tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEve of Seduction

Eve of Seduction


This is a further instalment in the 'Eve' series. Though the tale stands alone, for characterisation and story development, readers may first wish to check out 'Eve's Drops' and 'Eve's Temptation' by the same author.


The working week having finally ended, we congregated outside Waterman's waiting for the minibus to take us to the annual barbecue. Shirts, suits and ties and replaced by t-shirts, polo shirts, cut-off jeans and beach shorts, spirits ran high at the collective anticipation of a night of free booze, partying, and maybe, just maybe, some hot action.

The only problem as the minibus crawled into sight was that there was still one missing: Eve. As 5.05 came and went, a sense of restlessness started to spread and when several more minutes elapsed, the silence was punctuated by the grumble of the engine. My heart plunged.

Then, just as it seemed we were about to leave without her, in breezed Eve, the airy bohemian one-piece I had chosen specially for the evening accentuating each and every curve. Cheeks flush in the scorching summer evening, a hasty apology was issued, followed by an even quicker pardon from the guys, the catwalk-like swagger down the aisle accompanied by an inevitable chorus of "get 'em off".

Eve smiled, lapping up the attention, all eyes trailing as she shuffled past. Seated halfway down, I found myself pressed hard into the window, leaving a large space for her to slot into. Disappointingly, she continued past, pleated skirt billowing around her backside to reveal a pair of smooth calves and ample thighs. As she joined the two other females in our party on the back seat, a thin expression broke on my lips.

I so wanted to turn and smile, but elected to keep my eyes on the road as we zigzagged through the city exodus. My pal Danny would turn momentarily to exchange pleasantries, though I'm sure it was Eve, and not I, that was the excuse for his bonhomie. Regrettably I could only visualise the gypsy-like beauty at the back, her brunette curls doubtless lilting on her shoulders, her smile as bright as a floodlight.

Mine and Eve's liaison earlier that week – that had culminated in perhaps the most mind blowing blowjob in the history of oral sex – understandably remained a closely guarded secret. As much as I wanted to impress the guys with a boast, I did possess some degree of chivalry. Besides which, they probably wouldn't believe me.

Boy, I must have repeated the episode in my mind a trillion times since, including the moment Eve's girlfriend Suze appeared in the doorway, the sexy sly look of the voyeur on her pretty face. Watching the other girl reach inside her panties to masturbate as her girlfriend deep-throated me had to be the hottest thing I'd ever witnessed. I'd existed in a constant state of erection all week.

Out of the city, via the verdant back roads, the minibus arrived at Houghton Hall just after 6.30. A sprawling country estate, given over some years back to providing 'corporate hospitality', our party had been designated the patio area and an adjacent marquee on the lawn. The coach from the Guildford office having made it fifteen minutes ahead of ours, already the free bar in the marquee was awash with eager partygoers.

Sadly, Guildford was as male-orientated as our city office, and only the late-arriving Reading branch offered hope to the likes of my boss Graham and best pal Danny: those not imbued with the sweet promises of Eve.

At least, that's what I hoped, the stolen blowjob surely the precursor for greater depths of sexual activity. Or was it? Glancing around those assembled, I was struck by the enormity of the task ahead to retain Eve's favour. Already flirting outrageously, as was her wont, the object of my desires flitted from man to man like a butterfly. Boy was she making me jealous.

Supping on my beer, covertly my eyes surveyed her shapely form, along with forty other pairs.

At last the coach from Reading arrived, helping to dilute the male populous, its call centre chicks clad in tight pastel tops, florid little skirts and pink hot pants, gratefully deflecting some of the attention away from Eve. With a fleeting glance my way, Eve's lover Suze forced her way past to the bar, returning to join Eve at the edge of the dance floor.

"Couldn't you just," sighed Danny, standing next to me and gripping his bottle of lager like he might grip his cock.

Yes I most certainly could.

