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European Travels Ch. 01


Usual Words. This story is a work of fiction; no inference with real people or events is intended. You must be 18 to read this story. If your not, just read it anyway. You might learn something. This is the start of my first series, so watch this space over the coming months for the next instalments. Also, I have to give a huge thumbs up to TRL, whose words of wisdom helped me immensely with this. I salute you, sir.

Feedback and constructive criticism would be nice. It offers a huge amount of encouragement, as well as providing useful analysis. I can’t get better at this unless you guys give me some input. The address is in the link below.

Anyhow. Enough of me, read on into the action.


Chapter One : London Calling

Without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest night of the British Music industry is the BRIT Awards. All the stars come out to play, with live performances and the legendary after show party making the evening the showpiece that it is.

As Deputy Culture Minister in the Government, music obviously falls under my jurisdiction. This was the perfect opportunity to experience some of the worlds best music acts live. It was somewhat strange for me to be back in my hometown, since I spend most of my time travelling. Indeed, tonight would be the start of a busy few months for me as I toured Europe on business.

One of the perks of being a VIP is that you can secure entrance to virtually anything you want to go to. Which is why, on this wet Thursday evening I was entering Earls Court, enjoying the atmosphere. Immediately I was accosted by a TV Crew.

“Mr Carter, an interview please,” they shouted, keen to be heard over the hubbub.

I hate doing this sort of thing, but good PR keeps you in office. Plus, as the darling of the Labour party and the publics favourite it was imperative I be seen that way.

“Jeremy Vine, BBC News. Any tips for awards this evening?”

“Ms Dynamite and Coldplay seem to be odds on, and personally I’d like to see David Gray win something,” I tried to make my opinion seem informed.

In my peripheral vision I saw another woman giving an interview. She had long dark hair, and her clothes made my suit seem totally overdressing for the evening. Fending off the continued questions I searched my mind for her name, and finally it came to me. Avril Lavigne. I was keen to at least talk to this girl, something about her intrigued me. Another thing that interested me was how the invitation had said formal wear, but she was dressed in a tank top and cargo trousers. I swear, some people should me made to toe the line. Gracing the interviewer with my full attention again, I realised he was closing.

“Thanks for talking to us Mr Carter, and be careful to avoid buckets of water this evening.”

Realising his referral to the Prescott incident a few years back I smiled and walked on, passing Avril on the way. Making eye contact I nodded in a friendly manner, but received nothing in return, not even an acknowledgment. Guess the stroppy bitch rumours I heard were spot on. However, that particular stroppy bitch was up for two awards later, deservedly so. I’m not a huge pop music fan but I have to admit that ‘Let Go’ was quality stuff.


The show was amazing. No other word for it. There were great performances from Coldplay and Pink, before the evening was capped by the Welsh master himself, Tom Jones. Even Avril and her entourage of drummers got the arena rocking.

I joined the throng heading to the after show party. I wasn’t going to stay long, I had appointments tomorrow morning. Making my way out of the arena I was somewhat surprised to see Avril Lavigne walking alongside me.

Deciding to try and at least talk to her I spoke.

“Disappointed not to win anything this evening?” I used a friendly tone.

“Fuck You.” Far from discouraging me her feisty attitude made me try again.

“Look, save it for someone who deserves it.” I protested. “I’m just a nice guy trying to be polite.”

“Well do me a favour.” She paused. “Don’t try and be polite. It sucks.”

In any other circumstances I would have been pissed off by her attitude, but this girl had an aura that pacified me. Twice I had tried, and twice I had failed, but it was time to leave this alone.

I made as if to walk away. I knew this was going no – where. He words stopped me.

“Hey!” Her hail turned me instantly. “And you are?”

“Carter. Jon Carter.” I offered my hand, which she made no effort to shake. I just couldn’t figure this girl out.

“The MP?” she questioned.

“The very same.” I was surprised she knew me. I wasn’t world famous. “How do you know?”

“I’ve heard stories.” She replied.

“Anything I should be worried about?” I questioned.

“No. I’ve heard you’re… talented. That’s all.” She responded coolly.

“Really.” I raised my eyebrows a fraction. I saw the opening, so I went for it.

“Look. If you accompany me to the party maybe you can explain to me why I’m so talented. How about it?”

“No.” the reply was definite.

