tagLoving WivesEve Gets Out of Her Depth

Eve Gets Out of Her Depth

byThe Wanderer©

I thank LadyCibelle and Techsan for their patience, proof reading, editing skills and of course encouragement


Eve Thomas smiled to herself. At last she had done it after so many false starts. In a moment, she would walk through the arrivals gate, to where her soon to be lover would be waiting for her.

It had been a long road to get here. She had met her would-be lover, Peter, when he started to use the same café for lunch about three months ago. Shelly, one of her friends, noticed him first and pointed out to Eve that she had an admirer. Eve turned to look and saw this very handsome man sitting a few tables away. He smiled at Eve. She, taken by surprise, blushed and smiled with embarrassment before turning back to her friends.

Over the next few weeks, he was there every lunchtime, always smiling. Eve felt flattered that this handsome stranger was so obviously attracted to her. Then one day as she sat at her usual table she noticed that there was a vase of flowers on it. When she asked the waitress about them, she was given a note.

My beautiful Eve, I have had to go away for a little while. I hope these flowers will remind you of me. All my love, Peter.

Eve was not sure what to make of it; she had never encouraged or even spoken to Peter but she had been flattered and had returned his smiles whenever their eyes met. Eve had been happily married for the last ten years. She had two lovely children, baby Sam who was five and Toby who was seven. She adored her loving husband, David, and had no intention of spoiling her marriage by having a liaison with anyone. However she enjoyed being flattered by this man's attentions. Quite a few of her friends in the office had had affairs and one night flings. However none of their boyfriends that she had seen had been anything like as handsome as Peter. Eve was gathering a lot of kudos from her colleagues for his attention.

Everyday for the next week as Eve's little group sat down to lunch, the waitress would bring another vase of flowers to the table and hand Eve a note. There would only be a few lines, which would say things like, I am missing seeing your beautiful eyes everyday, or Lunch times are not the same without you. Eve would smile at her friends and put the notes in her bag without letting them know the contents. All her colleagues were convinced that she was having an affair with Peter but Eve kept her own council. She was enjoying her notoriety.

Then one Monday morning a large bouquet of flowers arrived at Eve's desk with a note that simply said, Romanos, 12.30, Love, Peter. All the girls were saying that Romanos was the classiest and most expensive restaurant in the locality. None of them had ever been there. She was so lucky that Peter was taking her to lunch there and not to The Café with them. Eve was of two minds what to do now. She had never intended to get involved with Peter but he had only invited her to lunch and Eve could see no harm in that. It was an innocent lunch. She would go.

Eve had never been to such an impressive restaurant in her life. The Maitre D' escorted her to their table, where Peter was already waiting. Peter stood and, kissing the back of her hand, said, "Thank you for joining me, Eve. I know you only have an hour for lunch so I have taken the liberty of ordering for you to save time."

Eve told him that the girls had said they would cover for her if she were back late.

Eve found Peter to be a very charming person. They talked all through lunch and Peter informed her he had been in the States all last week and enthralled her with stories of the places he visited in his work. She didn't notice that he never actually said where he worked or who for. All too soon for Eve, the lunch was over and Peter said it was time for her to go back to her office before she got into trouble, and asked if she would please have lunch with him again the next day. Eve said she wasn't too sure but Peter mentioned another good restaurant that she had never been to and said that there were no strings attached. He just didn't like eating alone and liked to have a beautiful lady with whom to talk.

Eve was flattered yet again and thought to herself, 'Peter has not made a pass at her. If he continues to act the gentleman, what could be the harm in enjoying her lunch hours?'

So from there it developed. For the next few weeks Peter would take her to lunch two or three times a week at the most expensive restaurants in town. Peter never made a direct pass at her but Eve, without realising it, was slowly falling under his spell. Then one day Peter asked her if she would like to go to a concert as he had been given some tickets but had no one to go with. Eve thought she would enjoy the concert so agreed to go.

