tagNonHumanEternal Renewal

Eternal Renewal


The ground shifted as the Earth Mother awoke. It had been thousands of years since the Goddess last stirred, and the world was different now, for the most part. Here though, nothing had changed. The air was still fresh and carried on the breeze was the scent of green; spring was here again.

As she slowly rose from the loam on the ground, phoenix-like in her rebirth, she stretched. Lithe arms stretched like branches to the sky, drinking in the warmth of the afternoon. She smiled at the sun, and his rays kissed her pale cheeks, welcoming her back from her slumber. The dirt and leaves that clung to her skin were slowly wiped away as she ran her hands down her body, caressing her shoulders, breasts, stomach, legs. She contemplated herself.

She was ancient, and had lived before there was time. Species had been born, grown to fruitfulness, and died under her ever present gaze. Societies grew, thrived, warred, were crippled and rebuilt, slowly declined and faded away into nothing within a single blink of her ageless eyes. And she was. She gazed around her, peering into the dense green forest. Animals had begun to flock to her, reverently, and as she began her walk to the shore, the trees and shrubs stretched their limbs to caress her gently. The grass fawned at her feet, and the stones shifted as to not damage her feet. Flowers bloomed instantly, covering the ground with a previously unseen spectrum of color, reflecting off the water of the listless ocean. Sensing her approach, the tide shifted, slowly sliding upon the shore to meet her.

She reached the tide line, and with kisses and kind words, dismissed the animals. They reluctantly departed, leaving gifts of flowers and shells at her feet. She graciously received them, and entwined the flowers in her soft green hair, giving it the appearance of a rolling green hillside peppered with color. As she watched them go she settled delicately to the sand, reveling in the feel of the soft grit, and waited for the tide to come to her. Inexorably it creeped forward, and she lay back on the beach, spreading her hair out in a leafy fan around her. The sunlight caressed her body, slipping down into the crevasses and corners that had lain dormant under the earth for so long. In the care of the nurturing sunlight, she bloomed.

Her hand strayed down to the cleft of her legs, massaging the soft green hair that covered her there, looking for all intents and purposes like moss. The breeze kissed her briskly, and her nipples tightened at its attentions. The tide had reached her feet, and she twisted her heels in the sun-warmed mud it was creating. She sighed at the intense sensations that this world, her world, created, and smiled. The cool water was stealthily sliding up over her ankles, and she spread her legs slightly to accommodate it. This opened her lovely lips, and her hand slid closer to her hooded bud, stroking, grasping, rubbing gently. Warm moisture now met her searching hands, and her secretive smile broadened a bit.

The chill of the water had now reached her thighs, and she shifted her hips forward in the now-lubricated sand to meet it. It struck her sex teasingly, the waves lapping at her with cool tongues and foamy whispers. She slid one finger inside herself, and the water followed eagerly, filling her warmth with the cold saltiness of the sea. She sucked in a quick breath, tasting the salt on the air and feeling the impending storm building. A cloud crossed the sun, and as she plunged another finger inside her now thoroughly wet hole, she shivered in anticipation. The sea was reveling in her now, caressing her rear and hips like an old lover rediscovered. She urged it on, quickening her pace and fluttering her fingers with a barely acknowledged urgency. Again she thrust her hips forward, and the water splashed around her, flinging itself towards her heaving breasts and baited lips.

The energy inside her began to rise to a peak as the wind picked up and the clouds rolled in. The sand beneath her felt it coming, and quaked in anticipation, pushing her up and into the oncoming waves. She stroked her velvet core harder, and harder..... and as the last wave slapped her sensitive sex, she came. Lightning forked across the sky as she arched her back down into the sand and cried out in her pleasure. The sea pulled back for a moment, paralyzed in the wake of her ecstasy, and began to subside, letting her down gently as she rode out her climax.

The whole forest sighed as she exhaled her spent passion. The sky, now a tumultuous gray, boiled in jealousy of the sea. She smiled and whispered kind words to the heavens, and they were calmed if not entirely soothed, and remained heavy and gray. She sat up and shook her head gently, sending out a fine spray of sand and droplets of sea water. Motion in the woods behind her caught her attention, and she swiftly gained her feet as the Green Man walked out of the greenery. Her smile instantly matched his as they met at the end of the beach and entwined about each other like ivy around a tree. Their lips met and the rest of the world melted away; there was only the Goddess and the Green Man in all of existence, as it was in the beginning.

