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Ethnic Minority Girl

byDecayed Angel©

I am not sure what initially attracted me, I guess it was her hat. While it is normally a woman's hair that first catches my gaze, her bright red hat covered her head so I never saw her hair. Odd red loops that dangled from gold beaded knots made me think of curls that weren't there. Although it was very different, on her, the hat was wonderfully becoming. It drew my eyes, then let them wander to her face.

Skin, so finely textured it seemed poured in place, flowed gently over a tiny nose, outward over slightly reddened, firm cheeks down to her neck that, all too quickly, disappeared into the embroidered collar. Her eyelids turned down only slightly at the bridge of the nose and as she squinted in the sunlight the faint hint of dark brown eyes glanced at me a moment and then away.

Her eyebrows were plucked very thin presenting the appearance of a large forehead, in spite of the hat she wore. Fine but very long eyelashes seemed to flutter on a breeze as she peeked at the world. I would have expected her to wear red tinted sunglasses to shade, red that matched her hat, yet she squinted.

The smile was faint, a half smile as if she were amused, but also slight annoyed. Perhaps finding some dark comedy in the pain of everyday life, or perhaps simply fearing to enjoy herself completely.

Her ears were hidden beneath the hat, but large silver earrings dangled, swaying gently in the breeze and bouncing a bit as she walked. Her necklace matched the earrings, a rigid perfect circle balancing on her shoulders, bouncing some with her earrings.

Beside the embroidered collar, her blouse had a multicolored bib with a wide red fringe matching her hat. It buttoned down the front, with tiny globes as buttons that slipped through my fingers as I helped her remove it. She wore no bra, so as she quickly slipped her blouse off, my hands already cast slight indentations in her flesh, indentations that deepened as I gently squeezed.

We both watched as my hands kneaded her soft breasts, the differences in our skin color exciting both of us. She unbuttoned my shirt and when we embraced her breast flattened on my chest as we kissed. It seemed she tasted a bit like cinnamon, I wanted more.

Her loose fitting dress slipped off easily and she quickly stepped out of her panties. I faltered a bit, fumbling with my belt and pants as I watched her spread her dress on the grass and then sit down. Her thin lips broadened as she smiled, seeing my erection, as if she were proud inspiring that response from me. I didn't tell her it was hard from the moment I unbuttoned the first button on her blouse.

I sat next to her, placing my arm behind her shoulder as I eased her onto her back. While I kissed her, I let my hand brush lightly down her body, sliding between her open legs. My fingers searched a moment and then she opened to me, yielding to my fingers, wetting them with her moistness. Pressing deeper into her I felt her raise her hips to take in my fingers that much more.

Withdrawing my fingers I slid them up between her lips until I felt the nub of her clit. I continued to kiss her as my fingers gently circled, teasing her. After a few minutes her fingertips brushed over my cock, then the took hold of me, pulling slightly as she whispered, "Now!"

I got on my knees and moved between her legs as she took me and guided me toward her. Noticing her head lift up to watch, I looked down as we watched our colors merge and my cock disappear inside her.

Our movement was slow, our breath hushed as we moved together, learning a bit of each other with every touch, every moan, and every thrust. Perhaps separately we clashed, our skin, our language, our customs were so wildly different, but together, joined like this we moved as one sensation, one pathway and one goal... to simply remain united in this ecstasy.

She came and in the pulsations of her climax, I came, our bodies lost in each other, feeling, breathing, knowing only the gentle touch of our souls. In a moment I withdrew, stepped back two steps and looked over the scene.

The light seemed much brighter now, her red hat almost glowed on the canvas. I moved in closer to the painting and looked at the plaque next to it, reading the words to myself, "Red Dao Ethnic Minority Girl, 1980 silk." I looked at the artist's name, "Linh Chi, born in La Bac Province," and longed to share the moments he spent painting this ethnic minority girl.

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