tagInterracial LoveEven Scars Are Beautiful Ch. 04

Even Scars Are Beautiful Ch. 04


I want to thank you guys for your support and comments. Like a person said, you have one more chapter and yep I do. I couldn't let this end too abruptly. I never thought I'd be doing this. So much support I've gotten this entire time and to each and every reader I thank you. I think you guys will like this chapter. I had fun writing it!


As Paxton watched Jade drive away, a flash of jealousy impeded his thoughts. Who was this person in her life that caused her smile to light the heavens?

'It should be me. If her dammed momma hadn't gotten in her way, then it would have been me.'

Paxton, before he met Jade, had been used to blondes and brunettes falling at his feet just to be with him. He had never dated a black girl until Jade though. She was perfect for his needs: poor self-awareness, door mat, wore her heart on her shoulder and just looking for someone. She was desperate, she was alone and she didn't know that even with her showing others her 'wall', he saw past that. All he needed to do was break it and he would have a woman to please him always. As she worked in a pizza parlor, he remembered seeing her in school and her blushing every time she walked by him. So when he asked her on a date in front of everyone to the movies, Jade didn't know what to expect. She tried to read him, but could pick up no foul. She had never heard of the trail of broken hearts that lay shattered on the path that he walked. His brilliant smile drew her in and for the first time in a long time, someone saw past her shields to the person within. Date after date, he showered her with words about her beauty, her grace and her wisdom. She began to tell him a little about her past and he reassured her that he would never hurt her.

Six months later, he told her he loved her and they made love near a moonlit lake, with no clouds in the sky. The stars danced on her sweat laden skin, as she slowly lowered her lips onto his creamy seven inch cock, gliding her tongue across the piss slit. Paxton was blown away by her plush soft lips, as her tongue caressed the head. She started slowly, just sucking the top, working more moisture in her warm cavern of a mouth. Gathering more confidence, she slid lower down his shaft, now twisting her head on the up stroke. She scratched with her teeth every now and again, but he was enjoying this treat.

"Take it all baby...Take it all..." Paxton moaned.

Jade looked up at him, his green eyes deep in pleasure, "How do I do that?"

"As you suck, relax your throat and swallow. Then, you can take me all in! Don't you want to please me baby?"

A small smile broke through. "Yes. I do. More than anything."

Jade glided him back into her mouth and began again. Paxton groaned about how sexy her caramel skin looked against his. Eventually she sucked further down, reaching the back of her throat. Swallowing, she took him to the root. He had to clinch his ass cheeks to keep from blasting down her throat. Pushing Jade back onto the grass, he put a condom on, stretched her legs toward her chest and rammed in. She yelped in pain. Her pussy was too dry, but he didn't seem to care as he pumped and thrashed above her trembling body. Leaning over, he started licking and sucking on her nipples, slowing down his piston. He leaned over to her ears, whispering 'I love you'.....'You're so beautiful'.....'Your so sexy".....over and over, but for some reason, her body couldn't respond. Paxton, had no problems, of course and released into the condom, his low grunts letting Jade know he was finished.

His momma had been trying to tell him that their race was superior, and that he was wasting his time with this 'monkey'. She had been trying to get him to date Jill Marron, but he knew she had gonorrhea. No touching that slut. He had been slowly talking Jade into spending more time with him and becoming dependent on him. Jade's family was making it easy for him. Her sisters barely spent time with her, and for the first time in a long time, she didn't want to be alone.

A few months later, Paxton started to get testy. He saw Jade trying to better herself, going to school, working more, and he could see her dependence on him wavering.

"Baby, we never spend time together any more. You're always with your college friends and never with me. Don't you see I am all you need? You don't need to be educated. I can make you happy."

Jade started to hear this in almost every conversation she had with Paxton. As she started going on trips and such with her new anime club friends, she started to see life in a whole new light. It was so pure and genuine. All they were just a bunch of misfits that just fit in their own clique. They never demanded everything like Paxton did. They showered her with love and support and never told her that it was either her family or him.

