tagNovels and NovellasEscape From the Harem

Escape From the Harem


Chapter 1.

The most opulent chambers in Topkapi palace belonged to the Sultan. The great hall was decorated with finery from all over the empire. The floor and walls were covered with blue, green and white tiles with abstract patterns on them. These were local from artisans in Constantinople. The floor was covered with deep blue rugs with flower patterns. The ceiling had a large chandelier with crystal made in the Balkans. There were worked bronze braziers from Egypt throughout the room to supply warmth. At the very front of the room was a low divan with yellow silk cushions from Baghdad. It was there that the Sultan sat, nude, except for his fez. Before him knelt the most exotic treasure of all, a young woman from the hills of Lebanon. Miriam was nude as well, she had her mouth upon his cock and her hands upon his balls. She was only 18 years old but she was a master of her art.

The Sultan had selected her out of his vast harem. One of the Eunuchs had fetched her, told her to prepare and then led her here; yet she made the encounter feel like a chance meeting between the most intimate of lovers. She had walked in wearing a short silk robe which did little to hide her pear shaped breasts and rode nearly to her thighs. Wordlessly she walked up to the Sultan and kissed him full on the lips passionately, but hurriedly. The Sultan felt need building within him as her delicate mouth glided over his. While still engaged in a series of kisses she removed the Sultan's outer jacket and tunic, her smooth hands were constantly working over his chest. She broke the kiss, stepped back and cast off her robe. The yellow fabric spilled to the ground and crumple into a puddle. She was naked, vulnerable, and exposed to the Sultan's gaze. She flushed with that thought. Her dark pink nipples stood out in anticipation and her nude, hairless sex glistened between her thighs. She had but one ornament, a thin gold chain with a large pearl set at the end. This always sat between her large breasts as it was a gift from the Sultan. He had given it in appreciation for her art and as a constant reminder of her of her role; the Sultan's pearly essence was always to be nearest her heart. She had fallen to her knees and slowly and lowered the Sultan's silk pantaloons. He stepped out of them and she cast them to the side. Then she raised herself up on her knees until her mouth was at the level of his cock.

Artemis had dark and sleepy eyes. She opened them wide and looked up at him. She seemed both unsure what to do and pleading to be allowed to continue. Her demure look overwhelmed the Sultan and his manhood began to stiffen. Miriam smiled with knowing delight when she saw this, breaking the illusion of her inexperience. The Sultan or his rampant manhood seemed to take no notice of this. Miriam was delighted that he had so quickly succumbed to her charms.

She deftly ran her hands underneath his balls. She caressed them gently and reveled in their smooth, supple texture. She leaned forward and gave a few tentative licks on the head of his cock. She enjoyed seeing how the strange object would jerk with each touch of her tongue. It seemed like an entirely different entity than the Sultan; one entirely with a mind of its own. Only the Sultan's ragged breathing reminded Miriam that the two were linked. She was not allowed to play around with this delightful creature forever.

She began her oral assault in earnest, peppering the beautiful veined shaft with light kisses. She licked the underside of the glans with her tongue. The Sultan moaned softly with his deep masculine voice which let Miriam know her ministrations were having their desired effects. She engulfed the very tip of the shaft into her mouth and ran her tongue around it feeling every delightful ridge and crevice. She began this slowly and then began to work faster until she was bobbing back and forth with a blinding speed. She was certain in the Sultan had been driven crazy with lust. A salty fluid began to form at the tip of his cock and mixed with the heavy, manly taste of his flesh. She worked her mouth farther down the shaft applying a gentle sucking pressure as she went down. Finally the shaft was entirely engulfed and her nose nestled against the Sultan's pubic hair. She smiled inwardly as one who has accomplished a great task. She continued to move with greater vigor, shaking her head from side to side as she went alternating the sensation on every inch of the cock between her soft lips, smooth cheeks and constantly worming tongue.

The Sultan was well beyond any rational thought. He was only able to revel in the marvelous feelings throughout his penis. Mindlessly he stroked the woman's thick black hair and mumbled words of encouragement. Throughout his body the tension began to build. He tried to hold back, but Miriam's skill far outweighed his willpower. He felt as if lightning flashed directly behind his eyeballs and then a torrent of come began shooting out of him. He bellowed as the orgasm rocked his body and placed his hand on her shoulder for support. Slowly his penis grew soft in the warm, loving depths of her mouth. She let it fall out and it hung limply near the Sultan's balls.

