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Eternal Hearts Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Turmoil and Conflict

This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!

This story continues the Eternal Hearts adventure, which you will need to read from the start to keep up with the story.

Arriving home in the evening, full darkness was just a heartbeat away. Her driver had asked her if everything was alright because she'd been rather quiet, which she'd said it was and engaged him in conversation on the way. Of course it wasn't alright. She was now feeling the guilt weighing on her from her philandering with not one but two people in the few days she'd been away, cheating on Dannii with a man, and then worst of all with another woman, something she'd sworn she'd never do. She hoped her guilt wouldn't show, and argued to herself that it wasn't as it seemed, that she'd been tricked into it either by seductive tricks or her hunger, which opened a whole new can of worms and she worried whether Dannii would notice, how she could tell her and so forth, which she worried over until she arrived. She thanked her driver as she got out, giving him a kiss and walking slowly to her door with her bags, letting herself in and then getting the lift up to her floor.

She paused outside, taking a breath before she slipped her key in the lock and let herself into her apartment, their apartment, since they mostly lived there, though occasionally at Dannii's. Hers was bigger though so that tended to be how it was. She opened the door and stepped into her hall, setting her bags down and closing the door, pushing the bolt across. She knew immediately she was in trouble, because Dannii didn't come running to meet her and, if history was anything to go by, drag her straight to the bedroom for a welcome home romp. Kylie couldn't even bring herself to call out that she was home, walking down the hall slowly to the front room, pushing the door open and peeking in, finding Dannii on the sofa in jeans and a simple black top, looking up to her with one of those looks, her arms crossed frostily under her large breasts, her mood evident.

"Um...Hey Dannii," Kylie greeted her awkwardly, the tension thick as she stepped over to her, leaning down to kiss her. Dannii didn't want to kiss her back however, or even let Kylie kiss her at all, turning away and reaching up to brush it off, sliding out the way and standing up, stepping away from her and turning round to face her, glaring at her, Kylie realising the extent of trouble she was in, which was big. Dannii had a bit of a temper but it didn't happen over nothing and she knew she was gonna get it.

"What do you mean 'hey Dannii', huh? Where have you been?" she said, her tone already building.

"What I...," Kylie started, but was quickly shut down.

"Was your phone broken?" she asked sarcastically.

"But you could've..." Kylie tried, but was silence once more.

"You've been gone for four days and haven't called me in three! Did you think I wasn't going to worry? Did you even spare a thought to me?" Dannii snapped, gritting her teeth.

"But Dannii I can..." Kylie tried, interrupted again. Like any couple they argued, and she'd argued with Dannii enough times to know what to expect, but she was still drawn into it.

"And you just come back in here acting like nothing's wrong, that it didn't happen!" Dannii

"But Dannii," Kylie said pleadingly, wanting a little calm to try and work things out.

"No buts!," she yelled, approaching her older sister in an almost threatening manner, "You can't just do this to people Kylie! I'm not a toy, you can't just ignore me when I'm not something you want to play with and leave me here alone and worried something's happened to you. You just ditched me for three days and then you just waltz back in here looking like that!" she practically screeched with a point at Kylie's outfit, Kylie wincing, worried she'd disturb the neighbours. Looking down ashamedly at her sexy attire, seeing the creases in the shirt and knowing where they'd been to get them, screwed up on the floor as she writhed in pleasure from a man she'd just met. Dannii was close now, able to smell that the clothes weren't quite fresh, the smell of cigarette smoke from the bar and the slight smell from where Kylie had been wearing it, very familiar with Kylie's natural scent, also seeing the creases and the fact a button was missing.

"You didn't put that on yesterday to surprise me right now, did you Kylie?" she said in a dangerous tone, Kylie knowing that the wrong answer would cause Dannii to blow her top. She didn't even need to speak though to give herself away, Dannii suddenly pausing as she caught a whiff of something, then leaning down close to Kylie, making her shiver as the warm breath spread over her neck, Dannii sniffing distinctly at her, near her collar before slowly pulling away and looking sharply into Kylie's eyes, in a way she'd never done before.