Jade's family had started realizing that the more time that Jade was away, how much they mistreated her and after Jade's mom put her brother Aston and her sister Kandice on blast about how they had isolated Jade; they started to treat her better. Paxton felt his control slipping and his anger grew. When Jade had said that instead of going parking that she wanted to go home to help her sister with a project, he slapped her hard across the face.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I....." Paxton was furious. No woman had ever done him that way and this cunt wasn't going to be the first one! Jade didn't even shed a tear. She turned and left.

As she began to get her life back together, he began to call her, send her flowers and presents and showing up at her work. He begged and pleaded for her to come back to him. Her boss threatened to fire her with the attention he was drawing. Jade eventually went back to him. She didn't want to be alone anymore. She hated being single and would take anyone. Paxton thought he had her right where he wanted her....

Till the day she told him they were over.....

Something snapped deep with in him. Calmness appeared on his face, but the void of his soul would not let her go. She needed him, damn It! That week she had been let go from her job because of cutbacks, her Escort's engine had locked up, her financial aid had dried up and with that her scholarship went. She had lost everything. Funny thing was, as she sat in church and listened to the preacher talk about strength, in that moment when all was lost; her mind took on a clearer sense of self. She saw where she was in life and wanted to cut all dead weight around her and start anew. So that fateful Sunday when she told Paxton they were over, she figured that he would understand.

She was wrong.

The 'Beast' knew better. It came roaring back to the surface, ready for any attack this human would give.

He offered to take her home. His plan was to drive to the same lake where they had made love, slit her throat and throw her deep within. That would teach the bitch.

Paxton kept driving and without flinching spoke words that chilled Jade to the bone.

"Make your prayers to God. Since you will not love me anymore, you will die with me."

After the standoff, he was arrested and taken to the county jail. He couldn't call or go within fifty feet of Jade. He called her anyway. The calls were ignored and this angered Paxton more. After he got out of jail and served his time, he began to look for Jade, being so brash as to go to her house. Jade's mom and dad was there, and so was mommy's silver 9 mm, cocked and ready to rock, with her husband behind her, ready to rise to her defense.

"I'mma tell ya somethin boy... Jade is gone. She was gone the day she left your ass. You can try to bring some drama to my house, but I promise you, I'll shoot first and not even ask questions later. Now get the FUCK outta here!"

Hands raised, he backed up into the driveway towards his car. The neighborhood had come out in droves, screaming at him, throwing rocks, cursing and flipping him off. They all knew about what had happened to Jade and loved the family so. Paxton drove away, planning his next step.

It had taken him almost four years of tracking her but he found her. His mom had warned him about his unnatural obsession with her. He shrugged his shoulders and flipped her off. "Next time you wanna play mamma, you might wanna wait for the pimp to take his dick out of your mouth!"

He had been following her, watching the interaction she had with this new people in her life. Knowing now where she lived and worked, he began to contemplate his next move.

Jade had been leaving little hints the entire week to Mitch in little ways: Text messages, phone messages, and on Friday, she sent a package to his house. After Mitch signed for it, he took it to his office. Seeing it was indeed from Jade, he smiled. Her messages throughout the week had been both naughty and sweet. Some were role play fantasies she wanted to play through, suggestions of things she would purchase, and recipes she would try. He had been anticipating this Saturday and the day that Jade had planned for them. As he opened the box, there was a note, a picture a small box of candy.

As he glanced at the picture, his dick sprang to action, knocking on his zipper to the point he had to adjust himself. She was dressed in a red laced baby doll pajama set, with devil horns on her head. Red and black ribbon was braided throughout her hair, nude stockings held up by a garter belt, with sparkles scattered across her legs and her skin was dusted in glitter so she shone from the top of her horns to the tip of her four inch spiked heels. Mitch drooled. He wanted to release some pressure but wanted to finish the rest of the 'care' package. Opening the note, he began to read:

"Mitch. I know you have waited for this package for so long, so when you open it, feel free to dive right in.....*wink*. Can't wait to see you, Jade."

As he opened the candy box, he saw goggles and a pair of red crotchless panties. Mitch adjusted himself further. 'I'm gonna hold this all till I meet my little temptress. Only a few days.....'

