tagAnalEva's Fears Are Unfounded

Eva's Fears Are Unfounded



Eva woke up Saturday morning in a strange bed and as she stretched her lovely body the bed sheet slipped off revealing her nakedness. Her pussy still tingled from the incredible sex of that morning and the night before. She still felt a little constipated which was understandable as her lover had dumped a huge load in her rectum. Eva had had anal sex before but no one had ever cum that much in her. As she recalled the previous night her hands covered her 34B breasts and she let her hardening nipples slip between her fingers.

Eva had let down her guard last night and she had slept with the company stud. For several years she had avoided him as he had the reputation for bedding all the company women married or single. If only he had not grabbed her ass after they played tennis. Her ass was very alluring, very sensitive and often got her in trouble. It had happened so fast. First they played tennis at her club then they stopped for drinks and later ended up in his condo.

Walt was not there when Eva woke up but she was in no hurry to get out of bed. He had fucked her early that morning until she couldn't cum anymore. She couldn't recall if she had ever had so many orgasms in her life. He had not cum but he also did not seem concerned about it. Eva then heard the door open and close. Wherever he had gone earlier that morning, he was back.

Walt walked into his bedroom and smiled at the lovely naked Eva. "I brought us some lattes and pastries but first I need to have you," he announced as she stripped naked.

"Walt my pussy is really tender, please be gentle," Eva pleaded.

"Not to worry doll, it's your sweet ass that I want again," he replied.

Eve let herself be rolled over onto all fours. She placed her head on the bed and turned her face toward the side. She watched in the mirror over his dresser as he prepared her ass for his impressive cock. Walt pushed on her lower back gently as he raised her hips accentuating the shape of her gorgeous ass. He took his time lubricating her as he loved playing with her bottom. Eva felt his fingers leave her anus and she knew what was next. He moved closer and eased his stiff dick into her ass and fucked her slowly. It seemed like hours before he came in her bottom but when he did he flooded her rectum. Eva could feel his cock pulsate as it released several forceful jets of semen into her bowels.

Walt remained in her until his cock softened and slipped from her ass. She felt cum leave her asshole and trickle over her buttocks. Walt patted her playfully on her bottom and then said, "Let's grab a shower and then we'll have something to eat."


Eva worked at the company headquarters located in New Jersey. The office was closer to the Philadelphia airport than any New Jersey airport and it was about a 30 minute drive from the Jersey Shore. The company was a small privately held computer software company that had been successful on the east coast in the early to mid 1970's. Much of that success was attributed to Walt's salesmanship. He was an excellent closer and often beat the stiffer competition.

Eva was an attractive young woman at 25 years of age. She had short brown curly hair, a 34-24-35 figure and she was very fit from all her hours of tennis. At 5'5" she had medium size breasts with muscular shapely legs and a curvy ass. She was an avid tennis player which kept her legs and bottom firm. She was single and dated several guys but no one seriously. She did not date guys from the office and she had avoided Walt due to his reputation.

Walt was an impressive young man at the age of 28 years old. In four years he had closed about half of the company's business and he was very prosperous. Walt liked his vacations and toys. He played tennis, scuba dived, and snow skied and took martial arts classes. He stayed in great physical shape and at 6'2" and 190 pounds he looked great in a bathing suit or naked. He had light brown hair and piercing hazel eyes. Every girl in the office went gaga over him.

The company had decided that it was time to expand their business to the western U.S. and the Board felt that Walt was the one for the job. So the company formed two regions, East and West and Walt became the Western Region Sales Manager. In 1975 Walt moved to the Chicago suburbs and purchased a condo near O'Hare airport. He also opened up an office near O'Hare as well. He could be at the airport in ten minutes either from the office or his condo. He retained his condo in New Jersey as well.

The first year was unbelievably busy as he opened up offices in Dallas, San Francisco and Denver. He hired a sales staff, some technical support and called on customers at the same time. That year he didn't take any vacations and he worked his ass off building the foundation for the western region. At the fiscal year end, he returned to New Jersey for the annual sales meeting where he received a substantial bonus for his efforts and many accolades from the company officers.