"Is that aftershave?" Dannii said quietly, her voice wavering a little bit. Kylie opened her mouth to speak, to try and fumble some excuse, but she couldn't, just a little choked sound escaping, her eyes telling all to Dannii as she gazed into them.

"This is fucking disgraceful Kylie!" she shouted loudly, pulling back, "the second you have any time away you can't even find time to call or tell me how you are, but you have plenty of time to go picking up random guys for one night stands! Am I really that bad?!," she screeched, Kylie grimacing again at the piercing tone.

"Dan..." she tried, knowing she had no chance.

"Don't even bother! Are you so unhappy with me that this is how you let me know? Did you do this to try and hurt me, to destroy what we have together? I thought I was what you wanted, but I guess I'm just not even good enough to compete with some random guy from a bar!" she shouted, letting everything out now, unable to hold herself back, but like Kylie had never experienced before. Dannii's eyes shifted from her face and moved down her, drinking her in, and suddenly locked on her hand, sporting two new rings, one on her engagement finger.

"What the fuck?!" she yelled, grabbing Kylie's hand hard and pulling it up to take a closer look, Kylie trying to pull away as she studied them, blushing with embarrassment. She didn't know what the day walker ring was round her index finger, eyeing it a moment, but she recognised the ring signifying an eternal bond immediately, and the fact it was round her engagement finger sent her over the edge, Kylie's eyes wide in almost pure fright. She'd never seen Dannii this mad, and the fact she'd caused it meant she had to endure the repercussions of it, which wasn't looking good right now. Dannii threw Kylie's hand down in disgust, turning her back on her and walking away from her as Kylie tried to get this situation under control.

"Dannii please! You don't understand!" she begged, wishing her younger sister would just calm down long enough to listen to her as she stepped after her.

"Oh I don't understand that you've been out fucking around on me huh? Four days away and I'm second best! Fuck you'd even marry him if you could!" she shouted, turning back swiftly and pointing at Kylie's hand, which she balled into a fist to hide the rings, looking at the floor again.

"I might be your sister but that's no excuse! You can't just play with me and my heart! I'm still your fucking girlfriend!" Dannii yelled, her own hands clenched tightly into fists, the tendons and muscles up her arms showing because she had them squeezed so tight in fury. She could take no more and turned to the door, stalking towards it, Kylie angering that Dannii was going to turn her back on this.

"Don't you walk away from me!" Kylie snapped, reaching out and grabbing Dannii's arm to stop her. Dannii shoved Kylie off her, yanking her arm clear and turning back to Kylie, fire in her eyes.

"Why don't you just run back to him you backstabbing whore!" she screamed, Kylie just stopping dead in defeat and complete devastation that Dannii had said such a thing to her. Her lip trembled, tears pricking the corners of her eyes, Dannii looking much the same as she turned and ran from the room, slamming the door so hard it almost broke the frame. Kylie stood and listened to her footsteps as she ran down the hall and then another slam of the bedroom door. Walking stiffly, she got to the sofa and sagged down, burying her head in her hands as tears slid down her nose. She was utterly ruined, disgusted with herself and what she'd done to Dannii, her sibling and girlfriend, and had nowhere to turn for help. The only thing she could think to do at that moment was get a drink and try and calm herself down to think of a way forward from this.

Standing from the sofa, she slipped off her Manolos and quietly opened the door Dannii had so thoroughly slammed on her way out, peeking round in case she was there, then quietly walked down the hall to the kitchen. Finding the bottle of Vodka, she got a glass and poured herself a decent helping, neat and strong to help give herself a kick. Downing the Vodka in a couple of large gulps, she gave a cough and raspily breathed out, taking a moment as she stood the glass down, leaving it on her counter and walking back to the living room, pushing the door to and stepping back to the sofa. She didn't even sit down on it, her pert rear just sitting on the edge before she slumped down to the floor in front of it, pulling her knees up, hugging them to her chest and resting her head on them, trying to get it straight as she felt a little swirl of the Vodka course through her little frame.

In the bedroom, Dannii had hurled herself down on the bed, their bed, where she had been looking forward to snuggling up to her beloved girlfriend after nights alone, but now was simply screwing up underneath her as her tears dampened the pillow. She couldn't believe that in just a few days her relationship, the wonderful, fulfilling basis to her entire life, was unravelling like a thread caught on a loose nail.

