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Eternal Hearts Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Torn

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

This story continues the Eternal Hearts adventure, which you will need to read from the start to keep up with the story.


Stirring, Kylie eased from her contented sleep into wakefulness, immediately aware of the soft, warm, feminine figure snuggled close to her, unnecessary breathes gliding warmly over her shoulder as they loosely held each other. Kylie smiled happily before even opening her eyes, just basking in the knowledge that Dannii, love of her life, was with her to wake up with. The second thing she became aware of was the warmth she could feel on her, all over one side of her, the side not pressed into the bed, where she could also feel the freshness of air circulating over her naked body. Opening her sleepy eyes, she immediately saw Dannii's pretty face, soft and relaxed as she slept, making Kylie smile once more as she carefully lifted her head and looked over them to see the cause of the mystery warmth, and the reason she felt so exposed.

She had no idea how, but somehow during the night her and Dannii had got mostly out from under the covers and were now sprawled across them together, their legs intermingling, and a wide patch of sun splashing across them from the tall French doors that led onto their balcony. Because of their changes, they noticed the warmth of the sun more now, though their rings protected them from burning up in a very typical manner. It felt good, very good, and Kylie imagined this must be why cats liked to bask in the sun for hours. Sure she sunbathed but it never felt this good, and now...it was almost worryingly good. However she didn't try to fight it, giving a stretch and a little murmur of contentment as she rested her head down again, which in turn disturbed Dannii as their silky smooth legs slid together. She did the same thing, giving a stretch in Kylie's arms and then looking up to see why she felt so warm and naked, glancing over their entwined bodies and then up to Kylie, who just greeted her with a smile.

"Morning," Kylie purred, leaning forward to press her lips to Dannii for a soft, tongue-dabbing kiss.

"Mmmorning," Dannii murmured in one word as they pulled apart, resting back down on the pillows, not the least bit concerned at their complete nudity. They rubbed their legs together sensually as they snuggled a little closer in the sunlight and laid back down a minute to enjoy each other and the sun warmed bed. Right then everything felt just perfect, all great after everything that'd happened. A hint of normality as it were, though Kylie knew deep down it was only superficial. Their relationship had changed, not only with them becoming vampires, but also with her own infidelity. There was a lot of trust she had to build back up, and she knew Dannii would never view her in quite the same way again after what she'd done to her, even if it was her primal hunger driving her to do it. That still didn't explain Lucretia, which Dannii hadn't found out about, and she didn't intend to tell her either. Cheating with a man was one thing, but another woman? She didn't want to think how Dannii would react to such news, so put it from her mind and just enjoyed lying with her sexy sibling.

After a couple of minutes just being close, Kylie decided they should do something, especially since she was feeling hungry. Her last meal had been when she'd sucked Dannii dry to turn her, and that was a long time ago, over twenty-four hours now. Stirring, she pulled herself up a bit, opening her eyes again and giving a yawn, Dannii doing similar since her girlfriend was no longer in an ideal cuddle position. Kylie was as bad as any man, and waking up with Dannii was enough to turn her on no matter how many times she did it, and with her hunger making her a little more primal and sexually aggressive, she was more than ready for action.

"I'm hungry," she announced, licking her lips, her sharp fangs sliding out a little, from her arousal rather than her hunger. Kylie had no idea why that happened, since it had done before, it must just be part of body's natural reactions now, the same as how her nipples stiffened up.

"Are you...um...going to bite me?" Dannii asked quietly, clearly a little nervous.

"No Dan, don't worry, I need a proper meal, biting you would just be a bit of fun," she teased, reaching out to brush Dannii's messy hair back as she gave a smile.

"Going to get something then?" Dannii murmured, giving a slight stretch.

"No, because I'm hungry for something else you've got," Kylie purred, looking down into Dannii's eyes with a sly smile and leaning in close to softly kiss her, pulling her closer. Dannii didn't resist, simply kissing Kylie back passionately as she pinned her and down and slid on top of her, parting her legs for Kylie to slide down between, breaking their kiss noisily as Kylie moved to nibble lightly at her earlobe, grinding her pelvis into Dannii's, her little dark arrow of pubic hair tickling Kylie's smoothly shaven mound.

