tagLesbian SexEvelyn's Debt Ch. 05

Evelyn's Debt Ch. 05


"So Lillian are you going to behave for Mistress's guest tonight and service them as I ask, or do we watch as your 'study partner' transitions to a slut slave like you?"

"Mistress, I am not all that close to her but I will do everything you ask of me tonight. I do not want someone innocent to be forced into your service."

"I think I believe you Lillian so we will see what happens tonight. Come with me to my office."

Evelyn followed Mistress to her office. She had long since become accustomed to being nude in this house so she barely noticed when she passed people and they stared at her. When they had finally arrived at Mistress' office Evelyn was told to kneel.

"Lillian, since we have just pierced your tongue, the Doctor says we should not let you suck cock or pussy for a week till the puncture heals. So we will put this device on you for the evening so my guest will know your limitations."

Mistress then proceeded to put some sort of cage on Evelyn's face. In some ways it looked like a catchers mask in baseball with one very different feature. Inside the mask was a bar that was forced into her mouth, like a bit that is placed into a horses mouth and attached to the reins. It was uncomfortable the bar pushed her cheeks back but the worst part was when Mistress attached the 'reins' to the mask and had he crawl around the floor live a leashed animal. Soon she repositioned her in front of Mistress's chair once again on her knees.

"Lillian, you will be taken to the room to service my guests in about a half hour. In that time I am going to treat you to a new experience. Please stand and lean over that padded bar."

Evelyn looked over and went to the padded bar. It was almost waist height and she folded herself over it. As she did she felt Mistress lock her ankles to the floor. Then she watched as Mistress came around and bound her hands similarly. Evelyn was now securely positioned with her ass up and her legs spread sufficiently for her pussy to be exposed as well. When she next saw Mistress she was kneeling in front of her and she had on rubber gloves and was holding some sort of container.

"Lillian, this treat I have for you has been around for a long, long time. It has been used over the years to train submissives and also as a kind of a means to increase your need to be fucked."

Evelyn watched Mistress as she reached into the jar with her gloved hand and removed a white tubular item. It was about four inches or so in length and at one end the item was indented about a half inch from the end. Evelyn was fairly sure the thing would end up in her ass had no idea what to expect.

"This is called a finger. It is made from a hand of ginger root. It has been peeled and allowed to sit in a cold place for a few days to intensify its effects. I have one to lace in your asshole and another that will lie on your clit. They will take a few minutes to begin once I have placed them. I was going to tell you what to expect but I changed my mind, you will just have to find out for your self. It should be sufficient to say that once the ginger has done it's chore, you will stop at nothing to have a cock in either or both of your holes. And for that my Dear Lillian you will have to ask my guests."

Lillian felt the ginger being inserted into her ass and was surprised at the cool feeling as it was inserted. When Mistress affixed the second piece of ginger on her clit she again felt a nice cool feeling. Once the ginger had been placed Mistress left the office leaving Evelyn alone, locked to the padded bar, her ass in the air and her face caged in with a bit in her mouth.

It was about five minutes after Mistress left when Evelyn noticed that the nice cool feeling had departed and a low burning sensation was beginning. She started to squirm as much as she could trying to find a way to avoid the increasing heat in her ass and on her clit. As the burning intensified she began to try to scream, but the device Mistress had placed there muffled her loudest attempts dampening them to a low groan. Evelyn could not control her body as it continued to try to avoid the pain of the ginger by squirming and moving as much as she could. She was beginning to feel a need to have a cock penetrate her ass to satisfy her burning and her pussy was creating a similar desire within her. She did not know how long she suffered and squirmed but it felt an eternity before Mistress returned.

By that time Evelyn convinced herself that the sensation was slowing but when Mistress removed the ginger from her ass and clit the burning did not stop. She could not stop squirming as she was released from her bonds nor as Mistress led her into the large dining room filled with man and women. Evelyn looked at the crowd and ran to the nearest table and pointed to her cunt miming her desire for him to do something. Fortunately Mistress came up to her and hung a sliver necklace around he neck with a large medallion on it. Evelyn took a quick look at it and read.

"Please fuck me."

It was in big letter and she pointed to it and to the man and he shook his head no, she went to man after man trying to find someone to relieve her incredible desire for a cock. When one man finally agreed she could not spread her legs fast enough and bend over his table allowing him to take her from the rear. When he asked her if she wanted him in her pussy or ass she nodded and nodded. When he finally plunged his hard cock in her pussy she came immediately. As he stroked in and out of her she continued to cum and she began to mumble incoherently. No one noticed because with the bit in her mouth nothing she said was decipherable. She felt the man's cock cum in her pussy and jumped up and went to the next man showing her medallion.

