tagGroup SexEscort Girls Ch. 03

Escort Girls Ch. 03


Explanations and Vacations

Standing dripping in the salon, I was overcome with emotions that were difficult to separate: shame, anger, and defiance were all there. Monique in her robe looked from Eve to me. With her Gallic shrug, she sat down on the sofa, and crossing her legs carelessly lit a cigarette.

"How did you find that?" was all I could think of to say.

"I didn't find it. It was right there when I sat down. You really ought to close your browser window when you're done."

With a sinking feeling I realized that I was responsible for my own discovery, as I had hurriedly responded to a client request that morning, and had forgotten to shut down the browser.

"Now I know how you can afford to buy me those clothes. When were you going to tell me?"

"I wasn't. It's my business. I mean it's my affair."

"Mom would have a fit. You'd be grounded for life."

"You wouldn't tell her." Pause. "Would you?"

"Maybe I will, maybe I won't. What's it worth to keep me quiet."

Monique spoke quickly in French, "She's teasing you, don't worry."

"What do you want?"

Eve stood up and kissed me, running her hands through my wet hair. "You big dummy! Do you think I'd do anything to hurt you? Your secret's safe with me."

Monique giggled. "I told you."

"Told you what?" Eve asked.

"That you were teasing me. I wasn't sure."

"Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence."


"I think it's cool. Your pics on the site are too hot for words. Both of you."

"Could you recognize me that easily?"

"Easy. 'Course I've seen your bod up close. Now go finish your bath. I'm going to look at the rest of this."

Later, the three of us talked until the early hours. Eve wanted to know everything: who the clients were, what we did with them, how much they paid. I wasn't in a mood to be too explicit, but Monique answered every question Eve put to her. Her description of my first time with Jean especially fascinated her. Every detail of the Sologne chateau, every sexual position were subjects for more questions.

"You really fucked him in the ass? That would have been something to see. I bet that hurt."

"He was fucking me at the same time, so he was distracted," Monique added.

"And he took you to Switzerland? What did you do there?"

"I took some ski lessons and ate fondue in the lodge while he was meeting with some UN guys."

"And then?"

"Then we had a gang-bang with twenty of his friends."

"Wow! Really?"

"No, dummy! We just had normal sex. At least pretty normal." I had also opened a bank account to stash my earnings, but I didn't mention that to her.

"He has a private jet. That must be cool."

"I love that part. He had his secretary with us, so no messing around in the air. Plus it was a short flight."

"I'd like to meet this guy."

"That can be arranged," Monique said before I could warn her off.


"He likes Meredith so much I'm sure he'll like her sister. Besides, we've been invited next week."

This was news to me. "When did he call?"

"This morning. I agreed for myself, but I didn't commit you. His yacht is at Nice and he wants us for the week. He said his sons will be there."

"His sons? Does he want us for himself or them?"

"Who cares?" said Monique with a shrug.

"I want to go" said Eve.

"I'm sure we can arrange something," said Monique.

"Absolutely not!" I broke in. "It's OK for us, but you don't need to get mixed up in this."

"What's mixed up? A week on a yacht in the Med with the super-rich? I'm in!"

"We're not being invited for our personalities you know."

"You've gone places with him, and nothing bad has happened to you. What's the problem?"

"The problem is fucking for money. I don't know who else is going to be there. I never met his sons either."

Monique spoke up, "I've met the older one. He's a playboy but nothing to worry about. The younger one is your age I think. He's in school. Maybe he'll fall in love with one of you and you'll be set for life."

"Yeah, right! People like that don't fall in love with the hired help."

In the end my objections were overridden, and Monique called Jean the following day to announce that Eve was available to join us. She also reminded him of his promised bonus in her regard. Jean answered that it would be no problem as long as everything passed satisfactorily. In the few days that remained before the trip, I met no clients and accompanied Eve on various errands, including a private clinic where blood samples were taken from us. I explained that we were always tested for diseases before visiting Jean, as he did not support either being infected or using condoms. I made sure that Eve's birth control was current.

