Eva Down Under Ch. 02


"Tired, hun?" he asked, his eyes caressing her face.

"A little," she answered. "It's getting dark." She studied his face for a second. "Are you staying here?"

"Yes. Need to get some rest for the next run." His eyes wandered over the people now lounging around or swimming.

"Do you sleep in the truck?" she wanted to know.

"Yes." He looked back at her. "Haven't shown you the inside, have I? Maybe I'll show you, before dinner, if you'd like."

Eva didn't answer him, but closed her eyes instead.

"Well? Would you like?" His tone demanded that she answer his question.

Her eyes flew open, and she saw the desire he was not hiding flare out at her from the blue depths of his own.

"Yes," she said, her voice so low the answer was almost lost in the air.

"Have dinner with me?" He touched the shoulder nearest his hand, sliding a teasing finger over it, and Eva felt the shock of his passion in the faint trembling on her skin.

She nodded, holding his gaze but unable to speak. She watched him bend his head, and felt the fleeting touch of his warm lips on her shoulder. She closed her eyes again...it was too much, this desire she had, this need to know him, to be with him, to have him.

"Oh and, wear something loose, easy to remove, hun," he whispered in her ear.

She reddened, as sexual thoughts pounded through her brain.

"Ah...ok," she stammered.

"Come on, let's go. It's getting over populated here!" he said, hopping lithely out of the pool.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"Well, now's a good opportunity to have a good look at my living space, don't you think?"

"Oh ok," she answered, as she stood, wrapping her towel about her.

They walked back to the truck, and he unlocked it and helped her up into the cab, coming up behind her, leaving a kiss on the top of her exposed thigh. He pointed to each gauge on the dashboard, telling her what they were for. Then the overhead console, that housed a glove box for his logbook, the AM/FM radio, tape deck, and CB radio. On top of the dash, was a small black box, which, he explained, was a radar detector for cops. She turned around on the seat and looked in the sleeper. She saw a floor to ceiling cupboard, a bunk, and a television mounted to the wall, on a swing arm. He told her to go through, and as she did, he sat on the seat, and she saw the controls for the TV, radio and tape deck on the wall, about two feet up from the mattress.

"Lie back, hun, and tell me how comfy it is."

She lay back, and yes, it was surprisingly more comfortable than it looked. Oooh, there's just enough room for both of us, at a squeeze, she thought, blood rushing to her cheek.

"Well, don't get too comfy girl, or I just may snuggle up there too!" he laughed at her.

His cock was stirring at the sight of her, lying there in just her bathers, every line, every contour of her body showing, even those delicate little folds between her legs. She watched him looking at her, and blushed, realizing the costume hid nothing, especially her fully erect nipples. How she wished he'd come and join her. A dampness began between her thighs.

"Come on, hun, let's go eat. I'm hungry!" he said, moving in the seat.

As he stood up, the bulge in his pants showed, and she thought, yes, but hungry for what? She scrambled out of the truck, and they went to the main building, where he suggested she go change for dinner. After dinner, they walked down to the river, where the rapids were, and looked about, and he pointed out the fruit bats, a kangaroo on the other side having a drink, and told her they have kayaking down through there. Then he walked her downstream, to a large pool, with a small waterfall dropping leisurely into it, and there were people still swimming there, in the late light of sunset.

Some years earlier, the premises had been used to make a movie, called "We of the Never Never", about the harsh life lived in that region. It was based on a book written by a resident at the time. The cabins built for the set still remained, and were now a museum dedicated to that era. He took her and showed her. She was fascinated by the old pictures, showing the dress standards of the day, and reading the historical documents that were there. Everything was behind Perspex casings, to preserve them for posterity.

As they left the huts, he walked her to the bar, and bought a Jack Daniels, as well as a vodka and coke... he knew she didn't drink, but he wanted to just help her relax, as he felt she was a bit uptight for some reason. Two drinks later, he took her hand and led her down the track to that nice warm pool again.

"Now, as the screams of the bats keep all the people away, lets skinny-dip," he said, removing his clothing, and diving in.

