tagSci-Fi & FantasyEscape from Earth Ch. 05

Escape from Earth Ch. 05


Xanxaa managed to deflect the beams of energy Xora fired at her, but she was not prepared for the concussive energy blast that Xora launched next. The surprising explosion sent Xanxaa spinning through the air and her back slammed into the concrete ledge that bordered the roof.

From the side, Adam threw one of the rusty chairs at Xora impulsively, but it exploded in mid-air when she fired a beam of energy. She was about to send another beam into Adam's chest, but the sound of Xanxaa moaning distracted her. Both Adam and Xora saw Xanxaa lying on the ground with her face twisted in pain as she struggled to move. Xora turned away from Adam as though he was insignificant afterthought and walked toward Xanxaa with a menacing smirk.

He frantically looked around for anything he could use, even to distract her for a moment away from Xanxaa. When he saw a bag of chlorine pool cleaner, he immediately grabbed it and threw the bag at Xora, hoping she would respond as he expected.

Xora must have seen the sack out of the corner of her eye heading toward her, and with a dismissive look of contempt, she blasted the bag with another energy blast. "How pitiful," she mumbled. The bag exploded and a cloud of chlorine particles filled the air around Xora. She screamed in pain as the chlorine flew into her eyes, and she clawed at her face in an attempt to rid herself of the chemical burn.

As soon as the chlorine was released, Adam sprinted across the patio toward Xanxaa with his face buried in his elbow so that no chlorine dust got into his eyes. He reached Xanxaa, who was still lying underneath the roof ledge trying to recover from the bruising pain in her back.

Xora was wailing behind him screaming, "I will rip the muscles off of your bones, you little worm!" As he picked up Xanxaa in his arms, he looked over his shoulder and saw Xora using her rings to blow the chlorine dust away from her, then he jumped over the ledge off the roof of the hotel.

"Xanxaa! Fly!!" he screamed, hoping she would respond before they reached the pavement below. The ground was approaching fast, but at the last minute their straight downward fall arced along the ground and they soared down the passageway before crashing down on the concrete sidewalk. As his bare torso rolled around on the sidewalk, he wished he had had the time to put on his shirt.

"Can you fly out of here?" Adam asked desperately.

"We were fortunate my rings had enough power to break our fall," Xanxaa responded weakly. "They do not have the energy to fly any significant distance."

"The bike is right here, let's go!" he yelled, and he rushed toward his scooter which was only a few parking spaces away.

Xanxaa was still staring upward, "I do not understand. Why would my sister attack...?"

"Later!" Adam yelled. "Right now, we need to get out of here!" Xanxaa looked up sadly at the roof and they could still hear Xora howling with anger. "Now!" he screamed again, and Xanxaa looked dejected as she climbed onto the scooter behind Adam. He revved the engine and the bike shot out onto the street to merge with traffic.

He had no idea how long it would take Xora to recover or for her to track them down, so he sped down the road at full throttle. He saw an intersection ahead when the ground exploded beside the bike and he almost lost control. He regained his grip and, ignoring the bitter wind across his naked chest and shoulders, accelerated down the road, zigzagging randomly down the street.

Just as he made his right turn around a gas station, more explosions surrounded the bike on all sides, and Adam jerked the bike in different directions. Their bodies were pelted by small rocks and pebbles flying through the air as he swerved his bike to the avoid large debris of asphalt and pavement from hitting them.

Over his shoulder, Xanxaa stretched one arm out in front of him. He wasn't sure what she was doing until he witnessed the scattered rubble flying around in front of them momentarily defy the laws of physics and part in front of the bike. Adam tried to concentrate on driving, so he ignored his desire to see where Xora was flying, although he kept glimpsing her out of the corner of his eye. Explosions continued to buffet them on all sides, but although his indiscriminate swerving managed to evade every blast, he had no idea how long their luck would last.

The ground to their left suddenly erupted and the entire street seemed to be engulfed with light. He felt the world become weightless as he lost his grip on the bike, and the light had blinded him so that he never saw the ground where he painfully landed. His skin was now covered with small cuts and bruises, and although he didn't think his shoulder was literally dislocated, he certainly felt enough agony as if it were. With a groan, he sat up and his vision had recovered enough to see Xanxaa on the ground next to him.