Early on the day of departure we were driven to the airport, where Jean's jet was waiting. Within two hours we landed at Côte d'Azur airport in Nice, where a limousine was waiting to take us to the marina. From there a tender took us out to the yacht, anchored in the gulf. It was a boat worthy of Jean, probably fifty meters in length with several decks. A uniformed crewmember led us to individual adjoining cabins, while another carried our luggage. Neither Jean nor his sons were aboard, but were expected in the afternoon, and we were invited to make use of any of the yacht's facilities in the interim.

Both Monique and Eve changed into skimpy two-piece suits, and went to the fantail deck to sun themselves and drink mimosas. I was curious about the yacht, and asked one of the officers for a tour, which I found fascinating. Afterwards I took a nap until awakened by call to the cabin telephone informed me that dinner would be served at seven.

I bathed and dressed, then went out on deck about six. I was directed to the upper sundeck where I found Jean and two men sitting around a table. Jean and the older of the other two were smoking cigars. As I supposed, these were the sons. The older, Julien, looked to be in his early thirties. He did not resemble his father particularly, being short and stocky with thick black hair and a swarthy face. On being introduced, he gave me a rather sardonic smile as he kissed my cheek. His brother Marc resembled a young Jean, with the same slim build, high cheekbones, and prominent brows. He appeared to be in his early twenties and was quite handsome. He seemed quite embarrassed as we were introduced: when he took my hand, his palm felt sweaty in mine. I was given a drink and a seat, and shortly thereafter Eve and Monique arrived, each in light sleeveless dresses with scoop necklines that displayed plenty of cleavage. Julien obviously knew Monique well, and after the introductions they walked over to the rail and began to converse in a low tone. I thought their behavior unsociable.

We remaining four sat around the table conversing in English for Eve's benefit. Eve, having drunk three glasses of wine, became gay and chatty, answering all of Jean's questions without reserve. I saw that Jean was playing with her; while although his questions were innocent-seeming, they were opening lines of the sort of seduction he took pleasure in. For his part, Marc said almost nothing, responding with oui or non to questions Eve put to him. It came out that he had just gotten his degree in economics, and would be entering the prestigious ENA the following month. I was impressed by this fact, as the ENA is the most prestigious school in France, and all of the country's high administrators were selected from the ranks of its graduates. Even if he was not very sociable, Marc's eyes seldom left Eve.

It was the same at dinner. Marc was seated between Monique and me with Eve facing him and Jean facing me. Julien continued his dialog with Monique to the exclusion of the rest, principally about racing. Marc stared at Eve, who had become more demure, while Jean discoursed on the wines, the various dishes, our itinerary for the week, and so forth. On occasion, such as between courses, his right hand disappeared below the table, and I had the impression he was touching Eve's leg or thigh. She gave no outward indication, other than a start and a nervous smile at the first touch. I received no such attention from Marc, who scarcely turned my way at all.

After cheese and dessert, the men left to smoke on the afterdeck, and we girls wandered to the bow. Monique lit up a cigarette and said to Eve, "I think you've made a conquest."

Eve smiled contentedly. "Yeah. Did you notice how he was rubbing my leg. I had my dress hiked up pretty high, and I thought he was going to feel me through my panties."

"You're wearing panties? Oh la! But I was referring to Marc."

"Marc?" I said in disbelief. "He hardly said two words all night."

"That's right. I wonder if he understands English," Eve replied.

Monique disagreed. "He was looking at you from the first minute, and when I see that look in a man I know he has only one thought, to get into my pants. Take it from one who has some experience in these matters."

"He is handsome. I won't mind if you're right. You and Julien were pretty cozy. What were you talking about? It was rude not to speak English, you know."

"We are French in our own country, so who is the rude one?" She laughed and took a drag on her cigarette. "As it happens, he and Marc will be in Paris next week, and we were talking about attending some horse races together at Longchamps."

"Where is that?"

"The Bois du Boulogne."

At that moment, Julien appeared to summon Monique, who departed with a wink in our direction.

"I suppose she's going to his cabin," said Eve. "What are we supposed to do?"

Eve's Initiation

Her question was not long in being answered, as Jean appeared next to invite us to his quarters. These proved to a large cabin in the middle of the lower deck extending the full width of the hull. It was paneled in light wood and had a clean elegant style that I liked immensely. At the rear was a large bed on a platform, and in the other end a type of sitting room with chairs arranged around a low table.

