Espied Pt. 04


It had been somewhat of a revelation to Sal, how much she had enjoyed being naked at the photography class and being seen by others. It had surprised her, and she had thought again and again about it. The idea of doing the same again, perhaps in different surroundings kept coming to her. It was her thought in bed, whilst her fingers played. Were there other opportunities? Should she? It was the question.

Sal had indeed enjoyed - she could not avoid the truth - had enjoyed being naked before her club friends. She had said she would model again if required. But she wanted rather more - to be naked with strangers. The idea of simply walking out of her garden door, along the path and out into the countryside appealed but that just did not seem wise. On the other hand, a naturist beach gave her the perfect reason to be unclothed and with perhaps plentiful strangers. The idea rather answered the question and, with little to hold her from taking a holiday on the spur of the moment, she booked herself into a hotel for a few days. She liked cream teas and she liked Devon. Fond memories of playing on beaches on summer holidays with her parents as a girl came flooding into her mind: though they had not been to Weston Mouth Beach.

Sal left her car at the tiny little hamlet of Weston and headed for the beach. It had been a long drive the day before and, surprise, surprise the weather had not looked at all promising. The windscreen wipers had been put to good use. The following day was quite different - a perfect summer's day.

It was a good hike to the beach but that hardly worried Sal. The day was perfect, and she was as happy as anything walking alone, with her lunch and towel in a day pack and her camera ready to photograph.

Sal paused at a kissing gate, a wooden one, a path led downwards towards the beach, a path with wooden almost steps placed in the track to ease the passage upwards and perhaps also downwards. It led between high banks with flowering brambles before opening out, it was still steep there, but Sal could see both the sea and the long expanse of beach. It was clearly shingle not glorious golden sands stretching away, but with the tide out there was at least some sand near the water. At the bottom, after a few wooden steps, and now on the shingle, Sal turned right away from the old coastguard's cottage just as she had been told. It had been quite a descent from the cliffs. It would be warm work climbing back up again.

The beach was wonderfully extensive, backed with orange red slopes and so much vegetation. Pretty and perfect. Sal's camera clicked.

Passing an oldish man sitting on the shingle without some much as a stitch on rather indicated to Sal she had walked far enough - far enough to the naturist area and far enough for her to take her own clothes off, though she fully intended to walk still further along the beach. Sal plumped her bag on the shingle and put her hand to her blouse. The man was watching her. Was this not what she had come for - to be naked and watched? She smiled, and he waved as she undid her buttons. A thrill of excitement as she took not just her blouse off but her brassiere as well. Sal was bare breasted on a public beach.

It was one thing to repeat her experience at her club of being naked, though this time actually being watched whilst undressing, it would have been quite another to have applied sun screen whilst the man was watching. Sal moved on a little and sat, bare bottomed on the pebbles, and squirted the stuff from a plastic bottle in her pack. Such a lovely day. It was not yet time to sit and lie in the sun or perhaps swim. Sal wished to explore first.

A young couple sitting just at the back of the beach with the red gritty earth behind them spoke to her. Perhaps there was something about nudity, a fellow feeling which caused a lowering of reserve and a readiness to speak. Sal stopped and talked. It was easy talking and whilst the couple may have had a fellow feeling, Sal revelled in their being able to look at her naked - and she was sure the young man was very much looking at her. She was sure, too, he was starting to have an erection when he grabbed a towel and said he was off for a swim.

"That was a bit sudden," said the girl looking after the man's retreating back. Sal turned and watched him making his way to the sea. The girl smiled, "I expect Paul had his reasons. I'm Chloe."

Introductions made, the two women sat side by side talking. Chloe asking the usual questions about did Sal come to Weston Mouth often, had she been there before, where did she go to be naked? To find it was Sal's first time seemed as surprise. Chloe on the other hand had come there often with Paul. She loved being naked, though with her fair hair and pale skin had to be careful of the sun. She even confided it was a bit sexual as well. Sal was intrigued. How far was sexual? She asked whether they had...?

"Yes, quite a few couples on the beach... discretely in little indentations in the rocks like this, but sometimes you see what is obviously happening. Perhaps as you walk back from a swim or just walk along the beach... some people are more discreet than others I suppose. Once we ended up ourselves with an audience..."


