tagIllustratedEtienne's Reward Ch. 01

Etienne's Reward Ch. 01


Special thanks to Etienne Ell for the pictures in this story. Without you, this story would not have been possible.


Over all, I think I am a pretty lucky guy. I've got a decent job, a car that's only three years old, and an apartment in a nice neighborhood, where I live with my beautiful girlfriend, who I am madly in love with and who loves me, too. My life is pretty laid back. I go to work. I come home. I spend some time with my lady love. I sleep. Then do it all over again the next day. I am just your average, every day, normal man.

But, occasionally, I get a text message like this one. I read the text message, again. "Hey, Etienne. I've got some free time this weekend. Are you up for a photo shoot?"

I had been feeling off kilter lately, and my reply was short. "When and where."

Now, I know what you are probably thinking, but no, this is not a secret way to meet with a lover behind my girlfriend's back. I love her and would never cheat on her. This is a legitimate photo shoot.

I was surprised when I saw the address. The warehouse district. Normally, Lucian picks a hotel room or a modeling agency or someplace like that. This could be interesting.

Saturday came around and suddenly time seemed to slow down. Finally, I leaned down to kiss Lisa who was reading one of her favorite books on the window seat and told her I was off to meet Lucian and would be back in a couple of hours.

She looked up at me and smiled so innocently. "Lucian is your photographer friend, right? Well, you two have fun and behave. I'll be right here when you get back."

I felt a little guilty; I had never told her that when I was meeting Lucian, it wasn't to have a beer and catch up, it was to model for him.

My fingers drummed on the steering wheel as I parked behind Lucian's SUV. This area was abandoned, and the buildings all had that air of loneliness and despair that they get when they haven't been occupied for a long time.

I got out of my car and paused to look at the building. The door hung by one hinge, the glass in the windows was all broken or missing and the roof was caved in at one corner of the building. He couldn't possibly be thinking of doing the photo shoot here, could he? Maybe we were going to ride together to a different location.

I squeezed through the open door and started looking for Lucian. The only sound was the crunch of fallen ceiling plaster under my feet. After almost ten minutes of searching, I found him. He had set up in what used to be the employee breakroom. An old refrigerator sat forlornly in a corner, it's door half open.

Lucian turned at the sound of my footsteps. He gave me a grin and turned back to setting up his equipment.

"We only have about an hour so hurry up and strip."

I looked around the room once more and shook my head. "You can't be serious."

Lucian turned to me with a frown and said, "I received a special order. They specifically requested you and they specifically said an abandoned warehouse. You already agreed to it, so quit wasting time and strip."

Reluctantly, my hands reached for the top button of my shirt. "But...anyone could come in here."

Lucian sighed, not trying to hide his frustration. "Etienne."

I shook my head. "I really don't want to do this, Lucian. Not here. Please."

He looked down at his watch and said, "I don't have time to try and talk you into this." He reached down to the table, picked something up and showed it to me. It was my trademark collar. Lucian had several different models and each one wore a unique collar. The collars were used to identify individual models for clients who made special requests. As he walked over to me with the collar in his hand, he tried one more time to convince me, "With the money you'll make with this commission, you 'll have enough to buy that engagement ring for your lady."

That thought distracted me long enough for him to get the collar on me. He grinned slightly and said, "Now, strip!"

I looked around, as if trying to find a way out of this. I didn't really have a choice, anymore. I had known Lucian for over 5 years now and knew that he was stubborn enough to refuse to undo the magnetic lock on the collar until he had the pictures he wanted. It was either go along with him or go home wearing the collar.

Still, I tried one more time. "Lucian. Please. Don't make me do this. I'm afraid someone will wander in here and see me like this. What if a police officer sees our cars and gets curious about what we are doing in an abandoned building? If we get arrested, how do I explain this to Lisa?"

His eyes had gone cold at my protest and when he didn't answer me, I sighed. No help for it, then. I had undone the first two buttons of my shirt when he stopped me. "Wait. Put this on."

He tossed the mask to me and picked up his camera. I put the mask on, my fingers fumbling with the buckles in my nervousness. The collar and the mask served to sooth my fears and I found myself starting to get hard as I wondered what was coming next.

Just like my demeanor changed when I wore the collar, so did Lucian's. He immediately became more domineering; his words went from being a request to a demand. One that I could not ignore.

"Do not make me repeat myself, boy."

I felt tears come to my eyes as I took off my shoes and socks and set them under the table. I heard the click of his camera as I stripped, folding my clothes and laying them neatly on the towel Lucian had set out for just that purpose.