"Have I pleased you my sultan?" Miriam asked. "I have done my best," she added. Her hair was askew from her exertions. A small rivulet of jism ran from the side of her mouth to her chin; but she paid it no heed.

"Yes, my dear, greatly," the Sultan replied, out of breath.

"I am delighted. Is there anything else which the sultan desires?" Miriam asked with a slight smirk. While speaking she lifted up a leg so she was resting on a foot and slowly spread that leg out revealing her the slit of her nude sex.

"No, nothing else at all," replied the Sultan.

"As it pleases you, my lord," she replied with a note of disappointment in her voice. She stood up and bent over to pick up her yellow robe while fully exposing her round ass and nether lips to the Sultan's gaze. He made no attempt to stop her and Miriam walked out slowly dressing herself along the way.

The Sultan had noticed her attempts and watched her as she left. She had an excellent bottom, round and muscular which swayed as she walked. Normally he would have been overwhelmed by such a sight and would have stood up and plowed into her with abandon. Tonight, actually the last several nights, things had been different. For a time the women of his harem had been losing their charm for him. He had noticed it for a while, but thought it was a temporary state. The Sultan dressed in his thick robe, sat down on one of the silk couches and thought. Miriam was such a sweet cocksucker and such a delightful woman that he felt sure that after her oral assault he would have been able to take her in the natural way. Instead he found that he had grown bored even with her. The Sultan knew what he needed to do, but he feared the consequences.

He steeled his will by telling himself he was lord and master. He clapped twice and an enormous black man entered the room. He wore bright peach robes and had an enormous white hat. "Yes, Sultan," the man spoke. He had a surprisingly high pitched voice. He was Omar, chief of the black eunuchs and, in the world of the harem, the Sultan's closest confidant. He was devoted to the Sultan, had no greater ambition for power and, as a eunuch, viewed the many harem intrigues with a more detached frame of mind than the Sultan could achieve

"I need you to fetch Ahmed," said the Sultan in his most commanding voice.

Omar knew that the Sultan was afraid of something, for he seldom used that tone with Omar. Even so there were practical matters to discuss first. "Yes, sire, but Ahmed retired last year at the insistence of your third wife."

"Oh yes," replied the Sultan, dropping the pretense of being in command and began reflecting on the situation more fully. "You're lucky Omar that you can't get married."

"Yes sire, it seems a distressing state." Omar had to listen to the Sultan's concerns about his wives and concubines. Their continuous jealousies and rivalries seemed to forever distress the Sultan.

"Oh well, there's nothing I can do about that. Have a message sent to Ahmed. Tell him that I require his services. Have him fetch me a blonde."

"A blonde?" Omar seemed taken aback and for once looked disconcerted. "But Sire the Valide Sultana."

"The Valide Sultana, the Valide Sultana," the Sultan parroted. " Everyone always says that, but I am master here. Let me worry about my mother."

"Yes sire, a blonde," Omar replied as he regained his composure. This was only an outward show though; wives and concubines could be dealt with or disciplined as needed, but the Valide Sultana was a different matter entirely.

"Have him make sure that she is a real blonde, not a dyed one. Women can be devious, and some may dye their lower hair as well. If he finds one then he may have his usual fee and he may choose a woman for himself at my expense," said the Sultan and made a wave to dismiss Omar.

"Yes sire," Omar nodded and walked out.

Chapter 2.

Two women sat in front of a looking glass bathed in the pink light of the warm Mediterranean sun. One was short and voluptuous with curly chestnut hair. She wore a domestic maid's dress which highlighted her large bust. She stood over a lithe blonde woman with radiant blue eyes who was seated at the vanity. The blonde wore a beige linen dress, a traditional costume of ancient Egypt. The maid was busy putting up the blonde woman's hair, while the blonde woman applied thick black make up around her eyes.

"Cor, Miss Jenny," said the maid. "Did them Egyptian women really wear that make up?"

"Of course they did, Mary, you must have seen it on the scrolls Cecil bought. It wasn't for ordinary women, only the finest could afford make up."

"Scrolls is scrolls, Miss, real life is something else. Seeing it on you, why Miss, forgive my saying so, but it looks so silly."

It did look odd. The makeup was black and heavy, almost like soot. It was made from burnt olive pits. Jenny had found the recipe in a book and she had decided to try it on herself. She knew Cecil would be enraptured; her fiancé was a scholar of ancient Egypt. The near east and Jenny were his only interests.

