tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEuropean Vacation Ch. 02

European Vacation Ch. 02


Disclaimer: The following story is an entirely fictional work based on fictional characters for adult entertainment. It includes details of no real people or events.

Feedback and suggestions for future chapters is greatly appreciated.


The waitress sat Melissa and Cathy at a nice table and they immediately browsed the laminated menu. The girls had walked a mile to find the nearest eatery and were grateful when they stumbled upon The Village Corner. It was a combination of an old German tavern and a full on bakery, but they didn't really care what was served so long as they could eat.

"Shit!" Cathy yelled, drawing the attention of many nearby patrons.

"What's the matter?" Melissa asked in a hushed voice. "Keep your voice down."

"Have you looked at these prices?" Cathy said, pointing to one of the entrees. "We barely have enough money to buy an appetizer, let alone an entire meal."

"So that guy in the parking lot screwed us over?"

"I guess he did, because five Euros won't get us anything."

"Damn," Melissa sighed, holding her face in her hands. She wanted desperately to cry in her boyfriend's arms.

"Excuse me ladies," came a voice from over their shoulders. Cathy swiveled around in her seat and noticed the attractive gentleman sitting alone at the table next to them.

"I'm sorry to intrude," he continued. "But I overheard a bit of your conversation and would like to help?"

"What?" Cathy asked. "Why do you want to help?"

"I'm all alone tonight and I would be interested in hearing your sad tale over a glass of wine."

Cathy smiled at Melissa, knowing that they had just struck gold.

The wine flowed freely as they talked of there troubles and turmoil over a nice diner. They learned that their host, John, was a traveling business man from the U.S. He was in his late forties and freely shared that he was married with children the girls' age. Things got a little awkward when he asked the girls how they wound up in their current situation. Unsure of how to talk about being duped by the stranger in the parking lot, Cathy and Melissa quickly changed the topic.

After hours of casual talk, John looked at his watch and noted the time.

"It's getting late," he said, staring at the two lovely ladies sitting across from him. "Are you staying someplace close by?"

"Yes," Cathy answered, feeling a bit tipsy.

"We're staying in a rat's nest about a mile from here."

"A mile away?" John asked. "You two shouldn't walk that alone. Let me take you back."

Cathy looked at Melissa and confirmed what she was thinking.

"Sounds great!" she yelled. "Take us away!"

Things were beginning to turn around for the girls. They had full stomachs, a little alcohol in their system, and were about to avoid walking the mile back to their motel. What more could they ask for?

The car ride to the motel was very short and uneventful. The girls hopped into the backseat of John's rental car and within minutes they pulled into the parking lot of the dimly lit motel. Melissa and Cathy stumbled out as John turned off the vehicle. Both of the girls figured he probably wanted to say goodnight.

"Can I use your phone?" he asked. "I'm not getting any service."

Thinking nothing of it, the girls unlocked the room door and John followed. Melissa flipped on the light and Cathy dove straight for the bed. She plowed through the dirty comforter and wrapped the sheet around her slender body.

"The phone is over there," Melissa said, pointing to the nightstand. "Are you calling your wife?" Cathy giggled from under her tower of covers. The tall man walked slowly to the bed, then sat on the edge. He picked up the receiver and dialed a long series of numbers. Melissa looked herself over in the mirror, pulling her hair back into a ponytail.

"Hey sweetie," John said into the phone. "I'm doing fine. The meetings went great, but I'm absolutely exhausted."

Melissa could hear Cathy cracking up underneath the blankets.

"I'm hoping to be back in tomorrow, but we'll see how the negotiations go in the morning."

The mountain of linen rocked back and forth and Melissa couldn't help but giggle at her friend. She jumped on top of her, shaking the mattress and drawing John's attention—he was not smiling.

"I know, but the damn translator can't speed things up," he continued, signaling for the girls to hush. "The food is excellent and I've already bought some chocolate to bring back for you and the kids."

Melissa did a somersault and fell off the bed, which caused Cathy to burst out in laughter.

"No one," John replied. "I'm using the lobby phone because my cell isn't getting a signal." Both girls chuckled at their new friend's lie.

"I'll give you a call when I'm on my way," he said, putting a finger to his lips. "I love you too. Bye baby."

