tagBDSMEscapades of Eva Christmas 2008 Ch. 02

Escapades of Eva Christmas 2008 Ch. 02


"Silence girl!" he said to her with a wicked twinkle in his eye.

She knew then that some very naughty fun was about to be had and she quietly gave herself up to the small men surrounding her. She was very startled at how strong they were. They had bent her backwards quickly and each of them had an arm or a leg in his hands. She was surprised, and a bit turned on at how roughly they dragged her inside the gate.

Before she could even think of struggling they had carried her to a thick candy cane stripped pole about five feet tall. They put her on her knees and secured her wrists in front of her, and around the pole, with a thick strand of strong cinnamon scented red rope and took up their places as guards around her.

Unable to resist she leaned forward and licked the rope. It tasted as sweet as it smelled and reminded her of cinnamon spiced apple cider. But she was quite sure that it was not edible and was as strong as any rope she had ever been bound with. The thing that surprised her most was that she did not go immediately into sub space like she did when her Sir put her in bondage. However, she did feel a bit giddy with all the excitement and intrigue.

But she was most surprised when her Sir spoke to the crowd. "If you will all line up with your slaves," he said to the Dominants, "I have something to attend to, but Santa and his helpers will be here soon."

"Tonight is the greatest night of the year for Santa. And as you all know it is the strength, intensity and force we Masters create and control with our slaves and submissives, and transmit to him on Christmas Eve that is so important. It is what gives him the energy he needs to do all that work as quickly as he does. The kind of power exchange that is generated with the sexual power and dominance we employ in our BDSM scenes is more vital and indispensable than anything else he needs to carry out his unique mission on this night."

"However, it can be very taxing and Santa is going to need some fun time, relaxation and serious power exchange to charge him back up again when he finishes handing out all those gifts. So, if you will come help us get started he will be here soon."

Suddenly Cher began to understand the power that her Sir was talking about. She knew well how his power exchange felt with her. And, it boggled her mind as she tried to imagine the combined power of all those strong Masters and Dominants and slaves being transmitted to one person.

"Wow," she whispered to herself trying to picture it and realizing that her imagination was not nearly that extensive.

Sir David opened the gate then and beckoned to everyone to follow him and as he walked through he added with a wide evil grin, "Let's get these sexy little slaves started and give Santa something to look forward to coming home to."

And then Cher felt a familiar twinge in her pussy as the Masters at hand grabbed their slaves tightly by the hair and guided them through the gate and down the little path to the House of Santa. She saw some of the slaves' eyes roll back and she realized that they had descended into sub space with their Master's touch. Others were moaning seductively, and still others were actually whimpering as they were told by their Master's not to cum yet.

Sir David stopped long enough with Cher to bend down and give her a kiss and instructions to obey everything that the elves told her. A twinge of fear crept into her mind at the thought that her Sir was going to leave her here. But, she had known him long enough to know it would do no good to try and argue with him. Besides, she knew he would never leave her in any real danger, and all of his friends were there if she needed them.

"Yes Sir," she whispered and forced a pretty smile for him as he left her with these strange little men and disappeared into the little house. She looked once again at the elves around her and some of the ones stationed in other areas and saw a kinky little gleam in their perverted little eyes. She found it to be both gross and a turn on at the same time.

She found herself wondering if their cocks would be big enough for her to enjoy. Then shaking her head she wondered what depths of depravity she had sunk to as she felt the wetness begin in her cunt at the thought of being fucked by them. She looked away quickly because she did not want to let them know that she was turned on. "I wonder if elves can read minds like the Christmas songs say?" she asked herself.

Just then a tall heavyset man in a Red velvet suit with white fur trim walked through the door. As the crowd began to cheer his arrival he stopped next to Cher long enough for her to see the twinkle in his eyes above his rosy cheeks and white beard. He smirked at her and said, "Well, well, little one. I am happy to see you again. Have you been a good girl?"

"Well Santa," Cher giggled, "At least I have been good at it."

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Oh that's wonderful Cher, because this big ole fucker is looking forward to another great fuck this year," he hooted as his belly shook. He gave her a wink then and as he headed to the throne he turned to the elves guarding her and said, "Take care of her but remember that tight little asshole is all mine tonight, got it?"