After a few minutes, Kylie managed to work out that she needed to let Dannii cool off a bit first, and she also had to get out of these clothes, which would only remind Dannii of her infidelity. She had to get herself freshened up, and figured she might as well make herself look nice for Dannii, not quite make herself look downright hot but enough to tempt Dannii and help break the ice as it were, which might help them move on to deal with this, and perhaps to some hot make up sex. Kylie immediately scolded herself for the thought, knowing that right now their entire relationship was hanging in the balance and sex should be the last thing on her mind. Standing up, she wiped her face, make-up smeared, but it wouldn't matter as she'd be sorting herself out.

Again carefully peering into the hall, she nipped to the bathroom and locked the door, letting out a breath she didn't realise she'd been holding with a sigh, reaching up to unbutton her bright red shirt. Quickly slipping it off, she reached up and unhooked her sheer bra, freeing her perky breasts as she cast it aside, then reached down for her leather trousers. Undoing them, she quickly pulled them open and peeled them down over her bum to her thighs, remembering she wasn't wearing any knickers. She was glad her and Dannii hadn't got too far, as that would've been a bit of a backbreaker to any patching up they were doing, so this way she could hide the fact she'd been going commando since she'd left his place. Turning the shower on, she found some nice aromatic shower gel and got in under the warm water, giving a sigh of relief at it, her senses all over the place as she got down to giving herself a nice but practical shower, washing herself clean as she thought about her next move, the hot shower helping to relax her and let her think properly.

Breathing in deeply, she inhaled the fragrant shower gel as she washed, rinsing the foam from her sexy body, washing the make-up from her face and just taking a few moments to stop and ponder what she'd wear. She didn't want to be too in-your-face with her outfit else Dannii would have the opposite reaction to what she wanted, so figured she needed to be conservatively sexy...but only on the outside. Underneath, should things get to the point where they had sex, going all out sexy was fine since things were going that direction, so some sexy lingerie would be fine, which she had plenty of. Finishing her shower, she got out and towelled off, wrapping herself in her dry, crisp towel, not loving fluffy ones as everyone else made out they did. Kylie wrapped up and then headed out, heading to another room of her luxurious pad, which was basically a huge walk in wardrobe because she owned so many. Setting down at a dresser, she set to work doing some subtly sexy make up, giving her eyes light distinction and a soft pink colour of lipstick so she looked gorgeous, being very careful since she couldn't see herself in the mirror.

She gave a satisfied little sigh and turned to the drawers and cupboards for clothing. First place was her underwear drawers, where she pondered for several minutes about what to wear. Deciding simple and sexy was the best route, she picked out a sexy pair of black lace knickers, a set she knew Dannii particularly liked seeing her in, and peeling off her, and its matching semi-sheer lace bra. Not wanting to spoil it with a garter belt, she picked out a pair of black lace topped hold-up stockings to go with it, which she felt completed her undies nicely. She turned to her wardrobes, stepping over and kicking a favourite pair of silver high-heels back towards the dresser as she opened several doors, flicking through the clothing, spending lots of time umming and ahhing over what to go for, unable to decide, arguing for and against certain outfits. She finally decided on a long, slender black skirt, which extended down to her ankles and hugged her legs, and a thin pink poloneck top, hanging them on the door handles to await her.

Kylie stepped back to the dresser to give her make-up one last check, before realising she couldn't see herself with a grumble, then reached up and pulled her towel off, dropping it to one side to stand naked, trying to glance at herself in the mirror before she picked up the soft lacy knickers, stepping into them and sliding the little black lingerie up her smooth legs, pulling them into place and pondering how long they'd be there. She knew she shouldn't, but she kind of hoped it wouldn't be too long with Dannii around. Kylie quickly pulled on the bra and clipped it shut on its tightest setting to enhance herself a little, then picked up the sexy hold-ups. She carefully rolled one up each leg, sliding the sexy black nylons up to mid-thigh with a little smile, always loving the sensation of stockings or hold-ups on her legs, especially around the thighs. Finding her skirt, she slid into the snug ankle-length number, buttoning it up and then pulling on the light pink poloneck, sliding her arms into the sleeves and then sorting her hair back out.