"We thought we were being private enough but we looked up and there was a man and being naked he couldn't hide what he was thinking!"


"I've got a bit of a thing about men wanking. Have you?"

Sal bit her lip. She had, she did like seeing her neighbour. She should admit it. "Um, yes, it's nice to see. What happened?"

"Well, we'd had a nice day on the beach and Paul and I sort of got very friendly and involved and, all of a sudden, when I looked up there he was, quite close and certainly big in the penis department. Paul did not see him at first.


"He was, um, otherwise engaged, kissing me." The slight opening and closing of thigh indicated where Paul's lips and tongue had been.

Sal wondered what that was like. "And the man?"

"He just stood there and watched... and began to wank."

"Didn't you... I mean, is that what people - men - do on the beach. I've not been here before. It seems, sort of, I don't know... rude!"

Chloe laughed. "No ruder than what Paul was doing to me I suppose and it's not as if Paul wasn't all hard too! Actually, I liked it. I like seeing men, you know, like that and what they do. Paul kissing me down there and this man stroking his big cock - and it was big!"

Sal smiled, she would like to have seen. Chloe and Paul making love and this man with his big penis watching and wanking. She felt a pleasant wetness coming between her thighs and wanted to hear more. She would like to have been there, watching Chloe and Paul being watched by the man. She the third in a chain, a second watcher, watching the couple and the man.

"Shall I make Paul wank when he comes back?

It was a surprise, a sudden jump from hearing about this man on the beach to be offered the sight of Chloe's boyfriend doing the same. "Oh, well... wouldn't say no!" She turned and, own near the sea, she could see Paul already walking back from the sea, the towel now tied around him like a sarong. She watched as he came closer.

"I was telling Sal about that man the other day on the beach."

As she spoke the sarong was unwound. Sal's eyes dropped to Paul's penis. Such a nice thing to see, so different from women, hanging there, a little soft thing, smaller than she had first seen it. The Devonian sea was not that warm even in summer! There was a look of surprise on his face.

"Oh, really?"

"Show Sal what he was doing."

"You mean...?"

Chloe meant exactly that. "Go on, Paul, wank."

Like Sal with her photography group and posing nude before it, Sal thought that perhaps this was not something he had done before. She thought it probably took a bit of courage to start wanking and then erecting before a stranger. She wondered whether one of the men would like to do that at the photography group so they could all do a series of penis studies! Flaccid at first but then in its aroused state. Sal suspected it would take even more courage than she had had to find. Would Mr Soames be prepared to do that?

There was something about a growing penis, thought Sal. They grew such a lot!

Chloe rummaged in her bag and got out her camera. "Yes, the man was just like that."

Sal would like to have got her own camera out too but was not at all sure the couple would have been happy with that. And then Chloe beckoned Paul over to give Sal a closer look.

Embarrassing in a way to have a naked and erect man come and sit on the same towel but just so fascinating to watch the way he slid his foreskin and then Chloe reached and took his hand away leaving his penis simply standing, the skin pulled back and the domed helmet shiny in the sunshine. It looked the 'business,' it looked ready for 'business.'

Chloe looked from the standing penis to Sal, "Nice isn't it? Aren't I a lucky girl!"

It was then rather nice watching Chloe's fingers on Paul's penis. It seemed to Sal a nice one indeed - not that she had much experience. She liked the way, as well, Paul was looking at her, obviously taking pleasure in seeing another naked woman whilst being sexually aroused. All of a moment Chloe bent her head and Sal saw for the first time a man being sucked by a woman. Paul's cock in Chloe's mouth. It made her the wetter.

It was so unlike Sal, so not her old self but she was really enjoying being watched by the man as he was fellated. His eyes on her naked breasts, his eyes dropping to her sex. Her curly triangle did not totally obscure her slit, it was even more daring for her to open her legs and show him her sex, entire. Paul was not to know she was a virgin and a penis had never travelled that way. Sal felt a real rush of excitement, showing her quim to a complete stranger - a man - to see, though as soon as Chloe rose from sucking she too would see all. Sal had been so careful at the photography group to keep her thighs together - there had been a limit on what she had been prepared to show Mrs Riley let alone Mr Soames, or the others, to see.

