tagFirst TimeEscorting the Wild Girl

Escorting the Wild Girl


Dan sat in front of his computer, as he always did at this late hour, rewriting his 10 page essay for the fourth time in a row. There was nothing wrong with the second or third draft, they both would’ve given him an A+ as always, but his obsession with being perfect and being the best in his class always overwhelmed him. It was because this obsession that he didn’t have a social life. He almost never goes out, he has very few friends, and he hasn’t had a girlfriend since he graduated high school and went to college. Because of all of this, he has become the only 21 year old virgin in his entire class. It was probably because he was horny as hell that he compensated for all that sexual frustration in his schoolwork.

The phone started to ring but he wouldn’t answer it until he finished his last paragraph of his essay. After twenty rings he finished and answered the phone. It was his Dad.

“Dad, do you know what time it is?” He asked.

“Yes, but I know you and I knew that you would up at this late hour studying.”

“Well, yeah, you were right about that.”

”Anyway, I need you to do me a favor. One of my client’s daughters is in town and she has tickets to go to the symphony, but she has nobody to go with. So I told him…”

”Oh, come on dad!” Dan interrupted. “You can’t be serious; I don’t even know this girl.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve met her. She’s beautiful, smart, and she enjoys the symphony, what else do you need to know?”

“I don’t know.”

“Come on son; do your old man a favor. I’m not asking you to marry the girl, just take her out to the symphony, that’s all.”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt,” he said with a deep sigh.

Dan wrote down her address and when to pick her up. Her name was Greta, which scared him even more about this whole thing. Anyone with the name Greta and likes the symphony has got to be a loser, probably even more than he was. Greta had just turned 18 and is traveling around the state checking out all the college campuses. She finally got around to the Dan's college and is staying with her Aunt. He saved his essay on the computer and on two separate disks, and made two copies of it before going to bed.

The next night he arrived at Greta’s place. He was wearing a black suit and tie, perfect for any sophisticated occasion. Greta was staying with her aunt for a week to look at the local colleges. He got out of his car and walked up to the door and knocked.

“Who is it?” A voice asked.

“It’s me, Dan. I’m here to pick up Greta.”

”She’ll be out in a minute.”

Ten minutes later the door opened and out came Greta. She wore a black dress that showed that she had a good figure and revealed a little cleavage from her C cup breasts. Dan thought that she was banging, but then he saw her big thick glasses, carried an oversized purse and her blonde hair tied up in a bun. Dan thought that she was hot, but obviously a prude.

“Hi Dan, I’m Greta,” she said. “Thanks for taking me to the symphony. I’ve been waiting a whole month for this.”

“Not a problem,” Dan replied. “I hope we have fun.”

“Me too. Now let’s get moving before we miss the beginning.”

They walked back to Dan’s car and he opened the door for her.

"Um, do mind if I sit in the back seat for a while?" She asked. "I need to fix up my make up"

"There's a mirror on the visor up front."

"Yeah, but I find that I work better with more space, so the back seat will be fine."

"Damn" he thought, he was escorting a very high maintenance woman. But Dan didn't argue, he promised his dad that he'll be a gentleman and that's what he'll do. He opened the back door and let her in. He got in the car and drove off.

"So do you know how to get there?" Dan asked.

"Fuck that," Greta replied. "We're not going to no fucking symphony."

That took Dan by surprised. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw Greta taking off her dress and letting her hair down.

"I thought you said you were going to fix your make up."

"I am," she said. "After I change out of my clothes."

That explained the real reason why she needed the back seat, and why she had that huge purse, it contained the clothes that she was changing into.

"Um, excuse me," she said to him. "Can you please stop watching me change and watch the road?"

"Oh, sorry. So if we're not going to the symphony, where are we going?"

"I heard of this kick ass party that's going on down at your college. Let's go."

"Oh, I don't know," Dan said with a tone of worry. "I was supposed to take you..."

"Out for a good time, right?" She asked interrupting.

"Well yeah."

"So what difference does it make how we have a good time?"

"I guess."

"That's right, so let's go," she ordered.

She told him which fraternity was holding the party and he knew exactly were it was. It was one of the dozen frat's that turned him down for membership. When they got there was nearly 100 people in the house trashing the place and 50 more outside making out with one another and vomiting.

When Greta got out of the car, Dan saw the outfit that she changed into. She wore a flashy red halter top and a black mini skirt, with fishnet stockings and black sandals, and her hair was now down to her shoulders. She wore enough lipstick and eye shadow to complete her look as a whore. Dan never felt more attracted to a woman than he did now.

She ran up the steps and disappeared into the house. Dan went after her but then remembered the suit he was wearing; it wouldn't have looked right in party like this. He removed his jacket and tie, undid the first two buttons on his shirt and pulled his shirt out of his pants, and replaced his shoes with his gym shoes that he luckily had in the trunk of his car. After all of this he ran past all the vomiting football players and topless women being fondled by their boyfriends and went into the house. He needed to keep an eye on Greta to make sure she wasn't getting into trouble.

Inside people were everywhere, drinking, smoking, dancing, and throwing things around. There was a rock band on a makeshift stage playing loud and hard. He looked everywhere for Greta but she was nowhere to be found. He ran upstairs to check all the rooms. He didn't find her there but did get yelled at by a lot of people who were having sex in them.

When he got back downstairs he found Greta. She was on stage with the band dancing by the bass player’s side. Dan stood there on the steps drinking a beer and watching her dance. So far she wasn't doing anything wrong, just dancing. When the band stopped playing to take a break she disappeared to the corner with the bass player and started making out with him very heavily. When the bass player started putting his hand up Greta's skirt and started fingering her, Dan wanted to stop it. He tried to get pass the crowd of people to get across the room, and by the time he got there Greta was gone.

