tagIncest/TabooEven If We're Not Related

Even If We're Not Related


Note: Some consensual incest, some dominance and control

I suppose they felt that it was no one's business what happened within the Harrison household. Father and daughter/s, Brother and sisters, it was all good, just a natural sexual attraction between men and women that should not be denied. When I moved in with the Harrison's, over time I discovered and appreciated their secret and wanted to become a part of it.


When I was little, it was just my Mom and me. My Dad left us when I was a year old, and I never really knew him or had any kind of relationship with him.

Pamie Harrison and I had been good friends for a long time. I guess I spent more time at her house and around her family than I did my own. My life changed when I was nine years old, that's when my Mama ran off one night with some guy she had met at Jenson's Road House two months earlier. There were no other relatives that anyone knew of to ship me off to, and so with the Harrisons agreement, the county sent me to live with Pamie's family since I already had a relationship with them.

Pamie's family lived in a big, roomy farmhouse about five miles outside of town. The Harrisons had lived in this area, on this plot of land for a hundred years at least, and in this house for the last fifty. If you didn't know the house was there, you could easily miss the unmarked turnoff from the main highway and drive right past it. There were no close neighbors aside from me and my Mom who had rented a little house right off the highway, and the Matthews bunch who lived maybe a mile or so further down the country road on which the Harrison house was located. So the family was pretty secluded, not bothered with unexpected visitors, and confident that what took place in, at and around the Harrison place was no one's business.

I liked everyone in the family. Pamie had an older brother, Bobby, and two older sisters, Jeanine and Linda. Bobby was quite a bit older than Pamie and I and was usually off somewhere with his friends. Jeanine and Linda were only our senior by a couple of years, and so for a while, the four of us spent a lot of time together. I liked everyone including her parents who I started calling Uncle Frank and Aunt Shirley, and when their grandmother died, and their grandfather came to live with them a year or so later, I called him Grandpa just like the other kids.

I look back now, and I think the time between my coming to live with Pamie's family and my eighteenth birthday were the happiest I had experienced in my short life. Though generally a happy time, I do remember the family periodically being the brunt of local gossip. The gossip had something to do with things happening in the family, but I didn't think anything about it at the time, I was a kid then, and more than likely didn't understand the significance of what was being said. Little did I know then how much that gossip and those rumors would become part of who I became.

Over the years other ridiculous, mean-spirited and unbelievable rumors and gossip would occasionally surface and die away, but as I said, when I first moved in with Pamie's family, I was a kid, only concerned with swimming, riding and playing with my friends.


I remember as if it were yesterday when things started "getting real." One day a boy named Jimmy Matthews approached me when I got off the school bus. As I walked up the road to our house, he started following me, trying to put his arm around my shoulders. Jimmy was several years older than me, more Bobby's friend than mine and lived further up the road. I didn't like Jimmy, sure he was nice looking, but he was big, mean and kind of scary. Whenever he could catch me by myself, he'd try to touch me, hell, Jimmy had been "sniffing after me" (as Uncle Frank would say) ever since my tits first started budding out.

"Come on Becky, you probably been doing it already, anyway.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, even though I already knew what he was working up to.

"You stupid little bitch," he said condescendingly. "Your Uncle and Bobby been fucking their own kin for a while. Don't make like you don't know what I'm talking about."

"You're a filthy liar Jimmy!" I screamed at him and tried to run down the road away from him.

It was a few years later that I found out what Jimmy was saying had some truth to it. Uncle Frank and Bobby had had sexual intimacies with Jeanine and Linda, and by the time I started high school, Uncle Frank had gotten Jeanine pregnant. The story outside of the family was that Jeanine's boyfriend had run off when she told him she was pregnant. Aunt Shirley found out what had been going on and left, but within a few weeks, Uncle Frank had convinced her that it wasn't his fault and that Jeanine had wanted him to fuck her and had finally worn him down. Jeanine quickly married some guy she'd been messing with, moved out and had her baby. Aunt Shirley eventually moved back home with Uncle Frank.

Jimmy ran after me, and within a step or two had overtaken me and grabbed my arm.

"Just a little, Becky," Jimmy whined.

"Leave me alone, Jimmy," I said in between a fresh bout of crying.

"I know you let Bobby fuck you, he told me so," he said nastily, running his hands over my breasts.