"Mm I'd forgotten how horny you get in the mornings," Dannii giggled as her older sister started to kiss down her neck a bit, getting aroused herself, feeling her gums tingle a little, then her sharp new fangs scrape her bottom lip, realising they were somewhat extended with her arousal.

"Ahem, I don't recall you ever turning me down, so you're just as bad," Kylie protested playfully, her hands sliding up to cup Dannii's magnificent pair of breasts.

"Perhaps, but I don't make the first move, making me far more classy," Dannii teased, sticking her tongue out a little before they both gave a dirty little giggle.

"Mmhm, well as thrilling as this is, perhaps you'd like to get down to business here?" Kylie teased, her fingers teasing Dannii's nipples.

"Ok then, but I don't want to have to do much, it's far too early for that," Dannii said with a cheeky smile.

"So I have to do all the work do I?" Kylie said in a mock-annoyed toned, cocking an eyebrow as she smirked.

"Yep, besides, you're the one with all the energy," Dannii said with a grin, wiggling a little under Kylie, who just broke into a dazzling smile.

"Lazy bitch," she said mischievously, giving a little pinch to her nipples to pull a yelp from her younger sisters before she hopped off the bed onto her dainty feet and turned away.

"Hey where do you think you're going?" Dannii asked, leaning up and looking a little annoyed that she was going to be abandoned after being turned on.

"Hush, to get a little treat for us," Kylie said with a glance over her shoulder, leaving Dannii to watch her peachy rear sway as she set about finding one of her bags, in which she'd thrown a few of their toys. They had lots of sex toys, both for solo and couple use, since they enjoyed themselves plenty, but their sex life was varied between normal one-on-one sex and sex enhanced with the toys. About fifty-fifty she'd say. They just believed in a good time so weren't turning anything down till they'd tried it. Kylie had thrown in a good few of their toys and dildos, figuring they'd probably need something to spice up an evening or two before they got a little collection to live at the castle, though Kylie always carried a little pocket rocket in her handbag "just in case" as she said. Dannii loved to tease her about that, saying there was surely going to be an emergency situation where a vibrator would save the day sometime sooner or later. Finding what she wanted, she pulled out a long double dildo, about fourteen inches tip-to-tip, average thickness and made from clear rubber. Holding it up, Dannii gave a smile as she saw it, since it was a different way to wake up to the norm of just a little romp with tongues and fingers.

"Treat indeed," Dannii giggled as Kylie slipped back onto the bed with it.

"Yep, and you can still be lazy and just lay there flat on your back," Kylie teased as she slid back up to kiss Dannii again, kneeling over her.

"Good," Dannii said smugly.

"A very common position for you it seems," Kylie goaded, kissing her quickly again and pulling away.

"Hey, that's only because I sleep with vixens like you who need it first thing in the morning," Dannii shot back, giving a grin as Kylie slid down the bed a bit and took a good hold of the sizeable toy, which was set to give them about seven inches each, quite a big cock for their tiny figures. Quickly moving, she went down on Dannii, slipping down between her silky smooth thighs, their skin gliding together as she slid down to rest on her elbows and lower her lips to Dannii's now juicy pussy. Pressing her full lips to Dannii's clit, she gave a light suck, hearing her younger sister moan and feeling her spread her legs before she continued, sliding her tongue down her slit and then delving it into her. Dannii murmured in pleasure as Kylie proceeded to give her pussy a quick tonguing, stabbing it quickly in and out of her velvet tunnel before pulling back to let it tease at her clit and soft lips before she raised the long rubber toy.

There was no need for words as Kylie expertly eased the tip of the dildo into Dannii, just working her open a bit to let the head get sucked into her, hearing her just lightly moan, feeling her hands flick at her hair as she lay between her legs and pushed it forwards, sliding it up into Dannii's slick pussy, no resistance at all, able to feel how snug yet filling she was around it as she pushed it right down, giving a low groan as Kylie got her half in, a good six inches buried in her, filling her up just perfectly. Kylie looked up to her, Dannii beaming back down at her over her magnificent breasts.

"Ready for our first morning fuck in our new bed honey?" Kylie purred with a smile, letting her tongue slip over her top lip teasingly.

