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Eternal Hearts Ch. 07


Chapter 7: Pushing Boundaries

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

This story continues the Eternal Hearts adventure, which you will need to read from the start to keep up with the story.

* * * * *

Dannii Minogue picked the whip up once more and took aim. Raising it, she brought it down with a long-range flick to let the tip bite at Kylie, which it did, only this time with a difference.

There was flash of deep red as it struck and dropped away from Kylie, who felt a rush of warmth and wetness at her back, which strangely wasn't very painful, but intensely pleasurable, which was demonstrated by her near climactic groan and shudder, though it was the first pleasure she'd had for a while so it could've just been an overreaction. She looked back over her shoulder to try and see, Dannii staring at her to see the laceration her whip had left, splitting the skin just below Kylie's shoulders, leaving a long cut that immediately spilled thick, deep blood down her lower back. Kylie couldn't see it but she knew what'd happened, she could feel it, and recalled how it felt to have her skin split by a whip from her brief youthful encounter with one. Dannii reached a hand, then pulled it back, resisting the urge to taste her sister's blood again so soon, deciding to finish the whipping they'd begun first, and then perhaps taste the sweet, thick blood of her family line.

"Do it, don't stop," Kylie breathed, her chest heaving, urgency heavy in her voice. Dannii couldn't deny she wanted to inflict more of the same, especially since Kylie had responded so well, and with her tortured skin ready to tear so easily it wasn't going to be too difficult it seemed. Lifting her whip again, Dannii used a quick backhand swish to deliver a deep cut across Kylie's lower back, greeted by a heavy gasping moan that was more induced by pleasure than any pain. Dannii didn't stop, just using a slow rhythm as she brought it back across on the forehand, cutting Kylie again at the shoulders, making her yelp a bit but still shiver and squeeze her thighs at the pleasure of bleeding for her sister. Blood held such eroticism for them now, and Kylie's pleasures seemed to be heightened simply at the letting of it, though she was perhaps aggravated by the smell of it too with her sensitive nostrils. Dannii kept going, up and down Kylie's sexily curved back, listening to the mixture of pain and pleasure noises her sister made, the way she shifted and tensed, pushing her bum out and writhing at certain hits, using a mixture of speeds and strengths to test it, every one cutting her though.

"Ohh you know how to whip…" Kylie said, arching tighter and fading to a strained silence at another blow to her tortured back.

She switched to run near vertically, hitting her firmly with a few up and down her back, splitting her between her already heavily slashed and bleeding back, making her scream again in the pain of it as they all were hit once more, her skin just tortured beyond belief now. With a firm blow to her lower back, right above her cherished rear, she called the job done, having reduced her older sister's back to a bloody mess from shoulders to ass, the thick, red liquid leaking copiously from everywhere and flowing down her back, over that pert ass towards her thighs there was so much, her little frame heaving with deep breaths. Dannii couldn't leave Kylie's beautiful ass untouched though, the perky cheeks just needing something, so once more she grasped her whip.

Using a swinging motion of her arm, she laid the hard whip across Kylie's prized arse, making her jump off the floor, clenching with a howl and standing on tip toes, pulling forward to get away. Dannii waited for her to stand down again, then delivered a harder one, getting the same reaction and a louder scream, and the same again with another increasing blow. For a final blow, she deliberately aimed it so the end would land low between her bum, almost the top of her thighs, cruelly aimed at the back of Kylie's sweet, dripping pussy, soaked and waiting for Dannii to play with. Her aim was unfortunately accurate for Kylie, who screamed so loud Dannii winced and covered her ears despite her younger sibling having giving her only a light stroke with it, not wanting to injure her so cruelly, the leather cracking across her arse a final time, but flicking between her legs and catching her delicate labia, the soft, intimate zone never meant to withstand any such punishment. It was just a red mark, not even too bad, but the pain was immense, leaving her hopping as she pulled at the silk scarves binding her, wanting desperately to escape and rub at the blow.

"Now that's a good hard work out," Dannii said almost without thinking, laying the whip aside on the floor, the sound of it being put down a relief to Kylie, who still could feel the crack of it on her vulva burning in her mind, as much as Dannii felt bad about it, wishing she hadn't got so caught up in the moment.

"Mm I haven't enjoyed such a hard workout for quite a while, but I'm gonna be a bit sore," Kylie said softly, hanging her head and breathing slowly, sweat running down her face and body, strands of hair sticking to her cheeks.

