Escape From the Harem


Cecil was home on break to study for exams. His family had thrown a ball in his honor as they did at the end of every period of study. They had a large house near Hyde Park which they lit up beautifully for their balls. Jenny was constantly in Cecil's presence, as was expected for they had recently become engaged. Despite being so close to her man Jenny wasn't completely happy for throughout the night friends of the family had welcomed Cecil never leaving them alone for a moment, except during dances. Jenny liked to dance, and Cecil was almost always her partner, but there was something she liked more than dancing. He had been away for so long that all she wanted to do was to sneak off with him. She had a special reason that night; earlier in the day she had stumbled across a scene which she kept replaying in her mind. She had been given orders from her mother to tell the cook to change the lunch menu. She had walked down into the kitchen and saw a most amazing site. One of the maids was on her knees in front of the cook; her head bobbing up and down and his penis was in her mouth. Jenny was initially shocked and hastily retreated but in time she became aroused.

After a waltz with Cecil she was finally able to get him to come to the garden. It was a warm April night and many of the spring flowers were in bloom. Cecil's family had the garden done in the English fashion with nature spilling out onto the many twisted paths.

"I say, isn't it wonderful?" Cecil asked.

"Oh the party is nice enough. Your family's parties are always wonderful, but it's much more wonderful to have you back," Jenny replied. She was carefully navigating so they were far from the house in the darkest part of the garden.

"Well, that is dashed nice of you Jenny, but it is only for a month and I have to study."

"Oh, I know you have to study. It seems you always have to study, but you'll find time for me, won't you?"

"Yes, of course, but..."

"I knew you would, and I'm glad for it. I'm so much happier when you're around. Everything seems so much nicer; isn't the moon especially radiant?" Jenny asked.

"Oh, I should say, rather," said Cecil as he looked up. Jenny quickly stepped forward while he was distracted and fell to her knees.

"I say, darling, what are you doing down there?" he sounded shocked.

"I just saw this today," said Jenny as she deftly unbuttoned Cecil's pants with her doll like hands, "And I've been dying to try it."

"But, I say dear, what if someone should catch us?" Cecil sounded worried and he looked about.

"I don't think anyone would come out this far, and if they did then that would make it all the more exciting," she replied. Cecil's organ was free from its confines. It was every bit as beautiful as she had imagined, like a statue in a museum. She kissed its head and slowly engulfed the shaft into her mouth.

"I say, Jenny we should..." Cecil's voice trailed off as Jenny's tongue flickered over his glans breaking Cecil's train of thought and his usual reserve. Jenny started slowly at first she would let the penis fall from her mouth to kiss it again or murmur to it as she slowly massaged Cecil's balls or shaft with her hands. These would elicit a soft moan from Cecil. His cock seemed to grow even larger and harder. Jenny was enraptured. She began to mover her head faster, bobbing up and down as she had seen the maid do that afternoon. It was wonderful, the heavy taste of Cecil's manhood filling her mouth. He whispered her name as his body tensed up and the essence of his manhood shot down her throat filling her mouth. She swallowed every drop and kept his manhood there relishing the feeling of it growing soft.

"Welcome back dear," she said when she was able to speak.

But now it wasn't Cecil's spunk flowing into her mouth, but a pirates. She had been so lost in her daydream that she had swallowed every drop of his seed. The pirate captain was positively beaming.

"Men," he addressed the crew. "I have been in every whore house from Odessa to Tangier and this lass is the best cocksucker I've ever had. We'd be fools to sell her in Alexandria; we're taking her straight to Constantinople."

A cheer went up from the crew. Mary wanted to run and hide, but Jenny seemed unaffected. She walked over and coolly picked up her robe. They were again taken below deck.

"Billy," said Molly, unable to control her anger any longer. "You are the devil himself. I've never felt so humiliated in all my years. Why would you make her do that and in front of all the crew and..." she was positively sputtering with rage.

"You should have paid close attention; you could have learned a trick or two from her. I'm sure it would have come in handy where you're heading."

"I... why..." she pulled a knife from a nearby man's sash and ran towards the captain. He easily stopped her and grabbed her arm. The knife fell to the deck.

"Give her a days worth of food and water and set her adrift in a longboat," he said tersely. "The sea is the place for bitch pups like her."

Chapter 6.

