Eva's Eyes

byBlue Sailor©

My hands are cuffed to something fixed above my head; I am wearing nothing but a snug collar around my neck. I can not see through the blindfold but can tell that I am not alone in the room. I sense whispering and movement around me. Every so often I feel a light touch on my cock, ass, or pecs. One touch traces the cleft in my butt, sending tingles through me skin. it feels strange and extra sensitive. I am disoriented and struggle to think where I am and how I got here.

It came to me like a hazy dream. Earlier that evening . . .

I was with Anna. We were on our first date. I met her at a coffee shop and thought she looked pretty so I gathered some courage and asked her out to dinner and maybe dancing. She said yes which began this evening

I had picked her up in her downtown Marina district apartment. I rang her bell and she came down. I recognized her immediately but was taken back by how she looked made up compared to her look at the coffee shop. She wore a snug yet conservative black dress. I could tell she had a fit petit figure and well formed legs. Her blond hair was free from the ball cap I had previously seen her in and was cut in a short bob with gentle curls. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek in greeting and exclaimed that she was ready to go.

We went to Russian Hill to an upscale Mediterranean restaurant. I used a valet service knowing that I would not be able to find parking. We got out of the car and Anna tossed a shawl over her bare shoulders to ward off the cities chill. I held the door for her and followed her in, sneaking an adolescent glance at her rear. I looked up from my revelries only to be struck dumb by a vision pure stunning beauty standing at the hostess table.

A tall dark goddess in a plunging black dress greeted us and asked for our reservations. Her figure was well curved and her breasts seemed to be suspended by themselves inside her loosely fitted silk dress. I stammered out my name as I was captured by her deep green eyes framed in an elegant face. Her long curled hair descended down past her shoulders giving her a slightly wild look. She must have been six feet tall as her heels put her just below my six foot four height. She introduced herself as Eva and smiled knowingly at me. I found myself staring deep into her eyes unable to break the gaze.

Anna poked me in the side and good naturedly said, "Cat got your tongue?"

I was busted and knew it. There was just something hypnotic in Eva's look . . .

The restaurant was very private and elegant. Each booth seemed to be in its own little pool of light, making the conversation very intimate. The dinner was excellent and the conversation electric. Anna was a spunky and full of energy. We talked about work, play, our families, life in San Francisco… The time flew by and we were onto desert before I knew it. I saw Eva frequently as she moved among her guests.

After our entrées were removed, she walked up to our table and I got another view of her shapely figure swaying enticingly on her approach.

"Did you like the dinner?" she asked. Anna and I both agreed it was excellent. She waved our waiter over and ordered three ports and sat down. We talked for awhile and found out that this was actually Eva's restaurant. She had just opened it after being the head chef at some New York restaurants and she was originally from Mykonos but was actually only half Greek, her mother was Gypsy. She asked what we were doing next and we mentioned that we were headed down the next block to do some dancing.

As she was leaving she turned back and caught us in the same unbreakable gaze she greeted me in. "I am hosting a party tonight after we close, to celebrate the success of the restaurant. I would love it if you come. It starts at 11 if you wish to go dancing and come later." She handed me a card with an address and time on it. We agreed to consider it.

"Don't be too late if you are coming, I would hate for you to miss anything." Then she stood up and strode on to another table, her height accentuated by the long open back of her dress. Anna and I looked at each other and agreed we would think about it.

We grabbed her shawl and then went to the dance club. Anna was a bundle of perpetual motion on the dance floor. She could shake and move to the music. Men watched us with envy, wishing they could be dancing with this little Scandinavian dynamo. There were only a couple of slow songs, but she did not shy away from some close touching and I believed I was excited by the future prospects. An hour passed and I felt, no sensed, we should be leaving. Anna mentioned the hostess's party also. We did not necessarily agree we were going but walked out the door and hailed a cab, giving the address on Eva's card.