"Your workout isn't over yet," Dannii whispered into her ear, having swept up behind her silently, holding onto her shoulders, the warmth of her hands feeling like radiators on her skin right then, her mere touch feeling alien and intrusive to her sensitive, reeling body. Kylie just shivered, closing her eyes and attempting to stifle a groan of pleasure as she felt Dannii's breath on her shoulder, then the drag of her hot, wet tongue down onto the bleeding, broken skin of her back, gliding over the cuts to clean away the thick blood. It was a double edged sword though, and Dannii certainly wasn't doing it just to clean her sister up. The smell and sight of the blood leaking from her sister's whipped body was aggravating her senses and she couldn't go any further without tasting it, wanting the thick, metallic taste on her tongue. Dannii let out a deep murmuring sigh of pleasure as the delicious, forbidden flavour spread across her tongue and through her mouth, running down her throat as she swallowed, shuddering in pleasure, her entire skin tingling as it spread through her gorgeous body.

Kylie groaned deeply in a mixture of pleasure and pain at the stinging of having such free wounds licked, especially when Dannii pressed the tip of her tongue into one and slide along it to lap up every drop of her blood. Despite the pain though, just as had been the case through the whipping, she was desperately horny, her pussy absolutely dripping wet, to the point she was sure it'd likely start dripping onto the carpet. Dannii's slender hands slid down her sides to her waist, taking in her profile as she worked her way down, using slow, flat drags of her tongue to collect every little bit of blood she could, feeling a quiver of orgasmic ecstasy shiver through her as she did so, her stomach tensing up as she gave a little sigh, pausing for just a second before she continued.

She curled her tongue to press the tip into her older sister's wounds, something she never thought she'd ever be doing, but now things had changed, and right now she was very happy they had, as right now, they were both very satisfied. Working her way down, she licked side to side across her Kylie's succulent back, making sure she got every smear and trickle of blood from her soft skin. Her hands slid down to Kylie's curvy hips, holding firmly as she licked across the bottom of her back, onto the top of her gorgeous ass. Despite there being no more blood, she licked down across the top of Kylie's famously pert rear, sliding her hands round to squeeze at it as well. She was as bad as any guy when it came to Kylie's ass, but also luckier than any man in that she actually had it and got to touch, spank and fuck it. She held it as she kissed and licked down it a bit, before one of her hands slipped down between her legs, immediately being met by a near-waterfall of Kylie's hot, slippery juices.

"Christ, wet much Kylie?" Dannii said, holding up her arm to make the point. Kylie just groaned a response, finally having her pussy touched almost blinding her in the pleasure of it, just squirming against her restraints, pushing her ass towards her younger sibling who knelt behind her.

"Don't get pushy with me," Dannii said, quickly spanking Kylie's fine ass, making her shiver a little. Her back was already beginning to heal, no more blood leaking and the wounds looking considerably better, even if her back was still badly bruised and damaged. Her hand once again moved to Kylie's pussy, letting her fingers tease up the slippery folds of her entrance, letting two play a little to tease her before delving them up inside her body, feeling her older sister push down onto them to get right down to the knuckle, her pussy easily yielding to them.

"Hmm doesn't seem like much of a challenge that, you're just so horny," Dannii said saucily, pulling her fingers back, uncurling a third and pressing back up, where Kylie's pussy once more devoured them without problem, pushing down to get them.

"In the mood for something big right now are we?" Dannii cooed, pulling back to add her final finger, pushing back up. This time there was a little resistance, Kylie's pussy needing to stretch, but it happily did as she pressed down, taking Dannii's fingers down to the hand. She wiggled them a little inside, then pushed harder to try and squeeze the widest part of her hand up into her older sister, expecting her to pull away, but she didn't, she just pushed down, inviting Dannii to do it, making it clear that something bigger could just as well be a fist. She held Kylie's hip and pulled her hand back a little to just delay Kylie, then folded her thumb into the middle of her hand and pushed it back up to her older sister's inconceivably wet pussy, her fingers easily gliding up inside to her knuckles.

"Ready baby, I think this might hit the spot," Dannii purred, feeling Kylie wiggling her hips in anticipation. Holding her sister's hip, she pushed her hand up, feeling the delightful tightness of Kylie's pussy resisting her as she tried to force the widest part of her hand in. Kylie's pussy had always been lovely and tight, part of her small frame, but now she had her vampiric youth, she was tighter than she'd been at eighteen years old. So despite how wet and wanton she was, Dannii pushing four fingers up into her juicy haven had caused a twinge of pain as she stretched out to accommodate them, but it was a nice pain. Dannii wasn't giving up, knowing her sister could stretch to take her today and be as tight as a virgin tomorrow, and continued to put pressure on, knowing firm, continual pressure would get the job done.