Walt liked the western region and he continued building it and growing company business. He would take extended business trips in the winter months to Denver and ski for several days in the Rockies. He would take hops from Dallas and scuba dive in Mexico or Central America. He was a wine connoisseur and he frequently visited California wine country. Business grew exponentially in the western region and the company was pleased. He would return to New Jersey each quarter for one week and give a report to senior management.

There was no shortage of women in Walt's life. He had affairs with women in the corporate office who looked forward to his return to New Jersey. He had also bedded many women from client sites but he was always discreet. In his recreational travels he had no trouble picking up women but he was always selective. He never spoke about his affairs or conquests but he learned that some of the women bragged about seducing him, which is how his reputation started. There were two women in the corporate office that he had slept with once but never again after they bragged about it.


Now as Eva ate the pastry and sipped on the latte that Walt had brought back to his condo, she contemplated what to do next. Walt sensing her nervousness spoke first, "I'm meeting some friends at the shore to go water skiing and then hangout on the beach. Would you like to join me?"

There it was the out she was looking for; she could simply say no and leave. She could say she had some things to do that day and ask Walt to take her home. However she didn't say no. "That sounds like fun. I will need to stop at home and get my bathing suit," Eva accepted.

"Not a problem, wear a bikini if you have one. You have a great figure," he told her.

Eva did have a bikini, in fact she had several and she would definitely wear one. They finished breakfast and Walt drove her to her apartment where she changed into her bikini and wore it under her shorts and halter top. She packed a small bag and they were on their way to the beach. On the way Walt explained that they would be meeting his friends Mitch and Gary and their dates. Thirty minutes later they were walking down the marina toward Mitch's boat.

When they approached the boat Eva saw the two blondes with Mitch and Gary. Walt introduced Eva to Mitch and Gary and they in turn introduced their dates Gail and Sharron. Eva noticed right away the looks on the girl's faces when they met Walt. Mitch then said, "Let's get under way."

He steered the boat out of the Marina and into an inlet where they would spend several hours waterskiing. They had a blast and the guys were all good skiers. Eva marveled at the way they cut back and forth and jumped over the wake caused by the boat. The girls on the other hand just stayed up and skied behind the boat. Hours later the boat was back in the Marina and they stayed on it having sandwiches and beers. No one drank while they were on the water.

After eating they headed for the beach where they would sun and swim the rest of the day. Eva noticed the blondes flirting with Walt and she smiled because he just ignored them. The girls both had nice bodies and wore skimpy bikinis but Eva was sure Walt had seen it all in women. After a day on the beach they went to a local bar with great hamburgers and had burgers and drinks. The two blondes were getting obnoxious and obvious about their interest in Walt. That's when Walt decided it was time to leave. He thanked Mitch and Gary for a great day and then he and Eva left the bar.

Once in the car Walt said, "I can't stand bitches like that. They're supposed to be with Mitch and Gary and they're coming on to me. I'm not going to fuckup some good friendships over a couple of journeymen bitches."

Eva had never seen Walt that upset. "I think that you were great the way you handled them. It was embarrassing to watch their behavior," Eva offered.

"Thanks, well at least we had a good time the rest of the day," Walt laughed.

"I had a great time, thanks for inviting me," Eva replied as he snuggled up to Walt in the car.

They drove back to Walt's place and although it was a short 30 minute drive, Eva fell asleep in the car. There was never any doubt in Walt's mind that Eva was coming back to his place and once they were there Eva did not object. They entered Walt's condo and went right to his bedroom. The fresh air, sun and alcohol had gotten to Eva and she was dead tired. Walt recognizing this put her in his bed and took off her shorts, top and bikini. She was naked when he joined her in bed and she felt his naked body next to hers. He rolled her to her left side and moved close to her in a spoon position.

Eva felt his rigid cock brush against her buttocks and she knew that she was going to be fucked again. His finger touched her anus and she felt the lubrication as the digit entered her. He worked one finger and then added a second in her bottom preparing her for his 7+" cock. Eva tensed briefly when she felt his rod enter her and then she relaxed. He was so patient and so gentle that she loved having him in her ass. His left arm slipped under her and his left hand held her firm breast and tweaked her stiff nipple. His right hand found her pussy and his fingers located her g-spot as his thumb diddled her clit.