He looked for her some more while drinking his second beer. The band began playing again with the same bass player, but Greta wasn't with him this time. She was gone again. He sat outside behind the frat house drinking two more cans of beer; the alcohol helped him forget about kind of trouble he'll probably get into with his dad. He went back inside to look for her again but instead started dancing with this hot girl that asked him to dance and gave him another beer. The next thing he knew he was in the corner making out with that girl.

Two hours later when the party was dying down and the girl that Dan was with left with her boyfriend, he went back to look for Greta again. Not to make sure she wasn't getting into trouble but to go home. He had so much fun tonight he didn't care about what she was doing and what his father will do to him if he found out. He went upstairs and went down the hallway. He stopped halfway to throw up. He went to the bathroom, took a long piss, washed the vomit from his mouth and cleaned himself up a bit.

As soon as he got out of the bathroom Greta came out of one of the bedrooms with a guy and a girl on each side of her. The guy fell to the floor and fell asleep. Greta and the girl laughed at him and then started kissing each other right there. Dan just stood there watching the show. The girl pulled away from Greta.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I have to go back home."

"OK, don't forget to call me," Greta said.

They gave each other one more kiss before she left. Greta then turned to me with a big smile on her face.

"You sure had a good time," she said.

"So did you apparently," Dan replied.

"Come on; let's go before my aunt starts to worry."

They went back to Dan's car. They both sat in the back seat talking until the alcohol in their system goes down enough for them to drive home safely.

"So your parents have no idea that you're such a party animal?" Dan asked.

"Nope. They are completely clueless," Greta said giggling.

"Well I got to say that I was upset at first about having to take you out tonight and even more so when you ran off at the party. But I had a great time tonight. Thank you for dragging me here."

"Well the night is still young," she said as she placed her hand on Dan's thigh and gave him a lustful look.

Dan didn't even need to think twice, he dove right in and kissed her passionately. Their tongues swirled into each others mouths as their hands started roaming around each others bodies. Dan had one hand up her skirt grabbing her ass and the other up her halter top squeezing those wonderful tits of hers. He removed her halter top and started kissing down her neck to her tits. He stuck his head between them and slobbered all over them.

After a few minutes, Greta pulled Dan's head away from her tits. She undid his pants and them down with the underwear. His cock stuck straight up into the air, it was the hardest erection that he has ever felt. Greta didn't waste no time, she grabbed Dan's cock and started sucking on it. Dan just lay back enjoying the incredible feeling of Greta's warm mouth slobbering all over his massive cock. For a moment he was worried about how many cocks she must've sucked tonight and what disease he might end up getting. But then he thought "Fuck it," it'll be all worth it. She started sucking him harder and faster, Dan wanted to cum but he forced himself back with all his strength. Greta began sucking on his balls while stroking the cock with her hand. When she felt his balls tighten up in her mouth, she let them go and started sucking the shaft again. Dan couldn't resist any longer and shot the biggest load of cum that he has ever shot before straight into her mouth. Greta took every drop into her mouth and swallowed it all.

Dan's cock went limp in Greta's mouth and she let go of it. She wiped her mouth off of the few drops of cum left and licked it off her fingers.

"Damn!" Said Dan with the biggest smile on his face. "That was awesome."

"Thanks," Said Greta. "But we're not done yet. I still want to fuck, this is just a break."

They both stripped the rest of their clothes off. Dan sucked on Greta's tits some more until his cock became erect again. With that Greta repositioned herself to lie down on the back seat of the car and Dan placed himself on top of her. Greta assured him that she was on the pill so he could cum in her as much as he wanted.

"I like feeling cum go through me," she said. "It excites me."

This was the moment that Dan was waiting for his whole life. Finally he was going to lose his virginity once and for all. He brought his cock to Greta's pussy, touching it slightly at first to tease her, and then thrust it right in. The feeling of her pussy engulfing his cock felt so much better then the oral sex he received earlier. The first thrust also made Greta take a deep breath and heave her chest upward. Dan began thrusting his cock in and out of her. Slowly at first, and then go slowly going faster and faster until he started fucking her with powerful hard thrusts. Greta grabbed him closely to her as he fucked her. Her legs were sticking straight up into the air and her nails were digging into his back.

Dan slowed down the fucking a bit so he wouldn't have to cum early. He had to force him to do that so the sex could last much longer and so they could both catch their breathes. After a few minutes Dan went back to fucking her with all his might. He kept pushing harder and harder as best as he could. He wanted to cum right in her, but at the same time he wanted this feeling to last forever. He held on for ten more minutes before he couldn't hold on any longer. He let a big stream of cum go straight into Greta's body. Greta felt it all flowing right through her body and she loved it.

Dan fucked her as much as he could before his dick went limp and stopped. He laid right on top of Greta for a while to catching his breath. His was between her tits, he could hear her heartbeat begin to slow down as Greta held him and stroked his hear. The both stood up and got dressed. Greta put the black dress she had on earlier so her aunt won't suspect anything and redid her hair and makeup.

As Dan drove her home, they talked all the way about their alibis as well as how much fun they had. When Dan pulled up to Greta's aunt’s house she gave him a big kiss on the mouth and gave her a card with her number.

"Give me a call sometime," she said. "Maybe you, me, and that girl I met at the party can have some fun together."

She got out of the car and walked up to the house. Her aunt let her in; she looked disappointed that Dan didn't walk Greta up to the house like how a true gentleman would. Dan stuffed the phone number into his pocket and drove back to his apartment, the whole time smiling.

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