tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEva and Friends

Eva and Friends


So, here she was. Could she really go through with this? There was no doubt in her mind she wanted it, but what about the consequences? Would it ruin important friendships? Would it change how she felt about herself? Her head was spinning with mixed emotions. But she did want it. And she was sure they did as well, that much she could see in their eyes. She knew all of them found her attractive. She would perhaps best be described as cute, with round cheeks accentuated by her blonde, bob cut hair. Both her face and her petite body made her look very girlish and at 28 she still had to show ID whenever she visited bars. Like so many other girls, she had wished for larger breasts when she was younger, but now she was comfortable with her looks. Proud even. Her breast might not be big, but they were very perky. And at this moment, her nipples where clearly visible through her white top. This was obviously noticed by all her guests, and she repeatedly caught them staring. It made her whole body tingle with excitement.

It had all started the weekend before at party at Daniel's house. She was having a great time and was a bit bummed that many people started leaving early. She was fairly tipsy and didn't want the party to end. At around midnight only three people remained with her: Daniel, Eric and John. They decided they all could use another drink and opened another bottle of wine. Daniel and Eric were old friends of hers, and they had known each other since their teens. There had been a bit of flirting over the years, but even though she found them both good looking and nice, nothing had ever happened. They were good friends though, and she considered them both very trustworthy.

John she had met a few years earlier when they were introduced via mutual friends and they went on a few dates. The timing was a bit bad as John was about to move overseas. When he moved back they started hanging out as friends instead. She still found him very attractive, but was happy to just be friends. In fact, she was comfortable with being single at the moment and wasn't looking for any relationship. But she liked sex, and since it had been a while, her mind easily wandered into dirty thoughts.

They had been drinking and chatting, and somehow the conversation had wondered into feminism and porn. They all admitted to watching porn from time to time, and the guys had all been surprised when she said she did as well.

"Really Eva?" Eric blurted out. "I had not figured you to be that type of girl."

She had been a little offended.

"What do you mean 'that type of girl'?" she said, looking angrily at him.

Eric tried to smooth it over and stuttered.

"Oh, sorry. That didn't come out right. I just mean... well...".

John, who had been drinking less and could think a little more clearly came to his rescue.

"I think what Eric is trying to say is that you talk about feminist issues, but porn is often viewed as objectifying women. In no way should you have to defend yourself, it's just a bit surprising, that's all."

Eva had calmed down a bit, but continued on a rant.

"Well, porn is about sex and sexual fantasies, and while I believe in equal rights for all genders in society, sex is different. Women shouldn't be treated as objects in the work place, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily bad to objectify someone in your fantasies. Or desire to be treated like an object, as long as you have the power over where and when this happens, and with whom. There is nothing wrong with it at all. For instance, many women have a problem with a man cumming on a girls face, they think that it's 'degrading' and 'slutty'. But I don't think there is anything wrong with feeling slutty if you can decide where and when. I don't think it makes me any less of a feminist just because I often fantasize about being that girl in the porno who gets that massive facial."

In vino veritas... had she just admitted to her three closest male friends that she fantasized about facials? Her cheeks turned red, partly because she felt embarrassed, but she noticed she had also managed to get herself a bit excited. The room was dead silent, and clearly the guys were all in a bit of a shock. Eva giggled nervously.

"Oops, I probably shouldn't have said that."

She looked around the room, and noticed that the guys were all looking at her. Not so much in her eyes, but at her face. She turned even redder. Were they imagining what she would look like with cum on her face? There was definitely a sexual tension in the room; no one spoke. Dirty thoughts kept running through her drunken mind. Daniel spoke first.

"Are you serious? Is that what you fantasize about?"

"Maybe," she replied, smiling at him.

"Sorry, you don't have to answer this of course, but can I ask what it is you like about it?" John asked. She contemplated the question for moment.

"Well, I guess there is just something liberating about the idea of it, being the center of attention and everything. Kind of like a queen and a whore at the same time."