"Of course, I'm always ready for you in the mornings," Dannii smirked, inviting Kylie onto her with a come-here wiggle of her finger. Kylie didn't hold out on her, simply pulling herself up and over Dannii's thighs to straddle her hips, reaching down to bend the toy up from between her legs. Dannii breathed heavily as she felt the toy pressure down in her pussy as Kylie bent it up so she could mount it, holding it steady as she lifted herself up and pushed her delightful rear backwards to hover over the bulbous head of her end of the toy. Lowering, she just tentatively nudged the rubber tip at her dripping entrance, finding the sweet spot, rolling her hips just right before she sank down, Dannii squeezing the toy to hold it still as Kylie's eyes squeezed shut as she let out a satisfied moan at the thick, familiar rubber shaft gliding up into her pussy. She wasn't always on top, but it still felt just as good as she pressed her hips down onto Dannii's, burying every last inch of the toy into herself as she gave a grind against Dannii, both of them moaning, just a couple of inches of rubber visible between them where the toy bent.

"Mm that's great right there," Dannii murmured, her own eyes closed as she laid her head back on the pillows, taking in the sensations of her sexy older sister sitting atop her and their toy, whilst basking in the sunshine from the windows. It was just a great place to be, reaching up to support Kylie's curvy hips firmly as Kylie smiled down at her, her own petite hands sliding up to push Dannii's large breasts up and then give them a squeeze before a little giggle as she raised herself up to get going. Fucking with a double dildo was never that easy, it was always a bit of back and forth, and right now she was going first. Besides, Dannii wanted to be lazy and one way or another they'd both come, even if Kylie had to go down on her to get it done. The toy slid about even between them as she started to move, the ridged rubber shaft moving enjoyably within both of their snug pussies, Dannii giving a little shiver, Kylie smiling down at her as her tongue flicked up to lightly dab at the tips of her fangs.

"Push those fangs out Dannii, it'll make it look like you're a bit more into it at the very least," Kylie teased, riding a little as her own extended to their maximum. Dannii raised an eyebrow, then did it, urging her new fangs forth from her gums, giving a powerful shudder at the unusual sensation, feeling a rush go through her, not least her clit, making her flush with increasing arousal. Kylie gave a dirty giggle before she paused to rearrange herself, settling her knees a bit more and then leaning forward, resting her elbows next to Dannii as she extended her tongue and deliberately teased it over Dannii's sharp fangs. She didn't protest, letting her, before she leaned up and sucked Kylie's tongue into her mouth for a kiss, which immediately became very heated. Dannii's arms wrapped round Kylie's back as her legs did the same, clinging to Kylie as they embraced passionately, just grinding together, the stimulation enough, especially since their clits were doing the same.

Dannii's tongue explored Kylie's fangs as Kylie followed suit and did similar, both of them still intrigued by them, and ultimately desiring much the same thing, which was to use them. Kylie especially did since she was hungry, and wasted no time. There was no need for formalities now, and she eagerly slid down onto Dannii's neck, kissing and sucking a minute before she let her teeth graze the soft, inviting skin, which just begged to be punctured by her fangs to allow her to greedily drink her fill and sate her thirst. However, she didn't want to do that, especially since Dannii would no longer fulfil her in that manner since she was a vampire, and also because she'd done it only a while before to turn her and was still carrying the guilt. Dannii offered herself to Kylie though, their hips still grinding and thrusting steadily, tilting her head to the side to offer her neck to her older sister, who couldn't resist, sinking her teeth into Dannii again, who gave a sharp cry, then a purr as Kylie bit her, not too hard though, just enough to draw blood and get a taste.

Pulling away with a ragged sigh, Kylie leant her head on Dannii's shoulder as they rocked, breathing a moment before Dannii drew her back into another ravenous kiss, aching tongues duelling once more before Dannii took charge and showed some aggression, pulling Kylie away and sharply lunging for her neck, sinking her teeth in, Kylie grunting at the sharp pain and shying a moment before she let Dannii take her taste, the surge to her neck sending a pre-orgasmic pulse through the rest of her body, especially her stiff nipples, making them throb. The pain and sensations only spurred the hunger-driven Kylie to unleash more of her primal self, pulling Dannii back into a kiss as they started to fuck and grind harder, Dannii positively nipping at her tongue as they did, arching her back as Kylie sucked quickly down her neck to her chest, bending so she could attack her large breasts, pushing them up to her waiting mouth, proceeding to quickly nip and bite at them, her strong fangs just breaking the surface of the delightfully soft skin, Dannii growling and yelping at every one, her nipples screwed up so hard she was sure they'd shatter at the next bite, which came swiftly as Kylie nipped them, squeezing her breasts firmly as she pulled up away from Dannii.