Amal had the prettiest lingerie. Today she had on a white bustier decorated with a rose pattern, a white garter belt and stockings. Her nether region was bare and exposed as she sat upon her husband, Ahmed's face. Her partial undress had driven him mad with lust. The combination of the hidden and exposed always did, as Amal knew well. His tongue drove into her most sensitive spot, bringing her to peak after peak of pleasure. It was too much for her to bear as she wiggled and squirmed. Even that brought her no respite, for she relished the feeling against her skin as it slid and constricted her motions. It was all so wonderful, but she heard the servant's call and it brought her back to the real world.

"What is it?" she called, stopping her husband, but she remained where she was for she had no desire to move.

Her chamber maid burst in and blushed furiously at the scene. "Madam, the Sultan's carriage."

She slid off as her husband and he stood up with an astonished expression. "You say the Sultan is here?" he asked. Ahmed was a virile male with broad shoulders and a broad chest. His hair was starting to grey a little.

"No, not him, the chief to the black eunuchs," replied the servant.

"By Allah, that is much worse," said Ahmed as he put his hand to his head

Amal got out of bed and clapped twice. Servants gathered around her and she told them to prepare in the garden. She seemed to have no concerns about giving commands in the nude; given her husband's constant attention she was frequently forced to do so. Two servants stayed behind to dress her.

In ten minutes she was dressed and down in the garden. Her husband and the chief of the black Eunuchs were already there. They sat at a table in the center patio which was surrounded by lemon trees. A servant was bringing out the coffee pot when Amal arrived.

"Perhaps you do not remember, Omar, but this is my most beautiful wife, Amal," said Ahmed with a smile. "She was raised in the harem."

"I remember you selecting her," replied Omar. Amal had thought nothing of his voice when living in the harem; for Eunuchs were the only men she knew, but now she found it disturbingly high pitched. It did not match his hulking frame at all.

"She is a prize; an extraordinarily generous gift from the Sultan."

"Ah yes, the Sultan, he has need of you again," said Omar.

"I am sorry to hear that, though I suspected this day would come. The first wife is the choice of the father, the second of the mother and the third is by the man. All men think they are supremely wise and have made an incomparable choice for themselves, but I fear that sort of wisdom belongs to Allah alone. Though Allah certainly guided my choice," he added quickly remembering that his wife was present. She paid no mind and dutifully poured the coffee. "Many men soon grow bored and want a different woman; even a man with a harem as large as the Sultan's. What does the sultan wish?"

"He wants a blonde," replied Omar.

"A blonde?" Ahmed was taken aback, "But the Valide Sultana..."

"I said the same," said Omar, "But he insisted he could handle his Mother."

"Oh dear," said Ahmed. "No woman can be handled easily, they require patience and delicacy; a Sultana more so than most and a Valide Sultana much more so than that. I fear the Sultan is inviting a plague upon his house."

"As do I, but we must follow the word of the Sultan. He has made you a generous offer. You may pick a concubine for yourself. The Sultan will grant you her price and a stipend to maintain her."

"Ah, my desert flower, you are getting a little sister," said Ahmed a bit tentatively as if uncertain how Amal would take the news.

"Get one with big boobs," said Amal as she looked up from serving the men.

"Miss," Omar was taken aback.

"Please, I grew up in a harem. I'm perfectly familiar with women's bodies and what men admire in them.

"I'm afraid I've discussed my past career a bit too freely with my wife," said Ahmed as a smile played on his lips. "Thank the Sultan for his most generous offer. Tell him that I shall start right away."

"Not right away," said Amal. "There's a more urgent task you must complete first," she said and she arched her eyebrow.

"Ah," said Ahmed, "You see the Sultan rules the entire empire, but my wife rules this house."

"That is true of many a household," said Omar as he rose. He recognized the look and the tone of Amal's voice as a woman with desires. No concubine would have dared to have been so forward with the Sultan, they would have had to communicate their desires with more subtle words, but largely the same method.

Chapter 7.

The Sultan was ruler of a large empire which ranged from the Balkans, through Anatolia, to the Arabian Peninsula and across North Africa. While his rule was largely nominal in many places, local governors showed their fidelity by sending him the most beautiful women of their provinces. Egypt was by now an independent state in all but name, yet the Khedive still sent the Sultan treasures for his harem.

