nearby. The man Wendy was with was too aroused to wait any longer. He began to take off their clothes, but Wendy stopped him.

“Don’t you … I mean you want to, right?” He asked.

“Yes baby, I do want to. But there are some hungry ducks over there, and I need to help them out first.” She pouted.

The man looked puzzled, but agreed. They went to the snack stand and bought some crackers for the ducks. Then Wendy feed the ducks for the next 5 minutes as desire boiled inside the man. When she was finished he didn’t even wait for an invitation. He quickly removed Wendy’s overcoat, but left her boots on. Then he made short work of most of his own clothes.

“This is my first time.” She shyly smiled at him.

“I’ll be good to you.” He promised.

His large manhood stood out like the mast of a ship. It must have been 9 inches long and quite thick. He placed its bulbous head at her wet entrance and slowly eased it in. He took his time and when he felt her resistance he paused. Grabbing her hips he pulled himself into her in one quick movement. It didn’t hurt as much as Wendy thought it would, but she let out a long sharp gasp. She held onto the man and looked into his deep brown eyes.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

“Yes baby.” Wendy replied.

The goose bumps on Wendy’s skin weren’t only because of the crisp chilled air outside. She had never felt anything like the sensation of this man sliding in and out of her. His large solid shaft filled her completely as lust consumed her like fire. They made love by the lake for more than an hour. Every time the man would cum she told him to come in her mouth so she wouldn’t get pregnant. She had swallowed a few large loads by the time they were done, licking her lips to make sure none was wasted. All the time they weren’t bothered once by anyone. The old man who was fishing never even glanced at them.

They got dressed and Wendy pulled out some gum. The man watched as she got a piece and started chewing. Then she held up the package, smiled, and in her best British accent said, “Orbit cleans another dirty mouth!” They both bellowed with laughter.

“My name is Mark, by the way.” The man said. “What’s yours?”

Wendy started singing, “Who’s tripping down the streets of the city, smiling at everybody she sees? Who’s reaching out to capture the moment? Everyone knows it’s Wendy!”

“Oh, Wendy is it?” He said.

Wendy continued, “And Wendy has stormy eyes …”

“Ok. I get it Wendy.” He said smiling. “By the way, how old are you?”

“Eighteen.” She said. “How old are YOU?”

“I’m 20.” He said.

They chatted for a while, and then it was time to leave. “Bye Popeye! Hope you catch some big ones!” Wendy said to the old man fishing. He hadn’t caught even one fish the whole time. Mark kissed Wendy goodbye as he left her at the local mall. She closed her eyes and smiled for several minutes before moving on to do her boldest feat yet. Wendy came to the mall’s doors and stopped. She removed her overcoat and flung it over her shoulder. Then she entered the mall. She cheerfully whistled the tune of Windy as she strutted her stuff for everyone to see. Most people stopped and stared. Some laughed. And some took pictures. She came to an ice cream shop in the food court of the mall and smiled at the man working there.

“I’m looking for something thick, white, and creamy. Do you think you can help me with that?” Wendy said most flirtatiously.

The man just stared at her with his jaw dropped in amazement for a minute. “Uh, sure. Ok.” He said and made her a vanilla ice cream cone. He had something else he’d like to give her, but he didn’t.

Wendy took the free ice cream and swirled her tongue around it again and again. “Thank you sweetie!” She said.

By now there was a large crowd of people surrounding Wendy and staring. A security officer approached her. “Miss, you need to put that back on immediately! The police are already on their way.” Wendy did put her overcoat back on, and the security officer lectured her about her mischief for a few minutes. “Do you understand everything I’ve told you Miss?”

Wendy took hold of his shoulders and said, “There’s only one thing I have to say about all of that. Meow, meow, meow, meow! Meow, meow, meow, meow! Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow!” She sung tossing her head from side to side. Her audience roared with laughter, but not the officer.

“She’s singing the Meow Mix song!” He thought to himself shaking his head. “Miss, I think you’re more confused than a chicken at an Easter egg hunt!” He told her.

The police arrived and escorted her off to jail, where she was naked again, before acquiring far less stylish garments. Her parents were called, and she faced them through the prison bars.

“Hi Daddy! I’ve been a very naughty girl today!” Wendy chirped.

Her father’s face was beet red. “What the hell do you think you’ve been doing all day long?” Jason demanded.

“Oh, not much. Driving people wild. Pissing people off. Feeding some ducks. How was your day Daddy?” She smiled.

“Grow up!” He yelled.

Wendy was thinking of telling him that she didn’t want to grow up cause she was a Toys R’ Us kid, but she thought that would be pushing it. Her father just stood there powerless for the second time that day. Then he told Wendy’s mother that he’d be out in the car waiting and left.

Wendy’s mother, Sharon, just looked at Wendy for a while, then smiled and said, “You know, I have a wild side too.” And winked at her.

“You do?” Wendy asked interested.

“I’ll show you.” Sharon said.

The guard opened the cell door to let Wendy out. When he turned around Sharon flashed her tits at him and swatted him on the ass. Wendy and Sharon both left laughing together as the guard just shook his head.

Wendy’s days of being ordinary, prim and proper were over. Her father would not be able to control and dominate her life anymore. Not to mention that she was now famous for being wild. Wild, and now free.

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