tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEvelyn's Debt Ch. 02

Evelyn's Debt Ch. 02


Evelyn woke the next morning and as she showered she could not help but see the piercing of her nipples, the piercing of her pussy lips, if she looked down she would see the tattoos and of course the collar permanently affixed to her neck. They were all still sore and she would need to continue with the antibiotic cream. She realized as she dried off that she would need to change her style of dress as well. She would need to start wearing turtleneck blouses and or a neck scarf if she hoped to keep her collar hidden. As she rummaged through her drawers she noticed some new blouses in there. As she picked them up a note fell. It read.

"Lillian you will need to wear this type of blouse that will cover your collar. Do not disappoint me."

It was signed Mistress Lyn. Although she had not been able to forget the degradation violation and pain she had suffered this note scared her. How did she get in my room? Evelyn had to wear the blouse but doing so was a constant reminder of her status, slave! She realized as she walked to her morning classes that the piercing of her vagina was very noticeable to her and she felt herself getting wet. The stimulation caused by the chastity belt caused her nipples to become erect and caused her to feel the piercing there as well. By the time she had gotten to her class building she had to step into the ladies room and masturbate.

It was that way for her all day, all week. Everyday when she got home she had to change her panties because they not only were wet but they smelled of sex. On top of all of this Evelyn was scared. She had thrown the phone she was to use to respond to her Mistress out the window. She would be punished severely when they caught her and so she kept looking for trouble everywhere she went. She never strayed outside alone always traveling with her best friend Amy or hanging in a group. She new she was not safe but she took as many precautions as she could.

Almost two weeks had past and while she had learned to control her feeling so she was not masturbating every time she walked a few blocks, she was still changing her panties a couple of times a day. Since her virginity had been forcibly taken at Mistress Lyn's command she now found herself horny and wanting to get fucked. Unfortunately she could do no more then use her fingers on her clit sometimes managing one small finger in her pussy. It wasn't enough it would never be enough. She came to a sad conclusion one night as she tried to masturbate her horniness away. If Mistress Lyn did not come for her soon, she might turn herself in.

One Friday night Evelyn shared a bottle of wine with Amy who had come to visit. By the time Amy had left at eleven Evelyn was ready for bed. The wine had relaxed her and another week of looking for Mistress' henchmen had her in bed asleep on a Friday night before midnight.

She awoke Saturday morning and could sense something had changed. For one thing her mouth felt full like she was eating something and she was having trouble moving her hand up to see what it was. When the last vestiges of sleep had washed away and she opened her eyes she saw a number of surprising things. She was not in her bed. She was restrained to some sort device and her mouth was plugged with a penis gag that reached almost to the back of her throat. Lastly she saw Mistress staring at her. Her little rebellion had seemed to be at an end.

While Mistress just stared at her Evelyn looked some more. She noticed that the device she was on had area that encased her arms and legs and looked like they could be positioned anywhere. She felt nothing under her ass so she assumed it was exposed, as was her pussy and of course her tits. So she concluded she was naked and confined. She felt like she should say something but the penis gag prevented her from uttering even a sound. She knew that all she would be able to do would be grunt and she was not ready for that.

Mistress Lyn held a device in her hand. When she pointed it at her and looked to be pushing a button, Evelyn felt the device that restrained her move. First she was tilted forward so she was staring directly at Mistress. Then her arms were taken out straight up over her head and she felt her ass being pushed back. Lastly she felt her legs being separated and placed in a split position straight out to her sides. To say this was uncomfortable would be to understate the pain. She had no choice but to look at Mistress whose mouth curled into a cruel smile before she started to speak.

"Lillian you are either very stupid or you crave pain. I believe that today we will find out which."

She then pulled two thin chins from the floor and attached one to each of the rings piercing her nipples. She then pulled the chain tight causing my tits to be pulled by the rings towards the floor. When the pain was unbearable Mistress took it another inch. I was screaming but almost nothing but a loud noise came out. I was still reeling in that pain when mistress stepped behind me and attached similar chains to the rings piercing my pussy lips. These chains pulled my lips out to the side not down towards the floor like my tits, but still painfully so. My pussy was now wide open and my lips were stretched and hurting.

Mistress left me in pain and agony for a few minutes while she seemed to be collecting more devices torture me with. She returned with a short stubby fat plastic thing and a tube of something. She squatted down and looked directly in my eyes, my screaming continued I could not stop. Mistress held up the object and said.

