tagBDSMEscapades of Eva Ch. 84

Escapades of Eva Ch. 84


This one will do

All the Masters in the audience let out a murmur of surprise when Master D announced that Sir Dominus had bid $25,000 for one of the captive slaves. And Eva could tell that it must have been out of the ordinary from the way the men were all looking at one another. But the Angel Slavers' were nodding in admiration as they stepped away from the slaves for him to examine them easier.

She saw a tall sturdy man with a thick chest and torso stride confidently to the stage area. He wore Eva's favorite type of Dominant outfit complete with blue jeans, black tee shirt and black leather vest and belt. He had kind eyes and a strong chin. She thought he was about six feet tall and had a salt and pepper moustache and closely trimmed beard. He did not seem like a man who was rich enough to spend $25,000 on a night at the dungeon, but then she remembered that this night was for charity.

He was holding a crop in his hand that he patted against his leg as he seriously studied the lovely slaves. Several times he had one of them stand up and turn around for him. As he approached a lovely tall brunette he reached out and squeezed one of her firm pendulous titties. Eva could see the girl move into the touch as she looked at him with obvious lust.

Then he moved down the line until he came to another tall girl with curly blonde hair. He also squeezed her titties as if he were testing them for something. The blond pulled back a bit as he pinched one of her nipples. He did the same thing to several other girls. He tested their titties and sometimes he would grab their ass squeezing and kneading it for a few moments as he judged their reactions.

They were all exquisite but finally he stopped before a pretty little blonde with a thick waist and sturdy shapely legs. She looked up at him shyly and then with a blush she lowered her eyes.

"Stand," he said.

When she stood her head came to his armpit and he forcibly grabbed her by the hair and dragged her, bound wrists and all, to the slave block. With her hands tied behind her back he lifted her up onto the block and ordered her to lie down. Once she was on her back with her legs dangling from the wooden block he reached down and grabbing her legs he tossed them apart.

She squirmed uncomfortably and started to close her legs when he slapped her pussy sharply ordering her to be still. Then he quickly grabbed a latex glove from the barrel and slipped it on. With a look of pure lust in his eyes he quickly and unceremoniously slammed two fingers into the slave's vulnerable twat and proceeded to hammer them into her hard and fast. She cried out and shuddered, turning her flushed face to the side in embarrassment.

Then he took his fingers out and played with her clit until she was moaning and gasping with lust, and rolling her head back and forth. And before anyone knew it he slammed his fingers right back into her deeper and deeper, over and over, harder and harder. Banging her for all he was worth. He grabbed one of her titties with the other hand and started twisting it hard as he pounded and pounded her soft pussy.

"Oh Sir," the girl cried out, "Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Please may I cum?"

Sir Dominus shoved his fingers into her a few more times harder and harder without answering her. He pounded in and out of her cunt, in and out, over and over, deeper and deeper until finally she shrieked, "Please may I cum Sir, please?"

And then he jerked his fingers out of her and growled, "No slut," as he grabbed her by the hair again and shoved her to her knees before him. She was crying and trying to soothe her hot cunt by rubbing her thighs together.

"Please Sir!" she sobbed.

"How much do you want it slut?" he asked as he crossed his arms and stood back a bit to observe her.

"Oh please Sir I want it sooo bad. I need it Sir. I want you to fuck me hard and deep more than you know. I beg you to fuck my pussy and make me cum. Please Master," she whined as she looked pleading into his eyes.

Eva could see many of the Doms in the audience outright rubbing their stiffening cocks through their clothes as they listened to the slave's pitiful pleas. Everyone was so turned on with the scene that the sexual energy was affecting everyone. All the Masters present were squirming a little at the sight of the beautiful slave begging to be fucked, and fucked hard.

Eva even saw her own Sir brush his hand across his crotch as he watched. She wished with all her heart that he would be turned on enough to come to her. But then she knew that he had tremendous self-control, and with a hard gulp she pinched her pussy as hard as she could and looked away from his growing hardon.

"You know I will bind you first don't you?" growled Sir Dominus.

"Yes Sir," she said.

"Any way I wish."

"Yes Sir."

"I may even hang you upside down and fist you in that position," he snarled as he squeezed his stiffening cock in front of her face.

"Yes Sir," she gulped.

"Or, I may tie you to a bench and let all my friends gang fuck you. Would you like that you naughty little whore?"

"Yes Sir," she moaned. Eva could tell from the look on the little blonde's face that she was a bit afraid of the idea of being bound, but she was so horny that she didn't care as long as her pussy was filled and stretched and pounded mercilessly bringing her to a long hard orgasm.

"And once you are paid for you will be mine to use in any way I please."

"Yes Sir. Yes," she sighed lustily.