Eve really started down the road to cheating on her husband when she told him that first lie by saying she was going to the concert with a friend from work. Her husband had raised no objections saying that classical music wasn't his thing. He would drive them there if she liked but Eve said they were going to go straight from work after having a meal in The Café. Then her friend's husband would drop her home, that way they would save the cost of a baby sitter if he stayed with the children.

Eve and Peter went for a meal before the concert; Eve drank maybe just a little too much wine and had more to drink during the interval in the concert. She was quite relaxed when they came out of the theatre and the next thing she realised they were sitting in Peter's car necking. Peter's hand had found its way inside her dress and was squeezing her breast. Eve was getting carried away and was just beginning to think she wanted Peter to take her, when her cellphone rang.

Eve fished it out of her purse and saw that it was her home number. She then heard her mother's voice.

"We didn't call you earlier because David told me to let you enjoy the concert before I called. So I waited until I was sure it was finished. Your father and I are at your house looking after the baby. Toby fell off his bike and David has taken him to the hospital. We thought you would want to know. David has just called to say Toby is fine and they will be home shortly."

Eve went into a panic as she told Peter what had happened. Peter dropped her at a discreet distance from her house to ensure that no one would see her get out of his car. David arrived home shortly afterwards and carried a sleeping Toby up to his bedroom. When he came down again he told them that Toby only had a few abrasions but nothing to worry about. But things had taken a long time because some of the people in A&E had been involved in a fight. Apparently this man had caught his wife messing around with some guy and the two men got into a fight, the wife had tried to separate them and had finished up getting on the wrong end of one of their fists. The police were in A&E to make sure the two guys did not start up again.

David thought it was quite entertaining and asked, "Why would a good woman want to mess up a good marriage?"

Unfortunately Eve did not see irony of the story.

As her mother and father were preparing to leave, her mother asked, "What was the concert like Eve? And who did you go with?"

"Oh, I really enjoyed it. It's such a shame Dave's not into the classics. I went with Marie, one of the receptionists from work. Her husband doesn't like classical music either. She has been asking round the office for someone to go with her for weeks. There's another concert next week so we might go again if Dave doesn't mind?"

David did not reply to the question, suddenly announced that it had been a long day and he was going to bed. When Eve finally got to bed, David was apparently fast asleep. Eve was feeling very aroused but no matter how much she tried, she couldn't get David interested.

Poor Eve. She had enjoyed her evening and had found the music and her company very arousing. It was a shame that she had been so busy canoodling that she had failed to notice the white estate car parked by the curb when they had come out of the concert hall. She had not noticed the small child asleep on the back seat or the driver of the car watching her and Peter cuddle and kiss as they walked back to his car.

Peter and Eve had been so engrossed in each other that they had not noticed that the car had followed them slowly down the street and stopped behind them as they got into Peter's car and started to make out. They were not aware of the driver making a call on his cellphone that would shortly lead to Eve's phone ringing.

To Eve everything in the garden was roses. She had a nice weekend, she saw her husband off to golf on Saturday morning and she was a little surprised that he never kissed her goodbye. Eve hadn't noticed that he hadn't kissed her since Wednesday. He had gone to work early Thursday and Friday before she was awake.

Monday morning Eve's car would not start so David drove her to work.

It was Monday lunchtime when she met Peter. As he kissed her, she realised, besides kissing the children, that was her first kiss she'd had since she said goodnight to Peter after the concert. She mentioned the fact to Peter.

However he laughed it off by saying, "Good, I don't want you kissing your husband. You should save all your kisses for me."

When David picked her up from work that evening, he told Eve that her car would be off the road for some time because there was major work to be done on the engine. David would have to run her to work and pick her up everyday for a while.

Wednesday evening she had told David that she was going to another concert. Eve had no intention of going to the concert. Peter and Eve planned to go out for a meal then some dancing and then, well, whatever came up.

That was until lunchtime, as Eve walked into The Café to meet Peter. The first person she saw was her father. She thought how lucky she was that she noticed him right away so she went over to sit with him.