Kylie gave a groan as she felt her sister stretching her, relaxing to let her, knowing she couldn't resist her even if she tried, though her own muscles were doing that just fine for her. Dannii pushed a bit harder and she felt a twinge as she was stretched open, her younger siblings slender hand disappearing up into her body, the widest part sliding slowly through the tight ring of muscle at her entrance, feeling the strain before there was a sudden surge as Dannii broke past it and her hand slid in a bit further, making Kylie gasp and grunt loudly, Dannii grinning as her hand disappeared. She paused a moment, mostly to rest her arm, then pushed on in, feeling the slippery arousal of her older sister's pussy as her hand delved deeper into Kylie, once again stretching as the base of her thumb pushed in, but it wasn't such a challenge now and Kylie simply gave a groan of pleasure as her whole hand was swallowed up, Dannii pushing it completely in so the sweet pussy closed round her slim wrist.

"Mm how does that feel huh?" Dannii purred, stroking Kylie's soft ass with her spare hand as she wiggled her other hand inside Kylie's velvet tunnel.

"Feel's wonderful," Kylie said, clenching and wiggling a little on the invading hand within her, something she'd never had before. She'd always been turned on by the idea of fisting but never wanted to stretch herself out trying such a thing so had always held off, but now it didn't matter, and she hoped her first fisting would be as great as she always thought it could be. As she thought it, Dannii shifted her hand inside her, then slowly curled her hand into a tight fist, being careful with her nails as she clenched it, then pushed it around a little inside her tight little pussy.

"And now?" she almost growled through a grin, feeling Kylie's urgent contractions and jolts of her hips.

"Feels ready to go," Kylie almost whispered, holding onto the head posts of the four-poster bed and pushing herself down to get Dannii to begin. Dannii didn't wait for another invitation, pulling her fist back down out of Kylie, straining against her tight entrance, before thrusting it back up into her, feeling her soft, stretchy vagina yield and flow about her as she did, and Kylie give a long, low groan as she felt the new and interesting sensations of a fist buried in her pussy for the first time, stimulating areas she never knew were there. Dannii's slender hand worked like magic inside her as she started to thrust it steadily up and down between her legs, very turned on by the fact she had her whole hand inside her sister,

"Like being fisted then Kylie?" Dannii teased, starting to work a little harder, adding a slight twisting motion to her fist as she worked, feeling her older sister responding with a little shudder and squeeze on her working hand as she brushed and stimulated nerve endings deep inside her, stretching her pussy out like she'd never experienced before. The only thing Kylie could liken it to was taking the huge knot when she'd been fucked by the werewolf, well, as well as his huge cock, but that was different, it just was, especially since the knot had just tied them together when he'd pretty much finished with her. Dannii was going for it though, fucking her with her fist, and it was starting to feel really, really good. She gave another shudder, squeezing at the fist inside her once more, and being rewarded with a harder, deeper shove that made her whole body jerk.

"Don't forget who's in control here Kylie," Dannii lectured, but didn't slow or stop her fisting of her older sister's delicious pussy, lighting up her little body and inducing an orgasm. It was building swiftly, Kylie could feel it, knotting up her tummy and growing from deep inside her, soon to engulf her fragile soul in a wave of ecstasy. She ground and pushed down as much as she could, unable to control herself now as she chased after the large orgasm that was guaranteed by her first time being fisted. Dannii didn't care now, not telling her off for getting into it, simply working to fist her harder and faster, twisting and rolling her hand inside her stretchy tunnel to get her off. It certainly worked, as within a few moments Kylie was about to burst.

"Oh god Dan, I'm gonna come, gonna come!" Kylie almost shrieked, tensing and pulling hard at the oak posts of the bed and her silk scarf bindings as she shuddered, arching her back tightly and grinding down on Dannii's hand, barely able to focus now in the huge waves of pleasure crashing on her soul as she shivered and bucked on her siblings hand.