Chloe came up from the penis, perhaps for air! Sal was not sure. She had never sucked a penis. Chloe worked him by hand a little more and then looked at Sal, "Would you like to?"

"I don't think I should, I mean he's..." Did Chloe mean with her hand or her mouth?

"Hold his balls then. He likes that."

It was strange. Referring to him - Paul - in the third person as if he was there for their amusement rather than they being part of a couple. A man with penis attached.

"Go on!"

Sal reached. Chloe's fingers already were encircling the shaft and, as suggested, Sal brought her hand up and under his balls, cupping them all warm in the palm of her hand. All wrinkly to the touch - and hairy. Very masculine!

Chloe giggled. "He's never been attended to by two women before, or have you, Paul?"

He was grinning as he shook his head, his eyes flicking from the two hands upon his cock back to Sal's sex.

"I've had two men though - sort of."

Sal raised her eyebrows.

"That man on the beach. Paul was taking me from the rear - not in the rear! We had gone from... well, sucking to fucking. And I asked him if he'd like me to hold him."

"What you meant is you wanted to hold him," said Paul.

"Yeah, OK!"

"Would you like to hold, really hold Paul's cock now?"

Sal did. She had not touched her neighbour, not wanked him, yet she reached and there she was with her fingers around a total stranger's cock. Gently she slid the mobile skin upwards, up over the knob. It really was very mobile, and then right down again. She squeezed, feeling just how hard a penis was. It was as firm as it looked! Of course, she knew the reason for its firmness. What would it be like pushing into her body, so big, so firm, so masculine? She slid a little faster, the skin moving so easily. She was wanking a man. She really was!

Chloe bent her head once more and Paul found he had a hand around his cock, another hand on his balls and a warm mouth around his knob doing what Sal could only suppose. She had no experience herself. What exactly did one do with a cock in one's mouth. Two women at work. The result was perhaps unsurprising. Sal felt a movement, a lifting in her palm. She did not stop moving her hand up and down, not even when Chloe brought her head upwards revealing the penis was ejaculating. From the penis in Sal's hand, from the rounded end she was alternately almost covering and then exposing was issuing spurts of white semen, out and onto the sand. Sal, for the first time in her life, was making a man come (albeit with a little help from Chloe's mouth!).

Sal looked up at Chloe and grinned. The girl was licking her lips, her pretty, round face shining in the sunshine and with a big grin. "That's what the man did. I brought him off as Paul brought me off, onto the sand, not in my mouth."

Sal let go of the penis and balls and they sat and chatted as normally as could be despite their nudity and the very obvious evidence of Paul's recent ejaculation on his penis and on the sand. Fascinating for Sal to watch it returning to its former soft state. Her eyes kept returning to it. "Thank you," she said. They seemed to find that funny.

She left them by the cliff and wandered on along the beach. There were not that many people, perhaps it was still early. It was Sal's first experience of beach nudity and she was loving it. She liked others seeing her, though, on a nudist beach, it would not be unusual for people to see other nudists. Indeed, it would be completely the norm. She came to the headland of the bay and picked her way carefully in her sandals over the exposed rocks. It was all just like when she had been a little girl looking in the rock pools and seeing the star fish, the sea anemones and little fishes darting from one patch of seaweed to another. Just the same as regards the rocks and the pools: not the same as regards being without a bathing costume.

Around the headland she could see a further beach, but the distant figures seemed to have colour upon them. It was not a beach for a swimming costume free woman. Sal walked across the rocks and sat on her towel on one of the larger rocks. It protected her sensitive and exposed bottom from the rock. She sat applying sunscreen to her body and looking out to sea. Her thoughts took her back to Chloe and Paul. How nice to come down as a couple for a day on the beach, do all those pleasant beach things but also have sex. Was that done with for the day, or might they copulate later in the afternoon? Discretely unless they had an unexpected audience. Paul had had a nice body. She had admired that - and his standing and then spurting erection. Absent mindedly her fingers stroked a nipple with the sunscreen. There was a pleasing wetness again between her legs.

