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Esperanza's Encounter


I tried to slow my breathing from the chase.

"All this over a bloody coat!" I hissed to myself.

The air was so unusually cold tonight; I could see my breath in the moon light, and it was only just nightfall. The water slopped against the piers, and the ships groaned and creaked with the movement. I could taste the salty air which was sweet compared to the mixed, sometimes rank odours of Tortuga town. The sailors were yelling, running, searching for me.

"Not as if you can't afford another one" I whispered at the sailors.

If my family new that I was running around a Pirate Port in rags and a stolen coat I would have been sent to the gallows for certain, or a good hiding at least! I could hear the drunken cheers from a hotel, and decided that I'd be better off inside, blending in with a crowd, with rum in hand for the night.

I paused outside the crowded, rowdy pub, worrying my attire was less than suitable for both the occasion and my sex. Women did not just wear corsets, with a tatty torn hemmed skirt, topped with an old coat 'borrowed' from a Navy officer, which was proving to be less than worth the effort for stealing. But as I had not been able to acquire new clothing, it would have to do. I dragged my salty hands over my dirty blonde straggled curls, adjusted my dagger inside my skirt, and entered the pub. With lashes lowered to avoid eye contact, I hurriedly set foot for the bar – instead, running directly into the back of a man, sending his drink through the air.

"Oh! Please excuse me!" I exclaimed, cheeks flaming with embarrassment, "I'm very sorry."

He turned to me, with an empty mug and a thoughtful look upon his face. My heart stopped – and a huge fire burst deep inside my belly. 'Oh' I thought 'he is just gorgeous'. I couldn't help but stare at him, and in return he looked me up and down.

"That is quite alright darling," he grinned, "you can buy me another one".

I shut my open jaw in surprise to his request, slightly annoyed I hitched my skirt and went to the bar.

Leaning on the bar I cursed myself,

"Woman, you need to just buy him and drink and get out of here! You're going to get yourself in more trouble than you can handle...Your here for freedom, not trouble!"

The two rum mugs were plonked in front of me by the barman, startling me out of thought.

"Thanks," I muttered, returning to the thought of the man, "Damn he is so, so..." A voice from behind intruded,

"He's so damn what, darling?" I spun around to come face to face the man,

'Oh dear, he's not just any man, he's a Pirate, and a very well known one at that!' The thought hit me like lightening, but instead of sparking fear it started a fire. A dangerous and wanted Pirate. I had heard the court speak his name with distaste.

I shoved the mug into his chest, "Cheers" I squeaked out with an unconvincing smile, and went to make my move out.

"What's the rush?" he exclaimed, moving ever so close to me. "I've not seen you here before, you will stay and drink with me, won't you missy?"

I didn't know this was a request or an order, my head told me to be polite and excuse myself from the conversation but my body was arguing for a different scene with this man. I took a breath, put my shoulders back and gazed into his dark chocolate eyes. I couldn't tell him my real name, or could I? He wouldn't recognise it surely. Perhaps, I could barter passage with him to a new place?

"Esperanza Castillo" I said confidently then realised what I said, putting my hand out in a greeting.

He lifted his curious brow, "Spanish Royal...?"

I swiftly interrupted him, "Only the name."

"Ah", he replied putting his hand in mine to shake, "Well, I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, and I'm very pleased to meet you Miss Castillo".

He held my gaze, and I could feel my nipples tighten, my breath becoming short. I pulled my hand from his, and took a swig of rum in an attempt to swallow my lust. I thanked a quick memory of my English teacher, at least my language wasn't going to give away much.

"And what brings you here Miss Castillo" he continued.

A lump formed in my throat; I hadn't come prepared for talk, especially questions about me.

I smiled innocently

"Ah Mr Sparrow, I mean Captain Sparrow, what I'm doing here is of no importance," I paused looking for an excuse, "but what brought me here is the, ah the rum!" I stammered, and took another swig of rum.

"Yes, I can see that," he watched the rum in mug disappear.

I was focused on his incredible eyes, his lashes lifted to meet my gaze.

"Would you care for another drink young miss?"

I stared at his lips anxious to know what they would feel like on my skin,

"No thankyou Captain," I said absent-mindedly, and I felt my skin burning up with desire,

"and what brings you here so often Captain Sparrow?" He cocked his head to the side and paused,

"Same reason as you are here young missy. The rum of course" he grinned a mischievous, enticing grin.