"Lillian this is what is called a butt plug. This is a tube of lubrication. Some think the lubrication is to ease the pain but actually all it does is help from ripping you open when objects are inserted. Now this plug is about twice as wide as the largest cock that invaded your ass the other night and I am going to shove it in your ass. Now you need to nod if you want me to lubricate it OK?"

As I tried to nod my head I ended up pulling on the chains that were attached to the rings in my nipples increasing the pain and preventing me from nodding any more.

"Lillian I think I saw you nod that you wanted the lube, but I am not sure can you repeat that?"

I knew the pain would be terrible but I forced myself to nod as much as I could, creating lightning bolts of pain to shoot through my tits. I saw Mistress acknowledge my response and squirt some lube on the huge black plug. Then she walked behind me and forced the giant plug in my ass. My ass wanted to resist and each time she pushed harder I raised my head to scream and pulled my tits further out. She had me coming and going and the plug was forcing my ass wider and wider creating a new pain to attack me. I heard her say good and felt the plug pop into me and my ass felt like it was on fire.

Mistress came to face me again and said.

"Ok Lillian you are now ready for punishment. First I will whip your ass then your pussy then your clit and finally your tits. I intend to whip them all. Whip them and continue to do so until you are babbling like a baby. By the way Lillian, I don't think your stupid."

She moved behind me and I felt the first lash of her whip as it slashed into the fatty part of my left ass cheek. Each lash struck a new area and the bolts of pain never stopped. I do not know how many lashes I took on my ass but when she used a cane to lash my pussy I was sure there was no greater pain on earth, until she used the same tool on my clit. I do not know how I remained awake nor do I know how I did not bite off and swallow the plastic penis forced in my mouth, but I did stay awake and feel every lash. When she started on my tits I started to cum, and I kept cuming for the next hour, long after Mistress stopped punishing me. As she released the chains on my pussy the pain of release set off more orgasms and the same occurred when my tits were freed.

Lastly she removed the penis gag from my mouth and asked me.

"Who are you girl?"

"I mumbled. Your slave Mistress."

"What is your name Slave?"

"I am Lillian Mistress."

"What do you do for me Lillian?"

"Everything you wish Mistress."

"Lillian will you throw Mistresses phone away again?"

"No Mistress, I was a fool. Thank you for showing me my errors."

"There is one more thing I must do Lillian!"

"Yes, Mistress"

She sat Lillian up in the chair and proceeded to pull her hair back away from her face and clip it into a rough ponytail. Then she reached for a metal tool and inserted some sort of silver disc into it. Then she grabbed Lillian's ponytail and roughly pulled her head towards her. She placed the open end of the tool over Lillian's ear lobe and pulled a trigger allowing the open end to snap together. Lillian screamed at the pain although it was far less then what she had endured already and when Mistress repeated the action on her other ear she winced but did not otherwise make a noise.

Later when She was able to see what had been done to her ears Lillian saw the words "SLUT" in right ear lobe and "Slave" in her left. She also learned that they could not be removed. There was seemingly no end to her humiliation. She could hide the collar, but she could not hide the discs, which were now embedded into the soft flesh of her ears. She had no idea how she could face her friends and classmates. The words "Slut Slave" were now like giant billboards telling all of her degradation. She was instructed to get on her knees and bow her head. She complied. As she knelt there Mistress again spoke to her.

"Lillian, I know you want me to believe that all you have endured today has been a lesson learned. However, I have learned today that you crave pain and will always force my hand. Today I am going to show you a new kind of pain, one you will not appreciate."

Mistress then attached a leash to Lillian's collar and forced her to crawl along side as she led through the mansion. When they had reached Mistress's room she refastened the chastity lock covering the entrance to Lillian's pussy and said.

"Lillian, until you return to this house you're not to attempt to please yourself. Your hands are not to rub your clit your finger is not to try to enter your pussy. Your tits are not to be fondled. This is your task for the week. Are you clear on your duties to your Mistress?

"Yes Mistress."

"I hope you mean that Lillian. Today's abuse is just that Slave. True punishment still awaits you, I urge you not to go there. I still see your refusal to submit in your eyes and I can only hope that as you feel the welts on your ass, tits and pussy heal that you will understand that no matter what you do you are mine. I bought you and I will control you."

Evelyn must have been sedated because she awoke in her bed and would have thought it all a dream if her tits and pussy were not still painful. She looked to her bedside table to see the time and instead saw the butt plug that had been in her ass, still covered with the residue of her ass. Her hand reached up to touch her ear and upon feeling the disc began to cry. She knew her urge to resist this was why she was being made to suffer and she wondered to herself why she still would not comply.

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