"Yes Santa," they all said in unison as they leered greedily at Cher. She lowered her eyes at the pang of humiliation she felt at being turned on by these strange little men.

Santa reached his throne and before he sat down he announced to the crowd, "Friends let me present Mrs. Clause." All the Masters gave a little bow and applauded as a very sexy mature woman emerged from the house. Her hair was white and curly and hung to the top of her shoulders. But, she was stacked like a brick outhouse and had long sexy legs that were visible below the very short red velvet skirt that was trimmed in white fur and a red and white hat just like Santa's. The skirt came just below her bottom. And her titties were large, full and bare just like the slaves who were present, as they peeked out above the fur trim.

"Now please welcome Mistress Green Grinch," Santa said.

The Masters present began to applaud and made lewd comments as a sexy tough looking brunette emerged from the house. She too was tall and beautifully proportioned. She was dressed in a bright green latex bustier and thong with knee high green high heeled leather boots and she strutted around slapping an evil looking switch on her hand and pursing her bright red lips in a very Mistress like frown. She strutted back and forth in front of Santa's throne a few times and finally stood next to his bag of switches, while Mrs. Clause took her place next to the bags of goodies.

With a great flourish Santa sat down on his throne and an elf that had stationed himself by his side brought out a very thick scroll. Mrs. Clause brought out a glass of milk from somewhere and like a proper lovely slave she knelt at Santa's side. After pressing the glass to her abdomen she kissed the rim and held it up to him with both hands as she lowered her head. "Thank you Pet," Santa said.

Cher was surprised that Mrs. Clause was Santa's slave, but then, "Why not?" she thought to herself. It seems only natural that it would be that way in this place with these people.

"Now," Santa said after taking a sip of milk and picking up a piece of fruitcake from a plate on a table by his throne. Nibbling on the cake he went on, "Have you checked the list twice Roger?" he asked the elf next to him.

"Yes Santa," Elf Roger said.

"Okay let's get this show on the road," he said.

"The first couple is Master Randy and his Dragonslave Santa." And Sir David's friend Sir Randy and his slave came forward.

"Have you been a good boy Randy?"

"Oh yes Santa," Sir Randy chuckled beneath his handsome steel gray beard.

"That is correct Santa," Elf Roger said as he checked his list.

"Very good Randy," Santa grinned and he held his hand out to Mrs. Clause who came forward swiftly and handed Sir Randy a present.

Sir Randy opened the colorful package and pulled out his gift, which he held up for the others to see. "It's a grand new straight razor for some delicious knife play," he added looking at Dragonslave with a lurid grin that made her eyes light up with delight. "Thank you so very much my jolly old elf friend," he added laughing out loud. Everyone laughed at the remark since Santa was anything but a little old elf.

"You are quite welcome," Santa chuckled.

Then Mrs. Clause stepped forward with a huge yummy looking chocolate brownie for Sir Randy, which he munched with pleasure.

"And what about your Dragonslave Randy? Has she been a good girl?" Santa asked.

Sir Randy swallowed the bit of brownie in his mouth and said, "Oh Santa, I am afraid she has been a very naughty little slut this year." He tried to be firm and serious, but he could not keep a grin away as he looked at Dragonslave with a twinkle in his eye. She grinned back at him.

"Is that true Dragonslave?" Santa asked.

Sir Randy's lovely dark haired beauty Dragonslave lowered her head and before she could answer Mistress Green Grinch said, "I am afraid it is true according to my list Santa. And it says here that she has been a very nasty girl and is in dire need of punishment."

"Well Dragonslave it seems you are going to get a switching. Come here naughty girl. Give me a good strong switch Mistress Green Grinch."

With that Mistress Green Grinch handed Santa an extra long thick switch. Dragonslave struggled to keep a straight face as she rushed a little too fast to position her bare bottom across Santa's lap.

Santa rubbed her bare bottom for a moment he pushed her brief skirt even higher until her entire bottom was bare and visible to all. With the switch in one hand Santa rubbed between Dragonslave's ass cheeks with the other hand until his fingers made contact with her clit. He rubbed her clit until she was squirming and moaning in ecstasy.

"Oh Master, please may I cum?" she begged of Sir Randy.

