tagBDSMEscapades of Eva Ch. 25

Escapades of Eva Ch. 25


"Hey Dan, is it ok if we strap her up while we play with her?"

"Of course," she heard Sir say from the kitchen area.

Then as someone led her away by her leash she heard something that sounded like furniture being moved. And then someone led her back to the middle of the room and two of them lifted her onto something that she did not recognize. They sat her upright on her knees on top of some kind of cushion or pad. And then they draped her arms behind her over a long metal pipe at her elbows. They tied rope around her elbows securing them to the metal pipe. The pipe felt solid and secure because she could not move, however her head, hands and her genitals were unencumbered.

"Well slut," one of the men said, "We are going to fuck you every way you can imagine. What do you think of that?" Eva did not speak because she remembered that Sir had said she could only talk to him.

Another man came close to her face and said in a soft voice, "You were asked what you think of that bitch." Then raising his voice he grabbed Eva's face squeezing her cheeks until her mouth was pursed like a fish. "Well whore? You cock sucking little whore. You are going to service us all aren't you? You are nothing but a hole for my cock aren't you bitch?" he demanded. Again Eva said nothing. To emphasize his point he loosened his grip on her face and grabbing her hair he shoved the head of his cock into her mouth. When she started to suck on it he growled, "Not yet bitch, I am going to fuck you first and then I will use your face to collect my cum." And then he pushed her face away from him, and Eva thought she would cum then and there. She was not sure why she got so turned on with the humiliation, but she knew she loved it.

Another man with the kind of deep voice that Eva liked said, "We are going to do unspeakable things to your cunt cum slut, and you will have to take it." Eva was getting turned on even more. "Your are nothing but a receptacle for our cum, and we are going to use you up bitch."

One more voice came close to her again and gently slapped both sides of her face. "You are our bitch for the night aren't you?" Eva still did not answer, and then the man grabbed her by her hair pulling her face back. He snarled, "I'm going to fill your cunt with my hot cock and fuck you good and hard you silly little cock sucker." Eva felt the goose bumps run down her arms as her pussy got wetter and wetter.

One of the men said, "We are going to whip you and fuck you like you have never been whipped and fucked and you are going to love it bitch. We are going to spread those legs and shove parts of us into every hole you have." The humiliation was turning Eva on like crazy, especially knowing that her Sir was witnessing all of this. She could not help a little moan as the man grabbed her cunt and pinched the mound hard. "That's right bitch. I can pinch your cunt or shove my cock into your mouth and you cannot do anything about it. You have to lie there and take all we want, for as long as we want. You are a nasty little slut and I am going to treat you like the slut you are." He slid a finger into her slit as he pinched her cunt again. He flicked her clit as he pinched and then as he released her he slapped her newly bare cunt.

As she moaned she felt more hands digging in her cunt until they spread her pussy wide. While someone held her open she felt some kind of hard smooth object slide up into her pussy. The man doing it gently fucked her cunt in and out easily and said, "I am going to shove everything I can find up your horny cunt bitch and you will submit to anything I wish to do because you are submissive, and because you are a wicked slut, and because your Dominant told you to." She felt weak with the desire that this kind of talk was giving her as he continued, "You are nothing but a fuck slave tonight, a piece of ass to be used any way we wish."

Once again she felt hands all over her. One man slid some fingers into her mouth and she could taste her own cunt juices on them. She began to suck them while another man shoved fingers into her crotch. Someone else had lubricated a couple of fingers and slid them into her ass. Another person started sucking her titties and biting the nipples. Then she felt a hard cock slide into each of her hands and she started to squeeze and slide her hands up and down on them. She loved it all. She had never felt so many cocks at the same time in her life. Suddenly all of the men stopped and pulled away from her at the same time. She was so keyed up with the overload of sensation that she felt herself tremble with passion.

"Please Sir, may I cum," she pleaded.

"Not yet my sweet whore," she heard Sir Dan growl. His voice was full of emotion and she wondered how he must have been feeling seeing her being used this way. With a whimper she held back the orgasm that was deep in her cunt. She was not sure she could wait for release her need was so strong.

She heard the pop of more cans and people shuffling around. Then she felt someone using a flogger on her tits. At the same time someone started spanking her ass with what felt like a cane. The man flogging her stopped and pushed her knees apart with his feet and then he started flogging her between her legs. He flogged her tits and her pussy alternately as the other man continued to cane her behind. The thud of the heavy flogger and the sting of the cane together drove her wild. The man using the cane was not hitting her hard enough to really hurt her, and the sting was just hard enough to feel good. Eva moaned loudly wishing she could cum.

"Please Sir?" she pleaded again.

"NO!" Sir Dan barked.

After the men stopped someone else started smacking Eva's titties and her stomach and pussy with a small crop. He also did not hurt her. He slapped her in quick short strokes and very fast. It felt like a lovely massage on her skin. At the same time two men started spanking her with their hands, one man on each cheek. She could feel them both smacking her at the same time. Then both of them started hitting her ass with big leather belts. She could smell the leather, which only turned her on more.

One of the men was hitting a little harder than she could handle, but she knew that she could not speak to him and call out her safe word. She tightened her buttocks and pulled as far away from the man who was hurting her as she could. Just then she remembered that she could speak to her Sir. "Yellow Sir," she said and immediately all three men slowed down and spanked a little easier.

"Good girl," she heard Sir say as he grabbed her by the hair and gave her a long tender kiss.

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