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Tazmin walked into the job interview, as well prepared as she had ever been for any interview. She had a copy of her resume and references from all her previous employers. She hated the fact she was yet again seeking employment, and was hoping this was really going to be the job for her.

She was excellent at selling, her mother said she could sell sand to the Arabs, and so Tazmin had both faith and confidence in her ability to sell just about anything. A friend had recommended she phone and get an application form, it had been so easy and now here she was. sitting in a small waiting area, waiting her turn to be called into the small plush office.

The receptionist was not unusual, a fair quite beautiful girl who had fine features and well manicured hands,. A feature Tazmin admired and loved to see on a lady. The name plate said receptionist Shelly Stephenson.

“its your turn now Miss Bequeath, just knock and go in” Tazmin raised from her chair and walked calmly into the office . A tall elegant well dressed man beckoned for her to sit. “Would you like anything to drink?” he asked Tazmin. “Yes, I would like a glass of water, if I may” she replied.

“Now let me see” he replied, “you come very well recommended, have you ever sold this type of service before?” he asked.

“Well actually I have worked in telly sales for the past 7 years and I feel confident I can make the transition.” She eyed his face for signs of interest. He was a good-looking man. Neat, well groomed but the next thing he did took her completely by surprise….“stand for me will you” he asked. She was confused, but didn’t want to fail at such an early point. Tazmin stood. “Walk over to the plant and turn slowly for me will you. “ he asked. She stood, dropping her bag onto the floor and walked as instructed over to the plant. “You are a size 12 I think” he asked. “Yes, I am”. She was now completely confused. She turned slowly for him, aware that she must look nervous, but she stood tall and walked with confidence back to her chair which she sat down on .

“I have a practical test I need you to pass, but your looks are fine and you seem confident”. He walked slowly round behind her and touched her hair, she sat still. She could smell the aftershave he was wearing and for some reason it soothed her. He began to massage her head, his hands working there way down her shoulders on to the top of her breasts and still she didn’t move. Why was he doing this? Why wasn’t she afraid? His hands moved lower and rubbed over her nipples. The satin fabric allowed them to protrude through and she still sat enjoying his touch. He slowly undid the buttons on her blouse and caressed the full breasts underneath her lace bra. She responded by leaning towards him and moaning softly as he coaxed the nipples of her breasts into their full proud state.

He swung the revolving chair round to face her, and smiled into her eyes, placing his hands on her knees he forced them open. She didn’t resist. By now she was fully aroused, and wanted him to continue, his hand climbed underneath her short skirt massaging her stocking inner thigh, she slid slightly forwards on the chair as his hand made contact with her pussy.

Pulling the thong to one side he pushed a finger into her wet pussy, she moaned with excitement and rocked gently onto his finger , he slipped another one in and she sighed softly. Tazmin could see the state of his excitement a rock hard dick was pressing against the fabric of his trousers and she leaned forwards to rub it. He stopped and pressed the button on his office intercom “we need a little help in here Shelly.” Shelly came in . She walked over to Tazmin and immediately kneeled beside her, one hand cupping her breast whilst her warm lips and mouth sucked on her nipples. The fingers of her left hand flicked the nipple on her right breast to the point of excruciating pleasure. Shelly’s lips were exquisite.

The interviewer took his seat to watch. Tazmin was powerless to stop Shelly from working. Shelly roughly pulled Tamzin’s knickers off and pushed her skirt up high, her hands squeezed the nipples on Tamzin’s full breasts. She was now so wet, she was approaching orgasm. Shelly pulled Tamzin’s bottom closer to the edge of the seat and began to explore Tamzin’s wet pussy. Shelly’s fingers working her pussy lips, sliding along them flicking her clit, moving slowly back to her dripping pussy and teasing her ass hole until it was twitching.

“I cant resist this” Shelly said, and with one quick movement her mouth was on Tamzin’s pussy. A soft warm tongue slowly licked up and down repeatedly, teasing her clit out from under its hood till it was so hard it felt like a peanut. She closed her lips around her clit and sucks it gently flicking it and gently teasing it with her teeth. Tazmin moaned with pure delight, and gripped onto the chair arms for support and to steady her shaking body as Shelly’s tongue dove in and out of her wet pussy hole, waggling inside Tasting her juice and teasing her tight ass hole, Tazmin felt her self start to cum. Her pussy tightened and squeezed hard around Shelly’s long wet warm tongue. An explosion rocked her body, but still Shelly teased her clit with her tongue. Tazmin threw back her head and gulped in her air…..an orgasm so strong rocked her body with such force, she let out a scream loud enough to wake the dead. Tazmin’s pussy juice ran down between her ass cheeks and glistened on her asshole. Shelly stood up and wiped her fingers across her mouth, savouring the taste and smell of taming pussy. “Your really sweet” she said .

“Thank you Shelly” the interviewer said, “that will be all for now.” Shelly left the room. With one quick movement he came round to Tazmin, “glad to see you enjoyed it” he said. Then he pulled her roughly up and bent her over the long mahogany desk. “I wonder if you will like this as much “ he said as he pulled her skirt up and roughly opened her pussy lips and her full round ass opened wide in front of him. With one deft movement, he placed his dick in her pussy entrance and thrust in hard, deep, long. Tazmin felt her knees give slightly as she closed tight around his shaft. He withdrew almost out of her, slowly, then thrust in again deep and hard. Tazmin squealed with pleasure and raised a little higher to accommodate his size. She felt every ridge on him…she felt the end of his cock deep inside her rubbing against the very end of her. She felt him slowly playing in her pussy entrance with just the tip of his cock. Her moans became longer and lower, her blood felt warm, as it worked round her body at the speed of light, he pushed deep into her wet pussy time and time again. “Do you want to come again? “ he asked. “ Yes, …please….yes….she whispered, with a voice low, hardly audible with excitement. He raised his hand and slapped it hard against the softness of her buttocks, once , twice , three times getting gradually harder. “Cum baby cum” he whispered to her. She steadied her self against the desk as she felt herself starting to climax. Her knees quivered as the strength of her orgasm rocked her. She gripped him so tight she thought she would snap his cock in two, she screamed loudly as the first wave hit. She scratched the leather top of the desk as the second wave hit and she sat back deeply onto his hard shaft burying her pussy onto him as the third wave hit…

She was exhausted with pleasure as he withdrew his manhood from her and she sank back into the chair. He took his dick into his hand and worked himself, cumming quickly. He thrust his dick towards her face and she opened her mouth to accept his load. She sucked hard as it squirted down into her throat, swallowing the sweetness.

Tazmin rearranged her skirt pulling it down to a more modest length. Her interviewer went back to his chair tucking himself away. He pulled up his zipper and offered Tazmin the glass of water she had asked for. “ I think that about covers it” he said “we will be in touch as soon as possible. I think you are going to have a bright future here at Sammy Pains Escort Service. Please make sure we have your correct contact number. Check it with Shelly on your way out. Shelly will answer any further questions you may have. Thank you so much for coming Miss Bequeath.” Tamzin stood, tucked her blouse back into her skirt, shook hands with the man and left the office.

She smiled to her self, thinking she had never quite enjoyed a job interview this much before. And she wondered how she was going to explain the loss of her knickers………

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