So is that how the gossip had started? Was it Bobby and his lies . . . and they were lies, I had never been with Bobby or anyone else for that matter.

Now my questions and suspicions started to fall into place; I remembered sights and sounds, things that happened late at night when everyone should have been asleep. The whispers, open fondling, the more than fatherly affection that was displayed. Putting two and two together, I now understood that the gossip and rumors weren't gossip and rumors after all.

I felt anger. Anger with Jimmy, Bobby and Uncle Frank, I also felt betrayed in a way.

"Come on Becky baby, no one will see, come on . . . ." he said, trying to get me to follow him into the woods.

"No! Go away!" I screamed and jerked my arm free from his grasp.

"You're a damn liar, Jimmy Matthews and I don't believe you," I lied through clenched teeth.

I heard my name being called and looked up to see Aunt Shirley on the porch. Aunt Shirley had been in the kitchen and when she looked out and saw me push Jimmy away as he tried to pull me into a grouping of small trees and brush bordering the road. She had come out on to the porch and called out to me, "Becky, Becky!" waving her hands.

At the sound of her call, Jimmy's head jerked around.

"Okay, you little snooty bitch. But I'm going to get some of that, he said and grabbed me between my legs. Maybe not today, but I will," he said and sauntered angrily up the road. I hated him.

"Not if I can help it!" I shouted after him.


That night I lay awake, my mind racing. Had Uncle Frank and Bobby ever "played" with Pamie? For some reason, the thought of that seemed too absurd. Naively, I quickly put it out of my mind until a couple of years later the subject re-surfaced.

Pamie had already celebrated her eighteenth birthday and we were both planning for our high school graduation at the end of the year. I don't know what brought the subject up; maybe it was Bobby's surprise marriage. I remember Pamie had seemed unduly upset by Bobby's plans to marry his longtime girlfriend Jackie, but I just chalked it up to Pamie and Bobby having always been so close.

I think back to one night when Pamie and I were sitting around talking about boys and how there was only "one thing on their mind," when out of the blue, she started telling me about Bobby.

I must admit I was surprised and uncomfortable when she started talking, but I could see she needed to tell someone, to tell me her secret; and so I listened.

Bobby had started coming into her room at night and touching her. The nighttime visits started soon after her eighteenth birthday. She said she always pretended she was asleep when he came to her room, but suspected Bobby knew she was pretending. She wasn't afraid of him or anything like that, in fact, she said she liked when he sucked her tits. Sometimes when he came into her room his dick was already rock hard and sticking out of his pants, she said she just figured he'd been masturbating. He'd get on top of her and push his thing between her thighs and start sliding it up and down. Pamie giggled and said how she could usually feel him stiffen right before he would stop moving and start shooting thick, white stuff on her thighs and her "twinkie" (that's what she called her clit, back then). When he finished, he'd get up and pull the cover over her and leave the room. Neither of them talked about what was happening, but he would visit her maybe once a week and do this.

Pamie was sitting on the bed looking at me glassy-eyed. After a minute she slowly exhaled and then continued, "I think Daddy found out what Bobby was doing and they had a fight, and he told Bobby to stop or get out. Bobby said he didn't want to stop and so Daddy made him leave."

I looked over at Pamie and could see different emotions play across her face.

"How do you know that?" I asked.

Pammie told me when Bobby was getting ready to leave she was crying because she didn't want him to go. Bobby said he couldn't stay because Daddy was mad and jealous of him playing with her at night.

When Bobby left, the next night, it was her Daddy, Uncle Frank who came to play with her. He came into the room, threw the covers back and got on her bed. Pamie said her Daddy spread her legs and began licking her down there. Pamie gave a deep sigh and said she had never felt anything like that.

"It was a wonderful feeling Becky. It felt so good; I swear, I felt like I just wanted to relax, felt like I was going to pee or something," she said with an embarrassed giggle.

Bobby had never done that to her. That night, her Daddy gave her her first orgasm. After that, she said she didn't think about Bobby no more.

"One night after everyone had gone to bed, Daddy came to my room and said he had a late birthday present for me."

Pamie said her Daddy had taken his clothes off and stood next to the bed naked, his cock standing out hard, the head was swollen and leaking.

"Open your legs for me Pamie," he said in a hoarse, throaty voice.