Glancing at her rings, she paused to stare at them a moment, then she quickly wrestled them off her fingers, amazed how tight they'd gotten, not wanting Dannii to be seeing those either. Besides, it was dark and sunlight wasn't a problem, as long as she put it back on before she went to sleep it'd be fine. She pulled on her silver heels and took one last look in the mirror, aiming to look into her own eyes, but she wasn't there, nobody was, because she no longer had a reflection, giving a sigh and turning to leave the room.

"Here goes...well everything," she mumbled to herself as she opened the door and walked down the corridor, aware just how much was on the line as she walked at an ever slowing pace towards her bedroom, their bedroom. Pausing, she raised her hand, which trembled a little, before she lightly tapped on the door, the knocks sounding far louder than they really were with the tension. There was no answer from within, which was understandable, and Kylie paused a moment, then tried the handle, revealing the door was unlocked. This meant Dannii wanted to talk and was waiting for her. She'd learnt Dannii's moods, and if she left it unlocked she generally wanted to talk and fix things, if she locked it she didn't, or she'd storm out and go back to her own place. Kylie was quite surprised to find it unlocked given what she'd done, and she'd been fully expecting Dannii to be packing her stuff before walking out to dump her and leave. Easing the door open, she peered round, looking in to see Dannii lying on the bed, facing away from her, still fully dressed, head buried in the pillow.

"Dannii...?" she queried carefully, speaking softly, just happy that she'd found her voice at all. She didn't respond, not even moving, the soft rise and fall of her body the only sign she was even alive, though it was quicker and heavier than sleep so Kylie knew she was awake. Dannii could never fake sleep on her, she'd tried before and been found out, usually much to her chagrin and Kylie's ensuing pleasure.

"Dannii?" she said a little louder once more, still not quite ready to approach as she stepped into their bedroom, pushing the door closed behind her though she wasn't quite sure why. Dannii still didn't respond, she was giving Kylie the silent treatment, which wasn't going to get them anywhere. Taking an unneeded breath, Kylie walked slowly to the bed, pausing at the foot of it, resisting temptation to touch Dannii's feet as the first contact and walking round to stand in front of her. Dannii barely moved, mainly just her eyes, looking Kylie head to toe, drinking her in, seeing how beautiful she looked, completely the woman she loved, but also the one that'd hurt her so deeply.

"Are you leaving me?" Dannii murmured, barely audible, looking back down at the sheets, her fingers tightening their grip on them somewhat.

"What? You should be the one leaving me since...because of..." Kylie whispered, trailing off as she knelt down beside the bed so Dannii could see her, forcing her to look at her. Kylie gave a slight smile, which was partially a wince from the tension and emotion running through them.

"It just kind of...happened. I never meant to hurt you, and like always I managed it, but it's really not what it looked like...please just let me explain..." Kylie babbled, desperate to plead her case. Dannii gave a roll of her eyes, semi-ignoring her, but still listening because she had to hear what Kylie had to say for herself.

"Dannii, I really love you. You know that. It just kind of...happened," Kylie said weakly.

"I was looking round the local town, seeing what was there you know, and went into a bar for a quick drink. Well this guy was there, all alone and kinda down so I ended up having a drink with him, we got talking. I had a bit too much to drink, we had a bit of a dance which is why you can smell the...umm..." Kylie said, pointing to her top even though she'd changed and his scent was no longer on her.

"Did you fuck him?" Dannii interjected simply, looking up from the bed at Kylie's face. Kylie looked at her, the guilt showing on her face and giving it away to Dannii. Kylie could never lie to her when she could look her in the eye and now was easier than ever, her infidelity practically stamped on her forehead. Kylie gave a bit of a stutter, unable to find words to try and get herself out of it.

"Well I...it's just that..." she attempted, Dannii lifting her head from the pillow and glaring at Kylie.

"Did you?" she said firmly, wanting to hear Kylie admit it. She just looked back at her younger sister with wide, frightened eyes, afraid of what Dannii might do to her if she did. Looking at the floor, she finally spoke up.

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