Espied Pt. 10


And she was right. A naked, freshly showered Sal stepped out of her French windows into the summer darkness. The day was over, and it was nearly time for her bed, but she had something to do first. Something to do with her neighbour.

How Sal liked being outside naked! She did not straightway go to her neighbour but instead walked a little away from her house and then across the field. There was barely any moonlight but enough to see a path familiar to her. Half way across the field she paused thinking about how she had photographed her young black friend right there. The thought of his so lovely and so big cock in her mind. She knew she wanted to suck it, take his big plum in her mouth and make it come; she knew she wanted to be fucked by him as well. As she walked on her thoughts were of him and whether he would be strong enough to do what was in her mind. Could he carry her across the field with her legs either side of his hips and she sitting on his embedded penis, feeling it sliding and pushing simply because of his moving hips as he walked?

At the edge of the wood she paused and shook her head. Her thoughts really had got quite out of hand. So not what they had been in the past. Leastways when she had had such thoughts they had been very much 'bed' thoughts but now not only did they come at other times but she was not simply imagining things but doing them. In the house next to her own her neighbour would almost certainly be ready for her, knowing she would willingly come and suck his cock until ejaculation. She caught herself running her tongue over her lips. Sal shook her head. She was becoming so naughty. A good spanking was needed or Lady Godiva's riding crop across her buttocks. Sal imagined the scene, she bent over the woman's knee, before adding the thought of the woman gently easing her thighs apart, exposing her soft sex before she pushed the black lad's penis into her.


She was touching herself, enjoying her naughtiness of being out naked in the moonlight with her thoughts. It was time to go back and suck her neighbour's cock, feel it big and meaty in her mouth and be sucked herself in turn. But ahead she heard a noise. Someone or something was approaching, Sal turned to the side and made her way with a little difficulty into the trees to hide. It was a rider and a horse. Lady Godiva? But no, it was a man. Difficult to make out in the faint moonlight. Clearly it was a man who knew his way as he was not holding a torch to guide himself and his mount. Perhaps Lady Godiva's husband out for a late ride. Sal could see the man was clothed. She smiled as, behind a tree, she watched the rider disappearing unaware he was being watched by a naked and rather sexually aroused woman. Perhaps it was Lady Godiva's husband, though Sal had always rather pictured him to herself riding naked and with a large, erect penis rising up before him. A silly idea in the saddle of course.

It was the way of her thoughts. She was becoming fascinated by penises and there was one perhaps waiting for her at her neighbour's house. Or, might he be waiting there with his friends or Mr Grant. Three or four penises to enjoy and suck. Would she do it? Would she kneel and suck one after another? Sal had now seen four - her neighbour's, Paul's, Mr Grant's and, of course, her young black friend's. Lovely to see, lovely to photograph, lovely to touch. In the darkness Sal giggled, lovely to suck too.

An aroused and sexual Sal made her way back and down her neighbour's garden. She could see him through the windows. He seemed to be naked, sitting upon a settee with his back to her. Sal looked for a time, even touching herself, before stepping through the French windows. He must have heard her.

"You have a friend?" He said it without turning around, his eyes on the television screen. Upon it the evidence of Sal's friend, her young, black friend and her. The two of them walking in the garden. Sal dressed, but the black lad naked and sporting his rather large erection. "A young friend, I see. A well-endowed friend. Have you?" The black lad was erect on the screen and, as Sal looked down, so was her neighbour. It stood up between his thighs. The images on the screen must have aroused him.


"Have you sucked his penis, Sal? It looks very suckable."

A shake of her head and a 'no.'.

"You have not done very much then. Have you wanked him?" He laughed. "But I know you have."

And, as easy as anything, the man brought the evidence up on the screen. There was Sal with her friend's big, black penis in her hand. Not just erect, not just really big, not just held with her fingers encircling, but actually ejaculating there in her hand. She had hardly forgotten the scene but had not really expected to see it again or for her neighbour to see and know. He could even see the tripod and her camera and would know she had been photographing.

"He comes very well, Sal, has he come on your body? You must suck him as you must suck me again. Where did you meet?"

