tagGroup SexEscort Girls Ch. 01

Escort Girls Ch. 01


This is a multipart story. Erotic themes include lesbian and group sex, prostitution, and incest.

First Lesbian Sex

To be young and single in Paris might seem to be a dream come true for any girl just out of high-school and finally free of a mother's oversight. But sometimes dreams turn out to be other than expected, as I will relate in this story. I was in the City of Lights and free for some weeks before beginning classes at the university. Although my senior class trip to France had been a great success, I'd had a good deal of trouble convincing Mom to let me come for such an extended period. But as I'd been accepted and spoke really good French after five years of classes, I eventually persuaded her. I found myself that August in a studio apartment on the Rue du Dragon, two paces from the church of St-Germain des Pres in the heart of the Latin Quarter. My budget for the year was rather tight, and I determined to find a small boulot to get spending money. I placed cards offering English lessons on various bulletin boards in the area. With no responses after a week, and classes looming, I was resigned to applying at "MacDo". I was saved from burger hell when I received a call on my mobile. And so I met Monique, my student in English and teacher in all other things.

She is three years older than I, and to my Midwestern eyes she seemed extremely sophisticated, with her lustrous black hair always immaculately coiffed, manicured nails, perfect makeup, and svelte figure. She possessed a closet full of elegant clothes, and even in student garb of jeans and pullover, she maintained an appearance of unapproachability. I fell immediately under her spell, and although our subsequent meetings passed as lessons, they were for me more like chats with the older sister I'd never had. When I knew her better and was more experienced in worldly matters I became aware of her many faults. Nevertheless we remain close to this day.

Monique called herself a student, but I never saw her study. She went frequently on dates, but she never brought any men back to her apartment. Our lessons, or conversations, took place at odd hours. She'd call, and I'd come to her apartment. She said she needed better English for her job, whatever that was, and although she had a pronounced accent her vocabulary and grammar were not bad. Nevertheless, she continued with me and always paid each time. Although my rates were little more than the smic (minimum wage), I felt guilty about accepting her money.

After a few sessions, our conversations turned more intimate, and soon she had explored all my personal history, romantic and otherwise.

"Tell me about your sister," she commanded, lighting a cigarette.

"Her name is Eve. She's younger than I by a year and a half, and much prettier."

"You are quite attractive I find, beautiful even."

I blushed at this praise, and continued. "People say I'm pretty, but Eve is beautiful. We had to share a room growing up, and although we fought a lot, she has always been my best friend. We speak on the phone every week. One day she came home unexpectedly when I was playing with myself, and watched me until I came."

"You were embarrassed?"

"Very. But she wasn't. She told me it was very cool watching me, because I came so hard, and she never did. She took off her skirt and panties, and asked me to watch her, to see what she was 'doing wrong'."

"And did you?"

"Yes. And she had an orgasm in a couple of minutes. She said my watching her was so hot that she could get over the edge easily. After that we would do it together almost every night."

"Did you like watching her?"

"Oh yeah. She has such a lovely pussy, and she looks beautiful when she cums. It made my orgasms better too."

"Did you ever touch her there?"

"No! I mean, she's my sister."

Monique smiled at my naiveté. "Was she a virgin?"

"We both were."

"But not now?"


"Tell me about your first time."

"It was pretty normal. I was a cheerleader in 11th grade, and dating this guy on the basketball team. He kept wanting to do it, so finally I let him."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Not the first time. It was his first time too. I didn't really know how to put the condom on him, and then once he broke my hymen he was too excited and he came right away. I was bleeding quite a bit too."


"Afterwards we fucked a lot. I started taking birth control pills, and once I was on them a while we didn't use the condoms any more. It was nice, but I never came with him like I did with Eve."

"Did you tell her so?"

"We don't have many secrets from each other. When she found out I was having sex, I had to tell her everything. I'd tell her how I'd been fucked after a date, and she would have really crashing orgasms."

"Did you have other men?"

"No. He is the only one. So far."

The bravado of that 'so far' seemed to amuse Monique. "There will be no end of opportunities here, if you allow yourself the chance. All of the boys in your class will be dying to have you. I myself prefer more mature men."

"Really? Why?"