My imagination wandered to a much more enviable place with him... I was brought back from my fantasy abruptly, with the bellowing commands of a Navy officer and an army of weapons.

"Oh dear" I whispered hoarsely, and my stomach sank. Jack looked at me intently.

"Esperanza Castillo!" a voice boomed across the room, as my eyes desperately searched for an escape route.

The crowd parted as the commanding officer marched into the bar. Jack spun around to look away from the sailors,

"What do they want you for, love?" he murmured sarcastically.

"This isn't the best time to explain, Mr Sparrow!" I spat out tersely.

He replied with satisfaction, "No need to explain your highness," and looked me up and down, seeing straight through my facade.

My heart sank, tears began to spoil my eyes. Three days out and sprung already, and by one of the most wanted men in the Caribbean. Surely he would turn me in for a reward or exchange. I looked desperately around for an exit. Thankfully the drunken crowd had already become bored of the situation, and begin to brawl amongst the sailors and officers, a perfect chance for me to escape. Jack grabbed my wrist as if to stop me –

"let go!" I hushed at him, tears spilling over.

He looked at directly at me "Come with me!" he said forcefully.

Jack fought his way out the door, dragging me close behind, only to be confronted with more sailors and weapons. I wrestled my arm free from him and drew my dagger. Jack looked over to me in surprise and slight amusement.

'Okay okay,' I thought, 'it's not a huge sword, but it's how you use it.'

In a stubborn attempt to prove myself, I fought off three of the five men in what felt like seconds, stealing a larger sword from an officer in the process. My brothers had taught me well. I turned to Jack with a stubborn smirk, and found myself being dragged down toward the water.


Crouching, we hid amongst cargo on the dock, til the commotion had settled down. My breathing was short and tense, and Jack had his arm firmly around my waist. I was greatly confused how and why I was here with Jack Sparrow. Why did he save me? What did he want from me? My thoughts were halted with his hand moving up to my chest, and I turned to him in shock. For a split second I imagined his eyes were screaming my name, but I knew there was more reason to his actions of saving me. His voice broke my train of thought,

"Might I enquire why you are on the run you miss? A young royal of Spain in disguise and more importantly, running around a place like Tortuga."

The fire began to burn again in my belly, and I felt my body heat up with ache for this dangerous stranger. I had never had a reaction like this about a man.

I fired back at him "Why did you save me?"

He drew back, brows raised, "Well why not?" he queried.

We sat in silence for what felt like an eternity, til Jack growled,

"Come, let's go somewhere much more comfortable."

I froze momentarily, listening to the warnings from my head, but the option of trying to find a place elsewhere to hide for the night was too hard. I scurried behind Jack to the gangplank.

"Is this your ship captain?" I asked, in awe at the enormous vessel, and trying to stall whilst debating whether to follow further.

"This is not just my ship young missy, it's my freedom." He stated.

The word 'Freedom' stabbed me like a knife. I hesitated at the top of the stair, Jack stretched out his arm to offer me on board.

"Your freedom too if you want, love... Welcome to the Black Pearl." he said.

I shivered with his last words, bewildered at how he knew what I was searching for, and proceeded to follow him down.

He led me to his cabin, throwing his hat and coat off. There were oil lamps flickering, maps, and odd collections of things from all corners of the world. He disappeared for a moment, and I tried to assemble my thoughts and emotion before he returned. Was this my ticket to freedom? What would I have to give in return? Would he give me up if there was a reward?

I gasped when I felt his breath the back of my neck. The feeling sent ripples through my spine, and I became wet with the thought of him in me. He grabbed my waist, roughly turning me round to face him.

"Esperanza," he groaned. I leant back in protest,

"I could have very well fought my way out of that situation on my own Mr Sparrow – I'm not going to be your slave in return for something that you didn't need to..."

I stopped mid-sentence, his eyes glowing at me.

He stepped back to lean against the table, he looked at me patiently. Jack had captured me without making me a prisoner; I was a captive in the arms of a Pirate, with no weapon or escape.

My stomach fluttered, Oh god! What am I doing?!' I screamed in my head. It was as if someone took over my body, and I watched myself step up to him, and leaned in to his lips, whispering

"Why would you want to give me freedom, Jack?"

His lips brushed mine; sending electric sparks throughout my body. His moustache was soft, and he smelt of salt, dirt and sweat.

"Why not, love?" he hummed.

