tagSci-Fi & FantasyEscape from Earth Ch. 08

Escape from Earth Ch. 08


As with the previous chapter, this chapter contains non-consensual sex, so please consider this fair warning. Skip ahead to the next set of dashes if you want to skip over that section.



Xanxaa had tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable way to sleep on the cold concrete floor. The air felt chilled and she struggled to keep her naked body warm before, out of pure exhaustion, falling into a deep slumber. That was suddenly cut short, however, when Xanxaa was awakened by three naked, muscular soldiers pulling her arms back and attaching handcuffs so her wrists were now shackled behind her back. As soon as the cold metal clicked into locking position, they wrenched her off the floor and threw her body onto a metal table they had brought.

A heavy metal chain was wrapped around her neck and then mercilessly yanked down so that her back pressed against the table until she could barely move her torso. The platform of the table was barely wide enough for her shoulders and the chain around her neck was attached on the underside of the table. The platform only went down as far as the top of her round buttocks, so her legs dangled limply off the edge.

The soldier standing over her head looked down on her with contempt while the chain around her neck was tightened until her head was upside down and dangling off the end of the table. After the general's grueling assault, Xanxaa knew he would repeatedly fuck her in an effort to wear down her telepathic defenses. Even though her muscles were still sore and stimulated, she was determined to control her own body and her orgasms, as she had been able to do quite easily prior to coming to Earth.

She could see the soldier's penis was already thick and erect and she felt him grab her erect nipples and pull up. The pain in her tender breasts made her gasp in agony, and as soon as she opened her mouth, the soldier stuffed his erection into her throat. He moaned with pleasure as he slid his cock in and out of her moist lips, while he spread his fingers around her huge tits and squeezed as hard as he could to keep his balance.

Her thighs were suddenly forced apart and she could feel another erect cock pushing into her warm cunt. Immediately her pussy became drenched with arousal from his shaft sliding in and out of her as his groin hammered against her cunt. Xanxaa normally would have found their molestations almost infantile, except that her muscles were already sore from the general's assault and from the awkward position her body's uncomfortable slumber.

Two pairs of hands grabbed each of her massive breasts and dug their fingers into her soft flesh with a painful squeeze while teeth bit down hard on each of her hardened nipples. Xanxaa would have screamed if her mouth wasn't already jammed with a cock plunging deep inside her throat. Each mouth felt as though fangs were tearing into her tender flesh and pulled out on her nipples as though trying to rip her tits off of her skin.

As skilled as Xanxaa was in deepthroating cocks, the man on top of her drilled himself into her with such power that she felt like gagging at times as the other soldier hammered into her cunt. For a brief second, she saw a boy's troubled childhood and desire for predictability and regimen that ultimately led him into the military. Her pussy instinctively clenched around the dick thrusting inside her while she tried to ignore the searing pain on her tits from the sharp teeth gnawing on her nipples.

The man over her was first to climax as cum flooded her mouth and poured out her nostrils and down her cheeks. After he pulled himself out of her sticky, jism-coated mouth, she barely had time to cough twice before she felt a hand hold her by the throat as another cock was shoved into her jaws. She focused on breathing and became accustomed to the rhythm of his thrusts when she felt her pussy become filled with jism. Her legs were held apart as, within seconds, another stiff erection began hammering into her soaking wet cunt. His memories of athletic games, both watching and participating, briefly seeped into her mind.

"Harder! Fuck her harder!" The voice of the general boomed throughout the room, and the intensity of the cocks pounding into her mouth and pussy grew even more forceful. She felt hands and teeth moving around the skin of her breasts, but as their fingernails and teeth clawed and mauled her sensitive flesh, she wasn't sure exactly how many soldiers were molesting her tits. A small shiver of pleasure raced through her body, but she effortlessly ignored the carnal sensations.

The metal handcuffs holding her wrists behind her back were digging into her spine. Between the men grabbing her torso while another held her legs so he could pound his cock into her wet pussy, however, she couldn't move her hips to adjust the position of her shackles. Random memories from the men driving their cocks into her telepathically surged through her, and she perused them momentarily in search of some idle thought that might help her.