"For as long as I please," he said grabbing her hair and rubbing her face on his crotch.

"Ohhh yes Sir," she squealed as she pressed her whole face on him and rubbed his hard dong with her soft cheek.

"What is your name bitch?" he asked

"I am called Deanna Sir," she replied. "Please fuck Deanna Sir please!" and the girl tried to poke her titties out further and looked up coquettishly at him from under her eyelashes.

"Will you fuck Deanna some more please Sir?" she bargained, "Deanna can please you well Sir. Deanna can suck your cock real good. Deanna could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch Sir." She smiled prettily at the handsome Dominant and licked her lips suggestively.

"Oh, don't worry. You're going to suck this cock all right," he said as he squeezed his huge hard on just inches from her lovely hungry lips again, "And when, where and as often as I want. You are going to kiss it and lick it and suck it like the cock-sucking whore you are. And, I am going to fuck you all right. I am going to fuck any and every hole in you that I want to fuck, and with any thing that I want. You know you are nothing but my fuck meat for the night don't you?"

"Oh yes Sir," she smiled, sobbing a little, "Please use me up. Fuck me anywhere, any way Sir. I live to be sucking cock and be fucked by big strong men like you Sir. Just fuck me please???" The horny little blonde bent over then and began kissing Sir Dominus' boots. And then Eva thought she heard the girl purring as she started rubbing her cheek against his crotch once again looking up at him pleadingly.

Eva saw the other slaves who were watching openly begin to squirm and moan in response to their sister's pleas.

Deanna moved closer to him and straddled his leg with her knees. And since her hands were still bound behind her back she started rubbing her nice big titties against his leg.

When he did not pull away she became a little bolder and started to hump his leg with her cute little naked pussy as she cooed and begged, "Fuck me, please. Fuck my cunt, fuck my ass, fuck my mouth, fuck me hard Sir. I beg you to fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me. Please Sir Deanna's need is great."

And then Sir Dominus pulled her back onto the slave block and threw her legs apart once more. She was cooing and pushing her pussy up toward him as much as she could when he smacked her cunt. She started to pull her legs together when he suddenly pressed his knee between them and smacked her pussy ordering her to, "Be still slut."

He slid his thumb into the top crease of her slit and began to rub her clit again. She cried out in lust and made pathetic squealing noises in response to her growing lust and frustration.

He rubbed her clit hard and fast until she cried out, "Oh please Sir, please let me cum. Please? Please? Please fuck me and make me cum Sir. I don't know how long I can hold it."

"Oh?" he inquired with a wicked grin, "Do you really want to be fucked in front of everyone here?"

"Yes Sir, please. Oh please. My cunt needs to be fucked hard and fast. Please Sir?"

Then as the sadistic man that he seemed to be, he snapped, "No," and pulled his hand away from her snatch leaving her squealing with disappointment again.

Quickly he pulled something from his back pocket. And as he was rolling a condom onto it Eva saw that it was in incredibly fat long purple latex dildo. And before the whimpering slave could lift her head to look he pushed her legs apart more widely and shoved the fake cock swiftly into her hungry pussy. She gasped and trembled as he shoved it in and out of her cunt a few times.

As she began to moan her appreciation he thrust it into her deep and hard and stopped. Then he slammed her legs together as he demanded in a low lust filled voice, "Hold it there bitch and don't move." Whining and moaning in sexual distress again, and trembling with the effort to hold onto it she managed to hold her legs together nevertheless.

Sir Dominus then helped her to her feet. "Don't you dare let it drop," he ordered as she tried to hold onto the dildo by pressing her knees together. All the while as she sobbed in her need he added, "or I will buy you just to make sure you don't get to cum at all tonight."

And then, amid her moans, he pulled a length of rope from his other pocket and tied her knees together leaving a long piece of the rope on either side. Then he started winding the rope firmly in a crisscross fashion up and around her thighs and hips until he secured it around her waist.

Deanna seemed to relax a little and Eva realized that tying her legs together had relieved the slave from the order to hold the dildo. She remembered the first time Sir Dan had told her to do that. She couldn't believe how hard it was to hold a dildo in a slippery condom inside a cum slicked pussy and keep it from falling.

Finally, Sir Dominus turned to Master D and with a huge smirk of triumph announced, "This one will do." And then, without waiting any longer he took the chain link leash that Big D held out to him and after hooking the handle to his belt loop he attached the other end to Deanna's collar.

Then, Sir Dominus bent the slave over and heaved her onto his shoulder. He smacked her bare ass then, and since it was right by his face he took a quick bite of the flesh on the back of her leg making her cry out.

As he made his way through the smiling nodding Masters in the crowd everyone heard a grateful slave sigh saying, "Thank you Master, oh thank you."

... to be continued

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