The address was to a gated house on Telegraph Hill. We pushed the buzzer and the door was opened. We walked through a small Japanese garden lit by paper lanterns. The door opened and we were greeted by Eva. She had changed. Now she was wearing a form fit white blouse and leather miniskirt. Her legs went on and on until they reached knee high leather boots that led to spiked heals. She welcomed us and led us inside. There was no immediate evidence of a party as we entered the foyer. When the door was fully shut she turned to us again. It was the third time I was captured by her green eyes and this time I felt myself surrender something to her. Her gaze was deep and mesmerizing my willpower slipped from me as she seemed to give me an unspoken command to wait and do nothing. This was when my dreamlike state began. I felt removed from my body, an observer.

I watched her turn to Anna and look at her the same way. Anna seemed to back up a little but Eva pursued her. After a moment Eva said, "often my gaze does not work on women, but men are powerless to it." Anna just stared back.

"I have hypnotized him would be one way of putting it." Eva said, "he will not resist now. He will be taken away to be prepared for the event."

She said that Anna had a role also and that she could either fight it or go easily. Anna called my name but I did nothing except watch her. A man and three women in cotton kimonos appeared from a side door. Two of the women took my arms and led me out as I saw Anna make a move for the door. The man and the other woman held Anna and led her forcibly to another door.

I wanted to fight but somehow could not. I could think and hear but my body was not my own. The two women led me to a room that was a tiled bathhouse. They removed my clothes and neatly folded them. I was led to a large stone slab; my mind was registering what was happening but all my motor functions seemed to be subservient to the will of these two women. From another room I heard two slapping sounds and cries from a woman who could have been Anna. Again I proceeded in my dreamlike state to lie on the stone slab.

The women hung their kimonos on pegs on the wall underneath they wore some sort of loin cloth. They picked up buckets and sponges. They were young with pert breasts and taught abdomens. They did not speak nor did I feel capable of speech.

I was lathered and rinsed from head to foot by these little nymphs. At several points I heard cries or moans from the other room but my body was obedient to my wardens and I could not alter the path I was on, even to rescue what I believed to be my abused date.

When I was completely rinsed, one of the women fetched a straight edged razor and the other mixed up a sort of lather that they spread on my face which they shaved. They did not stop there but proceeded to my chest, legs, and then pubic area. I watched detached as these women even coated my privates in cream and then stretched out my scrotum to shave that. Even in my state, I felt the fear of the cold steal sliding along my most sensitive spots. But I could not even flinch. My cock grew swollen as one of the women handled it to keep it out of the way of the razor. I was rinsed again and could see that my front was completely bald. Four gentle hands then rolled me over and began shaving my back. I though they were finished when one of the women spread my buttocks and the other lathered all the way to my anus. Again, I felt the cold razor deftly pass over tender flesh. My body tingled with the sensation of being hairless.

I was led off the slab to a tiled stall with my back facing out. My feet were separated and my hands placed against the tile in front of me. I felt my butt cheeks spread again. A tube was worked into my ass and a part of my mind screamed to stop this violation. When the tube was worked well into my rectum, I felt a rush of warm oily liquid pour through it. They were giving me an enema and I was just standing there helpless as my bowels were flooded. I tried to hold it in but when the tube was pulled out I lost my control and discharged the liquid onto the floor.

I was then taken to a large cedar hot tub and directed into it. Again I did not resist despite the high temperature of the water. I was left alone and sensed that I was not to leave. I was allowed to soak for sometime and did not hear anything more from the other rooms. The women reappeared by the time I was getting pink from the heat. I was taken out and toweled off. They led me to another part of the room where I was directed to stand with my feet spread and arms at my side. One in front and one in back, they began to spread vanilla scented oil on my body. Soft hands covered my shoulders, back, chest and stomach messaging as they went. The women moved in rhythm with each other and I could sense the effect they were having on my body. Again I swelled. The woman in front got down to my groin and began working the oil into my sack and then my cock. She took extra time there stroking me until I was a solid rod. My desire to respond further was somehow checked. I watched this nubile body clothed only in a slip of fabric wanting desperately to rip it way and spread her wide on the tile. But somehow I had to watch detached as she stroked by solid cock.

The woman behind got down to my ass and began messaging my cheeks. Then she spread the cheeks and began messaging my anus with two fingers. It was an exquisite sensation as she moved in a circle as spreading the oil onto every exposed surface. Then she proceeded down one leg while her partner did the other.

