Eternally Bound Pt. 03


My thrusts sped up and each stab took on more force, spurred on by the power of my love and the awareness of Mother as my eternal muse.

"Cum, Chris," Shannon quietly cheered. "Cum for your mother."

I howled "Mother!" in blinding rapture. The beast's chains were shattered. My fingers dug deep in her ass for release. Every muscle in my body tensed as my seed erupted in a torrent, blinding me with unspeakable pleasure. I hissed with clenched teeth, snarling in triumph as the beast smashed every shackle that bound it. Mom's hips convulsed while her deep guttural moans ranged from high to low. I couldn't begin to imagine what she must have been feeling as her own son was cumming inside her. Her eyes were squeezed shut, her brow knotted in ecstasy. Her arms thrashed as her body was wracked with seizures of pleasure. She cried my name, frantic and so eager. I was smitten, so proud to be the man sharing this exotic wickedness with her.

Innumerable swells of my seed flooded the bastion of my birth. This orgasm carried meanings for both of us on so many levels. A fleeting hope crossed my mind that I was making her pregnant at that very moment. Maybe, just maybe, that would validate all the years of chasing her.

I fell onto her with my arms wrapped about her, holding her close as I released my precious cargo. Ribbons of spunk gushed inside her, soothing her insatiable cunt, driving her finally over the edge into a mind-shattering climax of her own that took her breath away.


"To Chris and Beth," Shannon toasted, raising her glass of wine.

"Yes," Mom clonked her glass to ours.

"To true love," I added.

We were trying a new restaurant, the Acqua Bistro, perfect for our romantic mood with an outdoor table right on Mission Bay. Shannon and Mom had dressed to the nines: Mom had a new low-neck mini-dress and Shannon wore a draped wrap dress that made every curve beg for attention. I was proud to share the evening with such gorgeous women.

A nearby fireplace cast a subtle orange hue on my lovers as Mom and Shannon continued getting to know one another. Mom openly held my hand as we dared to display our affections. "Are you scared holding his hand in public?" Shannon asked.

"Still getting used to it. No one in my circle have ever met Chris, so I'm not used to showing him off."

"That will only help," Shannon pointed out.

"Yeah, I don't think anyone would ever even guess he was my son."

"Nice," Shannon said, sipping her wine as she admired our hands entwined.

"I loved watching you make love," she continued in a hushed tone.

Mom's hand squeezed mine, and she caressed the top of my hand with her other one.

"I've always wondered how intense it would be."

Mom sighed, obviously aroused by her comments. Shifting in her chair, she cast me a longing-filled gaze.

"You know, in our talks Chris said one of the greatest hopes he had was to watch you walking along somewhere, looking at your hips and knowing you were carrying his seed."

Mom took a deep breath, trying to fight off the arousal caused by that statement.

"Dear God," she said under her breath, taking a drink of her wine.

"When we leave tonight, Chris," Shannon started. "Stay behind and watch her walk, and think about that."

"Think about how those fertile hips may now be carrying your seed."

If I could have taken Mother on the table right then and there, I would have. I couldn't believe where Shannon was taking us, leaving both Mom and I so turned on. Her last three words kept echoing in my mind: "Carrying your seed." There was something so elemental, so alluring and instinctive about those words strewn together.

Shannon could tell we were both smitten. "You like the thought of that, don't you, Chris?"

"I do," I confessed.

"And Beth?"

"It's... umm..." Mom stammered, trying to find the right words. "Something so deep, maternal."

"Protective, isn't it?" Shannon added.

"Yeah. Almost like carrying a treasure."

Shannon sat up, putting her hands atop moms.

"When he was cumming, did you think he could make you pregnant?"

Somewhat nervous, Mom lowered her face.

"It's okay," Shannon assured her. "We can change the subject,"

"No no, it's okay," Mom said quickly. "I just... it's all just so intense and raw. But I did, yes. It did cross my mind, several times."

Shannon exhaled deeply, leaning back in the breathtaking realization that I wanted nothing more than to give my mother a child.

"No going back," Shannon added. "No matter what."

I caressed Mom's thigh lovingly as she looked toward me.

"Yeah, there it is. Look at him, Beth."

I loved the thick, smooth feel of Mom's thigh under my palm. So plump, so ripe.

The aura of arousal fell over us once more. It was obvious to Shannon as we leaned toward each other.

"Kiss each other. Another public kiss as lovers."

