tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEscaped Ch. 03

Escaped Ch. 03


As they all rode in the small bus with very dark tinted windows, Dee could not stop thinking about how terrible it was that her husband and son-in-law had sold her and her daughters and mother into slavery. She wondered if it were true. She didn't want not to believe the ship's captain who told her this incredible information before leaving the freighter in this oriental port. As they were leaving the port she saw a sign which said Ko Si Chang and further down the road she spotted a road sign which said Bangkok. She knew they had landed in Thailand but had no knowledge of this place or what was in store for herself and her family.

The trip was slow and all the women dozed for some time while the bus rolled along the roads around the bay and toward the city. Eventually they entered the city which was huge and brightly lighted with big avenues and street and jammed with people. They were surprised at how big this place was and how modern and yet oriental it was in character. Eventually they pulled into what seemed like a long alley and drove to the back of a long building. The doors opened and the women were led into a back door. It was brightly lighted inside and they were moved to a wide flight of stairs and climbed one floor. Here they were greeted by a middle aged oriental man who was very well dressed in a fine silk suit and tie. He ushered them into a very large room that seemed to be some kind of banquet hall. The women were seated at a large round table and waiters appeared with dishes of hot food and bowls of rice. Water and wine were also brought out and poured and the meal was very good and the women enjoyed the feeling of freedom that dining together gave them. As the meal wound down, the man rose from his chair and began to speak to the women.

"You have come on a long journey to be here in my house. I have purchased each one of you and I have done so because of your beauty and your abilities. You have come well recommended to me by your seller and I trust you will perform very well while I own you. If you accept your roles here, you will be well cared for and looked after with fine clothing and luxurious lives. But should you fail to do as you are told; I will punish you and make you very sorry that you forced me to hurt you.

Now, I want each of you to stand as I select you and come to me so I may inspect my property. You are first," he said pointing to Dee.

Dee rose and walked around the table to stand before this man who now owned her. Standing there before him in her light dress she looked both sexy and alluring. The dresses were given to her and to the others along with lace bras and thongs and high heels. Dees red outfit fit very well and showed off her very large breasts and the scooped neckline revealed a good amount of cleavage.

"I am Mr. Sumato and what is your name," he asked her.

"I am Dee and these are my three daughters and my mother," she replied

"I am pleased to have you here with me. Slowly turn so I can see you from all sides please," he told her.

Dee did as he asked and turned so he could see her from profile and get the full impression of her huge breasts straining inside the form fitting dress. Continuing she turned away from him and knew he was surveying her nicely formed ass which was so fully on display in this tight light dress.

"Stop there Dee," he told her as she then felt his hands on her shoulders move to the zipper on her dress. He pulled it all the way down as she stood motionless.

"Drop the dress to your feet and kick it away, Dee," he directed her and she slid it down over her full hips and to the floor and then stepped out of it and kicked it to the side.

Dee's mind was racing. Here was the very nice gentleman who spoke softly and with respect and yet she could feel that he was also very dangerous and a man to be very cautious of as well. He had mentioned punishment during his initial remarks to them and she could tell that he was also a man that followed through.

"Take the bra off and turn to face me," Mr. Sumato told her.

Dee unhooked the front center clasp and threw the bra on top of her dress and turned to face him. He smiled as his hands reached out to feel the fullness of the big breasts in front of him. He squeezed them and then took her nipples in his fingers and pulled them while rubbing them between his fingers. Dee could already feel her temperature rise as her nipples hardened right away.

"Now take off the thong for your owner, Dee," Mr. Sumato told her as he worked her sensitive and aroused nipples. Her hands went down her sides until she took the light lace material and began to push the thong to her ankles before kicking it away.

"Tell me, Dee, is your cunt wet for your new owner," he asked as her body was getting highly excited by both the hard manipulation of her breasts and nipples plus the dominating way he treated her.

"Yes sir, my cunt is very wet, Mr. Sumato," she breathed back at him. He took a firm grasp of her nipples and pulled her by them as she moaned and followed him to the empty table a few feet away.