Eva was overcome with lust at that point as his cock throbbed in her ass while he worked over her pussy and played with her nipples. She seemed to have a continuous string of orgasms and then a massive climax when he ejaculated into her rectum. Eva felt his cock throb and pulsate as it fired streams of semen into her bowels. She had never felt so full of cum and it her rectum was plugged with his cock. Walt stopped moving in her and allowed his cock to soften and slip out of her nether hole. Eva felt the wet penis glide over her buttock and then she felt cum ooze out of her and trickle over her bottom.

She had never felt so erotic and naughty at the same time. She held his arms tight to her body and they remained still for several moments. The last thing that Eva remembered was holding onto him with his wet soft cock pressing against her bottom. They both slept soundly in the same spoon position until morning.


Eva was awakened with a tingling between her legs. As she slowly woke up and came to her senses, she realized that Walt was between her legs eating her pussy. His tongue probed her vagina and he gently nibbled her clit. Eva was close to another orgasm and she was surprised how quickly it had come on. Walt sensing this moved up between her legs and slipped his morning erection into her womb and Eva gasped as his cock penetrated her. He next rocked back on his heels so that she could watch the penetration. His cock slid in and out over her clit and Eva went wild. She had never been fucked like this so that she could watch a cock slide in and out of her pussy.

Once again she had a string of mild orgasms leading up to her crescendo. Walt was relentless as he drilled her and remained in constant contact with her clit. She screamed when a massive orgasm rocked her and her body lifted off the bed. Her hips flailed and she held Walt tightly to her. As she slowly recovered she realized that he was still fucking her and that he had not cum. He continued to fuck her until she was sure that she would pass out if he didn't stop. Eva then pleaded with him to stop but he kept on and drove her to another orgasm which she didn't think was possible.

He eased his cock out of her limp lifeless body and left her in bed. He went into the bathroom and she heard him use the toilet and then the shower was turned on. Walt returned and smiled as he said, "Come on sleepy head, let's shower together."

Walt helped Eva to her feet and guided her into the shower. He washed her body thoroughly fingering her nether hole and cleansing it. His cock was rock hard and Eva took it in her hand and stroked it. Once again she was overcome with the lust of the moment, this time she dropped down and took his cock in her mouth. Walt was content to let her blow him first that morning but he had more plans for her fabulous ass as well. Walt was very turned on and it didn't take him long to cum.

Eva felt the first jolt of his ejaculation hit the back of her throat. She quickly pulled his cock from her mouth and spit out his seed. Cum splashed on her face and tits but the water washed away the semen as quickly as it landed on her. Eva was not a swallower and she did not suck his cock dry. She stroked him until he was drained of his seed and then she stood up. Walt kissed her and then he turned off the shower. They stepped out and Walt dried her first and then himself.

"Come back to the bedroom. I have a surprise for you before we have breakfast," he told her.

Walt had her lay on her back and he produced some body oil. "I am going to give you a massage this morning and we will start with the front first," he announced.

He had warmed the massage oil and he dribbled it on her breasts making sure that each droplet landed on her nipples. Eva's body shivered with wonderful sensations as the warm oil touched her sensitive nubs. He rubbed her breasts in a circular motion concentrating on her very erect nipples. As he rubbed her breasts and tweaked her nipples, Eva closed her eyes as chills ran through her body and she totally relaxed.

Walt's hands moved from her aroused tits to her flat tummy. He loved flat stomachs on women and Eva's was very firm. His hands moved from her breasts to her belly and then back again lightly pinching her nipples in the process. He continued his descent lower and lightly brushed her pubic area. He tests her pussy with his finger and finds it dripping wet. Eva flinches and then opens her eyes and smiles at him. She closes her eyes again and enjoys the caressing and teasing of her body.