Pamie said at first she thought he was going to cum between her thighs like before. She looked up at him and could feel the excitement; she knew what he was going to do. This time, it was different, when he got on top of her, he put his huge swollen cockhead at the opening to her pussy, and pushed inside her.

"Daddy, oh Daddy, it hurts," she whimpered.

When she screamed, he quickly covered her mouth with his hand. "I'm sorry baby, I'm sorry," he told her.

"Shhhh, shhhh . . . it'll stop hurting in a minute."

She said she lay there under him, afraid to move, afraid if she did it would hurt more. In a little bit, it did stop hurting and started to feel good.

Pamie said she liked doing it with her Daddy, and since her Mom didn't like to do it anymore (or so her Daddy said), she was the only one he could turn to for comfort and love. To her disappointment, Pamie eventually found out this was a lie and that he had been having sex with not only her but his wife Aunt Shirley and occasionally even Jeanine.


After a while, Pamie got up and went to her room, I sat there thinking about everything she had told me, until exhausted I fell into a fitful sleep and dreamt about Uncle Frank.

Even now, months later that dream seems so real I can feel my heart beating faster. I could feel his weight on top of me, the smell of his cologne, the pressure of his erection against my stomach, and the dream tears. "Don't cry baby girl, don't cry . . . there's no reason for you to be crying, Uncle Frank said in a soft, dreamy voice. I'm your Uncle, you know I'd never do anything to hurt you, don't you? Since you don't have a daddy to look after you, it's my responsibility to show you the things you need to know. I see the way the boys be looking at you, and I know sooner or later they're going to try and get with you . . . get between your legs, and being a woman, you're going to want to let them. You're a pretty little piece Becky, and I guess you can't blame them boys for wanting to get with you, but I'm here to keep that from happening too soon, to teach you and I won't let that happen until I know you're ready to handle a man's passion."

In my dream, I believed everything he was saying because I remember opening my thighs for him and moaning as he slowly fucked me. My hips began to sway and hump against his cock. As I began to cum, my dream began to slip away.

When my eyes fluttered open, I was covered in a light sheen of perspiration, the bedclothes heaped on the floor, and I was quite alone. I must have been masturbating in my sleep because my pussy and clit ached and I was all wet and sticky between my legs.

"Fuck, I must have been dreaming. Wow, it seemed so real," I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep again, shamelessly squeezing and rubbing my clit while thinking of Uncle Frank.


Pamie soon moved away to work in a different town, and it was then just Uncle Frank, Aunt Shirley and I left at home. Things had begun to change for me after listening to Pamie's confession that night. I started looking at Uncle Frank differently, wondering what he would be like if I let him do me. I had decided I was physically and sexually ready for that step in my life and I could tell that Uncle Frank felt the same way, felt the time was right for him to finally have his way.

Without realizing it at first, I was becoming more and more flirtatious and always found an opportunity to tease and taunt him with my youthful, developing sexuality. I could sense a growing sexual heat between us that became more obvious whenever we were near each other. I know it sounds funny, but he loved watching me brush my hair and would come up behind me if he saw me in my bedroom or the bathroom doing this, he would take handfuls of my hair, inhale the scent of the jasmine shampoo that I used and literally moan. Unashamedly he would develop a large bulge in the front of his jeans and rubbing himself against me, whisper that he wanted to feel my hair touching and brushing across his thighs when I sucked him off.

Sometimes the tension was so heavy in the air, I was surprised Aunt Shirley couldn't sense it. I remember one morning he and I were at the kitchen table having finished breakfast, casually talking and sipping coffee. Aunt Shirley was busy at the sink finishing up the dishes when he reached under the table and placed my hand on his exposed erection. My first impulse was to pull away, but the look in his eyes showed clearly his excitement, and so I fondled and squeezed his cock as the warmth between my legs and the circle of wetness in the crotch of my panties grew larger. Uncle Frank's eyes had rolled back in his head when Aunt Shirley turned and cautioned him, "Frank, you're going to be late for work if you don't stop dawdling."

Startled, we both momentarily froze. As Aunt Shirley turned back to her dishes, with one last jerk to his cock, Uncle Frank shivered and quietly oozed warm cum into my fist. I slowly released him and pulled my hand away, as Uncle Frank with a deep exhale, adjusted his now limp cock back in his pants.