I had to try provoking her. I’d tried every other line I knew.

“What is it, past your bedtime? Or maybe you just can’t handle your booze?” I needled.

I knew that it had worked when Avril turned and glared at me.

“Fuck you. I’ll show you who can drink. I’ll drink you under the table. Follow me.

And that I did, walking just alongside her. I didn’t try and make conversation because I thought I’d just get sworn at in return. It did give me some pleasure though, knowing I’d got under her skin. This girl wasn’t as hard as she cracked herself up to be. We reached the Pavilion where the party was being held and went in through the VIP entrance, neither of us having to show our passes.

Avril headed straight to the drinks tables, picking out two shot glasses. She handed me one, and I immediately drank down the neat vodka, feeling it burn my throat. I paused for breath. I looked at Avril. She had already downed more shot glasses than I had.

“3 –1. I win. See ya.”

With that she turned and left, and was soon lost in the crowd. Shaking my head I looked around, trying to find someone I knew, eventually settling for chatting with Sophie Ellis Bextor.

Sophie is a nice girl, but not the most interesting of conversers, especially when the one sided chat consisted of her lecturing me about her campaign to stop the fur trade. I made my excuses and left her boring Ms Dynamite instead. Those two morality yardsticks were made for each other.

Walking around the room I thought about leaving, I’d never been one for this sort of party. Nodding to the guys from Blue I made towards the exit, rubbing my tired eyes. Inevitably, walking blind I went straight into someone and started to apologize, then I saw whom it was.

“Recovered from that drinking contest yet?” she was immediately in my face

“It was hardly a fair fight, was it? I didn’t even know the rules,” I protested

“You lost, face it.” She needled me mercilessly.

I figured it hardly mattered what I said so I just gave it any old rubbish.

“Maybe I did. Look, I’m on the way out, so I’ll see you around yeah?” I let my tone suggest my boredom.

“You’re not going anywhere.” She knew she had some influence over me. “Stick around. You never know what might happen.”

With that she moved off again, but not before slipping me a seductive wink. I gave a glance at my watch. I could afford another hour, surely? Especially if this was going the way it looked like.


I moved on, before catching sight of a familiar face on the other side of the room. He nodded discreetly, indicating that we should meet in one of the side rooms. I watched him disappear into a doorway, and after waiting a few minutes I followed him.

I entered, and for a few seconds watched him flick ash from his cigar into a nearby tray.

“They say that they’re bad for your health,” I lectured.

“When I want your advice kid, I’ll ask for it.” It was a fair enough counter.

“Any new developments?” I enquired.

“I’m still searching. Look, are you sure about this? I mean, if she is guilty, fine. But if not, well, you loose your job.” His patronising attitude annoyed me.

“Look, I know the risk. But she is guilty. Those documents were withheld. I intend to find them.” I stated.

“I know. But bringing down your boss is a risky business. Won’t some mud stick to you as well? I suppose it wouldn’t hurt that you’ll get her job either, would it? Think of it, Jon Carter, Culture Minister at 24.” He said.

“You always were a cynical git. I’m doing this because its better we find out than the press do, OK? Anyway, I’m going back to the party. See you when I get back from Europe.”

He waved his cigar. “Bon Voyage.”

I nodded in return and exited, leaving the Deputy Prime Minister in my wake.


I stayed for a while chatting to the rich and famous when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked round to see Avril. I tried to act surprised, and then spoke.

“You seem to be following me around tonight!” I had to shout to be heard over the music.

Avril gave me an evil smile.

“Now that I’m a fully paid up rock chick, I have to start acting like it.” I gave it the old quizzical look. I genuinely had no idea what she meant.

“Wanna fuck?” she elaborated.

“Sure. Lets go!”

I couldn’t believe my luck, scoring with one of the hottest young things around at the moment. I downed the rest of my tequila, and then pushed Avril towards the door. By this point the noise had grown to a crescendo, and I waited until we were outside to speak to her.

“You serious about this?” I had no idea why I was asking. As if I wanted her to back down.

“Totally. Come on, my hotel’s this way.”

She took off at a run; the alcohol obviously had had its effect on her. I briefly considered asking her if she’d prefer to go to my flat in Westminster, but there was no way we’d both make it there in this condition.

