tagBDSMEvelyn's Debt Ch. 04

Evelyn's Debt Ch. 04



"Yes, Lillian, have I come at a bad time?"

"No, Mistress. I am always pleased to see you."

"So, Lillian who is our little friend here?"

"Mistress, this is Amy. She and I study together."

"Lillian, take off you blouse, now!"

"Who the fuck are you bitch?"

Amy looked ready to fight she did not like anyone messing with her friend Evelyn.

"And why are you calling her Lillian, her name is Evelyn!"

Mistress looked at Amy like an exterminator looks at an ant. She turned to the twins and nodded. One of the twins slipped behind Amy and covered her mouth. Amy squirmed and tried to fight it but the twin was too strong.

"There now, isn't the quiet a little better! Now Lillian why is your blouse still on?"

"I'm sorry Mistress, please don't hurt Amy she is just a friend, she doesn't know about us and she..."

"Lillian, the blouse, now!"

Evelyn removed her blouse exposing her still red and swollen nipples. Mistress stepped forward and touched Evelyn's tits and said.

"Lillian what happened here? Why are your nipples so red and swollen? Is Amy one of your lovers?"

Amy's face blanched at the insinuation that she and Evelyn were lovers and if she could have said anything she would have told this bitch where she could put it. Evelyn on the other hand responded to Mistress.

"No, Mistress Amy and I are just two students who study together, we are not lovers at all."

Mistress nodded to the other twin and she moved through the apartment to Evelyn's bedroom. I wasn't long before she returned holding the two butt plugs and the nipple rack. She showed the items to Mistress and then dropped them to the floor at Evelyn's feet.

"Lillian, please explain this."

Mistress pointed to the items as she looked at Evelyn for an answer.

"I, um, well I was curious about what you had said to me Mistress so I um well um."

"Curious about what Lillian, please do not try my patience today, just tell me what you were doing."

"Mistress I was trying to find out if you were correct in that I liked and needed pain to find my orgasms. So I bought these items to test the theory."

"Lillian, first of all you belong to me. That means that your entire body is mine, your tits your nipples your cunt your asshole your mouth and all the parts in between. For you to recklessly attempt to damage my possessions is a grave offense and I am afraid that you will now have a tremendous opportunity to see exactly how much pain you can take."

Mistress then nodded to the twins and they both used an impact syringe on the two girls noses. In seconds both girls were out cold.

"Take the friend, look in her wallet and see where she lives, then take her home and put her to bed. The drug should make most of what she has seen be a foggy memory at best. We will take Lillian and introduce her to the dungeon and some real pain. Now lets go.

When Evelyn woke she was in a stone room. She looked around as best as she could and that wasn't much, she was tied up. Her hands were above her head and behind her so that she was leaning forward. The rings piercing her nipples were attached to a chain that was then secured to her ankles keeping her in a slightly bent over position. If she tried to straighten to ease the pressure on her arms she would pull the chain attached to her nipples and painfully pull at them. She was almost naked, she had on what could have been a red bikini except that only a thin strand of pearls went from seam to seam on the bra cups rubbing on her extended nipples and the bottom of the bikini was similarly styled with the strand of pearls draped in front of her pussy.

She did not know how long she had been here and she did not know what had happened to her best friend Amy. She only knew that both her arms and her tits ached from the restraint and that she was thirsty. What she could see of the room scared her. Everything in it looked to be some sort of restraint or torture devise. She guessed it was some sort of dungeon. Every few minutes she would try to straighten to relieve her aching arms only to be stopped quickly by the pains that would shoot through her tits. She did recall Mistress's last words to her about pain and wondered if it was really possible to have any more pain then she had already experienced with Mistress.

She must have dozed or passed out because when she opened her eyes there was a large black man dressed in a leather apron and nothing else. He held a tool in his hand that Evelyn could not quite see. The man was big with bulging muscles on his arms and his legs. She remained quiet waiting for him to do or say something.

"I understand you are Lillian, is that correct?"

"Yes, I am."