"Are you alright?" he asked softly so that Xora wouldn't be able to hear him. Dust covered her naked body, and for the first time, he could see some blood on her back and legs. Given the long cuts on her flesh, he assumed most of her wounds were from the flying bits of concrete piercing her skin instead of the crash. "I am fine," she coughed as the small cloud of dust around them began to dissipate.

He didn't for one second believe she was fine, but they were in too much immediate danger to argue the point right now. "Can you... I don't know, blast her out of the sky or something?"

"The power reserves in my ring are almost depleted," she grunted through her teeth clenched with pain, "I have very few defenses for us to..." Her sentence was cut short as she cried out in pain when she tried to move her bloody leg.

He put one arm around her waist and lifted her off the pavement as he used his other hand to put the bike upright again. They both leapt back onto the bike and, with a slight skid in the dirt, raced back down the street where they came from, hoping that a change in direction might confuse Xora.

The moment they sped out from the dust cloud, however, he saw Xora land at the intersection a few yards in front of them. For a split second he considered racing around her through the gas station parking lot on the corner, but he knew Xora was fast enough to kill them, so he brought the bike to a screeching halt. Her face was twisted into a maniacal smile, and her fists glowed red with the energy she was going to unleash on them.

He thought about speeding down the road behind them, or maybe off-road into some nearby woods, but Xanxaa had already dismounted off the motorcycle. Streaks of blood ran down her body and legs from several cuts on her back and arms, with one particularly deep gash on her thigh. She limped away from the cycle as Adam whispered, "What are you doing? Get on the bike!"

"This is my fight," she said with determination without looking at Adam. He could see her fists were surrounded with a thin, red light, but he knew she barely had any power left in her rings and was in no condition to fight. The two sisters walked toward each other in the middle of the road, and he worried that Xanxaa would not survive.

Adam was so anxious about Xanxaa that he hadn't noticed the thundering noise or the sudden wind rushing through him until it reached a near deafening level. When he turned around, his chest filled with terror as he watched the military helicopter descend down and hover a few feet above the ground.

"Goddamnit," he muttered to himself. A loud clanking noise from the bay of missiles on each end of the helicopter suggested the rockets pointed at them were now armed and ready to launch.

Panic filled Adam's throat and he wondered if he'd rather be blasted by missiles or extraterrestrial laser beams, and would his death be agonizing or simply a blissful release with no pain whatsoever. When the front of the helicopter was abruptly hit with an energy beam, he wasn't sure at first where it came from. He turned around and saw Xora snarling at the helicopter.

"Get down!" he yelled at Xanxaa. She barely had time to move before a barrage of bullets filled the air. The machine gun on the helicopter spun furiously as it fired dozens of times each second. Xora managed to protect herself, although her face scrunched as though it took some effort.

Adam saw the rocket fly out from the helicopter and zoom a few feet overhead towards Xora. Beams from her rings shot out and demolished the missile, which filled the air with a hellishly hot cloud.

He grabbed Xanxaa and pulled her onto his bike, and looked around for a route to escape. Xora raised both of her fists and fired at the helicopter. He pointed the bike toward Xora and raced down the road in hopes she was too busy fighting the military to prevent them from reaching the main road and hopefully blending in with everyone else so they wouldn't be easily found.

With the thunderous blast and waves of ungodly heat spreading over the two of them, not to mention the devilish grin on Xora's face, Adam knew the helicopter had been destroyed but he didn't dare look behind him to see the carnage himself. He had to keep going, so he tried to cut across the gas station lot and merge into traffic.

Suddenly his motorcycle was no longer underneath him and he felt burning pain on his left side as he flew through the air upside down before smashing down onto the pavement. With no shirt on, he could feel the jagged surface of the pavement ripping into his shirtless torso. The charred remains of the car parked near the station made Adam realize where the explosion had come from, and his vision, blurry and reeling, made out Xora walking through the cloud, dark red from fire, towards them.