We were invited to sit, and Jean poured us snifters of old cognac. Then sitting facing us, he spoke to Eve. "You are quite a beautiful girl. I have been anxious to make your closer acquaintance for some time. Did you know that?"

"Yes sir. Meredith told me."

"Call me Jean, please! Do you know why you are here?"

"Yes Jean."

"And what is that reason?"

"To please you in any way I can."

"I am sometimes hard to please. What do you think would please me at this moment?"

"I don't know. I mean, tell me and I'll do it."

"A more experienced girl would answer differently. Meredith, tell me what you would have said."

"Knowing you as I do, I would have offered to remove all of my clothing, and then yours, and then fuck you unconscious."

"You do know me well, and we may arrive at that point eventually. Is that also your expectation my dear Eve?"

"Something like that I guess."

"And having your sister watch, that does not bother you?"

"Oh, no!"

"And were she to join in our amusement, that would not be displeasing?"

"Not at all."

"You and she have been intimate then already?"

"Yes. I love her, and she loves me. I'm sure you know that already."

"I wanted to hear it from your own lips. You are quite a naughty girl, and Meredith too. When I first met her she was very protective of your innocence, but I see that was unnecessary. So I will tell you directly that tonight I want to see how you love Meredith, and then I will try you for myself. Is that agreeable to you?"

"Sure. I think you're pretty cool for ..."

"For an old man. I understand you completely. I am not your 'dream man' perhaps. What did you think of my sons?"

"They seem nice."

"Very diplomatic, Eve, but not good judgment. Julien is a wastrel. Do you know what that means?"

"Not really."

"It means he is a useless drone who does nothing to earn his keep, and spends money that is his only because of his birth. His mother spoiled him when he was younger. It is a shame because he has intelligence. He has Monique to amuse him, and they are well suited to each other. They know exactly what each wants from the other. Something like Meredith and me, but not entirely. Meredith does not know what she wants as yet. She thinks she wants money and will do anything to get it, but when she has it will she be satisfied? What do you say to that Meredith ma chère?"

Jean was waxing more philosophic than usual, and I replied only that "When I have enough I shall know, but not before."

"A response worthy of a university scholar. But Eve has not yet been at university, so I will ask her what she thinks of my other son."

"He's very quiet. He must be really smart."

"Yes, almost a genius, and a hard worker. The opposite of Julien. He has no social skills. You were facing him at dinner. Did he converse with you?"

"No. Does he speak English?"

"Probably better than you do. He spent two years at Cambridge. He sat next to Meredith, who is very attractive and dressed seductively. Did you see him look at her?"


"Or even look down at those lovely breasts beside his arm?"

"I guess not."

"So what would you conclude about my boy genius?"

"Maybe he's gay?"

"There is no indication that he has had male lovers. Once again I blame his mother. He is a mama's boy and has never matured. But tonight I saw that he was looking at you in a funny way. Monique advises me that he has fallen for your charms. Would that please you if it were so?"

"Well, he's very handsome."

"Certainly preferable to his father no doubt. You will have an opportunity for comparison. I suspect he is still a virgin. Would it please you to be his first?"

"Sure, although the first time isn't very good."

"You have some expertise in this matter, then?"

"My first time was the guy's first time too."

"You have the week to seduce him if you can. Meredith has told you I can be generous to girls that please me."


"But that is not as important for you."

"I don't know. I do like having money, for clothes and things."

"We shall see what happens. But that is enough about Marc for tonight. Shall we amuse ourselves?" Jean stood up and moved to face Eve. He took her hand and motioned her to rise, kissing her forehead in a fatherly manner. Then he turned her so that her back was to him and unzipped her, pulling the straps down over her shoulder and allowing the dress to fall to the floor. She instinctively crossed her arms in front in a protective gesture, but Jean took her hands in his saying, "There is no need for modesty here, ma petite." Eve dropped her hands awkwardly to her side as Jean undid the clasp of the strapless bra and let it fall.