And Sal had to explain. About the photography club and using the young man as a nude model. She stood behind her neighbour looking at the scenes of herself on the screen and then down at the man. He was both naked and erect, his knob up in the air. He was not wanking, at least not whilst she had been there, it was just standing showing his excitement at what he was seeing. Or was it also because of her behind him? He had not even looked at her. Did he know she was naked?

She looked down at her neighbour's erection. She liked the male organ, had developed a real taste for them... Taste! Yes indeed, she had come around to his house with every intention of sucking upon his penis. She had not sucked upon her young black friend's penis, but the thought did not displease her at all. Far from it.

"A fine model for your class. Good enough to have him modelling again in your garden. I like the way you pose him. Come and pose me."

Sal came around the settee, knelt and touched the erect penis, sliding its skin. It was lovely, being able to just walk around and play with her neighbour's organ. Not as big as her black friend's but certainly as firm and as male. What a pleasure to have them both seated there and to not only fondle but to compare and - yes - suck each in turn. Sal leant forward and opened her lips. She liked that. She worked him with both hand and mouth at the same time, as Chloe and she had done with Paul. In her mind the thought, but not the reality, of her young black friend seated next to her neighbour and she able to go from one to the other.

"Sal, go and lie on the table. Let me eat you before I fill your mouth. Come on. Leave it!"

He smacked her bottom as she got up and turned for the table. A liberty, but she liked it.

Her neighbour watched her climbing up onto the table. It gave her a thrill to slowly open her legs and show her sex to him. He walked towards her, penis pointing. Had she been closer to the table edge - if her sex was close - he could have walked straight up and inserted. Made the connection of man and woman. What would that be like? Sal had certainly visited the doctor's for The Pill. Sal was going to find out soon. She wanted to see, she wanted to feel. Her recent sexual arousal - so heightened and present compared to the Sal of only a few weeks before - was driving her on.

It was not the man's penis but his tongue that entered her. Sal spread her legs the wider almost as if she could draw it further in. The feeling so good. The intimacy so utterly pleasurable, the wonderful feel of her neighbour's wriggling, rasping, stroking tongue exploring her sex entire - going everywhere. She was wet, very wet and knew he was effectively drinking her as she would him. His so mobile tongue tip slipping along her lower lips, touching her clit - no, flicking it before returning to enter her body, was just so right.

Sal bit her knuckle - rather hard - her neighbour had sucked her clit and the soft, moist flesh of her sex into his mouth. The thoughts in her head were of wanting to be fucked - for a man, or men, to stick hard and big penises into her and push and pull at her - perhaps she might suck a man whilst her neighbour did just that to her. Mr Grant's, her black young friend's, Vince's, Al's, Paul's - even Mr Soames' - Sal was not worried. She wanted cock!

Sal pulled herself from her neighbour's tongue, swivelled around on the table, grabbed his penis and had cock in her mouth in almost one fluid movement. Mmmmm - cock! She was almost out of control, so aroused, so wanting - cocks! She sucked and stroked up and down the penis with her wet mouth wishing one was in her vagina as well. Her neighbour tried to pull away, but she grabbed his balls. He was not going anywhere - he was going to come in her mouth. And, of course, he did, almost immediately. Warm, spurting, salty pulses of man!

And Sal would have taken more - more penises - had they been there. 'Aroused' was not the half of it. Again, she spun around offering herself to the man, his semen still unswallowed in her mouth. And rather than stuffing his penis into her as she had half wanted, her neighbour did the right thing of bending and pushing his face into her sex once more - it must have been like a hot, steaming and so wet flannel to the touch! He brought her off, really quickly, his lips holding her clit and his tongue flicking it. She was thumping the table with her fists as she came.

Finally, Sal got up from the table and stood. She felt weak at the knees. She knew her wetness was running down her thighs. Her neighbour stood looking at her with wet, soft penis, his foreskin drawn back and it showing rather creamy at the end. Two adults recently engaged in 'sex acts.'

"I'll... I'll be going," she said.

Her neighbour patted her bottom as she turned to go. "Do come around, Sal, any time. We can do that all over again."