When I was done, I stood there quietly shivering, waiting for his next command. The collar, being naked, Lucian's no-nonsense tone all serving to help me settle into that familiar and comforting mindset. Lucian set his camera down and picked up a set of ankle cuffs connected by a 2-foot chain. He attached them to my ankles then picked up a set of matching wrist cuffs. I found myself smiling as he doublechecked the tightness of the cuffs, making sure they were neither too tight, nor too loose.

As he adjusted the cuffs, I thought back to when I had met first Lucian. He had placed an ad in the newspaper looking for a young man to do some occasional modeling work. I was looking for a way to earn a little bit of extra money, but when I realized that he wanted a model for BDSM, I almost walked out the door. But I convinced myself that I was just curious, and I did need the money.

Working with him, I discovered that I was a submissive. We would do a photo shoot and then spend an hour or two learning what I enjoyed and was good at and what I didn't like. Lucian was bisexual, but he knew that I was straight, and he never tried to cross that boundary. He dominated me and trained me but never tried to seduce me.

Then, two years ago, when I met Lisa, by unspoken agreement, he cut the photo shoots down to once a month and the training sessions stopped. At first, the bondage during the photo shoots was enough to satisfy me. But now they only seemed to leave me hungry for more. I found myself having dreams about being on my knees wearing nothing but the collar, waiting for my Mistress to return home from work. Kneeling before her and kissing and licking her feet. Begging her to punish me so that I could better please her in the future and not repeat my mistakes. Standing in the middle of the living room floor, bent over, my wrists and ankles bound together, waiting for her. Feeling the paddle strike my ass and the tears flowing down my face as I thanked her and begged her for more.

Lucian's gentle slap on my cheep brought me back to reality. He looked down at my cock and grinned, thinking about my dreams had me so aroused that my cock was pulsing and dripping precum. I blushed behind the mask and dropped my eyes to the floor.

He tugged on the chain connecting my wrists. "On your hands and knees, pet." He walked around me, taking pictures then waved his hand in a shooing motion. "The commission is for you to be a pet, so go play puppy dog."

It had been a while since I had modeled pet behavior for him and at first, I was awkward and stiff. But after a few moments I could feel my mind relaxing as I started to sink into the role. The sound of Lucian's camera faded into the background as I crawled around the room, exploring it, pawing at different things I found.

"Etienne. Etienne." His voice finally penetrated my mind, sounding as if it was coming from far away.

He crouched down in front of me, a length of chain looped over his finger. One end was attached to the middle of another chain that had nipple clamps attached to each end of it. The other end of the chain looped over his finger held a weight. "You've been such a good boy, I have a reward for you. Do you want it?"

My eyes lit up at the sight of the nipple clamps and eagerly, I sat back on my heels, pushing my chest forward a little. He chuckled as he tugged and pinched my nipples, making them hard and preparing them for the clamps. I shivered and moaned a little at how good the slight pain felt. I could feel my breath coming faster and faster, waiting for that delicious bite of pain.

I whimpered as he attached them, the sudden pinch sending a shock all the way through my body. My cock which had become soft during my exploration of the room, quickly rose to full attention and my balls contracted. Was I really about to cum just from the feel of the nipple clamps?

Slowly, he let go of the weight and I shivered again at the feeling of painful pleasure as my nipples were pulled down. I closed my eyes and let the combination of pain and pleasure wash over me and seem to radiate throughout my entire body, until it seemed every nerve was on edge.

As was my custom, when the mask was on, I didn't speak. I leaned down and kissed his feet as a way of saying thank you.

He slapped my ass and I looked up at him, eagerness in my eyes. Was he going to spank me next?!

Lucian chuckled and said, "Now, my dear Etienne." The sound of a car door closing cut him off. He looked down at his watch. "Ah. She's early. I have another surprise for you. Today, we will be working with another model, one that I recently hired."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/06/18

Superb story line, no over the top but most factual.
It reads easily and well of a story lived and enjoyed!
Hope it goes further..

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by LittleKay12/05/18

I see what you mean...

I see what you mean about writing styles, my dear Lady.

Ignore people about submission lengths. You do you. I particularly love it, I love the straight man submitting to the kink with another male. Andmore...

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by MyLadyInChains12/05/18

Reply to the Krakk

Thank you for your feedback. I thought about submitting it all in one go, but I decided to break it up into three parts, mainly because I have a job that doesn't allow me to sit and write all day longmore...

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by TheKrrak12/04/18

The new model...

obviously is Lisa...

Should have just made this submission longer, as we know who it is.

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