"Hi, dad, what you doing here?"

"David said you normally eat in here and he said you were going to the concert tonight. I am taking your mother along as she got so enthusiastic when you were talking about it last week. I thought we could meet you for a meal before we go and your mother and I will drop you home."

Eve's heart nearly stopped. This meant that she would have to go to the concert and she could not go there with Peter. Her parents had very old-fashioned views and if they saw her with any man other than David, all hell would break lose. They would not stand for her breaking her marriage vows.

Eve asked her father to excuse her a moment and walked to the ladies toilet signalling her friend Shelly to follow. Once inside she talked Shelly into going to the concert with her and asked her to explain to Peter why Eve couldn't talk to him. Therefore it was to the concert with Shelly that she went that night.

At the concert, Shelly told Eve that Peter had told her he was going away on business again tomorrow. So he had given Shelly an e-mail address where Eve could get in touch with him.

Thursday evening Eve had to ask David how to send e-mails, although she sometimes used a computer at work. They held no interest for her so she was almost computer illiterate. When Dave asked whom she wanted to e-mail she showed him addresses of some of the girls at work and said that the girls were always talking about e-mailing one another so she thought she would join in their little game.

Unfortunately Eve did not realise that cheating wives, who know little of computers, should never ask their husband to set up an e-mail account for them.

For the next couple of weeks, increasingly more risqué and suggestive e-mails passed back and forth between Eve and Peter. By the end of the second week, they were openly talking about what they were going to do in bed together and even joking about BDSM sessions.

It hadn't occurred to Eve that what used to be a regular sex life with her husband had come to a complete standstill. If she had stopped thinking of Peter for just one moment, she might have noticed that her once loving husband hardly spoke to her and never kissed her any more. But Eve was too wrapped up in her thoughts of Peter.

When Peter asked her to come to Paris for a romantic weekend she jumped at the chance. She broached the subject with David, telling him that some of the girls in the office had booked the weekend but one of them had to drop out because her father was in hospital.

David said that if she wanted to go to Paris, who was he to stop her? She was a big girl and could make up her own mind about what she did. She thanked him and went to give him a kiss but he turned away before she could do so and went out into the garden. Eve got on the computer and e-mailed Peter that she was coming. She asked him all kinds of questions. Where were they going to stay? Where would they go ... besides bed that is? Peter sent her a detailed itinerary of what they were going to do, both in and out of the bedroom.

On Friday afternoon, David and the children had driven her to the station to catch the train to Gatwick airport. David had enquired where the other girls were. Eve told him they all lived in Brighton so she would meet them at the airport. As her train began to move away, David called out something that she didn't catch the end of. She thought he said, "Its not too late." However she lost the rest of it. Eve tried to call David on her cellphone but Dave's went straight to answer-phone. He must have had it turned off.

Then she was walking through the arrivals gate and standing there was Peter. Eve threw her arms around him and said, "At last we are together." They kissed and walked outside to catch a taxi. On the way to the hotel, Peter again outlined their agenda. First a couple of hours in their luxury suite. Then a Café followed by the ballet. Eve's head was spinning.

When they got to the Hotel, Peter went to the desk to check in, Eve was standing nearby looking around at the plush interior, when suddenly she was aware that a man standing beside her was talking to her.

"Madam Yvette Thomas?" he repeated.


"I have a package for you. Will you sign here please."

Eve took the offered pen and began to sign as she noted that clipped on his board was a photograph of her. The man must have used it to identify her by. Eve began to get an uneasy feeling in her stomach as the courier gave her a large brown envelope that had her name on it. Eve looked at the envelope for a few seconds and then tore it open. Inside she found a large photograph of David and the children. They were holding a sign that read, GOODBYE and on the back of the photograph Toby had scrawled, Why, mummy?

The enormity of her situation suddenly hit Eve and she began to cry. David knew that she had not come to Paris with the girls and he must know about Peter.