The drink flowed for the next hour as the DJ polluted the air with musak, guys gathered one side, girls the other, like pre-teens at a school disco.

7.30 arrived and the aroma of grilled meat drifted inside, all filing out to fill our bellies with burgers, hot dogs, barbecued chicken and kebab on skewers.

As we stood around the patio chatting about football, my eyes roved for Eve. Damn, the beer was going down well. Already I was heady, and just starting to become brave enough head her off and find out why the hell she was blanking me.

As dusk filtered the sky, a rash of party tunes spilled out of the marquee, and I noticed Eve following our boss Graham to the dance floor. Suze and another girl I didn't recognise were in tow. With chocolate coloured skin and tightly beaded hair, this other girl was petite in every department but the chest, her bountiful breasts pushed up like two over-inflated balloons. I noticed Danny checking out her tight little butt as we ambled over to the entrance to get a closer look, and established that her name was Lily.

On the dance floor Graham gyrated with the trio, basking in the attention whilst the other assembled men looked on appreciatively. Danny returned with another bottle to wash down the charred meat and, as the two other girls retreated, Eve and Graham took centre stage, his hands wandering lazily down the expanse of her back, smoothing the light fabric of the dress.

For her part Eve pressed tightly into his body, small hands on his shoulder blades. I watched as Graham's right palm lowered, over the expanse of her left buttock, fingers curling as they caressed the light fabric covering the fleshy mound. Immediately Eve's tiny hand covered his, elevating it back to her waist.

As the slow dance continued, once more Graham's hand headed south, almost to the hem, squeezing the bottom of the cheek and drawing the skin-tight material of the dress upwards. This time Eve made no attempt to stop him.

"Wow, is she hot, or what!" exclaimed Danny.

My brain was telling me I shouldn't really be enjoying this, yet my cock was digging most alarmingly at my shorts. There wasn't a guy in the marquee that wouldn't swap places with Graham right now. His hand having gathered up the skirt, Eve's smooth and baby soft left buttock was on full display, along with a hint of black thong. By way of reciprocation, Eve dug her red talons into his back, tracing abstract patterns. They rocked against each other for what seemed an eternity, clearly enjoying the close attention.

Oh how I wished that were me and not Graham.

When finally the song ended, Eve fanned her face and stood on tiptoes to peck his cheek. Graham reached to draw her closer, craving more, lips puckered, but Eve swerved free, skipping over to join her friends sitting in the corner. A volley of giggles was exchanged by the trio.

I watched from afar as other hopefuls came to crave a dance, all summarily dismissed with a consolatory smile from one or other of the three beauties. With a huge swig, Danny informed that me he was plucking up the courage to go over, if only he could decide which one!

I found myself rooted to the spot.

As a veil of black drew down outside and the dance floor began to swell, I sought some air, heading outside and around the perimeter of the marquee. The beer was really getting to my head.

Female voices, just audible the other side of the canvas, drew my attention. Three silhouettes, quickly I realised it was Eve, Suze and the cute little black girl, Lily. I pressed my ear to the canvas, just in time to hear a squeal, and Eve's hoarse utterance: "Mmmmm, you like that, huh Lily?"

"Oh yeah," replied Lily dreamily, her breath coming in starts.

"Lily's getting rather wet," echoed Suze's voice.

"She is," agreed Eve.

Lily growled in a low pitch, the outline of her head darting back and forth. Oh Jesus, I had to find out what was going on. Actually, I had a fair idea what was going on. I just had to see for myself.

Falling to my knees, I was able to gather up the sheet of canvas just enough to push my head under. Looking up I saw a pair of dark legs, quivering lightly, a pair of white legs either side. Lily was panting, the sound muted by the music. Regrettably, however, this position offered no better a vantage point. Damn.