The man over her used both hands to grip her neck tightly so he could drive his cock deeper into her throat, which made it difficult for her to breathe. She frantically tried to find some air as her mouth filled with jism, and she was helpless to do anything other than wait for him to pull his erection out of her so she could cough out some cum. Tiny drops of his sticky jism landed on her face, and she took advantage of her five second reprieve to fill her lungs with air before another stiff cock was shoved into her throat.

After cum filled her pussy again and one cock was replaced with another, fresh and eager to thrust inside her, Xanxaa felt her head become woozy as the entire room seemed to shift onto its side for a brief second. Even more memories of these new men streamed into her consciousness and she was finding it difficult to absorb these new recollections so quickly after the previous soldiers. Her own memories seemed more vivid, but the edges of her thoughts seemed to blur a little. A small orgasmic twinge raced through her muscles, and she mentally halted her own pleasure before it grew any more intense.

Her throat become flooded with more jism and, unable to swallow quickly enough due to the hand gripping her neck, poured out of her mouth and onto her cheeks. She managed to gulp down a portion of his warm cum and her tongue instinctively licked some of the stickiness of his shaft.

The soldier battering his cock into her pussy groaned loudly as he unleashed more cum inside her. With her hands shackled behind her back, his forceful hammering would have sent her gigantic tits bouncing in every direction if her chest weren't being held in place by teeth clamping hard on her raw nipples and clenched fingers painfully clutching her round breasts. Another wave of orgasm surged throughout her naked body making her shudder with gratification.

More soldiers shoved their cocks into her mouth and cunt and their memories merged with the others that were already swirling in her consciousness. In fact, Xanxaa wasn't entirely sure if the thoughts she sensed were of the men currently thrusting into her or any of the dozen other men that had already climaxed in her helpless body. She felt their fingers digging and clawing her naked skin that was covered with tiny drops of gooey cum. Her mouth was once again flooded with ejaculate, which she managed to swallow completely, and she was only able to grab one deep breath before another stiff erection was shoved into her throat.

Memories of her own childhood education swirled amidst memories of military classes of the human males pounding into her, and she almost felt her own thoughts slip out of her. She realized that her telepathic defenses were being overstretched trying to manage so many minds being forced on her at once. Xanxaa had participated in numerous group-pleasure events on her homeworld with a dozens of her coworkers at a time. But the intent had always been to form a collective camaraderie among the team and never to forcefully push against anyone's mind. The sharing of bodies and consciousnesses was done willingly, almost obligatory, with no ill intent. The brutality of the soldiers assaulting her helpless body now, however, was pushing her defenses to their limits and she wasn't sure how much longer she could withstand the cruel assault.

As one cock was yanked out of her cunt, dripping with jism, and was replaced by another, she tried to prevent herself from seeing any of his memories. She jerked with agony from the cruel biting on her tender breasts as a gush of cum filled her throat, and she couldn't stop herself from glimpsing an old birthday party from the man's youth.

More jism erupted in her cunt, which was now throbbing with anguish from being relentlessly pounded. She shuddered uncontrollably when both of her sore nipples were pinched and twisted until the skin of her tits stretched beyond what her aching mammaries could withstand. She tried to scream with agony but instead was forced to swallow another torrent of cum pouring into her mouth. She barely managed to avoid having onto one of her thoughts slip into the men pummeling her exhausted, naked body, and she could feel her telepathic resistance nearly spent.

A powerful orgasm blindsided her system, and her naked body spasmed with pleasure. Between the countless memories weighing down on her mind and the overwhelming sexual pleasure raging through her helpless body, Xanxaa struggled to regulate her own thoughts.

As the cock in her throat rammed her mercilessly, the large residue of jism that she had not swallowed yet merged with another torrent of cum bursting into her. The head of the dick shoved into the top of her esophagus prevented her from gulping down any ejaculate, and cum poured over her upside down face. Visions of multiple earthling childhoods mixed with her own memories, and she felt unable to contain the images and thoughts and ideas and beliefs and experiences of so many people, as though she were trying to hold an entire ocean in a single cup.