Sal had tried watching television but had been restless. It was two days since she had been spread upon her neighbour's dining room table and been 'eaten.' It seemed almost degrading to feel the urge to go around to next door and ask to 'do things' but he had very much issued the invitation. She did so want the touch of other fingers than her own and, perhaps a tongue! There would be no harm in just going around in the dark and peeking to see if he was there. If Vince and Al were there too, then perhaps she would scuttle back home. And if there was no one there she could perhaps have a nice little play on her neighbour's lounger on his patio as she thought about 'things' and men in the dark.

Vince and Al were not there, and her neighbour was not how she liked to see him - naked. He was there, though, sitting and working at his dining room table. Should she leave him be or... It was the 'or,' her arousal did not permit her to simply leave him be: not with the prospect of lying across that table and being eaten! She knocked, and he looked up.

"Vince and Al were interested in you club, Sal, they like the idea of photographing intercourse."

"It's not like that. It's not that sort of club. We are a photography club. We photograph nudes not sex." She was indignant. What would Mr. Soames or Mrs. Riley say at the idea?

"But you said he erected."

"An accident, nothing more, men..."

"... have erections and you know how to deal with them, don't you Sal. Mr Grant was asking after you. Would you help him again? Would you suck his penis? He wondered if he, we, could take you out to dinner and then you might..."

Sal's arousal grew. She could not help it. So wrong, but two penises to suck...

"Think about it. He's a nice old boy and was so grateful. It will be a very good dinner I can assure you. But, as to your club, you told me, you and the black lad are going to pose together. Surely, he will erect and..." he smiled, ..." can you resist touching, Sal, you know how you like to touch."

"He'll have... he'll have come beforehand."


"Yes, in the kitchen. Where we get ready."

"The two of you taking your clothes off - together?"

"Yes, of course, if we are to model!"

"I'd like to see that, watch you in the kitchen when you make him come."

"No, he'll do it himself."

"No, he won't Sal, now will he?"

He was undressing as he spoke. His penis was already hard. Sal knelt as she knew she would. Knelt and opened her mouth. It was becoming a habit.


She raised her eyes up to her neighbour, "Yes?"

"You will suck Mr Grant won't you, after dinner?"

"I'll, I'll think about it." It was awful, just not right for a nice woman to think, but the idea of having two cocks before her, not just the one, one in each hand, each to be sucked alternately, was very pleasing. Mmmmm! What was becoming of her?

Sal stood naked in her garden, the taste of her neighbour's semen once more in her mouth. A few moments before she had been in her neighbour's house with his cock in her mouth. What was becoming of her? He had been good to her again. Had spread her on his table and eaten her. She had just agreed to have dinner with Mr Grant and her neighbour in town. He had asked again and she had agreed. Where would they take her - afterwards for the sucking? Had she really agreed, effectively, to suck two cocks together?

The day, or rather the evening, of the photography group meeting came around. Sal showered and put out a dress on her bed. In the mirror she looked at her naked body, she turned this way and that looking at herself. Should she perhaps trim her 'bush' a bit more? But it was not a beauty contest. She would be there - naked - as a model for the group. A natural model. The interest was in the nude form with a special emphasis on the contrast between the male and the female and perhaps the different skin colour between her young friend and herself: it was not glamour photography or, worse, about sex. That would be dealt with in the kitchen. There was no need, the lad could take care of his penis himself but, she knew, she would offer to help him come - ejaculate his penis so he did not embarrass himself or her, by becoming erect and showing his arousal to the whole club. She would offer to help so it all happened quickly with little delay between them entering the kitchen and appearing as nude models. She reached out with her hand and brought her fingers to an 'O' shape as if practising to... to extract semen from a male. Slowly she shook her head. Sal, Sal, Sal!

Sal knew she would become excited but perhaps the club would think her erect nipples were a response to the cold. Mrs. Riley, though, knew - knew too much about her. Sal had seen her eyes drop to the pool of wetness that had dripped from her sex the time before when she had been on that table and had seen her wipe it away with a cloth before the others had noticed. Maybe Sal had not been the only aroused person in the room. Had there been several stiff penises hidden in trousers? And when her young black friend had been exposed upon the table had quims moistened at the sight of his naked body and then his engorged penis? It was difficult to imagine they had not. It had been such a sight and she had seen it again in her garden and on their walk. Both an erotic sight and, without question, a beautiful sight. The way it had matched the polished mahogany of the table, it, the boy's penis, was a gorgeous reddy brown colour and did stand as if carved from wood, and polished to a perfect shine. In the mirror Sal saw one of her thighs slide against its neighbour, even the thought of her polishing his cock in the kitchen made her excited.

