tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEternal Hearts Ch. 01

Eternal Hearts Ch. 01


Chapter 1: The Beginning

Foreword from the Author:

Doesn't that sound professional? I'm just letting you know, because of the nature of this series, I feel I need to give some basic information about it. This is my most serious story to date and will undoubtedly be the biggest, planning to span 12 chapters or more. They aren't small chapters, this is a real story and there's lots going on, but the story develops and more characters are introduced later, so strap in for the long haul here. If you enjoy this series it'll be worth it, there's plenty of hot sex and drama to come. I do hope you enjoy it and that it's worth me writing it for you all.

~ Noj


This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!

The television glowed in the corner, the news having blended into the weather report, presented by some sexy young blonde guaranteed to have more people worried about hiding their erections than the approaching area of low pressure. Kylie and Dannii were snuggled up silently on the sofa together at Kylie's place, Kylie sitting up with her feet on the coffee table, Dannii curled up on her, her legs bent up over Kylie's lap with Kylie's arms behind her back and resting on her knees, head resting on her older sister's shoulder, her arm across Kylie's waist to just softly hold her. Dannii's dainty fingers slid slowly through Kylie's short blonde hair, almost root to tip, just stroking the soft strands of her thick hairstyle, Kylie softly murmuring, almost purring, as she did so.

"That weather girl's hot," Dannii said playfully with a little giggle.

"Down girl, she'd never be able to handle you," Kylie said with a smile, patting Dannii's knee.

"That's why she's so hot, so innocent and cute," Dannii teased, looking up to Kylie with her deep blue eyes and a sexy smile.

"Calm down, you're mine, you aren't going near any sexy weather girls," Kylie said with a playful smile in return, reaching up to press a fingertip on the end of Dannii's nose.

"Damn right I'm yours, all yours" Dannii murmured, nuzzling Kylie's finger a moment before she brushed her arm aside and leaned in to Kylie, the sisters kissing softly, tips of their tongues just dabbing as their soft lips locked together briefly for a loving kiss, breaking apart with a slight smooch before Dannii resumed resting her head on Kylie's shoulder with a sigh.

"She is hot though," Dannii said quietly as she played her fingers over Kylie's firm tummy. Kylie just gave a little giggle and they watched for a couple more minutes together before the bell rang. Dannii glanced up at the clock, since it was going on eight in the evening now, wondering whom it was.

"I'll get it," Dannii said, pulling herself up from Kylie's lap and off the sofa, giving a stretch as she walked to the door, the bell ringing again.

"Ok ok I'm coming," Dannii mumbled, getting to the door and releasing the locks before opening it to see a courier with a thick package under his arm and a clipboard, eyeing up Dannii in her casual clothes, which ironically made her look exceptionally sexy.

"Evening Dannii," he said, not pretending he didn't know who she was.

"Evening, bit late isn't it?" she said, glancing to the package.

"Special delivery, legal documents, at least I get overtime. Is Kylie here, they're for her?" he said, glancing past her slightly as if he expected her to appear in a little glow of light or something.

"Yeah she's here, can I sign for it?" Dannii said.

"Sure that's fine. If you could just sign and print there for me," he said, indicating where on the sheet and handing her the clipboard and pen. Dannii took them and filled it in, giving the courier a moment to quickly eye up her sexy, voluptuous body as she signed off, handing the clipboard back.

"Cheers, here's you go," he said, handing over the thick pack of documents, which was heavier than it looked.

"Thanks, have a nice night," she said, hefting them up into her arms a bit better, resting just below her breasts.

"It's already got much nicer," he said with a cheeky smile as he headed towards the stairs. Dannii just gave a smile and rolled her eyes playfully as she stepped back into the flat, pushing the door shut and bolting it securely before she walked back to the main room, Kylie looking up from the sofa over the back of it as she did.

"What's that?" she asked, curiously eyeing it.

"It's for you, legal documents, sent by your lawyers," Dannii said, reading the packaging label, Kylie frowning a bit.

"Doesn't sound too good," Kylie said a little nervously, taking the package and finding something to open it with, getting into the box and picking up the cover letter sent with it. Quickly reading through it, she breathed a sigh of relief that it was nothing bad, then broke into a trademark grin, whispering "wow" to herself.

"What's going on then?" Dannii asked, leaning on the back of the sofa, trying to glance at the letter.

"Apparently, I've been left a big castle out in the countryside," Kylie said, looking back up to Dannii.

"Someone just left you a castle?" Dannii said in amazement, looking over at the letter to confirm it for herself.