Someone viciously twisted her aching nipples while the soldier hammering her cunt released more cum into her soaking wet pussy. Her body trembled from another orgasm surging through her muscles, and her wrists reflexively jerked against the handcuffs into the small of her back.

She wasn't sure exactly how much time had passed or many dicks had plunged into her mouth and pussy, but it was easily a hundred cocks in over three hours. So many soldiers had penetrated her with their cocks that she assumed she had to be fucked by the same men over and over, cycling through a relentless line of eager individuals. All she knew is that she needed every ounce of concentration to keep her thoughts from pouring out of her. Under the overwhelming assault of sexual stimulation combined with her physical and mental exhaustion, she feared she would soon lose the struggle to control her own mind.

Sharp fingernails were being raked across her enormous tits as the men currently pounding her face and groin grunted with satisfaction. A gush of cum filled her throat, and she was too tired to swallow anymore. She coughed with the cock still in her mouth, and tiny drops of jism sprayed out over her face. Suddenly she felt her memories slip out of her mental grasp and one of the soldiers had a brief glimpse into her mind.

"Sir!" the soldier pummeling her cunt shouted, "I saw something!" She groaned as another orgasm made her naked body quiver with pleasure.

Heavy footsteps stomped closer to her, and she felt the warm, putrid breath of the general on her bare skin, now covered with globules of dried cum. "At last," he growled with delight, "I've been waiting for this moment."

All the other men stepped away from Xanxaa as the general plunged his erection into her sore pussy that dripped with the mixed ejaculate of over a hundred men. Her weary brain was still swirling from all the different memories and it felt like she were helplessly trying to mentally wrestle a crowd of angry men all holding her down.

Although her body held was still kept down by the chain wrapped around her neck, she did manage to lift her head far enough to see the general's twisted look of depraved enjoyment. His wrinkled muscles were taut as some drool flew out of his mouth onto her green cum-covered skin. His gnarled fingers reached out and viciously grabbed her raw tits to hold himself up as he rammed his cock into her as vigorously and as ferociously as he could.

His consciousness burst into her mind and she was powerless to prevent him. She heard him gasp with awe as he mentally shoved through her brain. Her family, her homeworld, her experiences, her beliefs, her knowledge, all of it was accessible to him. She jolted with torment as he stormed through her memories, careless of the damage he was doing to her mind. The scorching pain in her psyche was far worse than the torturous pounding of the general's cock into her agonized body.

Then she felt all the scientific discoveries and technological achievements of her world flow into him, and she heard his bellowing groan of pleasure echo at a deafening volume. Tears streamed out of her eyes as she helplessly felt him take everything from her. She hated feeling powerless to stop him from stealing her knowledge and she wept as she saw him conjure brutal images of possibilities for new weapons. He tore through her mind in an effort to uncover every bit of knowledge out of her and she screamed as excruciating pain seared into her.

Her vision became blurry and dizzy as everything in her field of vision turned red and her ears were filled with a piercing noise, and she found this new hallucination to be annoying and deafening. She was about to lose consciousness that she felt the general hurriedly climb off of her and shout to his men, "I don't care, kill him now!" It was just as her eyes closed into slumber that she realized she hadn't been hallucinating after all.


Adam looped through the air around the high-caliber artillery and unleashed another power beam that threw the attacking tank into the air and onto its side. The force field surrounding his body easily deflected all machine gun bullets fired at him, but he didn't want to push his luck on larger shells and spun around a few times to dodge more shots as he wished the previous hours had progressed differently.

