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Eternity in a Moment


Alli has been chatting to Nick for a few weeks. They'd had a social chat the previous Sunday and she had been a little surprised at herself going to meet him. More surprised that after seeing her he seemed more keen on her than ever. She had called him Sir a couple of times and knew he loved that - he had taken to calling her Kitten - partly because her screen name had cat in it but also because of the Snapchat filter photos she had sent him where she always had cat ears.

She had been reading his stories for weeks and was so incredibly turned on by them - now she was simply turned on talking to him and had found herself incredibly horny after just their chat together on the Sunday. They were both married but frustrated - she thought of herself as practically a virgin - she had only ever been with her husband, only ever been touched by one person and craved exploration. He was naughty, kinky and had a wicked side that excited her.

To begin with it had been just chatting and stories and the occasional teasing photo that she had been sending him. But she had found lately that he had been giving her a few commands and she enjoyed obeying him. Then he had asked about meeting for a hug and telling her how he had longed to kiss her. She was conflicted - she had never cheated but with Nick she was tempted and excited. They were in the same boat, eyes open and not looking to fall in love - just explore some naughty fun together. She decided to meet him for a chat and a hug and see how things went. They had agreed that if she called him Sir whilst with him it was permission for him to kiss her.

The morning of the meet dawned bright and clear - she was curled up in bed when Sir's 'Good morning' message came through. He was saying cheeky and nice things again that made her smile then he sent a photo of 'what she did to him'. Fuck - his cock looked thick... she felt that wetness start between her legs that heralded the need to get fucked. She flirted a little bit then finally got herself out of bed and moving. He sent her a couple of stories to start her day off. She was rushing round and knew she had to go soon, half her clothes were packed when she suddenly realised she had no panties - it wouldn't be the first time she had gone without so she pulled the pink bra on that she liked, her black dress and leggings and headed off to work.

The next couple of hours seemed to drag by, she felt horny and nervous and unsure all at once. They were both working so messages were few and far between. She tried to focus on her work but kept being distracted checking her phone, remembering the look of his cock, how wicked his imagination was and wondering just how far she was willing to go this afternoon. Lunchtime came and they chatted, he sent more stories which she didn't read just yet - she was already horny enough. His words calmed her though - she knew he wasn't going to pressure her so she was looking forward to seeing him. She did mention the lack of panties to him and his predictable response nearly had her giggling.

Back to work for another hour or two and then it was time. She made her way downstairs - full of doubts and some nagging insecurities - did he really like her as much as he said he did? Could she go through with this? His instructions on the text came through telling her where to go when she left work and she walked around the building to the little side lane where she could see his car. Walking slowly she made her way to the car, keeping her resolve as she reached the car, opened the door and slid in next to him. He was wearing a happy smile and greeted her cheerfully with those words she was coming to love... 'Hello Kitten."

'Hi," she managed to get out - feeling the nerves and horniness fighting inside her - he asked if she wanted a hug and she decided that at that point in time that was exactly what she needed. She leaned over into him and felt his arms encircle her. If was protective, and comforting and arousing at the same time. She began to relax a little bit. She smiled at his comment that she smelt nice. His fingers stroked her arm and her back through the material of her top. She wasn't sure but she though she felt him almost kiss the top of her head then pull back. They chatted briefly about her work and the chaos there following some external visitors. Then he asked about the stories - she explained she hadn't read any of today's yet and he suggested - in a rather firm way - that she should read one of them now.

She felt her shyness rush to the forefront but decided to obey him. Angling herself away so she wasn't looking at him as she read she opened one of his stories on her phone and began reading. As she did she felt his fingers gently on the back of her neck - they stroked in slow gently circles. As he asked her if that was okay she sighed her assent - it felt good on her neck after the stress and chaos of the last few days - however it was distracting and not helping her horniness at all. She started to read and felt that low throbbing arousal become a fire. She pressed her legs together wondering if he had noticed her deeper breathing and the changes she was trying to mask as she felt the need burn in her. She wanted to kiss him. Fuck - she wanted to do more than kiss him but would she be able to cope afterwards?

She decided not to read the second story just then - she couldn't concentrate on it properly anyway. She slid into his arms, curling up against him as he held her - the two thoughts arguing back and forth in her mind. His soft words in her ear calming her, that there was no pressure that they could just do what they were doing and he would be happy. He might be but would she be? The conversation turned to his stories and the adaptation he had done of the previous meeting - where he had turned a friendly social meet into something wicked and she had loved it. He quietly whispered in her ear what he would write about today's meet and she let out a soft moan - the fantasy sounded so good - but would the reality be even better? .

He asked if she was really wearing no panties and with a cheeky grin she pulled down the edge of her leggings to show off her bare hips and waist. This time it was his turn to moan - the word fuck slipping softly from between his lips. When she said she also had on the pink bra she knew he had loved the photo of and he said prove it she smiled a slightly naughty grin and pulled her dress all the way up flashing the gorgeous bra and breasts she knew he loved.

She could see the lust burning in his eyes now and she was so turned on. They talked - carefully about expectations - this wasn't about love, or hurting anyone - it was two people exploring and trying to do it in a safe way. She looked at him, his eyes, smile, the gentle firmness with which he had encouraged her whilst also making sure she wasn't pushed or pressured. 'Yes Sir...' she whispered. His arms slid round her and his lips met hers. It was soft, exploring.. the first time she had kissed someone other than her husband. He tasted different but good. Their lips met and explored, his hand slid over her soft skin - it felt like an eternity to her but there was no dramatic outcry in her mind. Only the desire to keep going - to explore more.

Nick pulled back slowly smiling at her - she knew how badly he had wanted to do that. His soft words telling her how she was a great kisser made her smile. He leaned in again and she eagerly kissed him once more. They stayed like that for a while - ignoring the two or three cars that passed them by. This time when he broke the kiss there was no doubt he knew how turned on she was. His low voice reminded her that she had to be back at work soon. Then he asked a question she was afraid to answer.

"Would you like me to do anything else before you leave Kitten?"

Fuuuuuck... there was so much she wanted - but she shouldn't this quickly - should she??? Her voice low and shy she asked him to play with her breasts.

His hand swiftly slid up her dress raising it. His skilful hands scooped her breast out of the cup of the bra - his fingers teasing and tweaking her nipples. Her need was almost too much now. She wasn't thinking beyond how amazing this felt. Then she felt his fingers brush over her legging-covered pussy and his apology. She didn't want his apology - she wanted his fingers. He had said he wouldn't go that far today but she needed him to and the way her body was reacting to him she knew he knew as well. So when his whispered voice asked if she wanted his fingers on her clit she replied straight away with the 'Yes Sir' she knew he liked to hear.

They were on her in an instant, slipping between her soaking pussy, finding her clit in seconds. He knew what he was doing and within moments she hit her first orgasm. She was cuming, on another man's fingers, in his car, down a side street in the middle of the day in the city. This was the naughtiest thing she had done in her life. She exploded into a second orgasm. She could have kept cuming and cuming but Nick suddenly pointed out the time - he didn't want her in trouble - and if she was any later she would be. He withdrew his fingers and held her softly in his arms as she came down. She couldn't believe what she had done but she didn't regret it. It had been amazing - and she had a feeling it was only the very start.

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by KitPisces07/16/18

Loved it

Nicely teasing story, Left me hungry for more.

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