Eve's breasts had no real need for support, and stood out proudly from her chest as Jean, reaching around with both hands, cupped and bounced them gently, as if weighing ripe melons. He pulled her close to him and licked her ear, and she is turn took his hands in hers. Her pink nipples stood out stiffly as he caressed her, and she began to breathe faster, her head turned to one side. The scene was quite erotic, as I saw my sister being caressed by my lover. I knelt before them, and without being bidden peeled down the skimpy panties she wore, so that her only remaining garment were the strap sandals on her feet. The panties felt moist to my touch, and in bringing them to my nose sensed the musky smell of Eve's pussy, already showing a sheen of moisture around the inner lips. Jean released one breast and reached down to touch her slit, inserting a fingertip within and then bringing it to his lips.

"Delicious my dear," he declared, bringing the finger to Eve's lips, where she cleaned the remainder of her essence. "I can well imagine that Meredith loves to drink there, and I now wish to see that." He led her to the bed and lay her on her back. I followed and climbed between her legs and began to lick and suck her pussy in my usual fashion, while she cupped her breasts and squeezed the nipples, a position we had often practiced. I was still dressed, but Jean pulled the hem of my dress over my back, pulled my thong strap aside, and began to finger my cunt from the side while watching Eve and me closely. It took only a short time for Eve to orgasm, coating my tongue and lips with a copious release of fluids.

"Bravo, ma chère Eve. An excellent performance, and also from you dear Meredith. You make me anxious to experience you more deeply. Perhaps you can undress your sister while I remove my clothing." I was braless, and it was the work of a moment to remove my dress and thong, even if Eve was rather lethargic from her orgasm. Jean was in prime condition, his cock as hard as I had ever seen it. "Now if both of you will get onto the bed on your hands and knees, I will be able to see your two beautiful cunts side by side." We quickly obeyed, and jean climbed onto the bed behind us. He began again to finger my slit and ass, while leaning down to taste the moisture that remained on Eve's pussy. I assumed he was going to fuck her immediately, but surprisingly he switched position and pushed his cock into me.

We began a slow practiced rhythm. Jean steadied himself with his left hand on my hipbone, while the other hand explored Eve's nether regions. He repeatedly brought his moist fingers to my mouth, and then to Eve's, saying to her, "Well my little Eve, here you are beside your own sister who is being fucked while a stranger's fingers are exploring your cunt. How does that make you feel? Is it very naughty?"

"I love it, Jean. This is fucking hot!"

This reply was likely not what Jean was seeking to hear, as he enjoyed embarrassing his new partners when he could. Nevertheless, from the increased pace of this thrusts I knew he was excited by the experience. Eve and I turned our faces towards each other to share a kiss. Her face was shiny with sweat, and her cheeks red, so I sensed that Jean's fingers on her cunt and clitoris were going to provoke in her the second orgasm of the evening. Apparently Jean senses were equally attuned, for he abruptly pulled out of me and switched his fucking to Eve. I rose to a sitting position, and as Jean pounded into her violently I reached under her hip to touch her pussy and feel Jean's shaft as it slid in and out. Eve came with a shudder, this time shouting out her pleasure. Knowing Jean's liking, I clasped his tight scrotum in my palm, squeezing gently and instigating his orgasm.

As Jean softened and pulled out from Eve's cunt, he motioned for me to perform as I often had with Monique. That is to say, I got under Eve and held her pussy lips open so that Jean's cum would slowly seep out and into my waiting mouth. I held his offering unswallowed until no more could be extracted, then switching position I lay beside Eve, kissing her mouth and swapping the cum-saliva mixture between us.

Later we lay side by side in each other's embrace, with Jean standing at the foot of the bed. "An excellent performance, my dears. One would hardly imagine that an innocent like Eve could be so uninhibited. Sluttish even. But then she has Meredith as her preceptress. Meredith can act the harlot when she wants, can't you my dear?"

"Yes, Jean. But only for you," I replied with a smile.

"Did you enjoy that, Eve?"

"God yes!"

"Well you have pleased me immensely. I shall not bother you again this week, even though you are delectable and I enjoyed visiting your cunt. Perhaps we shall repeat the experience in the future. Now, your duty is to initiate Marc if you can, and I shall content myself with my little Meredith in the meantime. You may take your clothes and go to your cabin, and your sister can remain with me."

Eve slipped on her dress, and carrying the bra and panties left the cabin. Jean and I slept soundly, and at first light made love like normal lovers.

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