A sound came from behind her and there she saw two young men had come up and were watching her. Clearly, they were not from the naturist beach. Both wore those tight-fitting swimming trunks rather than shorts. Her eyes did not miss the long banana shapes within, almost peeking out at the tops. They had clearly come over to see a naked woman and had been further rewarded by seeing her stroking her nipple. Embarrassing yes, but a surge of wetness came between her legs at the idea of these two young men, a little beyond mere boys, ogling her naked.

A pity they had their trunks on. In her mind she willed them to take them off, thinking how fine they would look with their erections standing - yes, she ogling them whilst they ogled her. Sal was not frightened, there was nothing threatening about them and there were other people not too far off. She called 'good morning, lovely day,' and got a sort of half mumbled reply. Sal asked them if they visited the beach often, trying to engage them in conversation.

There was something, not that she could put her thoughts on quite what it was, in having these young men seeing her completely naked even though they could hardly be said to be fully dressed - not with the tops of their penises opening little gaps in the elasticated tops to their trunks. Sal opened her thighs, daringly for her, to attract them closer but perhaps that was too much for them. A mumbled 'bye' and they turned and - well - fled, albeit with the occasional backward glance.

It was a shame. Sal momentarily had had pleasant visions of having them up close, really ogling her, perhaps getting them to divest themselves of their trunks, seeing not one but two erections released into the sunshine. Perhaps even they might have sat with her and let her hold their penises, one in each hand and make them come. Would she really have dared to offer to 'help them?' She watched them getting smaller and smaller in the distance as her fingers returned to her nipple. It would have been good enough had they come up to her and stood there whilst she sat, they looking down at her breasts and sex, and she being able to look closely at their bulges and seen their penises contouring their trunks. Perhaps she might have reached and rubbed each through the material, perhaps until they came with a consequent oozing of semen through the material - seeping through, all creamy.

Her thoughts were certainly getting more and more non-Sal like!

Sal walked back and sat in a bit of shade by the cliff, eventually eating her picnic lunch. She even had a bit of a doze. Walking back, she did not miss calling in on Paul and Chloe in their recess in the rocks. Perhaps it was staged, perhaps it was deliberate and they had seen her coming but when she got closer she saw they were, indeed, copulating. Paul on top, Chloe's knees either side of his tight buttocks. She watched his bottom rising and falling, the strange copulatory action of penis rubbing inside vagina.

"Um," she said, "I just thought I'd say 'bye,' sorry to disturb." She was not really. It was interesting. She had not seen copulation - though she supposed people did not see others copulating as a matter of course. Sal had watched for a while before speaking.

Chloe looked up, "Oh hallo. Get off Paul, we can carry on later."

So nice to see Paul rise from Chloe, not perhaps the most dignified of rising but rather remarkable for Sal to see Paul not only erect with his cock so wet from Chloe but to see the thing coming out of the girl. It was very photographic - very photographable - to those interested in 'wildlife' photography. Sal was seeing lots of new things that day.

Nice too to see Paul standing like that, at attention or at least his penis was. Sal did like seeing men like that. Good to talk with them and rather pleasing to see Paul's penis did not soften. She was sure he was thinking things about her. That excited her, she really liked the thought of people, men in particular, enjoying seeing her naked body.

"Might I take a photograph or two?" She had meant with their camera, but Chloe was happy for her to use her own. A shot of them side by side, naked but with Paul so tumescent. Neither touching the other but that so sexual thing, his erection, so very present. A portrait shot, really, but with the man erect. Sal was so keen to ensure she caught the sun glinting on his wet penis in the photograph. Another shot to make sure, and then she got Chloe to place her hand on Paul's erection and finger it as she clicked away. Taking a close-up or two of the erection rather revealed her interest.

"My Paul's got a lovely cock hasn't he Sal?"

She had to agree. It was very 'handsome.' Her photography colleagues had had the opportunity of photographing her naked but now she was able to pose not just a woman but a man as a couple. She did, though, get Chloe to pose alone. Sitting there on a towel with such a sweet smile. Sal had not asked her to, but Chloe moved so her thighs were a little apart. Sal clicked.

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