"Sit on the table, Dee, and put your feet up onto the two chairs on either side of you," he said as he squeezed her long nipples and then released them.

Dee sat on the table top and placed her high heels on the chairs that were positioned to the sides of her well formed legs. In this position, she was totally opened and exposed. He could easily see the moistness on her sexually needy cunt lips.

"Now use your fingers to open your cunt for me," he instructed as Dee dropped one hand and then the other to her glistening flesh. Her fingers went slightly inside the moist folds and she then pulled them back to open herself as instructed. Mr. Sumato positioned himself in front of her, between her wide opened legs as his hand came down and then his fingers entered her. He began to saw them in and out of Dee's cunt as his thumb rubbed her excited clit at the same time. Her eyes closed as she gave herself to this amazing sensation.

"Open your eyes and look at your owner Dee. Tell your other family members to strip naked and place themselves on the table just as you have," he ordered her.

"Mom, girls, do as he says. Take off your clothes and get on the table with your legs on the chair. Keep your heels on and spread yourselves open for him," she moaned as her body was quickly approaching orgasm. Dee heard movement around her and then felt her mother sit on the table beside her and lift her smooth legs onto the chairs. Because the table was round, she could only see her mother's right shoulder but could tell she was totally naked and ready for Mr. Sumato.

She could also hear the clothing drop from the twins and then felt the table move as they must also have gotten on and positioned themselves. Then she felt the beginnings of her climax and still looking at her owner she began to shudder.

"Oh, yes, like that. Oh, God, so fucking good. Yes, fuck it, oh God, fuck it please," she cried out as her orgasm explode within her and her body screamed from the release. Her hips moved on his hand as the final spasms subsided and Mr. Sumato moved away from her and then took his place between her mother's wide spread thighs.

"Tell me your name, mother," he said as his hands took her full breasts and squeezed them and caressed them in his smooth hands.

"Darlene, my name is Darlene," she said as she looked down and watched the man pull on her nipples and make then red and hard.

"You are very beautiful for a woman your age. I have bought you because I have many young men who wish to have an older woman to teach them special things. You will be a good teacher for your owner won't you Darlene," he said as his hand moved down and entered her wet pussy.

"Oh, yes, I will be a good teacher," she whispered as her hips moved forward to get his fingers deeper inside her begging cunt. His other hand was pinching and pulling at her swollen nipples and the older woman was grinding her hips onto Mr. Sumato's fingers.

"Tell, me Darlene, have you always been such a willing whore for men," he asked as he pistoned his fingers into her wet cunt.

"Yes, I love to be fucked and used by men. I need it all the time. I love being a dirty slut," she moaned as her climax approached.

"You will like it here then, Mother," he said, "because I have many men who will want to feast on your mature body." Darlene leaned back and convulsed on his hand in a very loud orgasm.

"Oh, yes, I'm cumming," she cried, "Oh, please, yes, do it to me. Please I need more, oh it's so good," she almost yelled as her body rolled from one peak to another until she eventually slowed her hips and came to a gradual stop.

Moving to his right he then stood between the twins and reached out to touch each one at the same time. His hands were on their firm young thighs and sliding up to touch their open cunts and then enter them.

"I have so many men who will love taking your young lush bodies," he said to Dani on his left. She pulled her legs back and placed her high heels on the table top, allowing Mr. Sumato to enter her very deeply with his fingers.

One his right he was teasing with Danielle's clit and rubbing it and hearing her soft deep moans.

"Many men have fantasies about having twins at the same time and you both will be very important to me in fulfilling these fantasies," he told them. Both young women were already climbing toward climaxes as he manipulated their wet pussies.

"Pull on your nipples and make them very hard and erect for me," he demanded as his fingers drove them closer and closer to the edge. He watched them take their full tits and nipples and pull and pinch them roughly as they were being finger fucked by this elegant Asian man. As required, their nipples stood out on their firm tits and were very long and erect as first Dani screamed out her orgasm while Danielle followed just moments later.

When he was done with these beautiful twins he moved again to his right but Diane was not on the table. She was still seated at the other table where they had eaten and was still fully dressed. She had her arms folded in front of her and her head down and seemed to be trying to ignore him and the recent events at the larger round table.