Before her mouth closed his empty left hand slapped her hard across the face. The force of the blow caused her to sway to the side making her already sore arms send jolts of real pain to her shoulders which caused her to try to stand to relive the pain which then forced her nipples farther away from her body causing more pain. She kept moving back and forth trying to balance the pain. She would have screamed but she was still able to control that part of her and was not ready to let this man she was hurt, not yet at least.

"You will call me Sir, or you will suffer even more then Mistress has ordered for you, do you understand me, slut?"

"Yess, Sirrr!"

Evelyn was surprised by her stutter because she felt more in control then that. She would need to be on guard, be stronger and not allow Mistress any victory by showing a loss of self-control.

"Very good slut now open you mouth and stick out your tongue and be still."

Evelyn did as asked, she was not ready to purchase any more pain then she already had. She stuck her tongue out getting a perverse juvenile thrill by doing so. No sooner had she stuck her tongue then the man captured it with some sort of padded vice that held her tongue out. Evelyn was shocked and tried to free her tongue then realized it was futile. She then saw the tool the man had been hiding and she quickly realized that her tongue was to be pierced. She heard the device click shut. It was funny how long it took her to realize she was screaming. He tongue felt like it had been cut out and the pain would not stop. She could feel drool spilling from her open mouth as her saliva continued to poor out as she continued to scream and now she was crying.

"Keep your mouth open Slut."

Evelyn tried to obey but she was not sure she did not feel as though she had control of her face muscles anymore. She did feel a cool spray entering her mouth and the severity of her pain diminished. The screaming stopped but her eyes continued to water. When she had quieted down the black man said.

"Mistress ordered that your tongue be pierced. She said that you were too loose with it that you had revealed too much about your slut service to your little girlfriend. She felt the stud I pierced your tongue with, will remind you of your need to be quiet."

He held a mirror up so Evelyn could see her tongue. She gingerly pushed it out and looked at the stud now embedded. It took a moment for her to realize that the stud in her tongue was made to resemble a hard cock and balls. She realized quickly that any time she opened her mouth too far she would show anyone looking that she had a cock and balls in her mouth. She was shocked. She had been pierced in her ear lobes with flat discs that said Slut on one and Slave on the other and now a cock and balls on her tongue.

The Black man then took his apron off and Evelyn saw that he was not only naked but that his cock was enormous and it was hard and ready. She chose not to imagine where that cock might go. Her tongue did not hurt her physically as much after it had been sprayed but the site of that silver cock and balls lying on her tongue would not leave her mind. She was busy trying to figure out how she could have a conversation with Amy, Erika or any of her friends and not reveal this embarrassment.

She was so caught up in this thought she at first did not feel the man's cock pushing on her asshole and by the time she did realize it he had his cock well over half way into her. The pain was severe but not as bad as she had already taken, it was her reaction to the intrusion, she jerked up pulling the chain attached to her nipples that caused the loud scream that arose from her mouth. She immediately sought to relieve that pain by bending back down but as she did the man shoved his cock back in and she again straightened, sending lightning bolts of pain through her nipples. As her ass was pummeled by the black man's cock her tits took the real beating. When she finally felt his cock jerk and spew his seed in her she was able to relax. She felt his cock slide out of her ass followed by a stream of cum that oozed out and trickled down her thigh.

She allowed her body to relax and the relief on her tits was so great that she did not feel the ache in her arms for a while. She was stirred from her reverie by the sounds of high-heeled shoes tapping on the concrete floor. She looked up to see Mistress striding her was with a long black whip in her hands.

"Ah Lillian did you enjoy Bill in your ass? He has a nice large cock doesn't he? Open your mouth Dear let me see your new jewelry."

Evelyn opened her mouth and Mistress reached in and with her fingers pulled her tongue out. Evelyn did not resist she allowed her tongue to be held.

"This looks so nice Lillian. Now one of your capabilities will be advertised each and every time you open your mouth. Be careful there is room in there for another one. I love to see one of my girls with two cocks in their mouth. So decadent, so dirty."