Peter, having finished checking in, turned to her and seeing her crying asked her what was wrong.

"My husband knows about you and what we were going to do here."

"So what if he knows? He's in London and we're here in Paris. What's he going to do about it?"

"Divorce me. That's what he's going to do."

"Look, Eve, he was bound to find out sometime. Husbands always do. He has just found out a little earlier than we expected and we mustn't let that spoil our weekend. Let's get up to our room and enjoy ourselves for a little while. We've only got an hour or so before dinner."

It finally dawned on Eve. Peter's only interest in her was getting her into bed. The fact that her marriage to the man she loved was most likely over did not worry Peter in the slightest. He just wanted to shag her and do all those other things he had written in the e-mails about. She finally realised Peter had set out to seduce her and cared nothing for what the consequences would be for her.

Peter once again asked her to come up to their room. When she refused, he quietly and surreptitiously grabbed hold of her arm, twisting it up behind her back, kissing her deeply on the lips to quiet her. He then whispered in her ear,

"Listen, you little fucking bitch, I have spent months and a large amount of money getting you here, now my friends and I are going to get our money's worth. You are going to come with me now. The more you resist, the more you will regret it later."

Holding her arm tightly he marched her over and into a lift. People were looking at them because Eve was making quite a lot of noise. However Peter calmly smiled and called out something in French and that made everyone laugh. The porter carrying their bags was already in the lift and she saw him press the button for the sixth floor.

Eve realised she was in real trouble now. How could she have been so stupid? She knew nothing of this man. He was dragging her up to a room were he intended to rape her. No, not just him. He had just mentioned his friends which must mean she was going to be raped by other men besides Peter.

As the lift doors began to close, four large men stepped inside. "Oh, my god," thought Eve, "Are these his friends? Five of them, please, someone help me?"

As the lift began to ascend, things began to happen so bewilderingly quickly that Eve could not recall the chain of events. She was suddenly aware that Peter was no longer holding her arm. He was lying on the floor apparently unconscious.

One of the big men was now holding her but a lot more gently than Peter had. She heard one of the men telling the porter who was carrying the suite cases to keep quiet and to come with them. The lift stopped and she felt herself bundled out of one lift and into another. The doors closed and the lift started moving down instead of up. Eve was terrified because these obviously weren't Peter's friends. What was going to happen to her now?

She began to cry out but stopped when she heard one of the men say, "Shut up, you stupid slut. Why the fuck he bothered to send us after you, I'll never know. If you were my wife, I'd have left you to be the whore that prick intended to make you. Now shut the fuck up. We don't need any trouble with the frog police!"

The lift stopped in the basement car park. Eve was pulled out of the lift and shoved into the back of a car that was waiting and one of the men said something to the driver. As the car pulled away, Eve looked at her saviours through the rear window and realised that she recognised two of them. She recalled that she had seen them talking with Dave at his firm's Christmas party. She thanked her lucky stars that she had such a wonderful husband and then started crying again.

When they got to the airport, the driver produced her bag from the boot and gave her a ticket to London. Then she was alone! Eve got on the next available flight back to England.

Eve arrived back home by taxi to find the house in darkness, her car parked on the drive and there was an estate agent's 'For Sale' sign in the front garden. She walked up to the door but her key would not fit in the lock. Then she noticed an envelope under her car's windscreen wiper. It contained a note. Eve got into her car before she read it.

"Eve, You won't get into the house, the locks have been changed. Your clothes are at your mothers. The children and I have gone away on holiday. When the house is sold you will get your fair share. If you wish, you can give your share of it to your pimp, Peterson. That's what whores normally do."

The note was unsigned, but Eve knew whom it was from.

Eve sat in her car and cried for awhile, then drove over to her mother's house. Her father opened the door and called over his shoulder.

"Mother, our little slut has come home. Should I let her in?"

"You had better bring the stupid little cow in here. I think she needs to know just how stupid and lucky she has been."

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