Walking to Diane, Mr. Sumato looked down at her and began to shake his head,

"You have disobeyed me and I told you that would be severely dealt with, didn't I," he said in a soft voice.

"We do not give second chances here. You are my property. You are owned. I am disappointed in your failure to obey and you will now pay a very dear price," he warned her as he stepped back and clapped his hands several times.

Three tall, fit looking oriental men came through the door very quickly and presented themselves to their boss.

"Strip her and take her to the play room and get her ready for me," he ordered. They took Diane by the arms and dragged her from the room as she screamed back at Mr. Sumato.

"You do not own me. No man owns me," were her last sounds as she disappeared.

"Your daughter needs some lessons in good manners, Dee," he said to the naked woman who sat there with a shocked but helpless expression on her face.

"All of you will follow me to the play room so you can learn from this girl's mistakes," he said as the women rose to their feet and went to get their discarded clothing from the floor.

"You will not need to dress. Just follow me as you are," he barked. The women could see he was angry now and they all feared for what he would do to Diane.

By the time they got to the room at the end of the long hallway, Mr. Sumato ordered them to a set of chairs at one end. There was a ceiling high privacy screen that separated the rest of the room from the women but they could hear Diane on the other side pleading with the men to stop what they were doing. After several minutes, the struggling and pleading stopped and Mr. Sumato pressed a button and the temporary wall slowly retracted to reveal Diane in the center of the room. The women gasped when they saw her.

Diane had been stripped naked and was tied with her hands over her head. Leather bands were around her wrists and the ropes were hooked to ceiling rings and secured her in place. Her ankles were also held wide apart with leather ankle restraints and ropes lashed to floor rings. The only thing she wore was her strappy stiletto heels. She looked defiant and Dee wondered why at this point in their long travels had she decided to rebel. It had been a sexual journey for them and she saw Diane being used and enjoying her role as whore, first from the black men who invaded her home and then from the men on the ship which took them here to Bangkok. So many times she had heard Diane crying out for more cock and screaming out from her crashing orgasms. This made no sense, but maybe it did.

From the beginning Diane had been a captive who was taken against her will from her safe suburban life. Now she had just come to grips with the reality that she was OWNED by a man she did not know and that this was now her life. Before today she had hope. Before today it was just an exciting sexual adventure. But upon being ushered into this strange Southeast Asian world, she knew this was both real and permanent. She also knew that her husband had been the one who put her here. It was a lot to come to grips with and she had reacted violently to the idea. Now she would be punished.

Mr. Sumato walked to face her as she was tethered and helpless before him. His manicured hands reached out to take her large breasts in his hands. He felt their weight and massaged them as they all watched. His fingers played and pinched at her nipples and they were getting hard and growing very extended as he did this. Moving behind her he kept one hand on her right tit while his other hand traveled down her body to her stomach and then lower until he slowly massaged her open cunt, rubbing her clit as he did. It was obvious that Diane was reacting to his expert touch but was also trying desperately to keep him from knowing how aroused she was getting. But when he shoved two fingers into her cunt, she couldn't keep a moan from escaping her full lips.

"Oh," she gasped as her hips moved forward onto his hand, forcing his fingers deeper. She began to grind herself onto his fingers. Dee watched and knew how aroused her daughter was and that once she was sexually excited, she couldn't stop herself. Dee knew that Diane didn't start out wanting this but now it was obvious that she was just like her mother. She was a slut. Dee knew her so well.

Mr. Sumato had moved to her side as Diane kept pumping her hips onto his hand. Then with a sudden and violent movement, he reared back and delivered a very hard and resounding crack across her naked ass. Diane's movements stopped with the suddenness of the blow and the pain it caused. But the fingers kept moving inside her and after the initial shock it was still obvious that Diane was still very hot. Mr. Sumato then delivered another hard slap across her firm ass followed by another and then seven or eight more.

"Please," she cried out, "please stop," she begged as the beating continued.