Evelyn merely looked at Mistress and nodded her head. She was not asked a question so she knew not to say anything. Mistress released her tongue and strolled around her looking her over.

"I love the position Bill put you in, it makes you choose your pain, tits or arms. Nice. I'll have to let him fuck you again. So Lillian, I am about to administer a significant whipping now. It's going to hurt so I am going to gag you. When I am done you will not be able to think properly so I am going to tell you now what I expect of you this visit to my home. OK?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Tonight I am hosting a party. You will be cleaned and naked and will circulate the room allowing your body to be used in any way that my guests choose. Any way at all, is that clear?

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good because if I have any complaints we will return here and I will repeat the whipping that I am going to give you now. Now here let me put this on you."

Mistress inserted a cock gag into her mouth. She was unable to say anything further and any noise she made would be muffled and garbled. She did notice how the cock stud in her tongue rested on the plastic cock in her mouth. She imagined that any man she took in her mouth would enjoy the feel of this stud. She was shocked when she felt the sting of the whip on her ass. It felt as if someone had sliced a piece of her ass off. She had no time to register that pain as she was attacked again and again. She had counted twenty lashes half to each cheek when she realized she was standing and putting tremendous pressure on her nipples. She alone could hear herself scream though she heard no noises and figured the scream was just in her head. She was unable to bend over and take the pressure off her tits and that pain was competing with her ass.

The constant lashing of her ass and the lightning bolts attacking her tits proved too much and Evelyn passed out. She awoke sometime later and she was now lying in a bed, on her side. Her ass hurt like hell and when she looked at her tits she saw that the nipples were severely swollen and her tits were bruised. She recalled Mistress's instructions for the evening's party and wondered how she would make it. She would be naked, her ass is surely streaked from the whip, her tits were bruised and her nipples were stretched out and red. On top of that her shoulders ached from her suspension.

She saw the twins coming her way and knew they were here to get her ready for the night. They encouraged Evelyn get up and they helped her walk to another room in the mansion. It was a spa and they led her into a whirlpool bath that was scented with wild flowers. They held her as the waters cascaded around her body and Evelyn felt an immediate relief to her burning ass. Soon she felt able to sit and did so. The twins allowed her to remain in the pool for a half hour before leading her out and taking her to a steam room. They kept her there for another half hour then took her into a cold shower.

The shock of the shower took her mind off her aches and she felt better when they stepped out. She was then taken to another room, this one nice and warm with soft lights and she was laid on a table. Face down. She was then subjected to a magnificent massage that lasted for an hour. Evelyn did not sleep during this time, but she relaxed completely. Once she was done she was taken again to yet another room where her hair was cut and her face made up. When she was done with all of this Evelyn felt human once again. She knew the evening would not be easy, allowing her body to be used over and over again, but she was prepared for all of this until she saw her hair.

Evelyn felt her hair was one part of her body still controlled by her but when she saw how they had cut her hair she got mad. They had cut off her long locks and left her hair just barely to her ears. In fact her hair would no longer cover the discs in her ear lobes and besides that she looked like a boy. Her desire to obey left her and her decision to rebel came forth. She still had some time before the party and she would plan her little rebellion for tonight.

Sometime just before Evelyn was to go to Mistress's party she was visited by Mistress.

"Lillian come with me, now."

Evelyn followed Mistress down one corridor and another and followed her into a relatively small bare room with just a chair and a mirror. She stood and waited for Mistress to explain.

"Lillian, I do not trust you to behave tonight. I still do not think pain scares you. I realize that your parents well being means little to you nor that of your sisters, perhaps this will get your attention and behavior."

Mistress hit a light switch on the wall and a light turned on in the mirror, or the room behind the mirror. Evelyn saw a dark haired girl blindfolded and naked, tied to a chair. She knew who it was it was Amy.

"I see you recognize your 'friend' Amy. Do I need to say anything more?"

"No Mistress, please don't take her like you took me."

"Well Lillian, I guess that will be up to you, now, won't it?"

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