Damn. Damn. Removing my head, I crawled around the corner, grinning at the tiniest of rips in the sheet. Yet, it was large enough that if I pressed up real close, the trio were revealed in profile. A table in front concealing their actions from those on the dance floor, Lily sat in between, her belly pushed forward as Eve and Suze's fingers worked simultaneously at her bared pussy. Lily's heavy breasts quivered like jellies through the tight top, her pretty face taking on an almost pained expression. Eve and Suze grinned, whilst blowing kisses across at each other, busy digits working that sweet snatch. Oh they were such naughty girls!

Easing off, Eve and Suze leant across Lily to push their stained fingers into each other's mouths, sucking longingly. Savouring, each finger was licked clean of Lily's juice. Eyes lowering, how I marvelled at the sight of Lily's puffy pink pussy lips, pouty and glistening, as my cock strained at the fly.

"God I want more of that sweet pussy," mouthed Suze with an evil grin, falling to her knees before Lily, as Eve kept guard.

Frankly, however, everyone was either so drunk by now or had been turned down so many times that the girls were pretty safe from discovery, the table acting as a natural barrier. I, however, had the best seat in the house, the perfect view from the waist down. And right now the spyhole revealed Suze feasting hungrily upon Lily's cunt, face pressed in deep, as the other girl writhed in pleasure.

Suddenly I was startled by a voice behind. "Hey wasssssup," drooled Danny.

I held a palm across his mouth, causing his eyes to bulge. Positioning him at the peephole, they bulged yet further. "Fuck me!" he exclaimed. "Oh this is just unreal..."

Two minutes passed and I went to re-claim the prime pitch, but my colleague held firm, transfixed, his breath racing. I pleaded in hushed tones: "What's happening now?"

Danny whispered back: "Suze has her face pressed deep in Lily's cunt and a finger in her arse...oh, and Eve is sat frigging herself."

Unable to contain myself any longer, I hauled him aside to see Eve's fist blurring at her pussy. Alongside, Suze's head was indeed deep in Lily, index finger digging at her arsehole as Lily breathed in starts. Her lips smacking, Suze came up for air and Eve stopped to lean down, the pair exchanging a kiss, tongues rolling lovingly. It was then that Danny struck back with a vengeance and I found myself on my butt. More inebriated than I realised, I was unable to move.

Danny's commentary tailed off. My head was swimming, and I felt odd. Trying to stand, the ground fell from beneath me and suddenly everything went black...

* * *

I looked up, head spinning, throat dry. As the surroundings came into focus, someone familiar stared back. It was Eve's heart-shaped face, radiating concern. "Where am I?" I enquired huskily. "What happened?"

The sound of faraway music lilted on the air as Eve smiled back. "You're in one of the upstairs room."

Head slightly numb, I sat up, supported by the headboard on the bed. "Shouldn't you be downstairs enjoying yourself?" I mustered.

An intense strain on my groin struck me. Still hard from the girl-on-girl-on-girl show in the marquee, my shorts resembled that same tent. "I don't think you can go back downstairs in your current state," giggled Eve.

I followed the line if her eyes to my shorts, a tingle in my loins and a blob of precum staining the crotch area.

Eve ran her tongue all the way around her lips, before pouting wantonly. With a quick flick the dress eased off her shoulder, spilling down over her breasts and pooling at her belly.

Rising to her knees, a full and firm pair of tits heaved as she leant forward, the pink nipples perky and attentive. My cock hardened further, so much so that it throbbed with a numb pain. Elevating to meet Eve's downward curve, my lips locked upon the right teat, hands compressing the breast. Eve moaned appreciatively as my mouth brought heat to the nipple, tongue flicking eagerly to graze the surface.

Piles of curled brunette hair cascaded from her head as she arched back. Reaching for the thong, it slid down each sculptured thigh, briefly revealing a luscious pink-lipped pussy, freshly shaven and glistening in the half-light.

As she shifted position to straddle me, knees buried in the surface of the bed, the wetness from her snatch licked my belly, a snail-like trail of juice coating the skin.