Jogging to keep up with Avril I caught sight of her just as she entered her hotel foyer in the next street. As I entered I caught sight of her tipping over a pedestal. The vase that had stood on it now lay on the floor in pieces, and a distraught receptionist was examining the remnants of the antique.

“MISS LAVIGNE,” she attempted to call sternly after her.

Avril just gave her the finger and started to climb the stairs, having become obviously sick of waiting for the elevator. I had no choice but to stop and laugh. The drink was getting to me as well and suddenly I found myself taking a liking to this fucked up girl. I caught sight of the receptionist staring at me and decided to take off before she realised that a Labour MP was blatantly drunk in front of her.

Bounding up the stairs I suddenly I remembered had no idea what floor Avril had gone to, and I stopped at the landing to catch my breath. An arm grabbed me and I was pulled into a corridor off the stairwell. Avril forced her mouth onto mine, and I couldn’t resist grabbing her tits as I felt her tongue slip inside me. They were perky and small, but a nice handful to touch.

I felt Avril make a grab for my belt, and in no time had the buckle undone and had begun to work on the button of my trousers. I had to get a hold of myself. I grasped her hands, preventing them from working. I made eye contact with her, and stared deep into her amazing baby blues, willing her to take some notice of me.

“Look. If we do this here both of us will be on the front pages in the morning. And I don’t want that. So lets just find your room, yeah?”

She appeared to have another fit of laughter before pulling me along the corridor to Suite 33. Safely inside her door she attacked my trousers again, and this time I kicked my shoes off and let them slide off me to the floor. Immediately grabbing at my dick through my boxers she let her hands massage it to life. I felt my cock spring upwards at her touch, her frantic actions masking an innate gentleness.

She slipped her hand inside my boxers, never loosing contact with my eyes. She gripped my shaft, and began jerking me off. Her hand was small and warm around my shaft, and she took a slow pace, her free hand cupping and massaging my balls. She knew she was teasing me.

I pushed my hands into her beautiful brown hair, placing them at the back of her head, and then pulling her closer for another kiss, slower and gentler this time as we began to appreciate each other more. Avril removed her hands from my dick, enticing a growl of disapproval from me. She sensed I was touchy and pulled away from the kiss. I immediately moved to her neck and began kissing and biting it gently, trying to arouse her.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get back there soon enough. Its too good to miss out on.”

Avril moved both hands to my tie and loosened it, then pulled one end so it fell from my neck. She began to unbutton my shirt, and was soon pushing it off my shoulders. I stood naked before her, and suddenly decided that it was about time I saw some of her.

I tried to pull her T-shirt up, and Avril promptly pulled away from me and began to run towards the open doorway, shouting behind her in the process.

“Sorry Jon. Not yet. Give me 2 minutes.”

With that she slammed the bathroom door, leaving me and my raging hard on disappointed.

I paused for a moment to look into the wall mirror in the room. Considering the hour and the amount I had drunk I looked OK. Short dark hair swept into a messy side parting, deep brown eyes and a friendly smile came back at me from the mirror. I had never been much to look at, but I thought being a nice guy made up for it. Add to that I had a half decent physique from working out most days and it became a nice all round package, one that Avril was obviously eager to experience. I kept staring in the mirror. Despite the fact I was still relatively young, 24 years on earth had given me a world weariness, something that was translated with the hangdog expression looking back at me.

I wanted to regain some dignity and to stop walking buck naked around the room so I strode towards the bed and threw the covers back. I climbed in and pulled them back over me, sitting upright and leaning onto the headboard. It was my first time to think since I’d left the party, and I immediately realised how fucked up this situation was. I put the rational part of my brain on hold until morning and relaxed, shutting my eyes and trying to picture Avril nude.

I heard the bathroom door open and close again, and the light switches being pulled. Avril must have looked at me because she spoke almost in exasperation.

“Have you fallen asleep?”

“No of course n…” I opened my eyes, and let out my breath sharply

“Fuckiiiiiiing hell.” I said.

“Thought you’d like it,” she responded, with a cute half smile on her face.

I almost had to shake my head in disbelief. Standing not 10 feet away from me was Avril, wearing an amazing black lace bra and panties set with the full matching stockings and suspenders. I thought I was going to pass out; my dick was harder than steel. I kept my gaze on her. The tacky jewellery was gone, and her hair lay beautifully over her shoulders. Underneath the cargo trousers and t-shirts there was an incredibly sexy woman.