Jaws were dropped all over the place and Eva again regretted letting out her honesty. They were all staring at her now and clearly they were imagining what she would look like with a big facial. She met their eyes, one by one and even though she was fully clothed, she felt very exposed. And she liked it. Over the past years, exhibitionism had also been front and center in her sexual fantasies. She often fantasized about situations where she was naked around other people. Now, however, it was her face that was the item of attention and she couldn't cover up even if she wanted to. Her facial features had become sexual objects, exposed to her friends. She felt embarrassed, but moreso increasingly excited as their eyes traveled along her round cheeks.

After a while, the silence was broken by Daniel who cleared his throat.

"Well, anybody for more wine?"

"I've obviously had enough," Eva replied, and everybody laughed a bit nervously. "I should probably go home soon."

They all decided to call it a night and since they were going in the same direction, Eric, John and Eva all shared a cab. Her stop was the first one, and when she got out, they both got out to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Again, she was sure she caught them staring at her face and she thought briefly about asking them to come to her apartment with her. Damn! She was horny now. But she overcame that urge, and sent them on their way. That's gonna be an awkward cab ride, she thought and laughed to herself as she walked up the stairs to her apartment. The moment she closed the door behind her, she ripped her clothes off and ran to the sofa in her living room. There she spread her legs and started masturbating, rubbing her clit furiously. Images of her kneeling down in front of her male friends swept through her head. She imagined sucking them all off and having them come all over her. She came harder than she had in long time, screaming out loud.

She woke up late the next morning, and immediately started thinking about the night before. She laughed to herself, thinking that if there was a book about how men and women can be just friends, she obviously missed the chapter, "Don't tell your male friends you fantasize about facials". Would they be able to just forget it, or would it be awkward next time they met? Was she disappointed nothing happened? Part of her cursed the fact that her friends were such nice guys and hadn't taken advantage of the situation. Dirty thoughts entered her mind again, and she started caressing herself, imagining it was her friends. She pulled lightly on her pink little nipples. She let one hand wander down between her legs and she started masturbating, again thinking about what it would be like to have her friends unload on her. She came nearly as hard as the night before. "Damn," she thought, "maybe it's me rather than my friends I need to worry about. How can I get these thoughts out of my mind?"

She checked her phone and noticed there was a message from John, asking if she was available to catch up for coffee. She decided it was best to give it some time to cool off so they made plans to catch up a few days later. She started thinking about when they had been dating. It had been a brief thing, and never even got to anything sexual. But she had fantasized about it a few times over the years. She had to stop herself from touching herself again, so she got up and had a cold shower.

A few days later she went to nearby cafe to meet John. He was there waiting for her when she arrived.

"Sorry I'm late," she said.

"Don't worry about it, I think I was early."

They ordered coffee, and since she'd been a good girl and exercised every day (largely in a failed attempt to keep her distracted from her recurrent dirty thoughts), Eva treated herself to some cake. They chatted about this and that, but after a while John came to the purpose of their catch-up.

"Hey, the reason I wanted to catch up was to make sure you didn't feel awkward after the party at Daniel's. I just wanted to reassure you that no one thinks any less of you or anything like that."

"Thanks," she said smiling. "I might have gotten a bit too verbal."

"Yeah, I guess you did," John laughed. "But I just thought you should know... you know... that you shouldn't feel embarrassed."

"That's sweet John. Don't worry about it."

"All good then," John said, happy to not linger on the somewhat awkward subject.

After a moment of silence, they went back to talking about deliberately unrelated things. But soon she caught him looking lustfully at her face again. He didn't even look away when she caught his stare.

"Um, you've got a bit of cream from the cake on your chin," he said after a few seconds.

"Oh, oops," Eva said and continued in a mock coquette voice, "How embarrassing."