One such woman was Niyaz, who came from Nubia, Egypt's southern provinces. Her dark skin and tall, athletic frame had first caught the Sultan's eye. He had ordered her brought to his room, but, when she was there she resisted his advances. The Sultan was appalled at such behavior from a slave and ordered his Eunuchs to hold her down and paddle her soundly in his sight. Omar had done as the Sultan desired, and left her bound and naked in the Sultan's chambers. As the eunuchs departed the Sultan prepared to deliver a lecture about her need to submit; but before he could begin she whispered, "Please, ravish me now. I'll do whatever you want." The Sultan was overcome by the change in the proud woman, but didn't need to be told twice. He immediately dropped his pants and rammed his cock deep into her. He found that her cunt was so soaked with lust that he easily slid in.

That was three years ago; now she continued to be the proud, high born mistress in public. Even before the Sultan she behaved that was, until he took her into her chambers and paddled her. She immediately became a simpering flower, eager to do anything to please the Sultan. The Sultan found that he loved this game himself and Niyaz was frequently his bed partner. She already had two children, though they were both daughters.

Today they were repeating their game. Niyaz knelt on the low divan, with her chest set on the cushion and with her bare buttocks stuck out. Her ass was firm and the color of light chocolate. She was nude, that made her feel more vulnerable and helpless. The Sultan stood behind her with a thin cane. He wore his heavy green and white robes and his usual fez.

"Have you been a bad girl?" he asked.

"I have," she whimpered. "I've been thinking the most lustful thoughts. Please, please whip my ass. I deserve it. I need it so badly."

Hearing this amazon submissively beg for punishment usually drove the Sultan wild with lust. Today he felt nothing in his loins, but began his punishment anyway. He let a few blows cut the air; that made Niyaz squirm with anticipation. Then he struck in earnest. Repeated blows fell upon her shapely ass. For Niyaz the immediate shock of pain quickly gave way to a subtle, glowing warmth. The pain, the relief and the frightened anticipation of the next blow overwhelmed her. Niyaz was soon squirming and soaked throughout.

"Please take me, my lord," she cried, as she always did at this point.

The sultan sighed; for the whipping had not excited him. "I'm sorry," he said and he walked out of the chamber.

Everything seemed wonderful to Artemis. Her nights with her mistress were wonderful. Her duties as an odalisque made her happy for she was pleasing Miriam. Miriam seemed delighted as well; she had even given some of her second best jewelry and lingerie to Artemis. They were wonderful, not only were they gifts from her mistress, but they were ultimately gifts from the Sultan. Artemis was delighted to please her mistress, but she still found herself dreaming of the Sultan.

Still she was careful not to wear the jewelry in public. That would only invite ire from the other odalisques and ugly rumors from her mistress's many rivals. She did wear the lingerie; that was secret to prying eyes, and it made her feel powerful as it reminded her of her mistress's high esteem at all times. It also reminded her of the love they shared, for the pantalets which covered her womanhood now had been over Miriam's at one time. It was like they were forever touching in the most intimate of spots.

Lost in this revelry, she idly plucked an orange from a tree in the garden. Oranges were her favorite treat for it showed that winter was over and spring had come. Today it was even more special for she loved the way the delicate scent of the orange mixed with the heavy smell of her mistress on her hands. It was an intoxicating combination, she was thinking, when she heard a soft sobbing. Artemis moved closer and found one of the sultan's black concubines, Niyaz, lying on a bench. She was dressed all in violet, but her cloths and veil were askew. Her face was buried in her arms, it was clear that she was weeping.

"What is wrong, Miss?" asked Artemis.

Niyaz looked up, startled to see the young odalisque. She quickly brushed the tears away and said, "You wouldn't understand."

"I am sorry for having disturbed you, Miss" said Artemis and she bowed deeply and turned.

Such a charming odalisque, Niyaz thought. She realized she had no one else to tell her troubles and said "Wait."

"Yes, Miss," said Artemis and she turned back.

"You're Miriam's girl aren't you?"

"I am, Miss."

"What's your name?"

"It is Artemis, Miss."

"You're a very lovely girl, Artemis. I'd like to talk to you, but our conversation must be confidential. Can I trust you not to tell my secrets?"

"Yes, Miss, I promise not to tell anyone," said Artemis.

"I'm sad because," Niyaz paused for a moment unsure of how to continue, "Well, before the Sultan and I make love I like him to paddle me soundly."