"Yeah…well so my lawyer says…" Kylie said, skimming the letter again, offering it up for Dannii to see better.

"Really? That's great, you've been saying you wanted to get away. What's more perfect than going to check out your new castle, finish up paperwork and then have a few days away there, get that break you wanted," Dannii said, resting her hands on Kylie's shoulders and rubbing slightly.

"What about you, won't you come?" Kylie said, looking round to her, a little unsure.

"Well got things planned for the next couple of days, besides this all has to be finalised and signed off on doesn't it?" Dannii said, sliding back onto the sofa as Kylie laid the letter down in the top of the box.

"Yeah, just be nice for both of us to have a little getaway," Kylie said, her arms sliding round Dannii as she cuddled back up to her.

"I know, but you know we have to be careful with that, it's hard enough for us to spend most weeknights together," Dannii said with a sigh, resting her head on Kylie's shoulder.

"Yeah I know, it's hardly ideal. I could wait though?" Kylie offered, resting her head against the top of Dannii's.

"No, you go, get it all sorted so it's completely yours, enjoy a few days away in the country and then maybe we can have a little time together there in the future," Dannii said, leaning up to draw Kylie into a kiss.

"Ok Dan," Kylie said with a smile, "thanks." Dannii just smiled at her and snuggled in close so they could finish their evening on the sofa. Kylie left the documents aside for a while as they stuck on a DVD and had a few glasses of wine, just enjoying comfortable time together before Dannii decided to turn in, feeling a little tired and wanting to get to bed.

"I'm gonna stay up and quickly go through this lot," Kylie said, gesturing to the box of paperwork. Dannii gave a little sigh and folded her arms, raising her eyebrows a bit, knowing what Kylie was like.

"I'll be in soon, I promise," Kylie said, looking up to Dannii innocently.

"Don't be too long, some of us want to do more than just sleep when we get to bed," Dannii said with a slight smile, leaning down to give Kylie a quick peck on the lips before turning and walking to the bedroom, Kylie glancing back over the sofa as her sexy younger sister swayed down the hall, eyeing her slim waist and firm rear with a wistful sigh, eyes widening as Dannii nonchalantly peeled her snug top over her head and turned into the bedroom, before turning her attention to her box of papers.

For almost two hours Kylie sat on her sofa alone reading through the documents, pausing once to get a cup of tea. Wiping slightly at her tired eyes, Kylie stifled a yawn and continued to read, having got through much of it but not all, wanting to understand every tiny detail, making sure there was no strange stipulation or clause to go with it. She heard soft footsteps behind her and looked round, seeing Dannii approaching down the hall, dressed in a long, loose robe which flowed round her feet, her hair loose and a slight, knowing smile on her face.

"Dannii I…I didn't mean to be so long," Kylie said, apologising and looking up to her sister as she serenely sauntered round the sofa to stand in front of Kylie. She simply leaned down and softly kissed her older sister, Kylie just melting at her younger sisters warmth, Dannii taking her hands and then pulling back, drawing Kylie to her feet.

"That's ok sweetie, I'll always wait for you," Dannii said with a smile, leaning in to sensually kiss Kylie again.

"You shouldn't have to, I should give you more attention, just this came along and I've been so busy and…" Kylie started to ramble, her stress showing.

"Shhhh, I understand, but let's not worry about all that now," Dannii said quietly, reaching behind her to produce a pair of handcuffs. Kylie looked down at them, giving her lip an anxious bite but not resisting as Dannii took her wrists and locked them together, making the cuffs snug before she took hold of the chain and started towards the bedroom, leading Kylie behind her.

"Can't have you running off on me," Dannii murmured, towing Kylie towards the bedroom.

"I wouldn't dream of it," Kylie softly replied, happy that Dannii had taken control and dragged her to bed. Pulling her to the bed, Dannii pushed her down on it, Kylie wriggling back up to rest her head on the pillows as Dannii slid on near her feet, reaching up to grasp the waistband of her casual grey trousers, which she wore at home to relax in, sliding them down to reveal her cute little black knickers. Dannii just gave a smile and reached up, dragging her fingers over the front teasingly before she hooked her fingers into the waistband of them as well, Kylie looking down with a smile, her nipples poking hard through her thin top. Dannii slipped the little black underwear down Kylie's lovely legs, revealing Kylie's completely smooth pussy, shaved to perfection.

"Mm a little eager are we?" Dannii teased, able to see and smell Kylie's arousal.

"Maybe…" Kylie blushed, squeezing her legs together and looking away slightly.