Hungrily my mouth passed between nipples, extending each with careful teeth as my hands moulded her cleavage like a potter. Every squeeze, every suck and lick, elicited a squeal of delight and a fresh deposit on my belly.

As we moved against each other, my rock hard cock prodded at her backside, reciprocating with my own deposit of precum on her perineum. Clenched buttocks gripped the thick tool, gently drawing back the foreskin.

Eve grinned lustfully, reaching back to take the shaft in hand. Coursing its length with agile fingers, she guided the head between her legs. Palms flat at my chest, she shimmied until the tip sat slickly in the wet slit. Face contorted, Eve lowered a sopping wet pussy over the spongy tip. We both gasped as the head eased inside, enveloped by the moistest pussy I'd ever had the pleasure to fuck. Eve held still, savouring the feeling, before bobbing gently, allowing just the head to work her inner labia.

I stole a deep breath, hands cupping her breasts, pawing and crushing. Eve rocked forward and the shaft slid deep inside her, buried to the base, the two of us grunting in sheer pleasure. The shaft was coated with her juices within seconds. "Fuck me, Nick," she implored, the same words as when I'd first chanced to spy upon her in the office.

Only this time it was for real.

Pumping from the buttocks, Eve rode me, seemingly in control. Each time the eager head brushed her clit she groaned, fingernails raking my chest. Conjoined at the middle, my pubes were soon awash with her juices. Up and down she moved, oiling my cock.

Covertly I glanced over her shoulder, expecting perhaps to see Suze, but this time we were alone, just Eve and I. She leant forward, brunette ripples of hair cascading over her face and we exchanged lingering kisses, tongues entwined.

Her timing impeccable, just as I was about to cum, Eve eased aside, rolling over on to her back. I shifted too, constructing a human cage above her prone body, staring down as she drew back her legs, knees pressing her shoulders. "I want you to fuck me in every position, Nick," she pleaded, gasping as I rammed my cock hard into her cunt whilst leaning against those outstretched legs.

My cock disappeared inside the mass of pink folds, bringing a shriek to her lips. I pumped in and out furiously until my head went dizzy and I thought I'd pass out once more. As I thrust, Eve's tits jiggled on her chest, virtually hitting her chin. Arms outstretched, palms flat, her nails dug into the bed, drawing up the covers. "Fuck I'm close," I huffed.

"Please don't cum yet," she entreated, as I banged like a piston.

Each outward stroke brought a gush of pussy juice, snaking down each cheek to the bed. "Not yet," she begged, shifting position once more.

Climbing on all fours, he glanced back over her shoulder, pleading: "Fuck me, Nick!"

My cock jerked violently. Just seeing her in that position, arse in the air, wiggling sexily, pink pussy lips pouting between her thighs, I lost control. Without warning a jet of spunk shot three feet across the bed, lassoing Eve's upper thigh like a garter.

As I shuffled on my knees, Eve pulled me inside her, two deep thrusts before a second wave was fired deep into her womb. Her pussy clamped on my cock, a third and fourth spurt finally tipping her over the edge, body trembling as she too came hard. Screaming the roof down, it was a wonder they didn't hear in the marquee.

As I slid from her wet pussy she was upon me in milliseconds, lips cleaning the halo of cum from the tip and sucking out the last few drops.

Exhausted, we fell asleep almost instantly.

* * *

Awoken by a bang on the door, Eve stood, slipping the bohemian dress back in place as I wrestled on my shorts and t-shirt. Opening the door to reveal Suze, Lily and Danny, Eve smiled. "We missed our coach," smiled Suze.

"Damn," giggled Eve. "Looks as if the five of us are all going to have to spend the night here..."

Though I hadn't originally planned to go beyond three 'Eve' stories, I seem to have gotten carried away and I guess I should allow this popular character a swansong. Hope you agree. And many thanks for the continuing words of encouragement and votes.

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