"I told you that I will not tolerate disobedience. You are my property and will always do exactly what you are told. Am I making this clear to you," he asked in a soft but direct manner while striking her tight ass again and again.

"Please stop," she cried back at him as tears streaked her face.

"I asked you if I was being clear about your role," he said as once again he pounded her ass with a hard deliberate slap.

"Yes, you are. Please stop," she pleaded tearfully.

He stopped as she had asked and looking to the side of the room, nodded to one of the men. He pulled down a leather strap that had the last one foot of it cut into ten thin strips. Mr. Sumato took the weapon and withdrew his fingers from her wet cunt.

"You have not submitted to me as your owner, my dear, and this will end now," he told her as he wrapped the leather band around his hand and watching her shocked and terrified eyes as he slowly prepared the strap. Turning for the first time to the women sitting on the other side who were both afraid and upset at what they had just witnessed and were about to witness, he addressed them.

"Dani, Danielle and Mother, go over to my assistants and take their cocks out and get them hard. Do it now," he ordered as the women were at first startled but then rose to walk to the big men and dropped to their knees in front of them. The men stripped naked and the women took their cocks into their mouths and began to do as they were ordered. The men all stood there with hands on their hips and looking down as the women serviced their sizable cocks. Dee was watching her daughters and mother on their knees and was getting horny from being left. But she was still was very concerned for Diane.

Diane was shaking from fear as Mr. Sumato ran the leather strap over her body and particularly over her hard nipples. He then leaned in and sucked on one nipple and played with it with his tongue as she felt her heat rising again. He shifted his attention to the other nipple and did the same while his fingers once again found her wet cunt.

"Please, I promise to obey. I will do what you want. Please don't hurt me anymore," she pleaded as her body was humping his probing fingers and her tits pressed forward to force more of her big tits into his sucking mouth. It was easy to see the heightened need in her as he worked her body as she hung helpless in front of him. Then he pulled away from Diane and his arm rose and the small leather strip came down on her right breast with a snapping sound. Then her left tit was next and then he went back and forth for several more hard hits of the whip-like strap.

"Who owns you, Diane," he asked her as he moved close and began to suck on her tender and painful nipples.

"You own me. Oh, God, please don't hurt me anymore," she moaned as the sucking was arousing her even more now that the nipples were so tender from the strap. He sucked and bit down on the nipples and drove her crazy with the conflicting sexual sensations that ran through her body.

"Oh, God, my tits feel so good. Please suck my tits. Please, please," she moaned out to him as he mouthed the sensitive nipples.

Then stepping back again, Mr. Sumato took the strap and with an underhand motion brought it up to snap on her exposed cunt. He did it again and Diane was crying out again. The strap made direct contact on her clit and drove her excitement higher while at the same time caused her more pain.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, what are you doing to me," she moaned. The strap hit directly onto her clit again and Dee watched as her daughter seemed to push her hips out to get the full impact of the blow. She knew that her daughter was enjoying this new sensation and that her tormentor knew exactly how to use the hard leather on her.

"Tell your owner what you need," he demanded.

"More, please, I need more. Oh God, I'm on fire, please," she begged.

One more hard slap of the whip and she was writhing on the restraints that held her.

"Are you my property? Are you my whore," he said demanding an answer.

"Oh. yes, I'm a whore. I am your whore. You own me," she panted as he plunged his fingers into her wet cunt again.

"Oh, yes, fuck your whore," she said as he worked her cunt once again. Then suddenly he withdrew again and barked orders to his men.

"Tit is time to use my whore. Undo her ankles and use her like she has been begging me to do," he commanded of the men who were all hard and ready.

They left the kneeling women and unsnapped the ankle restraints from the rings on the floor. One of the men stood in front of her and reached down behind her thighs and lifted Diane off the floor so that she was suspended only by the wrist restraints. He positioned his hard cock at the entrance to her cunt and drove himself into her fully with the first stroke. Taking her ass in his hands he began to pound his big cock into her as her legs lifted up and encircled his hips. Diane was into it right away as if her body was dying to be fucked like this. Her heels dug into his hips as she bucked her talented hips onto him.

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