When they were finished, I was shiny with oil. It was all over my cock and slid between my ass cheeks. I was still rigid. The newly shaven surfaces of my body tingled. I was led to a door where they knocked. Eva opened it and looked me up and down nodding approvingly, even taking extra time to look over my hard rod which was arcing up along my belly. She had a wide leather collar in her hand which she fastened around my neck. It had a D-ring in front and fit snuggly but not uncomfortably. My wrists were then cuffed together in front.

She turned around and walked back down a hall. I sensed I was to follow her. She led me into a dim room with furniture around the walls. In the center were two long chains dangling from the ceiling. I was taken to one Eva clipped one of the chains to my wrist cuffs and from somewhere it was raised until my arms were above my head and my bare oiled body was left immobile in the center of the room. Eva then placed a blindfold on my eyes. She whispered in my ear, "Welcome, now the party begins. But don't worry; I will release you shortly and you will have yourself back"

It was not there long before I heard people coming into the room. I was bound there as people moved around me with only a brief touch here and there. Otherwise, I could only imagine what was going on. Then I began to get my senses and panic set in . . .

. . . "So you're back," it is Eva's voice. "In that case, maybe you want to watch this." She removes my blindfold and I can see the room I remembered entering in my dreamstate. Only the center is bathed in a low light and I can only see shadows of people in the periphery. I watch a door opening at the far side. Anna walks in.

She is between the man and woman who had taken her away when we entered this house. She is completely naked except for a wide leather collar that covers most of her throat and a pair of high heeled shoes with straps that wind up her calf. I watch mesmerized as she walks towards the center of the room. Her body is as taught and muscular as I imagined. Her legs, though short, are firm and lead to a perfect ass. Her abdomen actually shows rippled muscles and her breasts stick out perfectly. Her skin glistens with an ample coating of oil. As she gets closer, I see that the area around her nipples is red and looks sore.

Our eyes meet and she just looks at me. I do not know what to do. I have my mental and physical facilities back but am bound and I am in a room of strangers. I wait to see what Anna does. Eva hands her a length of leather with a clip and then whispers in Anna's ear. Anna walks past me. A few seconds later there is a murmur in the room. I see a man leading Anna back to the center of the room with the leather strap used as a leash. I am not sure what is going to happen, but I am not sure I will like it. He is in a black robe but I can tell he is broad and strong. He parades Anna around the center of the room. She follows without questioning. Two of the women attendants come forward and help remove the man's robe. He truly is built with broad shoulders and rippling muscles. His legs look like tree trunks and his biceps bulge with each movement.

One of the women kneels before him and grabs his flaccid penis. I watch dumbfounded as she puts it into her mouth and begins to suck hard on it. It begins to grow as the woman has to adjust her angle to the increasing rigidity. Soon she has to use her hands to pump the part of his cock she cannot swallow.

The other woman leads Anna to a mat in on the floor and guides her to her hands and knees beside the woman sucking cock. It is then that I notice welts on Anna's bottom and inner thighs. The woman produces what looks like a basting bulb and sticks it in Anna's ass. She squeals with surprise as the end is placed in her ass and a lubricant is squirted into her. When the man is good and hard the woman working on him pulls out her own lubricant and spreads it on his bulbous cock.

I want to stop this but Anna moves around so that her ass is facing the man. He kneels behind her as one of the women spreads Anna's ass cheeks. I am dumfounded when Anna speaks. She doesn't protest or say no. Rather in a very meek voice says, "gently . . . gently please".

Their bodies are a contrast, though equally strong and fit. The man has rippling taught muscles with bulging veins. His cock juts out like an angry purple spike and his skin is dark and tanned. Anna is tiny in comparison with delicate white skin.

The murmuring in the room increases as he places his mushroomed head against her ass and pushes. Gently at first, but when it does not go in, he grabs Anna's tinny apple shaped hips and pulls them back into him. She winces and cries out, pain registers in her face.

I try to move and struggle against my restraints. Eva moves up beside me and grabs my cock. She whispers to me to calm down as she begins to pump me. "She is not under any of my spells and is doing this freely." I can't believe this. Anna was this sweet little blond girl I met in a coffee shop. Now I am watching her be impaled in the ass in front of a room of strangers.