Jade had invited Mitch to come over her house for dinner. She wanted to make this weekend extra special for someone who was worth all her time. Every day they talked or every time they were together, they clicked so well. Yet neither one had said the precious words, I love you, yet. Both had been scared to say these precious words, afraid of what the others reaction would be. Jade would take this step this weekend. She was truly at peace with believing that he was the one for her. She could sense how he wanted to give her the world but because of her shields, her scars and mistrust of people in general, he held back. Just for her. He was considerate of her pain. She could see that he loved her, and with every breathing moment, she knew she loved him.

As she arrived at her apartment, she meditated for a few minutes, getting all of her bearings in check. She cleaned and cleaned her apartment till it was almost spotless. She began to prepare for the dinner of her young life. Wild rice stuffed Cornish hens with a various medley of vegetables, a Moscato from her collection on ice and a strawberry mango torte for dessert. She had made some dark chocolate covered strawberries with white ties for them. She planned to take a shower, dress and finish the preparation close to his time of arrival, seven p.m.

Mitch had arrived at her apartment a few minutes before schedule to calm his nerves. Dressed in a snug navy blue polo, dress slacks and dark leather wing tipped shoes, he was truly sharp. He made sure his head was nice and clean, combing out his goatee. He could smell the wonderful smells coming out of Jade's apartment and his stomach started arguing with him. His body was already sexually tense because of the verbal 'dancing' they had been doing over the course of the week and he was ready for whatever Jade had for him. He knocked a few times and as the door opened he realized two things:

One, He was in deep trouble.

Two, He wasn't ready for this.

He had never really seen Jade dressed up till today and she did not disappoint. On wickedly sleek black high stacks, the water dragon tattoo caressed Jade's lower thigh, working up to a long sleek black skirt with high splits. Beneath these splits was a black lacy garter belt, holding up the nude thigh highs. She went simple with her makeup, just foundation and a deep reddish brown lipstick. her neck the choker with diamonds surrounded the sword necklace that dipped dangerously low between her breasts. She wore the sleeveless sapphire blue silver tipped bodice. Everything about her was glowing, even the blush on her cheeks.

Mitch was in such shock, he dropped the purple roses he had gotten for her. They both stood at the door, glazing upon one another, until the timer in the kitchen went off alerting Jade that the hens were done. She dropped her blush and let Mitch in.

As Jade rushed into the kitchen to check on her food, what got his attention was her 42 inch flat screen TV and movie collection. It almost took up two walls by itself! As he walked over to her books with took up a wall and a half by itself, Jade tried to collect herself in the kitchen. She thought herself an idiot for staring him but, he was so damned sexy...Her body was already getting wet and sending such naughty thoughts to her body that she had to take a couple of breaths to calm down. He eventually ended up in the kitchen where he saw Jade clinging onto the sink, shaking. He could sense her body calling out to him.

As she looked up from the sink, Jade saw Mitch behind her. His eyes beheld her as he slowly walked towards her. He took her all in, that sexy dragon tattoo, her soft skin, her ass...

'My god, her ass!' Mitch thought. He fought with keeping himself at bay as he finally reached his destination and wrapped his strong beefy arms around Jade, sniffing her hair, holding her close, grinding his pulsing cock onto her soft, curvy ass.

"Baby, you know I think your beautiful anyway. But this....you're so fuckin sexy!"

He continued to grind himself upon her body, gliding his hands over her bodice and tweaking her heaving chest. Jade felt like she was just surrounded in this sexual energy. It charged through her system like a lightning bolt that just shot from the heavens, opening her up. Every touch and kiss from his lips awoke a side of her she held dormant for such a long time. She would share this with him, but first.....

"We gotta eat baby..." She managed to squeak out before her throat became any drier.

"Not before I do this." Mitch swung her around, held her close and began to ravage her lips, taking her deep into his mouth, grabbing her ass and squeezing igniting a deep and feral moan from their lips. After he finally let go, the need to breathe taking over, he helped to bring the food to the table and was impressed with her cooking skills. He knew she could cook, but DAMN! The table was quiet as they ate, between them both glancing up at each other and blushing. As Jade went to go get dessert, Mitch kept saying how full he was, till he saw the torte.

"I'm gonna have to move around a bit to clear some room for that!" Mitch chuckled.