I hesitated, skimming his lips with mine, and slowly opened my mouth to kiss him. He kissed me back with hot, sensual tenderness, which was quite the contrary to his rough appearance. I drew away to breath, only to be drawn back in by his incredible eyes.

Suddenly, fierce passion possessed me – my lips assaulting his, delving my tongue deeper inside his hot, wet mouth. I pushed against him, my breasts tightening, my pussy beating with anticipation. He grabbed my head, pulling my hair as I kissed him harder. I found my leg wrapped around his thigh, and I was almost on top of him on the table.

He pushed me away abruptly, knocking maps, candlesticks and trinkets off the table. Twisting me over to my back and pushing me up the wooden splintered table, Jack climbed on top. His long hair tickled my shoulders and neck. Jack ran his hands underneath my tattered skirt, quickly grabbing my dagger, drawing it to my chest. My heart stopped in panic – what was he doing?!

He placed the point at my breast, and tore the top of my corset. I was frozen with fear and excitement. He threw the dagger away and ripped open the corset exposing my breasts. They were taut with the exhilaration,

"don't worry love; I'm not here to hurt you" murmured Jack into my ear.

He nibbled and caressed each nipple, making me shiver with each nip. Licking his way toward my hips, Jack continued to strip me bare of any clothing. My skirt was now really torn to shreds! I clumsily pulled at his clothes, untied his belts and fabric sashes, all the while trying not to get lost in the sensations. He kneeled up from me, taking his shirt with him. My jaw dropped and I quivered all over.

Tanned, toned and tattooed, baring battle scars that could tell tales, I had never seen anything so beautiful. My palms skimmed his torso, I wanted to taste each part of his body, feel his raw skin against mine, but Jack had other ideas and I had to wait.

"What are you doing?" I gasped as Jack climbed off the table.

He grabbed my wrists, and using his belts as ties, pulled my arms above my head to tie them to whatever he could find.

"Jack!" I yelped.

He walked round to stand at the end of the table, his gorgeous body glowing in the amber lamp light, shining trinkets around his neck and through his hair.

'How can I get his pants off if my hands are tied!?' I thought, frustrated.

Jack began sliding his hands up my legs, and spreading them apart. I protested, trying to close my legs,

"Jack! No! What are you...?"

but he was too strong. He had a hand on each thigh, holding them down and out; I was fully exposed to him, gleaming with desire. He lowered his head, and brushed his chin up and down my hot, moist lips.

His tongue slowly dipped in between my folds, it felt so hot! I had never had a man do this before. Slowly he sucked and lapped at my aching pussy, delving deeper ever so slowly. His tongue hit my clit, sending shockwaves through my body.


I moaned aloud, and unconsciously grinded my hips toward his face. His hands held me down, and he teased his way deeper inside. A rough finger joined his tongue, sliding inside my pussy. I could feel his rough skin, and the jewels on his rings manipulating me. His tongue trailed around my clit, flicking and feathering it. A fire burned its way down the pit of my stomach, through to my pussy. I pushed against Jack, breathing his name,

"Jack, Jack! I want you inside me now!"

He ignored my plea.

Thrusting two fingers and jewels inside me, nibbling at my clit, Jack assaulted my senses and gave me a commotion like I had never had before. I lifted my head and strained to see his bandana covered head between my thighs. He lifted his head, and his fierce gaze burnt mine.

With his fingers moving in and out my saturated, glowing pussy, Jack used his thumb on my swollen, throbbing clit. He held my gaze with a devious twinkle in his eyes, knowing that I was wildly and rapidly coming to the edge of insane ecstasy.

Involuntary, I threw my head back in a wave of pleasure, and it increased intensely; Jack was consumed in my pussy, sucking, licking, and fingering. Suddenly, my feet and legs tingled, my thighs and ass burned and it fired through my body, an exploding heat, drenching Jack's hand and chin. I trembled, my mouth dry from trying to take in air, and gasping his name. I had never had such an intense, glorious feeling overcome me. My wrists ached from the strain on Jack's belts, my belly and pussy still ablaze with pleasure. Jack lapped my juices, licking and savouring the flavour. Jack slowly moved his way up my body, kissing at random, and then plundering my mouth. I could taste myself on him, sweet and musky.