She cries out twice more before the man achieves penetration. I can't see clearly but I imagine that purple mushroom head of his popping past her sphincter and stretching her painfully. She is pushed forward to her elbows and her knees slip farther apart. She lets out a whimper but does not ask to stop. Rather she repeats, "gently." The man is only half way in. One of the women pours oil down Anna's butt crack where it coats her anus entrance and the cock violating it, like lubricating a piston. The man starts to pump her. She moans each time he digs deeper. Sometimes he goes too far and she cries out in agony. In short order he has fit his whole cock into her ass and is slowly pushing in and out. She struggles to get to her hands and knees again but the man is practically on top of her pushing her down with his massive bulk. I watch in fascination as Eva keeps pumping my cock until it is rigid and inflamed.

She leaves my cock and walks behind me reappearing with a dildo. It is long with a sort of knob at the base. She gives a signal to the man and he backs up a bit pulling Anna upright on her knees. Anna has a pained look in her eyes, tears streak her face and beads of sweat shine across her oiled chest. His cock is still buried in her as they are front to back. And the pumping does not stop. Every time he bottoms out, Anna gives a little wince and moan. The room has gone utterly silent as the voyeurs watch from the shadows.

Eva dials a something at the base of the dildo and a whirring sound is heard. It must be a vibrator. She holds the end up to Anna's mouth. Anna shuts her mouth refusing to take the dildo. She glares at Eva and I notice that Anna meets the man's thrusts with her own despite the obvious pain it is giving her.

Eva, not being deterred slowly moves the vibrator down to Anna's chest and teases her breast and nipples. Eva now moves it across Anna's undulating torso and down to her clit. It barely touches her nub when Anna shutters like it being hit with an electric shock. "You like that," Eva says. Anna tries to recover her glare but only nods instead. Eva returns the buzzing tip to Anna's clit. She convulses again and closes her eyes. The man grabs Anna's taught breasts and pulls her back to his chest. At this moment, Eva reverses the dildo and starts sliding it into Anna's pussy. Anna's eyes flash wide open and she breaths heavily almost hyperventilating but makes no move to stop the double penetration. Anna's pussy shines wetly and she eagerly endures the pain to get more of that buzzing dildo. Soon it is all the way up to the knob which neatly rests over Anna's clit.

Sweat pours from Anna as she rocks back against the cock in her ass and Eva pumps the dildo into her with their rhythm. Anna looks at me for the first time since her violation began and actually smirks when she sees my raging erection and my bound condition. She only breaks eye contact when a mighty orgasm builds up in her. She closes her eyes again and you can see it coming to the surface. Her thrusts become more desperate and the man tries hard to meet them.

When the first wave hits her she lets out a keening cry of pain and pleasure. Then a long Ahhahhhahh that rises and falls with her pleasure. Soon she is pulling hard on her own nipples to milk the last of the orgasm out of her body. At this time the man looses his orgasm and grinds his cock deep in Anna's pretty little ass. When it is over she collapses forward. The man pulls his cock out leaving a stream of cum behind. Anna's ass looks red and sore. Eva gently removes the vibrator eliciting a faint whimper of loss from Anna. She splays herself on the mat as she recovers from her ordeal.

One of the women comes forward with a damp towel and proceeds to cleanse Anna, first wiping the sweat from her face and chest and then the cum from her ass and pussy. She lies nearly inert. Eva then approaches and offers her hands to Anna and pulls her to her feet. Eva leans down and kisses Anna deeply. Their bodies briefly mesh, the slighter, fair Anna up against Eva's dark, Amazon figure.

The man and woman who were attending to Anna take her arms and cuff her to the other chain hanging from the ceiling. Her lovely body stretched and displayed for all. Eva gave her one more long kiss and then removed the leash. Eva turned and walked straight towards me. Hips swinging and eyes blazing. She clipped the leash to my collar. I felt someone release my arms from the overhead chain but they were still bound together at the wrist. Eva led me to the center of the floor and tugged down on the leash, signaling me to kneel. I did it not knowing what else to do.

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