Eva Steele 01


(FutaWriter here - Sorry for the absence in all honesty I was just feeling lazy. I'm going on a trip to France for the next month and a bit so I and Tara Quinn will be taking a break. The next Quinn story will be a big one. *wink* Take this pretty short short story to tide you over. It's in another universe, but let's say they're in the same multiverse. (Just in case I want to tie the two together). Enjoy! This story's got a relatively large cock in it.)


Eva Steele woke up, groggy.

Oh god, she thought. What happened to me? I feel like I was hit by a bus. Was I? No, that can't be right. It has to be something else. What the fuck is causing this?

Eva felt a general soreness throughout her body, but there was a specifically greater pain in her crotch, accompanied with a sticky feeling.

Jesus, that hurts.

After much more internal dialogue and effort she opened her eyes and stared up at the ceiling of what she assumed to be a hospital. It had bright white tiles with hastily glued on posters of smiling dogs. They didn't seem to help Eva at all, but at least the hospital made the effort.

God, this pain is killing me. What the fuck is it?

Eva looked down at the bottom of her body and couldn't believe her emerald green eyes. The sheets in the hospital bed just below her stomach were tented up higher than her arm was long. In fact, whatever was causing the tenting had used up most of her sheets, leaving her body uncovered. Eva was by no means fat, but she wasn't extremely ripped either. She had a small layer of fat around her entire body that made her very squishy to the touch and to the eye. This accentuated her curves, which included tits that were relatively large and fluffy for her short 5' 4" body. In fact, Eva could've sworn that the mounds on her chest had gotten bigger since the last time she saw them. They were topped by soft nipples and areolae that covered the tops of the tits.

Trembling with a mix of fear and anticipation, Eva brushed her brown, silky hair away from her eyes and kicked off the sheets, coming face to face with a gigantic, throbbing vein covered cock that was pumping out thick white cum. The thing was hairless and Eva didn't want to begin to fathom its length. With that vision, she fainted.


Eva woke up in the same room to the face of a smiling doctor.

"I'm Doctor Goodman", the face said. But you can call me John."

Eva saw that the face had a friendly eyes and a friendlier smile. It showed signs of aging and of poor food choices. It was a face attached to someone Eva could trust.

"OK, John. Explain the giant fucking cock that magically appeared! I don't exactly recall asking for it! Although to be fair, I don't remember much, but still. I want to know!"

"The foul language is not necessary, friend, and your memory will return in a bit with patience."
Normally when strangers called Eva "friend" she got worried but this doctor put her at ease. She felt no more threatened by John than she did a barking puppy.

"Your new genitalia should be easy enough for me to answer. I was, in fact, the one that gave them to you," John continued. "My team and I found a sample of semen - from where it came I cannot tell you, I'm afraid - that was both very similar yet very different to that of men's. After studying the semen, more specifically the sperm, we found two key differences: the sperm was much more potent than normal sperm, and according to the cells' DNA, they came from a woman. Wanting to know more, we put up signs across UCLA asking for female volunteers willing to perform scientific experiments, if you will, for monetary compensation."

That was a lot to take in for Eva.

"So you're telling me that you injected me with sperm from God-knows-where and I grew a cock - er, penis, sorry - that won't stop spewing semen?"

"Well, that's a rather crass way of putting it, but yes. I want to walk you somewhere, make sure that you're fully functioning. First, though, I need you to put on this. It'll make sure there's no spillage."

John smiled warmly and pulled out an oversized condom.

"I just don't want to give the custodial staff more work than they already have. They're nice people."

Eva smiled and got up, cum streaming out of her cockhead and sticking to her shaft with only some splattering to the floor. She looked down and saw that she wasn't wearing anything. With each step, her larger-than-life tits swayed back and forth and her pillowy ass jiggled. Eva took the condom from the doctor and began unwrapping it, pulling it down her throbbing cock until it reached its max length of about halfway down her cock.

"Sorry doc, it won't budge anymore."

"That's fine, that's fine," John continued. The two began to walk, with Eva following the doctor. "While we walk, I'd like to explain some things. Now, you've been out for exactly two weeks today! And don't worry, I've cleared everything with the university. Everything. So, if you haven't noticed, you've got a large erection. I am warning you now, it will not go away and neither will the stream of ejaculate. It's nothing like a priapism, though. It'll never hurt you and you won't have any negative side effects.
He continued. "Your penis will grow longer and longer, and your testicles larger, the longer you wait without ejaculation. The longer the wait, the larger the growth. I swear, before we, uh, took care of things, your penis was as least as tall as some of the shorter nurses! Speaking of the nurses, one of them graciously volunteered to help lower your erection. She'll be helping with our tests shortly.