And so Evelyn worked the room begging for cock all night long. She long ago had lost the urge created by the ginger but having been fucked so much in one night created its own desire and she worked to fulfill it. She had taken men in her ass and in her pussy and dried cum covered her thighs yet still she pursued cock after cock till the room was empty. She never heard Mistress come up to her till she heard her calling her name.

"Lillian you did well tonight, I am going to remove your cage now."

Mistress untied the cage and slid the bit from Evelyn's mouth. What a relief she felt, as she opened and closed her mouth again and again to relieve the tension that had built up. Then Mistress removed the medallion from her neck and led her to a bedroom.

"Lillian now sleep, I will lock you pussy again in the morning before you leave but for now feel free to masturbate if you need to."

As Mistress laughed at that Evelyn waited and then asked.

"Mistress have you released Amy yet?"

"No, I haven't Lillian, but tomorrow miring we will see to her together OK?"

"Yes Mistress, thank you."

"Good night Lillian."

She heard the door lock as she was left to sleep. When she awoke the next morning she did start to play with her pussy. She had always enjoyed getting her right hand sticky by playing with herself and with her pussy left open she had free range to once again masturbate the way she liked. She came fairly quickly then her thought turned to Amy. She became impatient waiting for Mistress to come. She finally noticed that someone had left some juice and muffins for her. She went over and once she began to eat she realized just how hungry she was. Just a she had finished her door was unlocked and Mistress walked in.

"Lillian how are you today?"

"I am fine Mistress, can we go release Amy now?"

"Yes, Lillian we will go to Amy now."

Once again Evelyn followed Mistress through the house until finally coming to the room Evelyn recalled from the day she was first brought here. As she followed Mistress into the room she eagerly searched for Amy bit did not see her. She looked to Mistress and before she could ask Mistress said.

"Lillian we need for you to be bound before we can let you see your friend so allow me to out these chains on your wrists and ankles. Now remember you promised to be obedient for your friend's safety so behave."

Evelyn allowed herself to be chained again to the walls. She really didn't mind, it was a familiar place for her. Once she was secured Mistress forced another gag in her mouth and Evelyn felt concerned. When She saw a girl being led into the room she recognized her good friend Amy. Being gagged and chained to the wall forced Evelyn to communicate her happiness through her eyes. However what she saw in Amy's eyes frightened her. She saw raw fear.

"Lillian see your friend is still here and she has not been touched, now have you dear?"

"No but someone has taken all of my clothes and has kept me naked. What kind of pervert are you lady?"

"Now Amy. I understand that Evelyn here is one of your friends is that correct?"

"One of? I am her best friend. We are closer then sisters."

Mistress looked now at Evelyn and shook her head.

"Lillian now why would you lie to me? This girl who you told all about us is your best friend! This girl with the loud mouth and insulting attitude now knows about your parent's deal and all about your life? Tsk tsk, oh My."

Mistress nodded and from nowhere the twins appeared and began to restrain Amy in the chair like device Evelyn had been in when she had been pierced and tattooed. Her legs were strapped in as were her arms and then Mistress used the remote to position Amy with her legs spread and her eyes on Evelyn. When the man with the tools appeared and began his work Evelyn cried. She knew what was going to happen and she was to blame. She should have been more careful. She watched and listened to Amy scream as her nipples were pierced and rings were welded in place. When they pierced her pussy lips and put in the rings tears flowed down Evelyn's cheeks.

When they had finished with Amy, put slut slave earrings in her ears tattooed her thighs and just above her clit they removed Evelyn's gag and left the two girls alone. After a long time Evelyn finally spoke.

"Oh god, I am so sorry Amy. It's all my fault, I screwed up and got you involved and now you are here too."

Amy just looked at Evelyn and seemed puzzled. When she finally spoke she shocked Evelyn.

"Lillian, my slut name is Erika. You had nothing to do with this, I begged for it. I could not stop thinking about your piercing, your tattoos and your collar. I came hard just thinking about them. I had to join you. I needed this, gyrl. I know I screamed but I wanted what you had and now that I have it I am very happy. My pussy is soaking wet, can you see?"

Evelyn looked at Amy's pussy and could see that she was wet, even through the redness of her recent piercing she could see her juicing as they spoke. Evelyn came realize that with her best friend as a slut slave too, that perhaps it was time to stop being so rebellious and learn to enjoy all of this. After all wasn't this her fantasy to begin with.

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