Lying on the ground, he could feel every ache in his muscle and every bloody cut on his upper body and legs. He groaned at the mere thought of moving, and he considered staying down indefinitely and accepting his death with contentment. He turned his head and saw Xanxaa lying next to him, and now that her body was covered with even more cuts and bruises, she looked far worse than he felt. Seeing the dark bruises and streaks of blood all over her naked body reminded him how important it was to keep moving. He rolled over and grabbed Xanxaa's hand. Her eyelids slowly opened, and when she saw Adam she gave a weak smile.

"Do you have..." he wheezed, "any energy at all... for a blast of energy?"

"Maybe one..." she answered. "But Xora will be able to..."

"No, don't shoot at Xora. When I pick you up, I want you to hit that yellow box with the silver top, ok?" She saw the gas pump he was referring to but had no understanding of its function.

"But what will that...?" Adam looked over his shoulder and saw Xora was between the rows of gas pumps a few yards away from them.

Xora had already raised her fist and cocked her head with an expression of gloating. "I cannot tell you, dear sister, how long I have..."

"Now!" Adam yelled. He scraped his arms under Xanxaa's body and ignored the pain in his legs as he sprinted toward the corner of the gas station store. He tried to hold her steady and not jostle her too much so she could aim properly, but he knew he was doing a shitty job. So he was very impressed when Xanxaa lifted her arm and, despite her hand wobbling in every direction, fired a beam directly into the gas pump.

Adam had never heard a more glorious sound than the mixture of every gas station bay simultaneously exploding into an enormous plume of fire reaching hundreds of feet into the sky and the sound of Xora screaming in the center of it all. He only needed to run about ten steps in order to turn the corner and dive behind the small, brick convenience store. But as he stumbled in pain, he was shocked he was able to successfully throw the two of them safely behind the shop.

He sat with his back against the wall and took a dozen quick breaths as Xanxaa moaned in exhaustion. Xora was still screaming, but now it was in anger rather than agony, so Adam knew she had not only survived but would soon be coming for them again. "We have to keep moving," he panted. Xanxaa draped her arm over his shoulder, and the two of them staggered away from the gas station as if they were in a drunken three-legged race.

There were only three or four trees in the small parcel of land separating the gas station from the adjacent parking lot, but Adam hoped it would obscure the view even a little. He saw a minivan with tinted windows in the next aisle and dragged the two of them behind it. After a minute of panting that bordered on hyperventilation, he gasped, "Can you do that trick... unlock... start this car?" He knew he wasn't speaking complete sentences, but he was too out of breath to worry about grammar.

Xanxaa didn't spend any energy to answer him, she simply reached up and placed her hand on the door. When all the locks unlatched, Adam crept through the front door and helped Xanxaa into the passenger seat. A loud whirring zoomed overhead, and he looked through the windshield to see three more military helicopters converging onto the street corner. Xanxaa reached out and put her fingers on the ignition and the engine hummed to life. Adam immediately put the car into gear and drove out of the parking lot.

Once he turned onto the street, he looked in his rearview mirror and saw Xora fly through the air firing more energy beams at two more helicopters that had entered the scene. He drove at the same speed as the other cars who, like him, were all anxious to put as much distance between them and the area that was now a battleground.

Adam drove for ten minutes before he allowed himself to breathe. Xanxaa grunted with pain every so often, and he knew she was trying to be brave. He wanted to stop by a drug store and get her some medical supplies, but he didn't feel safe pausing for even a second until they had traveled even farther. Xanxaa had figured out how to put the seat all the way down so the bench seat was now flat. Now she could lie on her back and take the pressure off of her legs, and her naked body quivered from the gentle shaking of the van.

Twenty miles later, he pulled into a drug store near the highway that led to and from the city. He slowly parked on the far end of the lot away from the other cars. Taking her to a hospital was out of the question, but even though his cash reserves were thinning, he knew she needed to get treated.

"Come back here, please" she requested softly. Adam was afraid of what he might find, or how bad she might be hurt, but he took a deep breath and climbed into the back to assess how damaging her wounds were. When he crouched over her to see what medical supplies she needed, he saw that most of her cuts were already healed and she was massaging the formerly-deep gash on her thigh so that it was now barely a paper cut.