"Aww don't be embarrassed, I thought we were past all that," Dannii said with a smile, pulling away and standing up, leaving Kylie in just her snug pink top with her hands cuffed. Kylie watched as Dannii slid the robe open, pushing her shoulders back and letting it slip to the floor to reveal her perfect body, her breasts large and full, stomach firm and smooth pussy, topped by a little arrow pointing to her clit.

"Then lie back and relax," Dannii purred, giving a beaming smile as she picked up a strap-on from the floor by the bed, their favourite, which never got put away. She stepped into it and pulled the thong black harness up her legs, looking down to arrange herself as she got it into place, a little rough nub built into it to stimulate the wearers clitoris, which she settled correctly before tightening the straps. Kylie watched her as she did, tightening the belt to leave her sporting a manageable six-inch cock. It wasn't huge, a good size for the sisters being so small, which also meant they could be very energetic with it. Dannii looked up with a smile and stepped back over to the bed, sliding on with her knees and crawling to Kylie. Having done this a few times before, Kylie raised her cuffed hands to invite Dannii onto her, which she accepted, allowing Kylie to hook her cuffs behind her younger sister's neck as Dannii leaned down to kiss her, settling in between her soft thighs, the strap-on rubbing teasing at Kylie's entrance.

"Mm come on Dan…" Kylie panted, desperate to get on with it now, not realising quite how much she looked forward to getting to bed with Dannii at night. Dannii just gave a dirty grin and then reached down to push herself into Kylie, Kylie giving a grunt as the stiff rubber slipped into her juicy pussy, her muscles clinging tightly to it as Dannii paused, Kylie pulling her knees up, before powerfully pushing forwards and driving the full length of the strap-on into Kylie as she gave a throaty groan, closing her eyes.

"See, it's worth coming to bed with me," Dannii said with a smirk, Kylie's pulling Dannii tightly to her for a kiss, which she happily engaged in, getting heavier this time with the tongue.

"It's always worth coming to bed with you," Kylie mumbled as their kiss broke, Dannii's long dark hair hanging down round her face, Dannii pulling back and starting to steadily thrust, using a couple of inches for a few thrusts and then finding her rhythm and starting to pump, resting on her elbows and lifting herself up from Kylie a bit as she started to sink the full length of the strap-on into her elder sibling, arching her back to give plenty of power. They didn't say anything else for a few minutes, just laying together slowly making love, giving little groans and murmurs of pleasure, Kylie rolling her hips and hooking her legs behind Dannii's bum to hold herself close, Dannii giving a moan as the change in angle caused her clit to be stimulated by the harness. Kylie smiled and they kissed hotly again, attacking each other's tongues as Dannii picked up the pace, starting to properly screw her, making her body buzz with pleasure, her stiff clit begging for attention that she couldn't give it.

"How could you resist coming to bed huh?" Dannii teased, pushing in and out harder, going as deep as she could, using about half the toy as Kylie wriggled and moaned under her, feeling the bulbous head pushing in and out of her.

"I don't know, aren't you glad I'm here now though?" she replied, breathing heavily. Dannii, sweat glistening on her forehead, grinned.

"Very much so," Dannii said simply, grinding herself into Kylie's pelvis with a grunt, making Kylie giggle a little before they locked lips tightly again, Dannii suddenly picking up the pace, making her eyes spring open as she was hammered, the toy bumping against her cervix before Dannii stopped as suddenly as she started, pulling straight back out of Kylie, leaving her clit buzzing and body trembling, pulling back from under her arms and out of the grasp of her powerful thighs, kneeling with the strap-on glistening before her on the bed.

"Dannii what the…" Kylie managed through her gasps, looking down and letting her legs sag open to see properly.

"Roll over," Dannii said in a much sterner tone, a keen look in her eye.

"But Dannii can't we just…" Kylie started, wanting to continue their nice simple session.

"Do it now," Dannii said, giving Kylie a look she knew. Not arguing any more, Kylie scrabbled over onto her front, arching her back and looking back to Dannii, who gave a little smile at her pert rear.

"On your knees," she said, Kylie this time not protesting, simply arching her back more and pulling herself up onto all fours in front of her younger sister, presenting her gorgeous arse, which she knew Dannii was a sucker for. She gave a coo as Dannii laid her hands on her arse, stroking the firm cheeks softly, teasing Kylie, who gave a little shiver before eliciting a little yelp as Dannii gave a sharp little spank to her.

"Surely you know by now when I say I want to go to bed you know I want far more than sleep," Dannii said, rubbing her again before delivering another sharp blow to her other cheek, making Kylie grunt.