She couldn't help herself and scooped up the cream with her finger, brought it to her mouth and licked it off. She swore she heard John gasp at the sight and shot him a sly smile. He smiled back at her and she definitely saw lust in his eyes. Soon thereafter John had to excuse himself, saying he was late for meeting. He kissed her on her cheek and took off. "So much for reducing the sexual tension," she thought to herself. The conversation had obviously planted seeds in not just her own mind, and she had no idea how to prevent them from growing. Did she want to stop it?

She then started wondering if Daniel and Eric also had been thinking about her, and picturing her with cum on her face. The idea they might have made her shiver with excitement. She decided she needed to find out and without giving it a second thought, she texted them to see if they could catch up the next day, which they could. She then went home, turned on her computer and started searching the internet for videos of women getting facials from multiple partners. As she had done so many times before, she imagined she was the girl, but now she also imagined the guys were her friends. She rubbed her clit with one hand, pinched her nipples with the other. She spoke out loud.

"Yeah, that's it John, cum all over me. Mmmm, that's good. Come on Daniel, cum on my face. You too Eric, give me your load, spray me good." Her orgasm was very powerful.

She met up with Daniel and Eric for dinner the next day. Nothing seemed overly awkward though the conversation was a bit dry. She was sure she occasionally caught them looking at her cheeks like they all had done that night at Daniel's place, but they immediately glanced away when she looked at them. She then remembered the effect the cream had on John the other day. If her friends had been fantasizing about her, she would find out.

"Hey, there is a great gelato place next door," she said. "Who's up for some dessert?"

They paid for dinner, Eva demanding to pay her own share of the check (she made sure to be their equal, at least until she decided otherwise) and went to get some ice cream. They strolled through a nearby park, and after a while, Eva suggested they should sit down on a bench, which Daniel and Eric did. But while they weren't looking, Eva smeared some vanilla ice cream on her left cheek and remained standing. When the guys turned to her, she just stood there, pretending nothing was out of the ordinary. The guys both stopped talking and just stared at her, and she saw lust in their eyes. She had her answer. The guys obviously had been thinking about her fantasy. She felt a tingle from her pussy up to her brain. Seeing the effect she had on them made her feel powerful and she couldn't help smiling suggestively at them. The guys remained transfixed and didn't speak. It made her feel oh so horny, knowing that her face was the object of their desire. After what felt like a very long time, she spoke.

"What's up guys?"

"Um, you've got some... something on your cheek," Daniel said.

"Oh really," she said and scooped up the ice cream. She licked her fingers clean, much like she had done the day before. And the effect was not lost on the guys, who remained focused on her every move. She realized she was probably tormenting her friends and tried to bring the conversation back to normal, but it didn't work and both Daniel and Eric soon excused themselves and left.

That night when she got home, she sat down in front of the computer and wrote an email.

Dear John, Daniel and Eric,

I consider myself lucky to know such nice guys, you are my best male friends. I never thought anything could get awkward between us just because I'm a woman. But then I didn't take into account my blabbering mouth. I'm pretty sure we've all been thinking about the conversation we had at Daniel's last weekend; I know I have. And these thoughts and fantasies are creating a tension between us. The cat is out of the bag and we need to do something about it.

You know I trust you all very much. And because I think we need to get this out of our system, I sincerely hope you won't think any less of me if I asked you to help me live out the fantasy I've had for a long time. If anyone is in any way uncomfortable with it, I understand and I will never bring it up again. But if you all think you would be interested in it, could I have you all over for drinks on Saturday, 8 pm?

Your silly friend


It was less direct than asking them straight out to come over and cum on me, but it was suggestive enough to give them the message. And within a few minutes they had all replied.

I consider myself lucky to have a friend like YOU. Count me in!

If this is what you want, I'm sure happy to help you in any way I can. See you Saturday!

Wow Eva, that was worth reading a few times. Not sure what to say other than I look forward to Saturday. See you then!

Her head was spinning. Was it really going to happen?