Jack lay on top of me, nibbling and caressing. I felt his hard shaft against my body. It sparked more desire from me; I could feel myself begin to burn again. Jack, untied one of my wrists, allowing me to finally caress his chest, grasp his nipples one at a time and just touch that beautiful skin. Jack became wilful, jumping off me, and untying my other wrist with haste, stripping off his own pants. I was taken aback with hunger, he was just stunning. So toned and tanned, many tattoos, scars, and an incredible proud cock. I went to sit up on the table, but Jack climbed back on top of me, forcing me down. He was insistent, devouring my mouth, biting my neck and sucking my breasts. I wrapped a leg around his, and he pushed his body hard against mine. I grabbed his shaft, sliding it up and down between the lips of my hot, drenched pussy.

"Aaahh" Jack moaned, "I have to have more, love."

Jack pushed his velvety cock into my pussy, where it resisted with a shot of pain for a second, then sank deep inside me.

Jack stared at my eyes, and then kissed me deeply before rising and lowering himself within me. It was so different to before, the sensation was incredible. He filled my swollen, hot pussy with each deep stroke, my body aching with pleasure. Jack's moans were so relieving and satisfying, and I found more energy to meet his thrusts. I became aware of how hard the table was with Jacks increasing pounding, my ass and back becoming raw with the contact on the wood. Jack pumped his cock inside me, sweat beading across his tanned body.

"Esperanza!" he cried, grimacing in pleasure.

The sound of my name coming from Jack made me shiver, and pulse with pleasure, and I found myself cumming again much deeper this time. It shuddered through my hips, squeezing Jack's cock into a wild, uncontrollable spasm. He fell limp across me, our breathing harsh and hearts hammering.

"We leave in the morning, love" Jack whispered hoarsely, then kissed my cheek and subsided to rest.


It was nearing dawn, the stars were fading. A different shade of blue began to light the horizon. Out on the deck, the air was fresh and reviving. I was still swimming in a pleasure haze, I could feel my skin glowing from the passion of hours ago. I giggled at my own attire, bits of sheets tied in the right places, and the 'borrowed' coat. How was I going to get decent attire? I couldn't live in sheets forever. Jack had ruined my only outfit. I walked up the stairs to the wheel deck. My heart stopped, I could hear swaggering footsteps up the stairs behind me on the deck; it was Jack.

"Good morning Miss Castillo," he said, stepping no more than a few inches from me.

My face flushed,

"Good morning Captain Sparrow."

I went to move backward putting a hand on the wheel, but Jack grabbed my hand, pulling me closer to him.

"We leave today darling, do you think you can handle being with us, handle the choice to do whatever you choose?"

Jack stared at me, waiting for my reply.

"Us?" I replied.

"I can't very well sail a ship on my own, love," Jack retorted.

I felt sheepish and looked away to mutter,

"Ah, I know that, I just...just hadn't thought much about today, that's all."

Jack ran a finger along my cheek and jaw line, then cupping my face with his magic hands, he kissed me sincerely.

"I'm not here to hurt you, love, here you have freedom," he murmured.

Lightening flickered inside my body. He had again, sparked a fire deep inside me. This time it vowed to smoulder hotter and longer than before.

I shoved Jack against the wheel, surprising him with my aggression.

"Careful, love!" he exclaimed.

I silenced him with a demanding kiss, my tongue delving with obsession.

"I'm coming with you Jack, take me with you!" I begged between kisses.

The horizon was getting lighter; I wanted to taste him once more before we had to set sail. In frenzy, I untied his belts and sash once more, ripping away his vest and dirty shirt, craving to satisfy my need, and in return satisfy Jack. Kissing him, I dragged him down the stairway to the main deck, pushing him down against the last stair.

He smiled at me a devious smile, with a slight glare of fervour. Lying back against the stairs, Jack moaned as I undid his pants, freeing the engorged shaft, and wrestling the fabric down past his knees. Kneeling down in front of him, I took his hot velvety cock in my hand, gently stroking up and down, delighted in the feeling. Jack's breathing and groans were causing me to fever, and I began to nuzzle his hard cock with soft open lips. I licked the end, savouring the salty rich taste before slowly sliding my mouth over his shaft. I began to suck, and pull with my mouth, and then pushed down further, just a little bit each time.

My hand roamed his belly and thighs, and my other cupped and manipulated his balls, and I began to take his whole length into my mouth and throat. Jack's groans were more insistent, his body writhing against my face. I knew he was coming close, but I wanted more. To Jack's irritation I backed off, just flickering my tongue on his cock, letting the cool morning air contrast with my hot wet mouth.

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