Even before she had parked her car outside the hall Sal found she was aroused. Turning off the engine she opened the car door. Mr Soames had just parked and was waiting, camera bag in hand, for Sal to join him. He was smiling in his usual friendly fashion. Sal was careful to get out of the car in a ladylike way, not one foot followed by the next, but swinging herself around so both feet touched the tarmac at the same time with knees together. So easy, if not making the manoeuvre with care, for the material of the dress to ride up her thighs and even expose her sex to the man. She had not bothered with panties - she was going to be taking her clothes off anyway in a short while - but, actually, that made the whole careful attempt at maintaining modesty a bit unnecessary. Mr Soames was going to be seeing her naked and very likely, depending on pose, between her legs as well. Of course, a sudden glimpse of thighs and curls might well be highly erotic whereas simple nudity on the big table not at all... but she was not sure.

Good to chat away with Mr. Soames, good to see Mrs. Riley and others; so normal, just like another meeting, all enthusiastic photographers together carrying camera bags: until the young black lad arrived. It was the cue for the models to get 'ready,' for the table to be prepared and the lighting set up. It would all be a little difficult for club members - dark skin and light skin require different settings - it would be a challenging evening. No doubt the photographers would relish that.

The closing of the door of the kitchen behind them left both a little nervous and tongue tied. From the babble of noise in the hall to the quiet of the kitchen. They had been left alone to prepare.

"Well," said Sal, "here we are. You OK?"

The boy nodded, "There are a lot of people here. More than last time."

Sal nodded. As a photography group it had been steadily growing for some time. Though she had been a little surprised to see not only her neighbour, but Vince and Al come through the door. Her neighbour had said they were interested in photography and joining the group, but she had not really believed him.

"Are you still up for this then?"

The grin that broke out on the lad's face was a delight, such white teeth contrasting with his beautiful skin. Sal wanted her camera and to take his portrait.

"Just a bit 'up,' Sal! He was undoing his belt as he said it. Down went his trousers and pants and he pulled off his tee shirt.

There was no doubting he was 'up.' His penis was as strongly erect as when talking to Lady Godiva, it was there in all its male glory.

The enthusiasm with which he had exposed himself revealed that he did, indeed, like revealing himself to her. "You're looking well tonight!" she said.

Another flash of teeth and then Sal watched him bending as he removed his trainers, socks and the dropped trousers and pants. What a firm bottom! Lovely to see her friend once more completely nude. Even in the bareness of the hall kitchen Sal was thinking of photo opportunities. He would look fantastic in just a pair of rubber gloves - yellow ones - washing up and turned to the camera so his cock showed hard. Best if perhaps the crockery being washed was also yellow to aid the composition and colour mixes. The closed curtains were already so right, yellow flowers on a pale brown/beige background. It would work. It would work and be not only a wonderful photograph but amusing with it - the male of the species aroused by washing-up!

"We'd better do something about that." It was going to be 'we,' Sal's level of arousal was not going to let her not touch it!

The boy nodded, "Wouldn't do to walk into the hall like this." He was deliberately presenting himself - and he really was big!

Sal thought it would be a fantastic picture, the two of them walking into the hall. She, leaning on his arm, as they walked out of the kitchen with his penis so big and prominent. And everyone watching! She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter at the thought. Perhaps, or certainly, she not in her dress but walking out as naked as he. As easily as he had removed his tee shirt, Sal lifted her dress over her head. There was no hiding the way the boy looked her up and down, no hiding the bobbing of his penis. His reaction to the sudden nakedness of Sal was sexual. His eyes told it all. She knew too, that the reality was he would enjoy - a strange nervous, embarrassed enjoyment - in walking out into the hall erect with her. The strange sexual excitement of total exposure she felt. Sal was sure it must be even stronger when one had had a cock to expose. And what a cock to expose!

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