"I think so too but you know how fashions change. We don't dye our hair white or powder our faces the way they did in Beau Brummell's time. Our ways will look silly in the future too," replied Jenny. She put down the makeup jar and began putting on heavy gold and lapis lazuli jewelry. She had rings, bracelet and a torque on her vanity.

"Are you sure Mr. Cecil won't object to you wearing these, Miss?" Mary asked.

"He minds already, knowing Cecil. You know how he worries about every little thing. Yesterday he was worried that we'd never find salt pork in Egypt. He calmed down when we found the dried beef and he'll calm down over this when I'm through with him," Jenny replied with a smirk.

"If you say so, miss, but some of them jewels looks valuable."

"It's all priceless, each and every piece," replied Jenny as she placed a coarse black wig on her head. "But I have an even greater treasure, or maybe I should say I have one that Cecil wants more." She got up and twirled about, "So what do you think? How do I look?"

"Oh ravishing miss, you look like one of them Egyptian princesses in the pictures," said Mary momentarily forgetting her previous objections of the silliness of the makeup. Jenny did make everything look wonderful, even something as out of date as this. The dress stopped well up her calf revealing her shapely legs and the top clung to her top revealing the slightest swell of her pert breasts.

"Everything you say is so flattering" smiled Jenny. "If this doesn't work on Cecil I can always come back to you." Before Mary could react Jenny bent forward and kissed her on the lips.

"You mustn't do that, Miss," said Mary as she flushed. "The Preacher says that women kissing each other is wrong and all them French ladies is going to hell."

"Does he? Preachers say such silly things. Why what does he say about spying on couples making love?"

Mary flushed face turned bright red at that and looked at the floor. "I wouldn't know miss, but I never do things like that."

"Of course not, but if you did you wouldn't need feel ashamed, Mary. I think I'd enjoy it; I like having an audience. I know Cecil appreciates what we do; but I want you and everyone else to know how wonderful it is."

"Oh miss, you shouldn't want that."

"But I do. It's fantastic, more than fantastic even, though I admit I don't know what that would be. You know I've dreamed about being Messalina."

"Mesa-who, miss?"

"Valeria Messalina, she was empress of Rome. She was marvelous. She made love constantly with men and women, with slaves and nobles. One night at a party she made love from sun down to dawn with slaves in front of all the nobles of Rome."

"Oh," Mary exclaimed in shock, "I think them Romans were the wickedest people who ever lived."

"They were wicked," agreed Jenny. "I couldn't be with anyone but Cecil, but still sometimes I can't help but fantasize about that. Everyone would see me at my most beautiful, shouting out in ecstasy as one anonymous lover after another pleasured me."

"Did all them Roman women do that or just empresses?"

"The historians didn't write so much about normal Romans, but most of them couldn't afford slaves or were slaves themselves. It was probably just empresses who could afford to do things like that."

"Well, I'm glad I ain't an empress," said Mary decisively.

"It might have some perks, but for tonight I'm hoping I can be a queen for Cecil."

Cecil Fitzsimmons was a tall, lanky man with large blue eyes. This evening they were perturbed for the jewelry he had recovered on the digs had been stolen. The safe had been opened normally; there were no scratches or other signs of forcing it. It had to have been done by someone who knew the combination. He had thought that no one else but Jenny knew the combination but one of the sailors or servants might have seen Cecil open it. He'd ask Jenny first if she had seen anything. It was best to keep things like this quiet. If she had not then he would have to start questioning the crew. It was a duty he did not relish and it came at the worst possible time.

Throughout their stay in Egypt Jenny had worn men's clothing. It was a necessity on digs. At first that had given Cecil a kinky thrill; for she was lithe enough that when wearing men's clothing she made a passable boy. It was a bit like he was back in public school. He would pretend he was Achilles and she was Patroculus. They had sex from behind and, on occasion, he would have taken her as a man would have taken a boy. That was an experience he relished, for her ass was indescribably tight and he had no need to pull out, but as the weeks wore on he longed to see Jenny as a woman again.

Today, at last, he had his wish. As they cast off out of Alexandria Jenny had worn a white dress and a white straw bonnet both with blue trim. As they left the prevailing winds nearly stole her hat and kicked up her skirts so high that Cecil could spy her calves almost up to her knees beneath her white lace stockings. This memory and the anticipation of the night to come had made walking around awkward for Cecil all day. Now with this theft, though...

"You sent for me my General?" Cecil's thoughts were broken by Jenny's voice.