The pair entered a door marked "Physical Laboratory". The doctor opened the door, saying that he'd leave the two ladies to it. Eva didn't know what he meant until she entered the room. Upon seeing what inside, Eva felt a sinking sensation within her stomach, not of disappointment but of pure lust. Her heartbeat seemed to increase tenfold as her dick grew ever longer, almost reaching two and a half feet. She felt her conscious mind take a backseat as her lust took over. Eva could not control what was happening as she ripped off the oversized condom and pounced towards the woman in the lab, dick spraying cum in every direction.

The woman in the laboratory, Dakota Johnson, another doctor, was beautiful by anyone's standards. She very well could have been a high quality pornstar but instead chose to work in Doctor Goodman's experimental genetics division. She stood at about 5' 7" with washboard abs and perky yet very large tits. She had the perfectly shaped ass, it being a perfect, jiggly bubble yet somehow managing to be firm at the same time. Her face, adorned by strawberry blond hair was smooth in all the right places, with crystal blue eyes that portrayed intelligence and seductiveness. Too top it all off, she was sitting naked on a chair in the middle of the lab with her legs spread, as if taunting her futa patient.

Eva's jump towards Dakota reached its conclusion with her cock burying itself all the way up the doctor's tight pussy, creating a clear outline in stomach and chest, and already filling up the poor woman with cum.

"Whoah whoah whoah," the woman said. "Not so fast, miss. We need to perform some tests before the fun stuff can begin." Johnson suppressed momentary surprise as she uttered the words, mustering the closest to a yell she could manage in her compromised state as the lusty futa rammed her monster cock in and out of her hole. Dakota managed to get out of the chair and push Eva to the ground, freeing her from the greedy dick. She went over to her desk and grabbed a lab coat to cover up and hopefully calm down the other woman.

Dakota watched triumphantly as awareness returned to the futa.

"Holy shit, I'm sorry," Eva said. "I couldn't control myself, I just lunged towards you, and you were naked, and holy shit..."

"It's fine," the doctor said. "That was actually a test. We needed to see how long you could control yourself in front of a naked woman before losing control. You lasted about one and a half seconds, which is much longer than expected."
"But I'm straight. I like guys, like Todd and Brent..." Try as she might, Eva couldn't even get slightly aroused at the men that had previously occupied her thoughts during her regular masturbation sessions.

"No you don't, not anymore. I can promise you that the only holes that cock will fill will be on another woman. Now, before we can truly begin, I need you to cum into this graduated cylinder. I know you constantly cum, but if you focus while jacking off, you can increase the pressure of your flow."

Eva wrapped her fingers around the base of the cock, using preexisting cum as lube. Although her fingers couldn't wrap around the entire shaft, she stroked up and down, cumming into the glass cylinder. Each stroke felt like the best fuckings she'd ever received prior, and she had had some good ones. It sent wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure as she quickly overflowed the container and splashed her cum onto the floor.

"Alright, settle down, that'll do," said the doctor, discretely taking her hand out from under her coat where she had been not so discretely rubbing her clit to the display. I'll send this sample to Testing later. For now, the main event. I've been sucking you off since the procedure to keep your raging erection at bay." She walked up to Eva and traced a finger down the shaft of the dong. "That isn't doing it for me. I need you inside of me." Dakota Johnson ripped off her lab coat, making eye contact with Eva. "Now."

Eva didn't have to be asked twice as animalistic lust took over once again. She pushed Dakota onto the floor and lifted her legs up. She kneeled in front of the woman's pussy and asshole, cock dripping onto her crotch. Eva contemplated some things in her head, then pressed her hot cockhead onto the taller woman's asshole.

"Oh god," Dakota muttered as Eva thrusted her gargantuan cock all the way inside of her, past her stomach, and up against her throat. Dakota could hardly breath as the cock was pushed in and out, with some of the jizz spilling out of her mouth and onto her tits. Cum was spilling everywhere, with some even getting to corners of the room Dakota thought impossible to reach. Eva bent over, placing her huge tits over the bulge in Dakota's stomach. Each thrust both filled the woman up with cum and gave Eva the best titjob she had ever received.

This, however, did not last long. Dakota's stomach quickly ballooned out with cum, quickly reaching the size of a pregnant woman, then the size of a yoga ball. Eva could feel her strength failing, so she mustered one last huge spurt of cum that filled up every crevasse in Dakota's body, eventually spewing out of her mouth like a cum-filled Old Faithful. Eva pulled out and laid, panting, on top of the soft, cum-filled body of the doctor.

"Oh sweet Jesus," they both said in unison.

"Even when you get discharged," Dakota began. I want to see you again. I'll see to it Doctor Goodman gives me your address." With that final act, the pair fell asleep.

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