"You taste so fucking good!" Kylie growled, arching her back to offer her own chest to Dannii, who was now far more active, not lazily laying back for a fuck, pulling herself up to assault Kylie's perky, natural breasts, squeezing them hard and biting quite deep, making Kylie cry out. Holding on and sucking for a minute, Dannii pulled away with a grin, blood trickling down her chin, and down Kylie's breast, which Dannii swiftly licked off before doing the same to her rock hard nipples, Kylie groaning loudly.

"You're not bad either," Kylie gasped, cradling Dannii's head a moment before she shoved her off and snogged her again, reaching down to take hold of Dannii's right leg. Hooking her hands under the knee, she yanked her smooth leg up, pulling it as she hauled herself up to straddle the top of Dannii's left leg and hip, holding the leg in the air as she tucked her own left knee under it so allow them to perfectly grind together. It immediately had an effect, both girls moaning powerfully as their clits ground together, the toy just shifting inside them, stimulating them enough to go with their bloodlust and heightened senses, making their clits even more intensely unbearable to touch, not that it stopped them at all. Grinding energetically together, both girls were gasping and groaning, flushed and sweating, Dannii's eyes rolling and fluttering at the pleasures tearing through her body just before her climax.

"Fuck Kylie, fuck me..." Dannii pleaded, her head sagging onto the pillow, back arching as her hands slid from Kylie, tensing and pressing into the bed as Kylie rolled her hips, grinding her own stiff button into Dannii's, the little dark arrow of hair tickling Kylie as she slid up her slippery mound and off the toy a little. Deciding she'd had enough of it, Kylie abruptly stopped grinding and thrust both her hands down, one for herself and one for Dannii, her skilful fingers immediately locating what right then seemed like the centre of the universe. They both shuddered as she touched their extremely sensitive clits, Dannii barely taking any rubbing before she gave a buck, her leg pulling down over Kylie's shoulder as she came hard, letting out a pure, lustful scream of ecstasy as her body flushed hot, a lightning bolt racing up her spine to set off a thunderstorm in her brain.

"Fuck that's hot Dan..." Kylie growled, barely holding out before she came hard, arching herself just right so that her end of the double dildo pressured her just right at her G-spot with her contractions to magnify the immense pleasure. Giving a shudder, her breath caught and basically stopped, not at it mattered as her eyes watered and squeezed shut, her fingers and toes clenching tightly at the sensations from her orgasm, her pussy squeezing powerfully at the toy, grinding her G-spot as she squealed in pleasure, a little squirt ejecting from her onto Dannii as she jay gasping beneath her. Writhing on the top of Dannii's leg where she straddled her, she leaned back and hauled down a huge gasp of air, enjoying the cool freshness as she drew it into her lungs, shivering with aftershocks as Dannii did the same underneath her, the bed shaking despite how sturdy it was until they were finished, Dannii a little ahead, but Kylie quickly followed suit and collapsed on top of her, both of them thoroughly satisfied by their first morning fuck.

"That was pretty good for a lazy fuck huh," Dannii breathed as they lay slumped together, Kylie's head on her shoulder, soft hair cascading onto the bed.

"Yeah, but you never stick to it when you say you don't feel like it. You suddenly seem to get all energetic on me," Kylie teased, shifting her hips a little, the toy still connecting them.

"It's only because I like making you work for it," Dannii teased back, sliding her leg down from over Kylie's hip, a light hint to get off, which Kylie took. Slowly sliding up, she pulled herself off the long double dildo, which slid out of Dannii as well, Kylie pulling it out completely and casting it aside with a heavy thud before she lay back down with Dannii, enjoying a nice, lingering kiss as they basked naked in the sunshine from the windows on their new bed.

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