"Well we could sit and chat now and let some of this food break down, can't we?" Jade asked, as she grabbed his hand and led him to the living room. Jade wanted to make her move on him but was nervous. She kept reading him and over reading him and during the conversation she couldn't concentrate.

"Jade, are you okay?" Mitch had seen this war in her and started being concerned. Jade breathed deep, calming her nerves.

"Come with me, baby. I think we have waited long enough for this. I know I have. How about you?"

Mitch fell in step behind Jade, all pied piper style, following her ass as it swayed left to right. He didn't know what to expect, but his dick was already to make an appearance.

As they entered into Jade's bed room, she led him to a chair in the middle of the room and sat him down. "Mitch, do you trust me?" Jade's eyes were down cast, her heart racing.

Mitch sat, his body wanting to answer his siren's call. "Yes baby I do. I trust you."

Jade took a deep breath and walked to him. She bent down to his zipper and pulled out his cock, tented under his black silk boxers. Gazing into his eyes, she bent forward and gave him a soft kiss...once...twice...three times. As she stood, she walked around the room, lighting candles as she went. Mitch watched her as she strode around the room like a cat, confident and true.

Kneeling before him, she laid it on the line. "Mitch, I want you to know that ever since you walked into my life, that there has been a rare moment that you are not on my mind. I think about you so much it hurts that I have shared everything with you but this. You care for me in spite of what I am and what others might say, myself included. I realized early on how much I cared, and it scared me that you would not feel the same. But I believe, for the first time in a long time that I can do what I thought impossible and tell you with no doubts.....I love you, Mitch.

Mitch stared at her. Stunned. THAT he didn't expect.

Jade bowed her head in defeat. She walked back to the wall, reaching for the power switch. "I'm sorry. I should have never told you this. I understand if you don't feel the same way. I'll...put some of this dessert for you in the Tupperware and you can go home."

Jade couldn't keep her heart from tearing. She knew she loved him. Her faith started to break. All along everyone was right. Who could love someone as sick and as twisted as her? As she walked into the kitchen, tears falling to her face, she leaned against the counter and let the sorrow and the pain take her.

"Did you mean it Jade? Did you mean it when you said you loved me?" Mitch whispered, as he stood in the doorway behind her, his head bowed.

"Yea, I do. But I get it. I'm too nerdy, I'm not enough, I'm..." Jade continued babbling until, Mitch took her hand. Jade stood, on the precipice of her sanity, afraid to turn around and afraid to see her heart shatter for good.

"Jade. Turn around. Look at me honey, please."

Mitch's eyes were a dark gray haze, passion concentrated in the windows of his soul and they were set on Jade. With measured steps, he got so close to Jade that he could feel her breath on his neck. Leaning over, he took her lips in his; putting all of his feelings he had for her in a long, luxurious kiss. Caressing her top lip, descending to her bottom lips, and then reaching into the depths of her mouth, he wanted to consume all of her. As he released her lips, he kissed the tracks of her tears, and held her close.

"I have wanted to say those words to you for months, but was afraid you would run away from me. I don't want to let you go, Jade. I love you too."

Jade took in his energy and made it her own. "Can we go back to my room? I want to show you something." Jade put the torte away and led them back to the room.

The candles were still lit as Mitch took his seat back in the chair. "Mitch, I want to dance for you, but I don't want you to touch me till I'm done. I want to show you how much of a woman I am."

"Honey, I've touched and tasted you before. I know your all woman." Mitch sighed as his dick started to nod its own yes, wanting to come out to play.

"I know but you always see the tomboy. I want you to see the real me."

Mitch nodded his head. He didn't think he could take much more of this. Jade walked over to the dresser and pulled out some fuzzy hand cuffs she had picked up from the Naughty Betty that afternoon. Walking towards him, she walked behind, softly grabbed his hands and cuffed them. Kissing on his cheek, she walked over to the switch and turned it off. She turned to her sound system and pressed play. The first notes of Anytime, Anyplace began to resound through the room as Jade's whole demeanor changed. No more the shaken, doubtful, nerdy girl she was used to showing people. She wanted to show that she was ready to give it all to him. Tonight.

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