"Oh god you look so hot coming on my fist. Take it!" Dannii said, jamming it as deep as she could up into Kylie, who squeezed at her and recoiled at the sudden shove but only moaned in greater pleasure. Dannii loved the feel of her sister's muscles squeezing and clamping down on her, the strength of them evident on her fingers as she felt Kylie's abundant juices from her orgasm, making it even easier to slip her hand about inside her. She didn't need to do much though as Kylie was doing all the movement that she needed, grinding and pushing against her hand, squeezing down round it and her slim wrist. Kylie eventually slowed, helped by Dannii holding her hip, calming her down as her orgasm ended with little shudders and shakes, giving little sighing moans and groans of pleasure and satisfaction at her first fist-induced orgasm.

"Good?" Dannii asked inanely, mainly just to tease.

"Very intense, you should try it," Kylie said, looking back down with a suggestive smirk.

"Maybe I will soon, we'll see, but for now I think you've had enough," Dannii said with a smile, pulling her fist back inside Kylie to strain her tight muscles.

"But Dannii, your hand," she murmured, wiggling her bum a little uncomfortably.

"Ssh, you can take it, just relax," Dannii purred, softly patting and stroking Kylie's bum in a way that somehow soothed her. Kylie knew she didn't have any choice so just held onto the bedposts and focussed on relaxing herself as Dannii pulled her hand back once more. She pulled firmly, feeling her elder sister yield around her, and gave a little tug which set things in motion, and in one smooth motion, she watched as Kylie's sweet pussy split open round her wrist and her clenched first slide back into view, glistening with her sisters juices as Kylie gave a sharp cry and flinched, pulling away and squeezing her thighs together, gritting her teeth.

"There, you could take it, you'll be fine," Dannii said with a slight giggle, smacking Kylie's gorgeous rear with her juicy hand and standing up behind her.

"I know," Kylie breathed, the pain evaporating from her system, leaving her to feel her loosened pussy, still buzzing from the brisk fisting she'd just taken, something completely new.

"Just rest a moment," Dannii said, getting up and stretching herself, having been knelt down tensely for a few minutes, cramping her up. After that, she walked to the drawers again, which she seemed to have hidden a lot of her personal favourites in when it came to toys. Reaching in, she easily found what she wanted, pulling out a thick, long, double-ended dildo. It was quite soft, bending easily in her hand and curling over, made of translucent pink rubber, easily big enough for both of them, though that wasn't what Dannii had in mind as she stepped back over to Kylie, still bound and vulnerable.

"Nice and rested?" Dannii asked, noticing how Kylie immediately looked around to try and see what she had in her hands.

"Mm well, a bit better, need a while to properly recover from being fisted though, just being that…full," Kylie said, still trying to glimpse Dannii's newest weapon.

"That's too bad, you'll have to get that later on," she said with a smile as she once more slid down behind Kylie.

"Why, you're not going to fist me again are you?" Kylie asked quite worriedly, not sure she could handle another one.

"No don't worry, just wanna fuck this tight little ass of yours," she purred, reaching with her spare hand to stroke and then firmly pinch Kylie's gorgeous bum.

"Oh yeah I'd love that right now," Kylie groaned, arching her back a little to Dannii's caresses of her rear.

"Oh I know, you always do, which is why I've got exactly the right tool for the job," Dannii cooed, raising the thick double dildo in her other hand to just nudge the end at Kylie's dripping, loosened pussy, making her gasp at the sudden, intimate touch. She knew immediately it was a toy, but she didn't know quite what Dannii had, not knowing it was the long, thick double ender which was pushing over twelve inches long. Dannii just teased it up the entrance of her velvet tunnel, using Kylie's abundant juices to lubricate the end before she used her other hand to spread her older sister's firm cheeks and press it to her tight anus. She didn't resist as Dannii positioned and then pressed it quite hard into her, working the toy in small circles to open her up, something she was happy to do, feeling herself stretch to take it.

"I'll just get this slipped in here…" Dannii murmured idly, working to ease the large toy into Kylie's asshole, which stretched open to her pressure, then suddenly yielded with a jolt, swallowing up the head of the toy, making Kylie grunt as she felt a twinge of pain, like she always did during anal sex despite being well practiced at it. Dannii didn't give her much chance to rest however, taking a firm grip on the shaft with her slender hands and pushing it powerfully into Kylie's ass, breaking the resistance of her muscles and driving it into her, making her take well over half of it without stopping as Kylie dug her nails into the oak posts, breathing deeply with little moans as she exhaled, the intense sensations of the thick toy being inserted into her so matter-of-factly really overwhelming her.

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