"My rings can fix injuries," she said smiling, since she must have seen the look of disbelief on his face. "Turn around and sit in front of me."

He turned and sat on the edge of the van bench between her spreading thighs with his back to her. His legs stuck out uncomfortably between the two front seats. "So you're ok?" he asked, feeling a little foolish for worrying about her unnecessarily.

"I have mended my wounds," she said soothingly as her balmy fingers pressed against his back, "and I am ready to mend you as well." The heat of her hands became an intense electricity running throughout his skin, but it was soothing voltage like thick, soft tendrils of heat snaking under his skin.

He could already feel the painful throbbing in his back recede, and his muscles felt revitalized as though he could leap over a monster truck if he wanted. "But your energy levels, you need to conserve..."

"This does not require much power. I have more than enough to heal you," she interrupted with a deep, baritone voice as she lightly pressed her mouth against the back of his neck. She ran her hands up into his neck, and then out across his shoulders and down into his forearms. The feel of her lips as she lightly kissed his back sent an entirely different kind of energy into his body.

With a gentle nudge of her hand on his cheek, she turned his head so that she could kiss him on the lips. He twisted his body around so that he was facing her as she laid back on the van bench and pulled him down against her naked torso. After a minute of swirling their tongues around each other's mouths, she pulled her lips away for a moment. "You saved my life again, and I want to thank you," she whispered into his ear as her hands deftly pulled his shorts down below his knees before waiting for his response.

He was on all fours above Xanxaa so that she could wrap her fingers around his hardened rod and stroke up and down in rhythm to his throbbing. Maybe he should have resisted her sexual suggestion, since they both had just been injured. But after all the excitement and fear and tension over the past hour, his body was anxious for some release. He turned her body so her hips were on the edge of the flattened cushion and her head was at the top of the seat back.

Her warm legs wrapped around his groin and persuaded him to move forward and ease his thick cock inside her pussy. As his tip slid into her body, he could feel how she was both incredibly drenched and unquenchably fiery her soft cunt was. Even though her soaking wet pussy was welcoming and lubricated, her pussy was so incredibly tight that he had to lunge forward several times in order to push his shaft through the swollen walls of her vagina.

He rocked back and forth, and her enormous breasts bounced at an equal pace. She closed her eyes and groaned as she spread her thighs apart so he could push his dick deeper inside her. He thrusted with even more force until his cock was almost completely inside her, and each time his body smacked against the moist skin of her groin, she inched upward on the seat.

He planted his feet on the van floor and hammered his cock in until the base of his shaft slapped against the wet folds of her pussy. Her shoulders were now dangling off the top of the seat, and she put her hands on the floor above her head to hold her in place.

This position arced her back so her tits were shaking erratically on her chest and were easily within reach of Adam's tongue. He buried his face in her jiggling bosoms and bit one of her erect nipples. The skin of her thighs and hips quivered against the fabric of the car seat every time he zealously pummeled his body into hers. Adam barely noticed as Xanxaa shuffling through a variety of his memories, but he smiled at her curiosity.

Xanxaa gasped each time he slammed his cock into her warm cunt, and her massive tits bounced uncontrollably. When the veins in Adam's shaft filled with cum, she tightened her pussy and squeezed his dick so that he had to use all of his force to continue moving in and out of her. It took dozens of thrusts before jism erupted into her drenching wet cavity, and they groaned together with satisfaction as their bodies continued slamming into each other.

Adam pulled out of her and gripped the front seats tightly while he waited for his heart rate to slow down. Xanxaa took the momentary pause to spin herself around on the seat so that her head was dangling off the front of the bench close to his groin and her legs stretched out over the back of the flattened seat.

Even though her head was upside down, she opened her mouth eagerly and Adam snickered affectionately as she moaned with delight when he slid his sticky cock between her lips. Although his shaft was spent and starting to contract, the sensation of her tongue rolling around his cock and the powerful sucking force of her lips kept his erection stiff. He reached down and squeezed the nipples on her enormous breasts until he heard her muffled squeals of pleasure.

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