"He beats you, Miss?"

"Not hard, you understand, rather it's just a sound spanking. That turns me on. It makes the Sultan wonderfully hard as well, usually, but today after he paddled me he just left."

"That is terrible. There must be something wrong with the empire. My mistress is the best cocksucker in the whole harem, yet even after bringing him to fulfillment in his mouth she told me that he could not take her."

Hearing the phrase, "Cocksucker," from such an innocent girl's mouth was strange, Niyaz thought; but, she realized that a young girl would have nothing else to think about. An odalisque could not find much joy in serving her mistress; her only hope was to have carnal relations with the Sultan. "I'm glad it's not just me, but I still feel frustrated now; all that excitement before only to end up in disappointment."

The many games Artemis had played with her mistress and Miriam's stories had given Artemis a dozen lustful ideas which she was eager to try. "I do not mean to be presumptuous but perhaps I can do something to help you, Miss."

"What could you do?"

"If it pleases you, Miss, just close your eyes and pretend I am the Sultan."

Niyaz looked doubtful given Artemis's short stature and ripe breasts.

"Please, Miss, just try it," Artemis said.

Frustration got the better of Niyaz so she shut her eyes. She felt Artemis begin her assault with kisses. The young girl was insistent and forceful, like the Sultan. Niyaz began to feel her passion build again. As the kisses continued Niyaz felt Artemis's hand under her shirt and onto her breasts. The young girl gently caressed her nipples until a soft moan escaped from Niyaz. She felt the shirt lifted from her head and the warm sunlight upon her breasts. Artemis's mouth left her lips and now assaulted her firm tits.

Niyaz was no longer so apprehensive of Artemis's attempts; though she knew that it wasn't the Sultan's mouth sucking on her breasts it still felt wonderful. Her breathing became more ragged and she reached up for Artemis's shirt and began working it up.

Certain of her triumph, Artemis hurriedly removed her own clothes and then gently worked down Niyaz's harem pants reveling in her smooth slippery womanhood. She then lowered her muff onto Niyaz's and began to thrust her hips so their mounds were rubbing against each other.

The sensation was like nothing Niyaz had ever felt. As their two cunts touched, mashed and ran against one another she felt sparks course through her. She no longer kept her eyes closed but instead looked into the dark, mysterious eyes of Artemis and reveled in her beauty. She had always seemed like a little girl before and Niyaz had never thought of her as anything but Miriam's servant. Now she was a mature, confident woman. Niyaz watched as Artemis's breasts jiggled with her exertions. Niyaz raised her legs and put them about Artemis's muscular ass; the Sultan always liked that.

Artemis smiled as her hand stole down towards Niyaz's cunt. It was awkward, but she was rewarded when Niyaz through back her head and began to moan in earnest. Her head snapped from side to side like a snake. Finally a longer and louder moan announced she had reached her peak. She fell back and smiled lazily.

Panic quickly overtook Artemis, for they were out of doors where any passersby might have seen them. She got up and dressed, gently encouraging Niyaz to do the same.

"But you didn't arrive," objected Niyaz.

"It is okay, Miss, I do not want to get caught."

"I have a private chamber, come visit me tonight."

Artemis smiled, and then thought of Miriam. It was going to be a busy night.

Chapter 8.

The ships faded into the distance. The cool sea water surrounded Cecil as he bobbed to the surface. He looked to the stars to get his bearings and then he swam. He had looked over the charts earlier in the night and had seen that there were islands to the north. He didn't know what progress the boat had made in the intervening hours or how far away the islands were. He just swam, with no thought of the futility of the act. The salt water stung his wound. Sharks could smell blood, Cecil knew this, but felt no fear. There was surf upon the sand ahead; at least he thought he heard that. It could have been his imagination. Fatigue began to overcome it, and he felt deathly cold as he struggled on.

There was something in the distance, he realized. There were clear shapes in the moonlight ahead. Even if they were just rocks he could hold on to them until dawn. He swam with renewed vigor, but how far away it was. How miserable this cold sea in this foreign land. Cecil's thoughts drifted away. He fought to stay focused so that he could see Jenny again. Jenny, his thoughts drifted away from the present and to her. He could almost see England. How beautiful it was with its gardens, flowers and trees; so much different than the desert or open sea. He felt he was there again on the night when their family had gone to see Don Giovanni.

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