"Yes. They have more control and consideration for a woman's pleasure. At least the good ones, anyway."

"I'll remember that."

"And Eve, she too is no longer an innocent?"

"She has a boyfriend now. Her first time was better than mine apparently, as she was quite happy when she got home to tell me about it. We masturbated as she described it, and wanted me to see that her hymen was gone. It was very hot looking into her, and I could see the little shreds of flesh where it had been broken."

"That is indeed 'hot' as you say. You have given me the desire to masturbate myself. Would you like to do it with me, as with your sister?"

I agreed at once, since as I said I had begun to regard Monique as a sort of sister, and retelling the event had made me hot as well. She eased my embarrassment by quickly removing her clothes. I thought her quite lovely. She had obviously spent much time at fitness, because her body was well well-toned. She had also shaved all of the pubic hair, save for a tiny triangle just above the cleft. In comparison, I had not been swimming that summer, and my own untrimmed blonde bush seemed to radiate unsophistication. I felt the blood rush into my cheeks, but Monique seemed to sense my feelings and at once put me at ease.

"Why do you blush? Your body is much like mine. I believe this 'cheerleading' thing is very good training. Ah, you are concerned that you are excessively hairy? That is no matter for concern, and your blonde hairs are very fine. I shave for my men friends, who seem to feel that a schoolgirl's bareness is somehow naughty. For myself, I prefer natural women." As she spoke, she let her hand play over her pussy and her fingers trace the space between the inner lips that protruded from between the outer ones. I looked on with fascination, forgetting my own sex as she closed her eyes and began to moan lightly. As her excitement appeared to mount, her fingers went deeper inside, then circled her clitoris, which had made an appearance from under its hood. Within a few minutes, she came, clamping her hand with her own thighs and exhaling deeply, before falling back onto her bed with her legs spread wide and some of her fluids glistening on the inside of her thighs.

When her eyes opened, she sat up saying, "I see you are excited by watching me," indicating the moisture evident on my pussy lips. "But you have not touched yourself."

"Not yet."

"You wanted to see what I did. That is natural. Is it like your sister?"

I found it difficult to reply. "No. Yes. I mean, we all do pretty much the same."

"You think so? Did your lover bring you off with his fingers in the same way?"

"No. I never came with him like that. He was always in too much of a hurry."

"How about when you fucked?"

"No, not then. Afterwards I would go to the toilet and bring myself off. Rubbing his cum on my clitoris was the best way."

"And with his mouth?"

"He tried once. But he didn't know what to do, and after said I tasted funny. That was the only time."

"That is typical with the young. They need training. And you as well. If you consent I will show you."

"What do you mean?"

"I will put my head between your legs and lick you until you have an orgasm. May I?" By now my hands had strayed into my lap, and my cunt was burning. Random thoughts of lesbian iniquity passed through my brain, but all the same I just nodded and lay back, opening my thighs to facilitate her access. "Now take your hands away and caress your breasts, while I operate here." Monique was obviously experienced in such operations, and her fingers and tongue afforded me pleasures unknown to me up to that time. Not only did she lap the inner edges of my slit, but also penetrated more deeply than I had imagined possible. Too, her agile tongue played all around the sensitive edges of my ass before lapping upward and circling my too-sensitive clit. I was in a daze of sensation, and I could feel the juices flowing incessantly from my cunt onto her lips and tongue. All the while my breasts seemed to swell under the double sensation of my fingers on the engorged nipples and Monique’s operations on my pussy. Several times I was on the verge of orgasm, and each time Monique pulled me back from the edge, prolonging both the pleasure and the tension.

Finally I could bear it no longer, and screamed, "Laisse moi jouir!" In response, Monique at last brought me over the edge with her tongue pressing my clit while three conjoined fingers fucked deeply into my inner passage. I felt my cunt walls compress her digits the orgasm passed through me in repeated waves.

When I had recovered someone and was able to open my clenched eyes, I looked down to see Monique's face looking at mine from between my still open thighs. Her lips and cheeks were shiny from the fluids that my pussy had exuded. "I think you enjoyed that, no?"

"Yes, yes!" I whispered. "I never knew it could be like that."