"No," he growled.

Just then Santa stopped rubbing her clit and started making little switching movements all over Dragonslave's bottom. She began to moan once again and Santa struck her harder.

"Ahhhhiiiieeeee!" Dragonslave yelled.

"That my dear is for being such a naughty girl. Now go to your Master and let him continue your punishment as he sees fit.

"Yes Santa," she sniffed as she rubbed the red streak that had risen on her bare butt. Lowering her head in an attempt to appear contrite she hurried to Sir Randy who took her switch and pulled her by her hair out the little fence and toward an empty sleigh. There he made her bend over the ledge on the front of the sleigh. He tied her hands and feet in place so she could not move. Then he sat down in the sleigh behind her.

And then he gave the horse a swat with the switch, then a swat on Dragonslave's ass. As the horse began to slowly pull the sleigh Sir Randy alternated strikes with the switch between the horse's ass and Dragonslave's bottom.

Cher could see that he also had the rest of his BDSM toys in the sleigh and she knew Dragonslave was in for a wonderful night of sexy power exchange. Everyone chuckled as Dragonslave was heard whimpering in her slave heat as they rode away.

"Roger I believe Greg and his little Ursula are next aren't they?"

"Why yes they are Santa," Elf Roger replied as the couple came forward, "And it seems that Greg too has been a very good boy this year."

"Good for you," Santa congratulated Sir Greg. "Please come forward and see Mrs. Clause for a nice treat."

As Sir Greg stepped up Mrs. Clause handed him an unusually shaped package. When he unwrapped it he gave a little whistle of appreciation and pleasure as he held up a brand new single tail whip that he wielded with a loud cracking sound. The other Doms and Masters also made sounds of envy and approval of the fine gift.

Then as Mrs. Clause handed Sir Greg a big juicy candy apple he took a big bite slurping the juice that tried to escape as he cracked the whip a couple more times. "Thank you Santa. I love this and I have wanted one like this for the longest time."

"I know," Santa said with amusement, "You have wanted a new one of those since you were ten years old and first began to practice with your old one. Play with this one in good health Greg. Now what about your Ursula? Has she been a good girl?"

As Sir Greg continued to munch on a bite of his candy apple he grinned as he prodded his slave toward Santa with the handle of his new whip and replied, "Well Santa she has been very good at being very naughty."

"That is also true," Elf Roger confirmed.

"Oh my," Santa said, "Another bad girl. Come here young lady." And as Ursula came close she looked at Santa from under her eyelashes as she tossed her long auburn curls and blew him a kiss as she started to seductively draped herself across his lap.

Before Santa could take the switch that Mistress Green Grinch was holding toward him, he grabbed slave Ursula and threw roughly across his lap. He spanked her bottom hard with his bare hand and before she could cry out he shoved two fingers right into her cunt where he proceeded to finger fuck her hard and fast right in front of everyone. He jammed his fingers in and out making her squeal and writhe in his powerful grasp.

"Oh Santa! Oh Santa! Fuck me hard please and make me cum for you," she gasped.

Santa withdrew his fingers and slapped her ass again. "NO you nasty little cock tease. Get over there to your Master and take your punishment."

With that slave Ursula stood up rubbing her bottom and she blew Santa another kiss as she purred, "Oh thank you Santa."

Then Sir Greg cracked his new whip again making it wrap around and around his slave until her arms were trapped and bound within it. Then he pulled her behind him using the whip as a leash and he took her quickly toward the little train where he had her bend herself over the top of a boxcar that was just big enough for her to squeeze between her legs and hold on to one end of it where he bound her hands to hold her still. Then he straddled the back of the car behind her and as the train pulled away. Cher saw that he already had the handle of the new leather whip fucking in and our of his whimpering slave's cunt.

Cher noticed as each couple faced Santa that the Masters were all given a new BDSM toy and a favorite sweet, and all the slaves were given switches and Santa played with their clits or cunts, or both, turning them on for their Masters'. Then as they left Santa the Master would put his slave in some type of bondage at one of the play stations. There he would give the slave pain and sexual or sensual play as the power exchange grew until everyone could feel it.