John hung up the phone and rose to his feet. He watched Melissa roll around on the floor, holding her head and smiling. Cathy was still hiding under the blankets, mumbling to herself.

"Now which one of you girls wants to go first?" he said, unbuttoning his sleeves. "Or do I get you both at the same time?"

Melissa giggled at the foot of the bed and Cathy peered out from under the covers.

"What are you talking about?" Cathy asked with a smile.

"You know what I'm talking about," John insinuated while removing his shirt. Melissa let out a belly laugh, keeling over with laughter.

"What do you take us for?" Cathy asked, peeking over the sheet. "We're not whores."

"You are tonight," he said in a hostile tone.

The atmosphere of the room instantly went from being playful and silly to absolutely terrifying. Melissa glanced over the bed and watched John continue to undress. She noticed that he had a muscular build, which made him look imposing in the shadowy motel room. Melissa crawled to the other side, hiding between the bed and the wall.

"Bullshit!" Cathy yelled. "We are not your whores and that's for damn sure!"

John unbuckled his belt and yanked it from his pants. He waved it over his head, then struck it hard against the nightstand. The crack of his "whip" sent a shock down Cathy's spine.

"You don't have a choice!" he roared. "Now take your clothes off or I'll do it for you!"

Like a caged animal, Cathy lunged at John. He caught her in midair and effortlessly threw her to the floor.

"That's where you need to be," he said, watching the young girl struggle as he held her down. "On your knees and willing."

Without warning, Cathy bit into John's ankle and prayed that she hit deep.

John let out a wail and screamed, "You stupid bitch!" as he rubbed his wound and lashed out at the fleeing girl. He was blocking the exit, so Cathy scrambled around the bed next to Melissa. She considered running into the bathroom, but remembered that there was no lock.

Melissa tried to comfort her terrified friend, who was breathlessly trying to recoup from her rough encounter. The friends held each other as the sound of crashing furniture filled their ears.

"I can't believe you bit me!" John roared, hurling a lamp across the room. It smashed against a mirror, shattering it into a thousand pieces. "After everything I've done for you!"

Melissa frantically debated what to do inside her mind. Would someone hear all the commotion and come to their rescue? Was there any way to escape? Part of her felt that she should just give in and get it all over with, but another part of her wanted to fight off John and be some kind of hero. Melissa had seen what happened with Cathy, who was balled up in her arms shaking hysterically with fear. It was a no win situation.

When John had finished throwing everything that wasn't bolted down, he came around to the other side of the bed and stared at the two helpless girls on the floor.

"Two beautiful ladies just lying there. What fun is that?"

"Why can't you leave us alone?" Melissa hollered.

"You're my plaything," he replied. "And I just want to have a little fun."

Melissa desperately wanted John to leave and get out of their lives forever. She chose her next words carefully, fraught with the idea that John could easily rape and murder them both if he really wanted to.

"Please listen," she began, hoping she could get through to John's dark grimace. "We are really thankful for dinner and the ride, but we can't have sex with you."

"Oh really?" he responded. "So I'm going to be real nice to you and you're not going to be nice to me?"

"It was a kind gesture," Melissa said, her body trembling. "But we're not whores and this is just too much."

The expression on John's face changed and Melissa could tell that he was considering what she said.

"I'll tell you what," he replied with a smile.

"I'm not leaving here without my cock being drained. Now I understand that neither of your hot little Canadian asses wants to fuck me, but I think we can negotiate."

A perplexed and shivering Melissa continued to listen.

"If the two of you do exactly what I say, I won't push to get inside your tight pussies and we can both leave here happy."

Melissa weighed her options. She knew that John would make her and Cathy do something incredibly demeaning, but at least he promised not to fuck them.

"What do you want us to do?" Melissa asked with uncertainty.

"I want both of you naked and kneeling," he demanded.

Melissa looked down at Cathy and leaned into her ear.

"What do you think?" she whispered.

Cathy closed her eyes for a moment then answered through grinding teeth, "Let's get it over with."

"Are you sure," Melissa asked, a bit put off by her friend's fast response. She was really hoping Cathy would have said no.

"He's dangerous and I want to get home alive," Cathy said as she rose up and extended her arm to help Melissa up.

"It's good to know you've both come to your senses," John said, tugging his pants and boxers down his muscular legs. His cock sprung free and teetered as the girls gawked in awe. John's manhood was rather large and thick, already fully erect and pointing straight in the lovely ladies' direction.