His caresses set her aflame, and her smoldering passion leapt into a raging fire as he kissed her softly. His hands walked through her hair as they had walked through the world at the beginning of it all, feeling the flowers and sand that had come to rest there. She pulled him closer, wordlessly telling him that it had been too long, that she had missed him. He smiled behind their kiss, and pulled away to admire her. Her face, like nothing the world had ever seen. Green eyes, green hair, perfectly plump green lips, milky skin and breath that tasted of dawn and dew; of sex and sky; of time and turmoil from the years that had passed since last they met. He held her close then, concerned. These had not been easy times; the world was becoming an increasingly dangerous place for them, and he feared that soon things would reach a point of no return.

She sighed into his embrace, and he ran his hands down her sides, feeling her landscape, and remembering her just as he had last left her. Strong shoulders, proud and muscular, soft breasts with delicious nipples and heavy curves, slight middle that faded into robust hips and a stomach that was still impeccable even after centuries of births. His hands moved down her hips and to her rear, cupping the globes of her ass like a sculptor with his clay, testing the firmness and finding it to be to his liking. She purred softly, and his body reacted to the beautiful naked Goddess pressed against him. His sex hardened like a tree root against her smooth stomach, and she smiled, feeling him press against her. With a practiced hand, she lightly pushed him back to gain some air between them and placed her fingers on his head, stroking him like the wind strokes the trees. He moaned and pushed against her, and she slid her hand further down his shaft. She applied a bit of pressure there, testing the strength of his erection, and found it not to be lacking. He smiled at her, knowingly, and kissed her again as she began to stroke his entirety with that same bit of pressure, building him up even higher.

The God broke their kiss and took her hand away, engulfing it in his own. She looked at him questioningly, and he led her back into the forest to a small clearing in the pines. He sat in the middle, cushioned by the multitudes of ferns that grew there, and after he motioned, she sat beside him. They lay back together and the ferns put all their strength into supporting them above the ground. Resuming their kiss, he pulled her closer to him, and slipped his weathered hand between her perfect thighs. She sighed, and he smiled, finding her already wet and eager for him. His fingers found their way inside her, stretching her around them, and she moaned, pushing herself down onto them. His other hand toyed with her breasts, plucking her nipples and cupping their whole, lavishing them with attention from his tongue, and sucking them as far as he could into his mouth. Her vision blurred as this second orgasm ripped through her, and the sky exploded into light as the electricity of their passion leapt upward.

As he pulled her still-sensitive body on top of him and positioned her astride his erection, it began to rain, the cool drops sizzling off of their super-heated bodies. She plunged her hips downward and enveloped him in her warmth. He gasped at her tight heat, and began to thrust up into her while she rode him, throwing her head back into the steadily increasing rain, the water streaming down her chest and onto his body. He filled her like night fills the forest, and she felt herself almost come to orgasm again. She pushed her limit, and just before she came again, she pulled away, standing up and then kneeling between his legs. He started to sit up, confused, and she assured him with a smile. He nodded, and lay back down while she lapped the rain and cum off his erection. He tensed at the touch of her tongue, feeling very close to orgasm himself. She slid the head inside her mouth, tasting the sweet combination of fluid there. He tasted like rain, and like her. She sucked him gently, also tasting his pre-cum, and knowing he was close as well. She swirled her tongue around his shaft, tasting summer and spring, feeling him hard in the back of her throat. He groaned and sat up, desperately close.

She smiled up at him as he pushed her down onto her back, pressing her legs back to her shoulders and probing forward with his erection. She gently guided him to her sex, and sighed deeply when he entered her. He closed his eyes, losing himself in the feeling of her wrapped around him so tightly, and then began to thrust, slowly, forcefully, driving her down as he filled her entirely. She arched her back, and then thrust against him, quickening their pace to a frenzy. He tensed up, his whole body in tune with him member, and he pulled her close, crushingly tight as he came, filling her womb with the seeds of eternity. Spent, he relaxed and slowly slid out of her, enjoying the way she looked in the rain as her own orgasm slowly subsided with the rain.

As they reclined on the soft bed of ferns, she ran a hand down her stomach, feeling the life that would soon begin there. The cycle moved on, and as he held her there, close again after thousands of years, the sun came out through the clearing clouds. They smiled. The day was closing, and life was as it should be. They were grateful that their people still found it in their hearts once a year to celebrate the earth. They were thankful for Earth Day.

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