Mom's eyelids fluttered with a heavy sigh.

"Oh God," she whispered.

Her hot breath cascaded across my face as our lips skimmed each other's. I could hear mom whimper, spellbound.

"So good," Mom said under her breath.

With that, we meshed our lips together. "That's it, yeah," purred Shannon.

My heart pounded inside of my chest; the powerful beast of forbidden incest roused to life yet again. Here we were, mother and son, kissing in public. Kissing like lovers do.

"No shame, no fear," added Shannon.

Mom and I loved the encouraging, understanding tone in her voice. It intensified our kiss while mom's fingers stroked my face and neck.

"They're gonna need a few more minutes," Shannon whispered to the waitress who had innocently come by to take our order. God, if she only knew.

We leaned back, gazing into each other's eyes. Mother was beaming with love as the orange glow of the nearby fireplace illuminated her face. I burned that image onto my mind, for I knew this was a moment for the time capsule. The look on her face said it all: excitement, hope, lust, and total love.

Time came to a stop.

That night, Shannon slept with us as I fell asleep inside my dear mother. I had never known such contentment.


Toward the end of Spring Break, Mom and Shannon had a "Girls' Day Out" with shopping, a manicure and pedicure, and long talks throughout the day. The two had really clicked. There was only the occasional touch or hand holding, but it was clear Mom was becoming cozier with the idea of Shannon's sexuality and advocacy for our relationship. I had some errands to run that day and I didn't get home until 8:30pm. Mom had texted that she and Shannon were grabbing dinner while out. Not expecting anyone home, I jumped in the shower as I knew Mom would appreciate a clean body.

As I dried off I heard some splashing coming from the pool. Peeking out from my window, I saw one of the most spectacular sights I had ever seen: Shannon and Mom, both fully nude in our pool, arm-in-arm, making out in wanton passion. The bluish lights of the pool sparkled around them.

"Holy shit," I thought, taking note of their wet hair and glistening bodies in the sapphire waters. I pushed the blinds down for a better view, thankful for the 12-foot privacy fence we had installed after my parents' divorce.

Their bodies looked so picture-perfect together; arm-in-arm, mouth-to-mouth. I loved how raw their wet hair looked-so primitive. The juxtaposition between Mom's golden brown skin and Shannon's ivory flesh, and their large, heavenly breasts, slipping and sliding all over each other's, captivated me. The white lights of our pool danced off their bodies like sparkling diamonds. I don't think I had ever become so hard so quickly.

Shannon's hands cradled Mom's head, giving her tongue deeper access down her throat. Mom had her arms around Shannon's stomach as her jaw rested between Shannon's pillow tits. I watched Mom's fingernails skim Shannon's back just as she did to me. I was transfixed by Mom's graceful hand movements; they were so elegant and sophisticated. And the contrast of Mom's manicured cherry-red nails against Shannon's snow-white skin made my cock even harder. "Oh Mother," I sighed in dire lust and envy.

Mom's lips encircled Shannon's tongue-a tongue I cherished tasting myself. It then struck me that Mom was tasting the same tongue that had kissed her son. I reached down to clutch my thick stalk, pulsing with life. I shuddered as I thought back to Shannon tonguing my ass.

"Have to tell Mom," I thought to myself as I started dry-stroking my cock. As I had before, I was jerking off to the sight of my mother out of my bedroom window. The sounds of the water really stoked the fires of wanton lust within me. Maybe it was something instinctual and primitive about water that made me quiver in helpless ecstasy.

I rushed to my closet to grab some lube, pouring a thick amount all over my fingers. That initial flow of lube between fingers and cock made me shudder in splintering gasps.


I made my way back to the window and saw Mom's face disappeared between Shannon's plentiful bust. The sight oozed with sensuality and lust, making my knees go weak. Nothing but the back of Mom's head was visible.


I glanced down at my thick, swollen mast, reminding myself that I was here, in our house, masturbating to my own mother. Low tremors arose within me, stirred by the taboo triumph of it all. There was truly something so salacious about this, so risque, yet so deeply intriguing. Part of me felt I was living the dream of millions of men before me. Shannon and I had touched on that many times: Just how many men and women lived with the torment of such inexpressible love. I gazed at my thick, swollen head, imagining it gushing its sacred seed inside its creator's womb. All of it breathed life into my soul, rousing me to cry for my dear, sweet mother.