Cecil turned around and found his fiancée pressed back against the door, her eyes demurely cast down. She wore the costume of an Egyptian princess, a linen tunic with a long slit up the side and a coarse black wig. How she had found that costume Cecil could not begin to speculate, but that concerned him little. What caught Cecil's eyes was the jewelry which adorned Jenny. The heavy gold and lapis lazuli torque, bracelets and rings were the jewels they had found in Egypt, and which he had thought were stolen.

Cecil felt an immense sense of relief which he tried to hide as he adopted a stern tone and began to lecture. "I say, Jenny, I was worried sick about those jewels."

"Have I displeased my general?" Jenny asked in a servile tone. She walked towards him and deftly dropped to her knees in front of him. She folded her hands and looked up at him as if pleading. "I implore him will not beat me."

"Now, Jenny, be serious for a moment, those jewels are worth a fortune..."

"Please, do not by angry with me, my general," she said as she deftly unbuttoned his pants, "For I am but an ignorant barbarian queen. The women of my people have a way of making up their transgressions to men, perhaps I can use this to make up mine to you," she smiled as Cecil's cock sprang forth. "My, what an enormous sword you have, my general."

"Dash it all, Jenny, quit playing around, I... I..." Cecil lost his train of thought as his cock was engulfed in the warmth of Jenny's mouth. As a young man Cecil had visited Paris on occasion and had found that many of the French ladies of the evening specialized in cock sucking. It was an act that Cecil had found most enjoyable and was both delighted and astounded to find his fiancée willing, even eager to do the same. Jenny lacked the prostitute's experience, but made up for it in enthusiasm and with Cecil she had frequent practice. Cecil liked to imagine that his penis felt better in a woman who loved him rather than one who was paid for her services.

Jenny couldn't quite engulf his entire shaft; Cecil was quite large. She would run her hands along the base of his shaft as she sucked on his tip, or run her tongue down the complete shaft while her delicate hands played with his balls. The feeling was heavenly and all too soon Cecil found himself approaching climax. Often Jenny, sensing his orgasm would pull back and let his semen splash upon her breasts, but today, mindful of the priceless artifacts she wore, she carefully swallowed every drop. That took some effort, for Cecil was so excited he shot an enormous load. After what felt like hours he felt his shaft grow limp in her mouth, then fall out.

"Have I pleased you my general?" she asked still on her knees.

"Very much so, dear."

"Then let there be peace between us," she said as she stood up.

"Yes, I say, rather. Shall we have dinner up on the deck?"

"I've been looking forward to that all day," she said as she stood up. "I asked the cook to prepare oysters for you. They're my favorite."

"Oh marvelous," said Cecil as they climbed up on deck. "The sea does wonders to improve my appetites."

Chapter 3.

Despite her protests Mary never missed one of her mistress's performances. Miss Jenny was like a fine actress, she could play many different roles. Sex intrigued Mary; she had never known a man, but Miss Jenny had made every session with Mr. Cecil such a performance that Mary's appreciation went far beyond mere girlish curiosity. She was now a connoisseur of the act of love.

While they were in Egypt Mary had stayed just in the shadows and spied through a slightly open flap in the tent. Tonight she could see through a keyhole in her own room. In Egypt Miss Jenny had been strange; almost like she was a boy. She had Mr. Cecil take her from behind most every night the way Miss Jenny had told her all the Greek men used to do to one another. She even had Mr. Cecil stick his enormous cock into her bottom. To Mary that looked too painful to bear, but Miss Jenny seemed to enjoy it mightily. In most of the Egyptian stay she had kept her boyish composure, usually only giving a low throaty growl of pleasure as Mr. Cecil pounded into her, but with his cock in her bottom she screamed out in ecstasy and had writhed in pleasure.

Tonight she was entirely feminine again. She had entered the room still dress in her Egyptian princess outfit and molded up against Mr. Cecil. The room was illuminated by moonlight, which seemed directly aimed at the bed as though that were the stage and the moon was the limelight. The lovers kissed passionately several times until, overwhelmed with desire, Mr. Cecil threw her clothes off and quickly tore his own off. Mr. Cecil picked her up and carried her to bed where he gently laid her down then immediately got on top of her and thrust in deeply. Jenny began to moan as he bore into her with strong thrusts until he was deep inside of her. Then she started to throw her head from side to side screaming out in delight. Cecil arched his back and sucked on her firm tits as he continued to pound away into her.

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