“You look. Amazing.”

I noted Avril gave a small awkward smile, a nice gesture of vulnerability from a girl whose business it was to act tough.

“I feel amazing. Fuck me. Please.”

I held out one hand, and threw the covers back with my other. She grasped it and climbed into the bed, positioning herself on top of me.

I couldn’t believe the contrast to earlier. Gone was the stroppy girl, in her place a beautiful, sexy woman. I ran my hands down her legs, admiring the smoothness of the stockings. Avril shuddered at my touch, and forced her tongue deeper into my mouth, almost and involuntary action.

I grasped her ass, enjoying its firmness as I squeezed it gently. Avril meanwhile was kissing and nibbling her way down my chest. I looked down; her tits looked amazing in that bra. Letting my hands travel up her back I unhooked the clasp and slid it down her arms, before grabbing her breasts and squeezing them together, teasing her nipples with my fingers. They were hard, and I enjoyed the firmness of her young breasts. Avril moaned, and I felt her hands begin to work my cock again, giving me the perfect handjob, letting me savour the moment and her touch. I kept my hands on her tits, tracing their outline with my fingers. Avril jerked and moved her hands around my dick and pace, and I loved her touch. I lay back and shut my eyes.

“Oh fuck Avril, I’m coming,” I managed to pant.

Her reactions were amazing. Instantly she stopped and shifted upwards so that she was on top of me again. She looked at me,

“No, you’re not coming now. Later. When we fuck.”

I didn’t move my hands from her breasts. I continued to enjoy the soft contours, and inquired of Avril,

“Oh. What would you like to do now then?”

She bent her mouth to my ear and nibbled on the lobe seductively. “Well. I’ve never had a guy get me off before.” She whispered.

I shifted my hands down her body, and slipped my fingers inside her panties, gently tracing her pussy lips, enjoying the wetness on them.

“You mean like this” I responded in an equally low tone.

“Oh god yes. Get those fingers inside me. Now”

I didn’t quite have the heart to disobey her order. I gently parted her cunt with one finger, and Avril buried her head in my shoulder, moaning gently. Not for long though.

“Oh fuck!” she shouted

I had jammed two fingers inside her, and I was now forcing them in and out as fast as I could, slipping around in her sopping wet pussy. I knew Avril was seriously aroused and it wouldn’t take much of this to make her come. I decided to make her enjoy this even more; I twisted my hand so that I could gently tweak her clit with my thumb. At the first touch Avril bit into my shoulder, moaning and twisting her body above me. She was close, desperately close. I pushed my fingers in a little harder, silently urging her to come.

Sure enough she reached her climax, writhing on top of me and moaning.

“ohhohhhhhh God. Oh fucking hell. That felt soooo good.” She said.

“mmmm. And it’s going to get better as well.” I only hoped I could deliver on my promise.

“Damn right.”

Avril kissed the tip of my nose before giving her order.

“And I’m going on top as well.”

I laughed, before replying to the questioning look on her face.

“You think you’re so aggressive. I could take you over any time though!”

Her face softened, and in the dull light of the room I saw the pensive look on her face.

“I’m not like that all the time. You’re with Avril now, not the music star you saw earlier.”

I nodded, appreciating her honesty.

“Cool. So, what does Avril want to do?”


She grabbed my prick, still rock hard after not getting the attention it craved. I unclipped her stockings, a rolled them away from her panties. Hooking my fingers into her black underwear I slid them down her legs, before returning my hands to grasp her ass.

Avril slid down my body until we were perfectly aligned, as close to symmetry as man and woman will ever get. She moved her hips, running the tip of my dick along her opening. She was sopping wet, her body was tense from arousal.

I took a deep breath and tried to relax, or else I was going to blow my load right now. Suddenly Avril thrust forward, impaling herself on my cock, jamming herself as far as she could on to me. I felt the tip of my dick touch the back wall of her cunt. She was so tight, and even my modest dick was enough to fill her completely.

Recovering from her first thrust Avril drew back and went again, as we tried to establish a rhythm. I thought Avril would have very little sexual experience, but she seemed to know enough to set a nice tempo, enabling me to meet her every thrust.

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