The rings had protected Adam the day before when he crashed in the African desert, and it had taken nearly two hours in the merciless sun before he had absorbed enough solar energy to fly to a more temperate area. He spent several more hours trying to master the rings until he could figure out how to fly with an adequate amount of control and how to use, more or less, various weaponry within the rings. He still didn't feel prepared to attack the military base, but he refused to leave Xanxaa in the vicious hands of the general for another second. Although he had no idea where the secret base holding her could be found, he tried to concentrate on the rings and the bond he shared with her as he flew low on the ground, because that's what they did in the movies to become difficult to detect by radar. His impulse, which he hoped was a link to the technology in the rings, led him into the desolate terrain somewhere in the American southwest. He had flown aimlessly around the rocky formations and arid landscapes, wondering if his intuitions had led him nowhere.

Adam's naked body spun away from the assault weapon fire coming at him as he blasted the back propeller of the helicopter trying to lift off the ground. For several hours, he had persistently raced throughout the region ignoring his growing doubts until he had found a remote bunker that looked dilapidated but, if he understood the information from the rings correctly, was actually brimming with energy. After he had flown over the rusted chainlink fence and landed on the concrete tarmac, he had just discovered the high-tech weaponry hidden under camouflage tapestry when bullets flew through the air at him.

Even now, as he defended himself from the attack by the soldiers, he was unsure if he was committing treason against his own country. But he had listened to his instincts against his military the first time Xanxaa crashed next to him only a couple of days ago, and he wasn't about to stop now. He was doing his best not to hurt any of the soldiers, in case he had stumbled onto a legitimate military base unassociated with Xanxaa or the general. His control over the rings, however, was still unpredictable at best and each explosive blast he unleashed made him shudder with dread over accidentally killing an innocent serviceman honorably trying to defend his country.

A voice boomed throughout the area, "Cease fire!" Adam instantly recognized, from Xanxaa's memories, the gravelly voice of the general, and his concern to not hurt any of the soldiers immediately turned into a regret that he hadn't torn every one of these criminals in half.

Adam rotated around in mid-air with raised arms in order to turn the general into a bloody smear across the concrete. He paused with his mouth gaping open when he saw the general standing behind Xanxaa with a pistol held against her temple. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back and she was completely naked with small globs of dried cum all over her face, chest, and thighs. She was clearly unconscious and was only held up by his arm which was wrapped around her neck in a vicious headlock. "Give me the rings, son," he said staring with cold eyes, "or I kill her."

"Let her go, you bastard," Adam replied with restrained fury, "or I'll bring this base down."

The general gave a single, muffled chuckle, "I think I have a better chance of following through on my threat." As he spoke, his arm clenched around her neck until her breathing turned into a wheeze.

Adam wanted nothing more than to permanently separate the general from his head, but he wasn't confident in his ability to utilize the rings precisely enough before the trigger was pulled. "If I gave these rings to you," he said after briefly considering giving him what he wanted, "you'll just kill us."

"Here's the thing, son," he said, " I've already gotten the information I needed from her, so I don't need the alien anymore. I don't really need those rings either, but it would make my life a lot easier if I did." The general took a deep breath as Xanxaa's eyelids flittered, "I admit I was planning to kill both of you to protect these secrets. But I'm a sensible and pragmatic man. I'm willing to let her go if that will allow me to have those rings after all."

"No you won't," he responded with defiance, "You'll kill both of us no matter what." Xanxaa lifted her head up with a neck that appeared weak and unable to remain steady.

Sensing her waking up, the general tightened his grip on her neck as Xanxaa looked around to figure out where she was and what was happening. "Let me tell you something," the general barked, "I am a man who has had to make a lot of hard decisions to keep you and everyone else in this country safe. I have made more difficult decisions in the past day than you probably have your entire life. But I have always been a patriot and a man of honor who has spent his life defending this great country of ours. I don't kill without reason, and I don't go back on my word."

Xanxaa blurted out, "Don't trust hi..." before his elbow squeezed her neck so that she was unable to breathe.

As her body thrashed slightly in an effort to free herself, the general gritted his teeth. "Give me the rings, and I promise you that no harm will come to you or this creature."

"You're bluffing," he shouted with less certainty than before, "you're stalling and waiting for reinforcements." Finding it hard to maintain enough concentration to stay aloft, Adam slowly lowered himself to the ground several yards away.

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