Between the shadows of their flesh, Mother's lips drank from Shannon's beauty. Unhurried and careful, the way in which her arms embraced my mother, holding her with purpose, kissing her with unspeakable passion. They had swam, entwined, over to the pool's steps. Shannon had Mom on her back, straddling her curves with purpose and grace. I sighed watching Shannon's back bow and curve with the grace of a seasoned ballerina. Mother's palms touched and grasped for any curve they could find, kneading the flesh as I had done so many times before. The long, delicious curves looked their mouthwatering best as Shannon had Mom pinned to the steps. The waters of the pool lapped at Mom's bronzed flesh, slurping at her body as I had. Locked in a wanton kiss, Mom fell under the spell of Shannon's unrelenting resolve. Shannon's hands massaged each tan breast, tugging and pushing their heft into her face. Mother watched with her mouth agape as Shannon's lips surrounded her left areola, drawing in a mouthful of breast. Mother gasped watching Shannon's cheeks hollow with the sucking motion, as if seeking to devour her whole. With a throaty sigh, Beth's hands cradled her babe as only a mother could.

Bursts of ravenous lust followed as Shannon's lips kissed Mother's caving stomach. Their hands clung to each other, sensing what was to come next. I studied Shannon's dark wet hair splayed across Mother's chest. I wanted to cum so bad, but fought the urge. I wanted this to last as long as I could take it.

Shannon's fingernails dragged across Mother's thighs, leaving white trails of pressure in their wake. Mother's back curled, arching her body high into the night air. Shannon's hands stroked Mother's stomach as they shared a passionate kiss. Her arms reached underneath, cuddling Mother's belly as she rested her cheek to her it. I knew she was thinking about her son's seed stewing deep inside. I could have sworn I saw her mouth the word "pregnant" before bending down to suck on Mother's thigh.

At long last, Shannon's hands had a hold on each of Mother's legs, suggestively parting them. Mom knew what was about to come, looking on in breathless eagerness. I didn't know if Mom had ever been with a woman before, but judging by the looks on her face my guess was that this was her first lesbian encounter. "With a woman," I whispered to myself.

Mom could barely hold her head up to look in Shannon's eyes as Shannon's lips nestled beneath her neatly trimmed bush. Mom tensed as her muscles tightened. Shannon's experience was clear as she brought her hands about Mother's stomach, flattening her palms across her lower belly. Shannon's confidence truly dazzled me, her jaw wide, sealing her mouth to Mother's glorious pussy. I loved how Shannon ate her out, how her head swayed and writhed between Mother's legs, and how her eyes squinted, reacting to Mom's juddering flesh.

Mom's head thrashed backwards with gusto. Every muscle in her upper body squeezed and flexed, putting on one hell of an emotionally-charged performance. Those myriad expressions, coupled with her wet hair and flesh, made resisting cumming that much harder.

I couldn't believe how the looks on Mom's face could affect me more than anything else-that beautiful face I studied as a child, which I watched and learned so much from. The face that scolded, yet now kissed me as a lover was spinning a far more libidinous web than I could have ever imagined. Mother's hands twitched wildly as they sought Shannon's, grasping them as if she were about to fall from a cliff, holding on for dear life. Shannon's face, nose-deep in Mother's pussy, told a splendid tale of inherent sexual need. Shannon basked in the knowledge that she was savoring a Mother's pussy that had welcomed its offspring back, that she had a direct hand in making happen, and that this pussy would birth another child conceived of a mother and son. Mom's eyes bulged from her skull, misty-eyed and impassioned as she came. I watched her bronzed limbs splayed in all directions, wrought with her violent orgasm. All of her curves I desperately loved were shaking and juddering. Mother's spine coiled and curled as Shannon fought back, eager to push Mom even more. Her cheeks continuing to suck and slurp as Mom tried in vain to push her face away. Mom's slick, tan legs beat against Shannon's back as she screamed unintelligible cries. Ferocious spasms lifted her again and again as Mom rolled over, furiously clenching her fists and hissing like a wild beast in a scorching jungle. I was finally ready to release my own pent-up cum as my heart soared. Shannon raced up Mom's body, smothering her mouth to Mom's as they clawed at each other's buxom curves, craving depth and purpose. Mom lightly bit Shannon's lips as her spasms gradually died down. Their impassioned kiss cooled the fires of their lust, carrying my mother to a satisfied serenity. Soon, calmness settled upon the lovers as night would overcome the day.