She hesitated, then thought "What the hell!" and joined him, but with her panties on. She had put on a deep red French cut string bikini, which did not hide her belly, and she covered her breasts with her hands as she waded in, stooping as soon as the water was high enough to cover her. Alfie was lolling about lazily on the far side, watching her, an enigmatic smile on his face.

"No fair!" he said, when she was submerged.

"You've seen it all here!" He pointed to himself.

"Yes, and you've now see more than I have ever shown to any one else, male OR female!" she retorted, her eyes sparkling. "Be happy!"

He swam to her, and put his hands on her shoulders. "Oh, I am, Miss America, I am!" he said.

"Why do you call me that?" she asked, staring at him. "Especially now that you know what my body is really like under my clothes?"

"Eva," he used her name, "you're very beautiful! You're too hard on yourself!"

He drew her to him, and brushed his lips over hers, a tender touch, as though he thought she might break if he demanded more. Eva let him kiss her lips, and caress her with his hands. He slid them down her shoulders to cup the breasts she had hidden from his view, and she felt him trembling, and saw raw lust in his eyes when he looked at her. She marveled that any man could feel such strong emotions for HER, even as she reveled in the feel of his tongue on her erect nipples, and moaned for want of him.

"Tell me what you want, hun," he whispered hoarsely. "You know what I want!"

"Alfie," she said, "I don't know. I just want..."

She stopped, not sure she even knew what to say. Alfie kissed her, a real kiss this time, one that plumbed the depths of her willing mouth, taking all that she was feeling and letting her know how much he wanted it, too.

"What, baby? What do you want?" His tone was urgent, needy.

"I want you to be inside me, Alfie!" she confessed. "I want to be as close to you as I can be!"

He pulled her closer, lining her body with his, and she felt every hard line, and the throbbing length of his cock against her heated skin. He bent her backwards with the strength of his need, and kissed her throat, sliding his mouth down her neck to her chest, before returning to those waiting nipples. He sucked on them, and then pulled his mouth away to say,

"Sweetheart, there's no going back now! If you let me, I'm taking everything you're offering me, and then some!" He stared into her passion-filled eyes. "Are your sure?"

He saw his answer in the way she stared at his mouth, and felt it in the way she pushed her belly against his erection, before she sighed "Yes!" into his mouth.

She felt him slide his hands down to her waist, and he pulled her with him over to the rock against which they had stood - had it only been that afternoon? - and he had made her cum with his hands. He never stopped kissing her, and when they were hidden in the shadow of the rock, he whispered roughly,

"Put your legs up, baby!"

When she put one up, he held the other in his hand, and he said, "Put me where you want me, baby! I'm all yours!"

Eva heard his heated command through a haze of passion, and she reached for his hard rod and guided him to the place that throbbed and ached for him.

"Hold me, baby!" he said. "I won't let you go!"

Eva put her arms around his neck, and he kissed her deeply, slowly, making her gush...and then, with one hard thrust, he was inside. He filled her up...oh God, he filled her up! She could not think, and when he began to move inside her, her eyes rolled back in her head at the pleasure he gave her.

"Alfie!" she cried out hoarsely, and he swallowed her cries in his kisses.

Eva had never felt like this before. Her whole body was aflame, as though he had set a match to her. And in that secret place, where he made love to her, the warmth of her desire pooled, welled up, and overflowed, scalding her in wave after wave of heat. She felt Alfie pumping into her, making the pleasure peak inside her, and she cried out again as he took her over the edge one more time.

"Oh fuck!" he exclaimed harshly, and she could feel him throbbing, pulsing inside her, and he trembled around her as he came.

She held him with the muscles in her cunt, squeezing him, milking him, making him cum over and over, until they were both spent. She felt him lower them both into the warm water, and position her so she straddled him, but her feet were resting on the bottom.

"Baby!" he said, his voice cracked with feeling. "I..." he stopped, and kissed her instead, and she gave herself up to his kisses, loving the way she felt, the way he made her feel. She never wanted to stop feeling that way...

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