"I'm sorry," Kylie mumbled, feeling Dannii's hands slide to her waist as she knelt behind her and pushed the strap-on easily into Kylie's dripping pussy, now loosened and ready for her. They both gave a moan, Dannii proceeding to give a series of quick, short thrusts into Kylie, her body rippling around the rubber before she pulled back out again, Kylie barely having time to handle that before a spank was dealt to her prone form, making her gasp loudly, Dannii quickly delivering two more to her, her firm bum jiggling very slightly as she did so.

"I'll teach you to leave me hanging," Dannii growled sexily, moving in close again and guiding the strap-on with her hand, higher this time, up between Kylie's tight cheeks to her arsehole, pushing the strap-on tentatively against the strong ring. Kylie didn't protest, she enjoyed anal sex, both of them did, and they indulged in it regularly with varying levels of intensity, so she simply relaxed so Dannii could penetrate her, which she did immediately, pushing firmly and popping the head of the toy into her, Kylie giving a deep grunt as she felt a little twinge of pain. Despite doing this plenty she always had that on initial penetration, and she welcomed it, the pain making it feel still fresh to her, reminding her of the first time as Dannii gave her a moment before pushing it into her. Kylie's juices did a good enough job to ease the way and Dannii pushed powerfully to full depth, pushing all six inches into her tight arse, the harness pressed against her arse.

"You like that?" Dannii growled, holding her hips tightly and pulling back.

"Yeah," Kylie muttered, unable to deny that she did, still feeling a little discomfort as she got used to it, jiggling a little as Dannii pushed in again, Kylie's back arching tighter. Dannii didn't wait for anything else and held them firmly together, starting to pump in and out of her older sister, the rubber cock hugged tightly by Kylie's anus, the tight sphincter squeezing down on it, Dannii using her thumbs to spread the firm cheeks a bit so she could watch Kylie's rear swallowing it. Picking up the pace a bit more she started to really pump Kylie's arse, seeing her sister wriggle a little underneath her, delivering increasing thrusts, till she gave one hard one, burying her strap-on in Kylie and holding it there, Kylie tensing up tightly, her wrists yanking against the cuffs and making them chatter as she let out a strained squeal, trying to pull away from Dannii slightly.

"Calm down sweetie," Dannii cooed, stroking Kylie's sexy lower back before she leaned forward and softly kissed Kylie's shoulder, nibbling lightly and working to Kylie's neck, where she softly teased and nibbled to make Kylie shiver and giggle in excitement.

"Don't make me use something bigger," she teased, giving a last kiss and then kneeling back up, trailing a finger down Kylie's arched spine to resume her hold, this time at her waist, drawing back out of her arse before giving her a few more thrusts, Kylie murmuring quietly as Dannii groaned lightly, her pussy absolutely dripping, clit hard and begging for attention. Drawing back, Dannii let the strap-on pull free of Kylie's perfect ass, springing up a little as Kylie gave a sigh of relief. Not because she hadn't been enjoying it, just because she always did. Dannii pushed down to Kylie's dripping slit, easily gliding right in, Kylie giving a squeal of pleasure, Dannii moaning as she pressed herself into the strap-on harness when she bottomed out. Holding Kylie's lusciously slim waist she proceeded to thrust into her briskly a few more times, Kylie absolutely at boiling point now, fit to burst, so Dannii decided to finish her off.

"I suppose you need me to rub your clit now?" Dannii said in a playfully sarcastic manner, her right hand already delving underneath Kylie's prone figure towards her pussy, whilst her left also went under but upwards, sliding up under Kylie's top to her perky breasts, cupping and squeezing, feeling the stiff nipples as her fingers went to work on Kylie's clit. Her fingers danced over the hard nub, rubbing daintily round and over between little pinches and squeezes, something Kylie loved. In years of having sex with her, Dannii knew exactly how to push her buttons and did so right now, holding the strap-on cock deep in her as she did, feeling her sibling tremble. Going as fast as she could with her hand, Dannii worked hard at Kylie to get her off, Kylie flushed and sweating, her moans getting faster and higher pitched till she gave one final squeak of submission and let her orgasm hit her full force, tensing up stiffly before giving a spasm and long, loud moan of pleasure, shuddering and pushing back against Dannii, eyes squeezed shut as her pussy hot gushed juices over Dannii's hand. Dannii gave a couple of short thrusts for good measure as Kylie rocked to a stop on her knees, sagging down a bit, breathing heavily.

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