"Don't wait around forever," he yelled while handling his own meat.

Nervously, the girls began to undress. Cathy's semi-sheer blouse came off first and was thrown across the room. Melissa still struggled with the idea of stripping in front of the burly business man, but she pushed her feelings aside and pulled her shirt over her head. Next came Cathy's lacey red bra, which she snapped apart and quickly dropped to the floor. Her large breasts swayed back and forth as John licked his chops with a hungry look in his eyes. Melissa unhooked her bra and let if fall off her shoulders.

John kept his eyes planted on the two sets of rigid nipples that now beamed in his direction. He had imagined what the girls were hiding under their clothes since the moment he spotted their pouting faces in the restaurant. Fretfully playing with himself, John watched Cathy ease her pants along her well tanned legs; she was almost his. In a subtle motion Cathy lowered her red see-through panties, exposing a small tuft of brown hair above her hidden slit. Totally confident with her body, yet frustrated with her situation, Cathy stood motionless as John's meticulous eyes absorbed every ounce of the girl's nude body.

"Look at that," John said on a downward stroke. "The things I want to do to you."

Cathy rolled her eyes at the demeaning comment, trying not to look at the muscular man's swelling cock. It didn't turn her on, but it was difficult to look at anything else in the room.

Melissa knew it was her turn and unclasped the button on her jeans. She braced herself against the wall and awkwardly yanked off her pants.

"What do we have here?" John asked with a grin.

"Is that a thong?"

Melissa kept silent.

"Why don't you bend over that nightstand and let me get a good look at you?"

Shaking in fear, Melissa glanced at Cathy who was biting her lower lip. It didn't take a psychic to read what Cathy was thinking—hurry up and do it. Melissa leaned onto the nightstand and rested her palms on the dusty wood. Her ass stood prominently in the air, the thin strip of purple material leaving little to the imagination. It was embarrassing and Melissa could feel her face go flush.

"Damn you've got a nice ass," hollered John. "I want you to stay just like that, but get that thong off. I want to see everything."

Melissa wanted to run away in fear, but reminded herself that the quicker she followed John's orders, the quicker they could get out. Cathy watched as Melissa reached around her thighs and grasped the elastic band of her purple thong. She kept her ass high up, guiding the petite garment over her round curves. Inching it down her hips, she let it gracefully fall to her feet.

"You just stay like that for right now," John commanded as he gazed at the young girl's bare ass. Melissa knew that his eyes were in pursuit of the tiny bit of pink hiding between her thighs, but she remained obedient and bent over the nightstand.

"Now for you," John said, closing the distance between himself and Cathy. "Get on the bed and start sucking" he commanded, grabbing the brazen young girl by the wrist. Cathy crawled onto the bed, turning around to view her captor's cock swaying inches from her face. Melissa continued to prop herself up against the nightstand, the flesh of her ass within arms length of John's muscular physique.

"You are a fucking bastard!" Cathy yelled, hastily seizing John's cock into her delicate hand. She opened wide and drew his member between her shiny glossed lips.

"I may be a bastard, but I'm a lucky bastard," he moaned as his large cock entered Cathy's waiting mouth.

Easing John's erection down her gullet, Cathy relaxed her throat muscles until the entirety of the brash man's shaft had slid across the length of her slippery tongue. Many men had felt the pleasures of Cathy's mouth, but none had ever taken her under such circumstance. It was demeaning having to listen to John moan as each inch of his dick filled her mouth with the taste of sweat and hard flesh.

"How is it?" John scornfully asked. His hands were entangled in the brown locks of Cathy's hair, massaging her skull as she pumped his manhood with her wet mouth. She managed a muffled "fuck you" while meticulously maneuvering her lips to the very tip of his cockhead. She wasn't purposely trying to please John, but she could tell by his quivering thighs that he was enjoying her performance.

Melissa watched intently, unsure of how to act or what to do. John had told her to just kneel over the nightstand, but she felt bad for what her was friend was going through. He had glanced in her direction a few times, staring holes in her nude body and smirking as he drove his cock further down Cathy's throat. Melissa noticed that Cathy had purposely gripped the base of John's cock, ensuring that he didn't attempt to make her deep throat it. From Melissa's point of view, it looked as though Cathy was jerking him off while taking in as much cock as her mouth could muster. She figured that this is what John was thinking inside his perverted mind as he guided Cathy's head up and down his shaft.