Cher wanted her Sir with her very badly. She was so hot and turned on that she wasn't sure if she could hold back an orgasm. She was busy trying to rub her pussy against the pole that the elves had tied her to. She was in such slave heat that she began to cry quietly in frustration.

Finally, when Santa had finished with the last couple and all were busy playing he turned and looked at Cher. "Are you all right little pet?" he asked her. She was shocked at the familiar way he had addressed her, but she could not put her finger on why.

"Yes Santa," she sobbed. "I need my Sir so badly."

"Well Cher, I am about to make my run around the world and bring goodies to all the boys and girls. It won't take long but I do need your sexual energy added to that of the other Masters' here. I am going to leave you in the care of my elves here and then I will take care of you myself when this big ole fucker returns." He grinned evilly and gave her another wink.

Cher could not help crying a little harder. How on earth could he make her wait that long? And where was her Sir? She pressed her face up against the pole she was bound to and hid her crying eyes.

Then before she knew it Santa was squatting next to her. He grabbed her ass and pulled it back from the pole and she felt his fingers enter her cunt. He rammed her soft warm pussy with his fingers until she was breathing heavily. She wanted her Sir so badly but she was also enjoying the relief that Santa was giving her.

He fucked her and fucked her as she cried out, "Please may I cum Santa? Please? Please? Please?"

"Nope," he grunted as he pulled his fingers out and stood up. "I will be back soon though. Elf Bruno, you men take her and put her on the big swan on the carousel and take good care of her." Then before she knew it Santa had disappeared.

And then she heard the sound of sleigh bells and a, "HO! HO! HO!" A rush of wind followed the sound, and as she looked up toward the night sky she saw a streak of light shoot up above the bright Christmas lights and she heard the sounds of pain and pleasure behind her.

Before she could turn around to see what was going on she felt herself released from the pole that she was bound to and the same hands that carried her before took her out of the little fenced in area. They carried her to the carousel and stripped her clothing off leaving her completely naked except for the wreath of flowers on her head.

They placed her on her tummy on top of a giant white swan. And they bound her hands once again around the slender graceful neck of the wooden bird. Then they tied one of her legs on either side of the back of the swan leaving her spread-eagled. They placed something that felt like a leather pillow under her abdomen that left her cunt and asshole totally exposed and available.

As she looked around to either side of her she saw a virtual orgy of pounding floggers on tender asses and heard the sighs, cries, and shrieks of multiple orgasms from all around her. Single tail tips caressed warm flesh. Canes of all sizes and materials struck on soft red bottoms over and over as little cries of pain begged for the relief of much needed cum. Leather belts and large hands spanked anxious fannies that were pressing for a climaxing cunt or cock.

Cocks slammed into pussies and assholes, and kinky cries of passion screamed for satisfaction. Dildos and sex toys of all kinds were plunging in and out of a wide variety of orifices filling them with whatever felt good. And the entire scene seemed to vibrate with power and sexual energy so thick that it could almost be seen, felt and tasted. And, it was definitely tangible to the senses of the ears and the odors of sex that permeated everything.

She felt the carousel begin to turn around and around and the soft music she loved began to play. She felt herself turning around and around and she smiled at the feeling she had enjoyed so much when she was younger and begged her parents to let her ride longer on the carousel at the fair.

She was so hot and horny that she was almost out of her mind with lust when she felt a warm tongue at the opening of her cunt. She tried to turn her head but she could not see the small person behind her. So, she relaxed and gave in to the hot wet tongue that was stroking her from her clit all the way up to her ass. She felt small hands part her ass cheeks and the soft wet tongue slid back and forth where it would linger first on her clit and then on her tiny tight asshole. It felt wonderful and she moaned over and over as the tiny tongue lapped at her cunt and her ass again and again.

Then just as she was wondering once again if she would be able to feel the small cock of one of these small men she was shocked out of her reverie. She was stunned as a very hard and very large cock was pushing into her slick cunt. She moaned and groaned as she tried to see behind her once again. But she still could not see the small man who was humping her cunt over and over.

He fucked her harder and harder again and again. She could not believe his stamina as the tensing of her cunt made her breath harder. He slammed into her and rammed her cunt. He rammed her stretching her pussy and filling it as deep and hard as she had ever been fucked.

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