As she lies on the massage bed staring at him caressing her hardened nipples she notices his impressive erection and she grasps his throbbing bulge. She feels his stiffness as she pumps him slowly. She wants to taste it again so she guides it toward her mouth. He positions himself along her face and slowly begins to fuck her mouth. She sucks his balls and licks his cock greedily as he gets harder. He moves his cock in and out of her mouth. He loves the way she swirls her tongue around his cock. With all his willpower, he pulls away as he does not want to cum in her mouth. He is saving that for her ass.

Walt turns her over onto her stomach and starts to massage her beautiful ass. Surprising her, he starts to kiss and lick her sensitive ass. He pushes her legs apart and fondles her clit with his thumb as he pushes two fingers into her pussy. Then he plunges his thick tongue deep into her hot, wet pussy. Eva moans softly and then gasps loudly when she feels his tongue touch her anus. No one had ever done that to her but now she knew why he spent so much time washing her bottom in the shower.

Spreading her butt cheeks he licks her anus while fingering her clit. Eva is moaning and groaning as she loves the anal attention. She feels like she is about to explode and she lets out a shriek of pleasure as her pussy walls clamp tightly around his fingers and an intense orgasm pulsates through her entire body. Her body trembles and shudders for what seems like minutes. With her butt in the air with her head still planted in a soft pillow, he continues licking her anus as her pussy juices dribble down and soak the bed sheets. Just when she thought he was done, she feels the warm head of his cock begin to slowly edge its way inside her eagerly awaiting asshole. As his slippery knob buries itself right up to the hilt in her ass she groans loudly and begins to fuck back at him.

She has never experienced such pleasure and she is unsure of how much more she can take. Eva feels his strong masculine hands firmly grasping her hips that are thrusting her willing ass back and forth with faster and faster movements. Without warning, Walt's ejaculation bursts from his balls firing stream after stream of hot thick cum into her tight little ass. Once again she can actually feel his cum as it rapidly fills her ass, delivering that warming sensation she has come to love, deep in her back passage.

Unable to stay on all fours, Eva collapses on the bed with Walt on top. He manages to keep his cock in her ass and slowly fucks her as her sphincter contracts around the thick shaft. Eva at first wonders if he is going to stay hard and fuck her ass again but then she feels Walt lift himself up. His cock slides out of her ass and she feels it drip cum on her buttocks. She also contracts her sphincter as if she has to poop and feels the seed ooze out of her rectum. She has never felt so wicked or so erotic as she does at that moment. Walt moves to the side of her and caresses her lovely ass and teases her by pushing his semen back in as it tries to escape.

An hour later they were cleaned up, dressed and on their way to breakfast. "You will love this French Bakery. I only go there on weekends since it is about an hour away," he told her, "I love it and I never see anyone from the office there."

Eva was relieved to hear that no one from the office would be there. She had had an incredible weekend but she wondered where things would go from there. Walt was flying out to Chicago in the morning and she wouldn't see him for at least another three months. In a way she was relieved that he wouldn't be at the corporate office on Monday as she did not know how she would have behaved.

They had a leisurely enjoyable breakfast and afterward Walt dropped Eva off at her place. They kissed goodbye and Eva hurried into her apartment. She was exhausted and she took off her clothes and went back to bed. Walt drove back to his condo and made himself a bloody mary and watched the golf tournament on TV. He was pleased with his weekend with Eva and he knew he would see her again as long as she remained discreet.


Three months later Walt was back at the home office and the weekend following he and Eva spent another fantastic days together. During that weekend, Walt asked her to vacation with him when she took her vacation. Eva had two weeks vacation and she used it as vacation days to extend the weekends. She would take Fridays and Mondays off or if it were a three day weekend she would take Tuesday off.

She went skiing with him and he taught her to ski in the Rockies. He took her scuba diving in Mexico and Central America. The two of them had a great thing going as they would spend the days doing fun things and then have incredible sex at night. He took her to some of the best restaurants wherever they were staying. Eva also continued to see him on weekends when he was back at corporate.

In spite of the time they spent together no one at the office ever found out. Their affair lasted for three years and it was the best three years of Eva's life. They dated other people when they were apart but they never discussed them with each other. Their relationship was special and they kept it going. Eva still liked the massage sessions the best as she would get so turned on and experience incredible orgasms and she loved having her rectum filled with his cum.

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