"Your friend really knows how to suck some cock, but I need more from you," said John, now rubbing his hands over Cathy's mascara stained cheeks. "I think it's your turn."

A wave of uncertainty ran across Melissa's body as she knelt down on the bed next to Cathy. She could feel Cathy's warm skin graze her own as she reached for John's swollen member. Cathy released her grip and Melissa immediately took her friend's place, clutching the veiny member that was now drenched in spit. Uninterrupted by the change of hands, Cathy continued to obediently suck.

With both girl's now working his shaft, John reached out and attempted to grope Melissa's creamy white breasts. Her tiny pink nipples were stiff from the cold air of the room and John couldn't help wanting to feel her fleshy mounds in the palm of his hands. Instinctively, Melissa pulled away to avoid the man's touch.

"What are you doing?" John asked with a hint of sarcasm reflected in his tone.

Melissa quickly became upset that John wanted to touch her body. Why couldn't they just finish him and be done? Melissa had no feelings for this man and she didn't want her body to inherently show it. With Cathy being ultra submissive, she guessed that John believed he could manhandle her and do as he pleased.

John thoughtlessly yanked Cathy's hair and wrenched his cock from her mouth. A string of saliva mixed with a bit of precum trickled down her chin as she looked at her captor with disdain. Cathy feared that Melissa's rejection of his advances was going to get them into a hell of a lot of trouble.

"You are being an ungrateful bitch," John yelled, roughly gripping Melissa's shoulders. He threw her against the bed, the weight of his body restricting her from putting up any kind of offense. "If you won't let me touch those tits, I guess I'll have to fuck them."

Cursing inside, Melissa closed her eyes and tried to picture herself somewhere else. She didn't want to play this ridiculous game, nor did she really care that she and Cathy had brought this upon themselves. Melissa tried to fill her mind with memories of her boyfriend to drown out everything going on in the motel room. She remembered their first date at the little coffee shop across the street from her dorm. He had been admiring her artwork and asked her out for a cup. She thought he was shy and timid, but by the fourth date she could tell he was quite the opposite. They had returned to his apartment that evening and a feral animal was unleashed. She remembered the passion of each kiss, the slow undressing of each garment, and the eventual love making that drove her wild. The memory was so fresh and just the thought of it caused a tingling below. However, the memories began to fade with feelings of guilt. What would Jack think if he knew what she had done? Would he understand that there was no other choice? Would he be forgiving?

John mounted Melissa's tight abdomen, his balls nestled against her sapphire navel ring. The head of his cock made an audible "plop" as it slapped her firm skin. He held her arms down, making it impossible for her to put up a fight. Melissa considered screaming, but with John pressed against her stomach she was afraid he would leave her gasping for air.

"This is much better," John wickedly smiled.

"Fucking your tits will be a lot more fun than just having you suck me dry."

Melissa turned her head in shame, but John immediately yanked her back.

"You're going to want to watch this," he said with a grin. "The only problem is that your beautiful tits aren't slick enough to fuck at the moment. How can we fix that?"

John turned to Cathy who was trying to cover up. She cocked her eyebrow as his eyes panned over her body and met the soulless gaze staring back at him.

"What do you think you're doing?" he grimaced, yanking the sheet off the hiding girl. "We can't have you covering up that body."

"Get it over with," Cathy muttered. "I want this to be over."

"That's fine," replied John. "If you want to speed things up, then come get these tits nice and wet for me."

"And how exactly am I supposed to do that?"

Before the words had even left her mouth, John spat between Melissa's breasts. Melissa was appalled and cringed below John's weight.

"Licking them would be the easiest way," John explained, rubbing his own saliva into Melissa's chest.

Cathy came closer to Melissa and leaned forward.

"It will be over soon," Cathy whispered, lowering her head onto Melissa's swollen breasts. Cathy gently licked the space between her friend's breasts, ignoring the fact that it tasted of sweat and spit. She led her tongue to the base of Melissa's right breast, and then slowly slithered back to the left. The wetness from her tongue gave the gap between Melissa's breasts a glossy shine.

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