When Saturday afternoon arrived, Eva took a long, hot shower. She wasn't sure exactly what would happen, but if there was a chance she were to be seen naked, she wanted to look sexy and she trimmed her pubic hair. She was proud to be a natural blonde and kept a triangle of hairs above her pussy. When she was done, she got out of the shower, dried off and admired herself in the mirror, concluding with a smile that she was a hot looking girl. She looked at her own face and started imagining what it would look like with a big facial and grinned at the thought. In just a few hours time she might get the chance to find out.

She put on a pair of white lace panties. They looked both innocent and sexy at the same time, with pink little ribbons on the sides. She picked out a nice, fairly short, tight skirt and a sheer white top and found a pair of high heel shoes that would go great with the outfit. She decided to go without a bra. Her exhibitionist side loved the idea of her breasts being visible through the fabric and the thought of it made her pussy tingle. Damn, she thought, I don't want to get my panties all wet, at least not yet. She decided to pour herself some wine to relax.

And then the doorbell rang. Eva took a big sip of her wine, hoping it might calm her nerves, and went slowly to the door. When she opened it, she found all three of the guys standing there, looking rather sheepish. All eyes traveled up and down her body, and she felt very excited when they all stared at her tits, clearly visible through her thin top.

"Come on in," she said, greeting them all with a big smile. They followed her orders and stumbled into her apartment. "Sit down while I get you all some wine."

She deliberately wiggled her ass when she walked to the kitchen and she could feel three sets of eyes tracing her steps. She loved it. The thought of being the object of their desire excited her tremendously.

The guys all took a seat in the lounge and when she came back with the wine, they all looked at her tits again. Though she was nervous, she tried to be brave and pushed out her chest and smiled at them in an attempt to let them know their gaze was welcome. She poured them each a glass.

She then decided the atmosphere could be improved with some nice music, and she walked over to the stereo. Again, she wiggled her ass, swaying it back and forth, and she bent over suggestively when she picked out a record from the bottom shelf. She looked back to her audience and as she suspected, they were all staring at her ass. God she loved this attention.

But this was all just innocent flirting. As fun and exciting as it was, it was not the purpose of the evening. The real agenda included something far more depraved. The guys were here to fulfill her facial fantasy, if she so desired. But if it was going to happen, she would have to be the one to move things further. And could she really do this? She went over and sat on a chair opposite her guests. They all kept sipping away on their drinks, making chit-chat about this and that, but their eyes kept gazing lustfully at her tits.

She needed another glass of wine to calm her nerves and went to get another bottle. She topped up all glasses and then downed half of her glass in one big gulp. She put down her glass but remained standing. It's now or never, she thought to herself.

With shaking hands, she started to unbutton her top. The room was dead silent besides the music and her increasingly heavy breathing. Three pair of eyes were transfixed on her fingers unbuttoning one button after the other. When she was done, she removed the top completely and stood there with her chest pushed out to let her friends admire her. This attention could be highly addictive, she thought to herself, and smiled slyly to her audience. Her pink nipples were rock hard and her proud tits could almost feel the eyes of her admirers on them.

She then unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to ground. She stepped out of it. Her nervousness was subsiding, it was being overrun by her increasing horny feelings. She felt extremely exposed, standing there in front of her friends in just her panties and high heels and she loved it. There was also something wonderfully slutty about keeping the shoes on. She decided to put on a little show, and spun around to give them the opportunity to admire her back side as well. The audience appreciated it and she could see bulges growing in their pants. Knowing that it was all for her made her even more excited.

"Thank you all so much for coming here tonight," she said, absentmindedly running her fingers over her tits. "I'm not sure exactly where this is going, but I know I want to live out my fantasy of... you know,..." Damn, it was hard to say it.

"I want you all to cum on me." It felt so liberating to say it out loud. And it made her feel so naughty.

"I want you to cum on my face." She looked them in the eyes, one after the other and there was nothing but lust. She kept running her hands up and down her body while enjoying the gaze of her admirers. They were all rubbing their cocks through their pants.

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