"You are very receptive and have a sensual nature. I think you will enjoy all methods of sex when you have more experience. We are alike in that respect."

"I didn't know you're a lesbian."

"Nor am I. I enjoy sex in all its aspects, and especially with someone who enjoys it with me, either man or woman. Don't be afraid that you are now some pervert who has had relations with someone of your own sex."

Monique's words seemed wise, and in the days and weeks to follow we repeated these exercises many times. I was not always the recipient, but learned to pleasure her in the same manner. I also had several small flirts with male students, but although I had sex with several of them I never was able to orgasm from being fucked. On occasion, I would visit Monique after one of these dates, and it pleased her imagination to explore my vagina with her tongue and mouth, thinking of the semen that had lately been within. Monique would then don her strapon, a device with which she had initiated me as well, and fuck me until I came several times.

I should mention that during these sessions, she continued to pay me as if our conversations had the purpose of improving her English, and with frugality I was able to stay within the budgetary limits I had set for myself. I had little to spare for other entertainment, and my studies went well since I spent many evenings in my apartment as a result of my impecuniousness. I had also told Eve about my relationship with Monique, although I held back the details on our cunnilingus and dildo-fucking.

A Threesome in the Country

One Friday evening, Monique called me to her apartment. This was an unusual event as I never saw her on weekends. "I have a small proposition to put to you," she said when I arrived, "and I will not be offended if you refuse."

"What is it?"

"I have a gentleman friend whom I visit from time to time, and we enjoy each other in ways you can probably imagine."

"I never thought I was your only playmate."

"This gentleman has a penchant to entertain more than one 'playmate' at a time, and I usually go to him with a special friend whom you do not know. However this friend is ill at the moment, and I thought you might like the opportunity to profit from her inconvenience."

"Profit? What do you mean?"

"I mean that this gentleman is generous, and at the conclusion of our fun is inclined to reward us for his pleasure."

"You mean he pays for sex."

"That is an indelicate way of putting it, but the gist of it is there." She paused to regard my dubious expression. "You are thinking that I am some sort of pute, but I feel no shame in doing for money what you do for entertainment."

"I don't think you're a prostitute, but this is all quite a surprise." I reflected, then said, "I suppose you could argue that I am being paid by you as well, since our meetings haven't been English lessons for quite some time."

"Don't reason that way. I am able to afford your company and am pleased to help you. It is for this reason that I propose helping you in this new way."

"Who is this man?"

"It is indiscrete to ask too much. I will say only that he is a businessman and distinguished in his field and that discretion is required. He is also quite refined and you will come to no harm. And you will be with me at all times."

I thought of my depleted bank account, and the idea of such a tryst was beginning to be appealing. "How much can I expect?"

"For the first time I will take a commission to see how it goes, but you can expect to earn one thousand Euros if he is pleased with us."

"One thousand? So much?" Such a sum would carry me for months.

"Yes, and if everyone is happy with the results then you can expect to be invited again in the future, and with better remuneration."

"What must I do?"

"We will take a train tomorrow afternoon, and will return Sunday evening. In the meantime, I think you have nothing suitable to wear, and since we are near the same size we will choose something for you from my wardrobe."

Monique's breasts are larger than mine, but we found a number of dresses and skirts which fit well enough, and later we shopped on Saturday morning for some things that were lacking. I found myself in possession of some shockingly expensive and utterly sexy underwear, including shelf bras, open crotch panties, and thongs. I was also taken for a manicure and haircut.

We boarded the TGV and by early afternoon had disembarked in the city of Bourges, where we were met by a chauffeured car. Neither Monique nor I said much as we drove through an area of lakes and marshes in the Sologne region, known for its hunting and fishing. The area is sparsely populated, but wealthy Parisians maintain country homes or hunting lodges, and it was at one of these that we arrived after 90 minutes travel. The building is a small chateau whose architecture proclaimed its construction in the late eighteenth-century. Monique obviously knew it well, for she guided me through the entrance hall and up a staircase to a bedroom on the first floor. The chauffeur followed with our cases.