Visibly shaken he rose from the table being careful to keep his back to Aunt Shirley. As he headed for the door, he said his goodbyes and directing his eyes toward me, grinned broadly and licked his lips in a way that conveyed a sexual meaning.

When Uncle Frank came home from work, we exchanged glances, but did not speak, nor did we speak very much during dinner. Later that evening, he and Aunt Shirley went to bed, and I decided to take a bubble bath before turning in. While I was soaking in the tub, Uncle Frank came into the bathroom to "scrub my back." He knelt beside the tub and began to wash my back until slowly but intentionally his large soapy hand slipped between my legs. I closed my eyes and could feel my breathing increase as the pressure on my clit increased.

"Uncle Frank . . . Uncle Frank," I stuttered when I began to orgasm in the warm water.

As my orgasm subsided, Uncle Frank slipped his middle finger into my pussy and began to slide it in and out and suddenly stopped and looked at me questioningly. I lay there with my legs open enjoying what he was doing to me, wanting to cum again. Uncle Frank bent over and kissed me hard on the mouth, letting his tongue push between my soft, eager lips.

"I want you to dry off, get into bed and wait for me," he said, his warm, moist breathe close to my ear.

I looked up at him, my nervousness and excitement obvious on my face.

"Be ready for me," he said before leaving the bathroom.


I lay there naked, nervously waiting for Uncle Frank, trying not to touch myself in anticipation of his visit. An hour went by, and he didn't come; another hour passed and he still didn't come. Even though I knew Uncle Frank had had incestuous couplings with his daughters Jeanine and Pamie, I didn't care, I wanted him. Crying tears of disappointment and embarrassment that I could have been such a fool, I curled into a tight ball, covered myself with the cool sheet and fell asleep.

Hours later, I awoke to the feeling of my thighs being parted and the warm, moist pleasure of a tongue licking me. My body began to quiver, and my thighs closed, pressing against each side of Uncle Frank's head. My body undulated against his mouth delighting in the sensations of his tongue licking harder, his mouth gently latching onto my now engorged clit licking, sucking, and biting until I came in a sudden burst of tears.

Uncle Frank got up onto his knees and spread my legs wider. With my legs open and inviting, he wrapped his arms around my thighs and pulled me closer to him.

Uncle Frank's erection was huge and without thinking about it, I tried to squirm away from it.

"It's going to hurt a little, baby, but I gotta pop your cherry before I can love you the way you want . . . the way we want," he said as he positioned the swollen tip of his monstrous cock at the opening of my still innocent pussy. Uncle Frank bent forward and sucked one of my tits into his mouth as his hips began to sway slowly and then thrust. It felt glorious; this was all new to me, and the room was soon filled with the sound of my moans and sighs when suddenly he held me around the hips and pushed, hard and deep tearing through and claiming my fragile virginity.

He covered my mouth with his hand to muffle my cry of pain and looked into my eyes which had become as big as saucers and began to tentatively stroke his cock in and out of my wet, abused pussy.

"It's ok . . . it's ok, baby," he reassured. As my body began to relax and my pussy to somehow accommodate his length and girth, I instinctively opened my legs wider for him and adjusted my hips to give him better penetration. When Uncle Frank came inside me, I don't think I understood what had happened at first. I remember his body stiffening, his cock getting bigger and harder inside me, and then a warm flood of wetness that filled my pussy.

When Uncle Frank ejaculated inside me for the first time, my inexperienced pussy muscles involuntarily contracted around his cock, draining, squeezing every drop out of him, almost trying to pull him inside me.

"Stop, stop, baby . . ." he moaned and allowed his weight to cover me, trapping me under him. In a few minutes, after recovering sufficiently, Uncle Frank rolled onto his back and pulled me on top of him. He was now limp but still leaking cum as he held my hips pressed to him and began to grind against my clit. When his dick started to stiffen again, grabbing my hips on either side, he lifted them slightly and guided his cock inside me, encouraging me to move up and down on it. He had me do this for several minutes until he suddenly pulled me down, burying himself balls deep inside me. Uncle Frank didn't say anything, but I could tell he was going to fill my pussy again with his cum. I closed my eyes and began to grind on his cock, rubbing my clit against his groin with each downward stroke until I orgasmed on his cock just seconds before he exploded, drenching my pussy with more thick, warm cum.

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