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Essay on a Tryst

byJoseki Ko©

My thanks to Kat, for reading this with feeling

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As i sit here trying to focus my thoughts, finding it nearly impossible as the stinging of my nipples compete with the heated sting on my ass, i cast my thoughts back to the beginning of tonight.

Earlier this evening my thoughts were centred on Your stories, of how they made me feel, how they excited me the more i read. i read quite a few of Your shorter stories and was especially impressed with the one about Doms and Alpha Males and the difference. i have always had a lot of Alpha Males in my life, father, brothers etc and have very often wondered if they were Dominant in their play times also. It was interesting to read Your definition of the two.

i feel a great weariness as i try to type this. After cumming 4 times in such a short period of time, my thoughts are scattered and i am physically tired, knowing i will definitely sleep well tonight.

After the first time You had me paddle my ass, i felt the delicious sting on my ass, just the slight amount of pain, the heat, the sting. As i sat back in the leather chair the coolness was in stark contrast to the heat, almost sending shivers through me. i love that special spot right where the curve of my ass meets the tops of my thighs but it is nearly impossible for me to get that exact spot on my own. i can get close, even on the edge but cannot quite manage the dead centre of it.

The second lot of swats i got for being late hurt a lot more as it was a sharp stinging to an already hot ass. i love being put into a she sleen position, i find it one of the most erotic slave positions. The slave is fully exposed and because her head and shoulders are pressed into the ground she is completely vulnerable. i am into humiliation a little and i always find this position kind of feeds into that, rendering me to little less than "holes" (i am sorry Master, i know You do not like vulgar language but right now i cannot think of another word to use) There can be no looking into the eyes in that position, no kissing, no intimacy, just pure use. Anyway, back to the swats *laughs*

The first 5 swats stung like crazy, i could feel the sting rush into my clit, making it throb almost instantly and even though i was already wet i could feel myself dripping. Each swat made my ass hotter and sting more. Once i began on the other ass cheek i could barely think and was just swatting at my ass, not caring which spot i hit. Each swat made both sides of my ass sting, the heat rushing through my flesh, as i think back now i think i may have been close to cumming but i was trying to hold back knowing i had to get back on the seat and speak to You.

My nipples were already throbbing when You told me to lifts them and pull them away from my body. As i did this the pain competed with the pain coming from my ass, kind of settling in the pit of my belly. i have no idea if that statement makes any sense or not. By this time i was blinking back tears, just an instinctive reaction to the pain, not that it was really pain, oh heck i am not even sure what i mean there right now.

Twisting my nipples hurt, it sent the sensation straight to my clit and i found my thighs parting wider by instinct more than anything. At that point i looked down and i could see the lips of my pussy, thick and swollen and glistening with my juices. When i saw the words, one hand behind your head and another in your pussy and that i was allowed to cum i have to admit i was excited and more than ready. the very minute my fingers slide inside my pussy my hips were rocking back and forth into them and as i pressed my thumb against my clit i came almost immediately. i had to sit there for a minute or two and try and collect myself before typing to You.

The two swats i got for breaking position was a little confusing to me. i thought You would have wanted to know that i had carried out Your instructions, which is why i responded, and i will admit i so did not want those two swats. As i knelt back into she sleen though i could feel the tremors in my belly and as the paddle met my already stinging ass the tears started to spill down my cheeks. Even now my ass is seriously stinging and hot, my nipples are still throbbing, i am not even sure where the more intense the sensations are coming from. i would think my ass as i seem to be focussing more on the stinging there as i type this. i am arching my back forward a little so my ass is raised a little from the seat.

i have a pile of intense feelings rushing through me right now, none that i can grab and put words to, or make any sense of. Perhaps after some sleep i will be able to think more clearly.

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