What amazed me most were the moments out of the bedroom. What would it be like to interact with my mother now? How would we greet each other in the mornings? Would we immediately begin acting like newlyweds around the house? Shannon knew this was becoming the day-to-day reality of a love affair. "We're going to move all your things into here today," Shannon said to me as we awoke in Mother's king sized bed. "No more separation."

Mom cracked a thin smile as we shared our first kiss of the day. "I like the sound of that," Mom purred.

"Ooooh yeah," I agreed.

"Living like true lovers now," added Shannon.

"Maybe later today we'll pick out some engagement rings and shop for some wedding dresses."

Both Mom and I turned to stare at her in shock.

"Oh yeah, that's exactly what I said," she shot back. "Don't look so surprised, you two. You knew it was coming,"

Mom took a big gulp, sighing heavily. I could sense her apprehension.

"Talk, Beth. Say what you're feeling." Shannon's tone was gentler now.

"It's just, I don't know. I'm not against it, but it's all so... so..."



"Honey, listen," Shannon said reassuringly. "I didn't say we buy anything, I just said we can look around."

Mom sighed again but nodded yes.

"Don't get me wrong, babe," Mom assured me. "I just need time to let it sink in."

"I know, it's a lot to get used to," I said.

"A lot of the day-to-day stuff will take some getting used to," Shannon added. "But I want to make sure that you both know this is the real deal now. No going back."

I leaned my forehead to Mom's as we shared a long sigh. Reality was now coming into a nice soft focus. "It's really happening," Mother whispered to me.

"Yeah," I replied.

"No going back," she said, gently caressing my face and tilting my chin to face her.

"No going back."


I could see the tears well in her eyes. The fantasy of it had played out; now came the real work. Where the rubber hits the road, as the trite cliche goes. Mom turned to Shannon: "I want to hear more about your parents-how they lived, how they made it work."

"It took so much effort to live outwardly as a real couple." Mom replied.

"Did they have to move?"

"Just a few counties away, but it was for Daddy's job. We were pretty poor, but we made up for it with a happy household."

"When did they tell you they were father and daughter?" I asked.

"At homecoming," she explained. "I didn't have a date, and mom suggested taking my cousin as my date."

I could tell when Mom was really interested in something, and she was clearly fascinated by Shannon's history: She sat up straight with her legs crossed on our bed, and her eyes lit up with curiosity.

"Really?" Mom asked excitedly. I knew she was thinking about her cousin, Derin.

"Yeah, he was cute too," Shannon went on. "I didn't get grossed out or anything. In fact, I was kinda flattered that he would even consider me as his date."

"What was his name?" Mom asked.


"So did you guys go?"

Shannon nodded yes, recalling the happy memory. "But I guess you could say that opened up the big 'talk'. Mother and Daddy sat me down at the kitchen table and just laid it out."

"How did you take it?"

"At first I wanted to act all weird, but they didn't raise me to be judgmental, so that was more of my friends' influence, not mine. I was a prissy teen girl up to this point. But I remember sitting there in silence for like 10 minutes trying to wrap my head around it all."

"Sounds like a big moment."

"It was," Shannon agreed. "After that I started seeing everything from a different point of view. I remember telling myself to drop the whole 'bitchy teenager' act and accept their love for what it was."

Mom and I both leaned in, watching her recall that moment of significance.

"It just clicked," she added. "Made sense. I remember thinking, 'Yeah, she and Daddy do make the perfect couple.' I never once thought it was sick or wrong."

"Wow," Mom breathed.

"By that age, those thoughts had already crossed my mind, so it was kind of an affirmation of a lot of things."

Mom held onto my hand, listening to Shannon's incredible experiences with that familiar thousand-yard stare she had where everything else got zoned out. When Shannon's reminiscing turned to her emotions and lovemaking experiences, Mom held onto me and snuggled closer. I beamed with pride.

"So," Mom prompted. "I gotta ask: Who was your first?"

Shannon purred, cocking her left eyebrow up with a telling smile.

"Boy or girl?"



Silence. That golden silence.

"Oh my God," Mom gasped.

"And girl?"

"Mother, of course."

I swear I could see the years of doubt and fear fall away from my mother. She leaned on me and exhaled slowly.

"God, that is so beautiful."

"And it was together in their bed," added Shannon.

"How old were you?"

"Twenty. I did the 'save myself for the right guy' thing."

"And it really was the right guy," continued Mom.

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