Monique explained the program to follow. "This is our room, and we will change here as needed, but we will sleep in the bedroom of Monsieur Z. He is probably hunting now, and you will meet him this evening. We may be invited to dine with him. But usually he has business associates for dinner, and in that case we will be served here. In the meantime, I suggest we go for a swim."

"A swim? It is too cold!" It was then late October.

"The pool is covered and heated." Monique and I quickly undressed and got out our bikinis. Monique found robes in the bathroom, and I was advised that the tops of our suits would not be needed. Thus attired, we descended to the ground floor and thence to the pool, which was covered by a type of greenhouse connected to the rear of the chateau. The water was warm, and we amused ourselves by swimming laps and splashing each other during a pleasant half hour. Our play was interrupted by the entrance of Monsieur Z.

He was still dressed for the hunt in soiled tweed pants, leather boots, and a hunting jacket. He is a tall, well-built man of about 55, bald save for a fringe of graying hair, and possessing thick dark eyebrows. I recognized him at once from the newspapers as someone involved in the national political scene. I also knew that he was married, although his wife appeared with him only on ceremonial occasions and otherwise lived apart. Monique climbed from the pool to greet him, and they exchanged kisses on each cheek. She then motioned me to be introduced. As I climbed from the pool, the cool air and my nervousness caused my nipples to harden, a fact evidently noticed by our host.

"My dear Meredith, I am happy to make your acquaintance. You are as pretty and charming as Monique has told me." He had an obvious knack for setting people at ease. "Do you lack anything?"

"No, Monsieur. Everything is perfect."

"Please call me Jean. I shall be occupied the early part of the evening, but afterwards we shall become better acquainted." He kissed my hand and left the room. Monique and I then returned to our room to bathe and dress. She trimmed my public hair until only a thin layer remained just above my cleft and my outer lips. Then as she was brushing my hair, she asked, "Did you recognize him?"

"Of course. He is very well-known."

"Obviously you must say nothing of what passes here. He is very generous, but I would not want to anger him."

"I would not want my presence known either."

"My dear, no one will care what you do."

"Perhaps no one in France, but my Mother would have a fit if they saw me now."

"There is no reason she should."

We were served dinner in the room, simple but refined and delicious. Afterwards I dressed in the fancy underwear we had purchased that evening, with the lacy white crotchless panties, white pullup lace stockings, and the shelf bra, which compressed my breasts together but left the upper parts and the nipples exposed. Monique wore a satin bustier and a red silk thong. Neither of us wore makeup or jewelry.

At ten, we were summoned to Monsieur Z's room which adjoined ours. It is a huge space decorated in Empire style and dominated by an enormous canopied mahogany bed. Jean was seated in an ornate armchair wearing a heavy silk robe. He rose to greet us, kissing my cheek gently.

"My dear Meredith. Monique tells me that this is your first time in such a situation."

"Yes Monsieur. I mean Jean."

"I find that charming, and exciting. Are you excited?"

"Yes, Jean."

"And a little frightened as well I think."

"A little."

"Because you don't know what may happen. You are quite alone and defenseless, and no one knows you are here. Anything can happen to you, yes?"

A chill went through me. "What are you going to do?"

"A little uncertainty, a little fear adds piquancy to the sexual act. If you perform well, nothing may happen other than you return to your normal life as a student, if that is in fact what you are."

"I assure you I am a student."

"Monique tells me you are indeed a fast learner. You can demonstrate what she has taught you."

Now it was her turn to lead me to the bed, where she lay back with spread legs. "Climb up here and eat me, and keep your rear towards Jean, so that he can see your pussy and asshole."

I had no alternative but to obey, and holding the cloth of her thong to one side began to lick her. I was fearful of what was to come, but the familiar position and taste seemed to calm me, and after some minutes I felt my own pussy become hot and moist.

"Spread your legs wider," Jean commanded. I looked back at him as I obeyed. He had opened his robe and was stroking his erect cock. I turned back to attend to Monique's cunt, now plentifully bedewing my tongue with fluids. As I licked around her clit and then down to her asshole, I sense that Jean had moved behind me. Before I could otherwise react, I felt his hands on my hips and the head of his member pressing at the entrance of my pussy. I was not totally lubricated, and he entered me in degrees, each thrust penetrating further until his thighs were pressed against my rear.

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